Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 82) Piya’s Accident - Danish hits Piya by his Car

Scene starts with Piya standing by her room at Dobriyal House thinking of Abhay and mentally asking him to return to her. Abhay is also disturbed and thinking of Piya and the moments spend with her at his new house. He says, ‘No! I cannot meet her.’ He resists the urge to meet her and says, ‘No! This is right! I should not meet her. I troubled her a lot. No Piya! I can’t meet you. No! I cannot meet her!’. Piya is also thinking of Abhay. Abhay is troubled and gets up from his chair. He says, ‘Piya, I cannot be without you. I cannot stay away from you’. When he reaches the door of his room Haseena blocks his way.

Haseena : Where are you going? We did not bring you here so that you can go back there again. Just forget about Dehradun and that girl Pia. DO you understand me?’ Haseena closes the door on Abhay’s face.
Scene moves to next day morning Arnab reaching St Mary’s Orphanage. Arnab is disappointed when the Mother Superior informs him that they have lost all records because of a fire accident. After Arnab goes the nun calls Madhu and informs her that she did as Madhu told her. Madhu thanks the nun and assures that Piya is happy and in safe hands. She tells her that Pia and she does not want Arnab to know about her. The nun tells that Pia had called to inform to hide her secret from her father and tells Madhu that Pia is gods special child and to take care of her. Madhu is filled with gratitude for Piya and assures the nun that Pia would be taken care of.
Scene moves to Arnab entering the Dobriyal House disappointed and telling that he lost his daughter for ever. Madhu assures Arnab that where ever Piyali is she would be happy. Scene moves to Pia and Madhu at Dobriyal House. Madhu thank her. Piya requests Madhu to convince Panchi and Misha to allow her to leave from the house. Madhu tells that she would talk to them. Scene moves on to the Dobriyal Family on the Dining Table. Madhu convinces the family to let Piya stay in the hostel, as she herself wants to. Arnab tries to stop Piya as he feels he should take care of her, like somebody must be taking care of his daughter Piyali.

Scene moves to Piya standing by the Hostel room window thinking, ‘Once again I have become alone. Abhay, why you went away leaving me? I need you Abhay’. Abhay is disturbed in his room. He says, ‘Piya, I need you. I cannot be without you. At least once… once I want to see you. Once I want to hear your voice. I cannot live without you. I cannot live without you…’ Scene moves to Piya standing by her Hostel window saying, ‘Come back Abhay! Come and meet me once…one time Abhay’. Just then there is a knock at the door and when Piya opens it a Security guy gives a piece of paper to Piya and says, “Piya baby, this is for you!’ Piya reads it (it says I want to meet you – Abhay) and says, ‘You came Abhay? Thank God! I am coming. I am coming to meet you’.

Piya is delighted to see the note from Abhay asking her to meet him. She opens the drawer and takes the ring from the hand kerchief and puts it on her chain along with her pendant. He comes out of the hostel gate and calls out for Abhay. Danish is sitting in his car watching Piya looking and calling out for Abhay. He recalls giving the chit to the security guy and looking at Piya from down standing at her hostel window. Danish recalls Piya telling him that she would accumulate proof against him and Panchi slapping him. He starts the car. He also recalls Kabir telling him that he would kill Danish with his own hands if he utters another word and his father telling that he killed them alive. Danish drives the car and hits Piya who was calling out for Abhay and drives away. Piya falls on the ground and lie there bleeding from her forehead.

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