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12th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 70) Chand and Haseena Raichand decides to throw a Surprise Party for their son Abhay

Shaurya comes in Misha's dream
Episode 70 starts with Arnab telling Madhu that his daughter Piyali is alive and is in some Orphanage. He tells her that when he had given everything to his daughters Panchi and Misha this daughter of him never had anything. Madhu asks him if he is sure that Suganth’s daughter is alive. Arnab tells her that he has gone to the Orphanage but he could not meet the Sister and if she returns he would be informed. Madhu is worried thinking the effect their past will have on their future. The phone rings and Madhu picks up the phone from Sister Martha of Jesus and Mary Orphanage who wanted to speak to Arnab. Madhu tells her that Arnab is not there and she can speak to her. Sister informs that Sr Agnes will return in 2 days and that she has information about Suganth and Piyali. Arnab asks Madhu about the call and she lies telling the call was for her.

Scene moves to Pia who is walking. She recalls Haseena’s reaction when she said the cake is for Abhay for his birthday. Piya thinks, ’a mother forgot her son’s birthday?’ Piya recalls telling Haseena that Abhay is writing a historic novel on the Pander Princess Maithili. Piya thinks, ‘She does not know anything about Abhay’s book. How is that possible? On hearing Maithili’s name what happened to her? What is happening?’ Piya recalls Abhay talking about his book to her. Pia thinks, ‘If Abhay is not writing a book then what is the connection between Abhay and Maithili? What is she to him? What is the relationship between Abhay and Maithali? Abhay…I have so many questions regarding you…when one question is answered another one comes up. What is happening Abhay? What is this mystery which I am not able to solve? Now I am standing at the same place where I had started. You are still a mystery to me. Whom do I ask? Where do I go? Who can give me the answers to these questions? Of course Pia…why did you not think of this before?’

Scene moves to Pia talking to Arnab. Pia tells Arnab that her research is on Vampires and asks him what is the link between the forests in Dehradoon and the Vampires. Arnab tells that all those are stories and she should not give much interest on them. Arnab tells that people believed that ages ago in the forest there used to be creatures called the Vampires or the walking dead who survived on blood.
Madhu sees Pia and Arnab talking and gets worried thinking if Arnab talk about his daughter to Pia and she would tell him the truth.
Piya: So Uncle…Do Vampires really exist?
Arnab: Maybe…The people here say that in the Mountains of Dehradoon there is an area of the jungle where the sun light does not reach.
Piya: Which area uncle?
Arnab: The other side of the river…in between the Eucalyptus trees
Piya: Uncle this is the same mountains where the Raichand’s Mansion is?
Arnab: Precisely! This Mansion is there for 100 years. This many years no one stayed there. Suddenly the Raichand’s came and bought the Mansion. And to be very honest…I find that family very strange. Don’t know from where they came. They do not have a background…no address…any acquaintances… They came to the city suddenly and with their power of money made some contacts. What is strange is that they have so much money that they could have got the best of house anywhere in the city but they made that mansion their residence. Very strange…away from the main city…in between the jungle…where there is no sign of light… Maybe the Raichand’s are those kinds of people who like darkness and do not like light. They do not want to let anyone know about themselves… like to spend life in darkness… (Piya thinks, ‘or they want to hide their lives from others. What are these people hiding?’)
Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. There is no light except that of fire and candles. Haseens thinks, ‘Everything is going wrong. Don’t know if we would be able to survive here or not’. The wind is blowing heavily and Haseena goes and closes the window. She goes and sits on the chair by the fire place. She then hears the howling of wolves and shadow of wolf at the window. Haseena goes and checks by opening the windows but finds nothing. She thinks,’ what was that? What is happening? Am I hallucinating? Just calm down Haseena…’ She goes and sits on the chair and thinks, ‘maybe that was the shadow of a wolf…was it?’

Scene moves to Misha sleeping on her cot fully covered from head to toe. Someone knocks on her door and she wakes up. Misha opens the door and Shaurya comes inside.
Misha: Shaurya, What are you doing here?
Shaurya: Don’t you know? Don’t you think about me? Tell me Misha…(Shaurya comes forward and Misha moves backwards) Don’t you think about me? Misha…Only your thoughts come into my heart…only yours!
Misha: Shaurya… (He holds her)
Shaurya: Never go away from me. I know you want it too.
Misha: Do I? (Misha sits on the cot. Shaurya sits next to her)
Shaurya: of course! Of course Misha! From the time I saw you I have forgotten myself.
Misha: Really?
Shaurya: Yeah! I am so damn crazy about you. Your love has made me mad. (Misha smiles)
Misha: really?
Shaurya: yeah… I really…really…really…like you (Shaurya moves forward making Misha fall on the bed. Misha wakes up from her dream and sits o the cot. She realizes that it was a dream and not reality. She goes back to sleep)

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand tells Haseena that it was not her imagination and that the wolves haves found them.
Chand: They were here and it is all because of Abhay
Haseena: What will happen now? They have recognized us. And they… when they find what will we do
Chand: I don’t know what happens next…
Haseena: By the way, we have another problem to deal with…Abhay’s Birthday…
Chand: What? Birthday…what nonsense?
Haseena: The date we put on college forms and birth certificate is that of today. His classmates have come to know. She came to wish him and was asking me questions.
Chand: Which classmate?
Hasina: She came with cake… Pia… And before I could make her understand anything, I think she became suspicious about us. We have to make her believe (Abhay comes there) that we did not forget Abhay’s Birthday. We have to give a surprise Party.
Chand: Hmm…I agree! We must throw a Party…
Abhay: What Party?
Hasina: Your Birthday Party!
Abhay: Oh No Mom… Don’t tell me that you put today’s date on forms.
Chand: Well…we must throw a grand party…after all it is your birthday…
Abhay: No Please! Don’t do that… I don’t want any Party
Haseena: This Party is not for you, but for Piya…to tell her that the Raichand’s did not forget their son’s Birthday. So you better come for the party…cut the cake…and behave all surprised! Do you get that? (Episode ends)

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