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8th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 67) Panchi and Misha makes Abhay and Piya partners for Paper Dance

Angad-Kabir, Abhay-Piya and Misha-Ruhi doing Paper Dance
Episode 67 starts with Pia offering Wine in Silver glass to Abhay Raichand to cheer for Panchi. Abhay extends his hand to take the glass from Piya.
On the other side of the room Angad, Kabir, Tracker, Madhu, Misha and some other girls and guys have assembled to congratulate Panchi for getting the job.
Kabir: Okay Guys! Let’s raise the toast for Panchi…May the success be all hers! (The Group raise their glasses saying, ‘To Panchi’ and Abhay too takes the glass from Pia the same moment and lifts it up. Piya is shocked to see that nothing happened to Abhay on touching the silver glass. Abhay empties the wine from the glass by pouring the contents on a pot with a plant in it and keeps the glass on the counter near by. He then looks at Pia)
Abhay: Done Pia? Happy?
Pia: Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying.
Abhay: You understand everything Piya. I can see it on your face. (Abhay walks off. Piya thinks, ‘How can this happen? I was sure that the moment Abhay touches the glass the same reaction that happened earlier would happen. So Abhay is not a Vampire? In the Book it was written that Vampires cannot touch things made of Silver. So what is the explanation? Am I wrong? Oh God…what is Abhay’s truth?’)

Ruhi is sitting at the Bar counter and looking at Angad who is talking to some other Guy. Ruhi thinks, ‘How cute he is…never noticed him…We were always near each other but never saw. Come on Angad…please propose me…please propose me… Should I ask Pia…she will give some advice. No…she herself is struggling between two guys. Then who… Misha? No, Misha does not know even the ‘L’ of love…I won’t ask her. Then…Madhu Aunty…I will ask her’ Tracker runs from there.
Ruhi goes and asks Madhu who is arranging flowers how Arnab and Madhu fell in love. Madhu tells that it all started with her slapping Arnab. Madhu explains that they had gone for a Party and Arnab spilled his drink on Madhu’s beautiful dress and she slapped him for spoiling the dress. Madhu tells Ruhi that the slap lead into friendship and then love. Ruhi is happy and goes from there.

Arnab’s friend Siddharth tells him that maybe Suganth did not want to give him further sorrow and that could be why she left the place without telling anything. He tells that may be Suganth did not want to share about her weakness and illness with Arnab.
Arnab: So she suffered everything alone and never told me anything. But my daughter Piyali… Siddharth, where is my daughter? Her address? Who was with her? Any address…any number? Something should be there… Siddharth she is my daughter, please… Siddharth, I know that you know at least something. Suganth would not have kept Piyali away from me. Think Siddharth…she is alone and has no one in this world…she needs me…don’t know where she is and in what condition. Please Siddharth…tell me where she is …Siddharth…
Angad lifts Kabir while doing paper Dance only to drop him
Scene moves to the Dobriyal House Party for Panchi. Misha comes with a Bowl of chits.
Misha: Okay everybody! We are going to play Paper Dance. It is a very simple game. In the bowl we will put 2 chits with the same number and the 2 people who get the same numbers will dance on a newspaper. When the music stops the paper would be folded. Slowly slowly the newspaper would become small and the partners have to dance on the paper only. Whoever gets out of the paper would become out. So Guys…stay close…
Misha asks Piya to take a chit and Kabir announces it as Number 9 as Misha had turned the chit in the other direction instead of 6. Misha coughs and Panchi understands the signal and thinks, ‘number 6’. Panchi writes 6 on a paper and keeps it with her afetr folding it. Tracker passes the bowl to everyone to take their chits and when Abhay extends his hand to take the chit Panchi grabs the bowl from tracker telling, ‘what a slow motion. Wait, I will pick a chit for you’ Panchi puts her hand in the bowl with the chit she made pretending to pick a chit from the bowl. She then hands over Abhay the chit made by her and he takes it from her.
Panchi: Anyway Partners, Open your Chits (Piya looks into her chit and sees that it is number 6. Kabir happily announces that he is ‘number 9’ looking at Piya)
Piya: Number 6? (Kabir is disappointed)
Abhay: Number 6 (Angad opens his chit and finds that he is number 9 (Everyone laughs and Abhay smiles too. Tracker is disappointed that even in game she is not having a male partner. Angad suggests to Misha to let him and Ruhi be partners and that Misha can pair up with Kabir. Misha does not agree. Misha teases Kabir and Angad. Panchi plays the Music and the Paper Dance begins. All the Partners dance on their Papers and when the music ends the paper gets folded into half. They dance again when the music starts. Piya and Abhay looks into each others eyes. Piya thinks, ‘This close I am to you Abhay and still far away. Was I wrong? Will I never know the truth?’ Abhay answers her mental query, ‘Forget it Piya. You do not have the strength to face my truth. I deserve hatred…Hate me!’ Piya answers the mental talk of Abhay, ‘Then why are you coming closer to me? There is something between us Abhay that you also cannot ignore’ Abhay tells in mind,’ I cannot stay away from you but I also cannot allow you to come closer to me’ Kabir scolds Angad for getting closer. Misha makes fun of them and as the music stops Misha and Ruhi comes out of the Paper. Kabir and Angad laughs seeing the girls out of the game. Kabir tells Misha that it was a punishment and she deserved it. Misha tells Piya that she should show them by making Kabir lose. Now only 2 pairs remain on the dance floor, Kabir-Angad and Abhay-Piya. Panchi tells them to lift their Partners. Kabir tells that he would not lift Angad. Angad tries to convince Kabir to lift him but when Kabir refuses Angad lifts Kabir. Pia is standing on Abhay’s feet. Angad sees Misha taking photo of them together and tells Kabir, ‘See Misha is taking photo. This will spread in all College’. The guys look at Misha and Angad loses his balance dropping Kabir to the ground. Kabir falls near Abhay and Piya’s feet. Every one laughs and Piya claps saying,’We win!’. Angad tries to help Kabir but Kabir refuses and is angry.
T clings on to Abhay
T enters the Hall wearing a green short dress and bandaged hands. Misha and Tracker are surprised to see her.
Misha: hey T! (Abhay and Piya turns to look. Kabir tries to hide his smile) What the hell? What are you doing in my House?
T: Excuse me…I came here on Abhay’s invitation. (Abhay keeps silence. Piya looks at him) He was missing me you know. And I know why… Abhay now I have come. So you will play the game with me, right? (Piya moves from near Abhay and comes to stand beside Misha. T goes to Abhay and keeps her hand on Abhay’s arm.

Scene moves to Ruhi who notices Angad at the Bar counter asking for a cold drink. She says in mind, ‘Okay Angad get ready. The first slap of my love’. Ruhi goes to him and bumps on his as he walks from there with hot chocolate in hand. Ruhi slaps him.

Madhu notices Ruhi standing by the refrigerator and asks her what the matter is. Ruhi tells her that she is trying to get cool and adds that Madhu’s slap idea did not work. She tells her that her skin got burned and the dress also got ruined. Madhu tells Ruhi that they will sit and talk and asks her if she really slapped the guy.
Ruhi: Yeah! I gave him a hard slap and came from there…
Madhu: Don’t worry dear…he will definitely come back…
Ruhi: How Aunty? How will he come back? (Ruhi notices the silver glasses on the shelf and tells Madhu that she would buy the same types of glasses. Madhu tells her not to as they are fake. Piya overhears this and thinks, ‘Those glasses were fake? That is why Abhay did not get any effect of silver. Because it was not silver at all. Oh God Abhay then…I was not wrong…Oh God…are you really a Vampire?’

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