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1st January 2011 Written Update (Episode 61) Abhay saves Piya from Danish at Pander Palace Fort

Abhay and Pia at Pander Palace Fort
Episode 61 starts with Piya calling for help. She then sees someone coming down the stairs. She asks who it is. Danish who has covered his face with a mask and wearing a hood comes down. He says, ‘No Piya! I will not let you escape that easily. You have done so much against me. You have to give the answer for that’. He remembers Piya telling him that she would accumulate proof against him, Panchi slapping him, Kabir telling him that he would kill Danish if he utters another word and his Parents disowning him. Piya runs around the rooms and is still calling for help. In the meanwhile Abhay is at Maithili’s grave when he hears Piya’s voice calling for help and asking if someone is there. Abhay closes his eyes and then opens to reveal his blue eyes.

The Scene moves to Kabir in the Car remembering him telling Piya that she saw Piya and Abhay together at the tent and Piya telling him, ‘You know what Kabir, This is your Problem. You see something and make stories. You judged me again today. Is this your love?’ Kabir tells to himself, ‘Kabir, you are such an idiot. Why did you fight with her? Now she hates you… Piya…’

The Scene moves to Piya at the Fort. She is scared to see the shadow of a man and runs away from where she was standing and hides. Danish calls out Piya’s name.
Danish: Piya! Come on Piya, Come out! You cannot escape from here and go. Because you know and I know that you are alone here…all alone! There is no one here to save you Piya, No one! (Piya is sitting scared at her hiding place)Come out Piya? Can you hear my voice… because I can hear your heart beats…I can hear your breath in fear…I can feel your presence Piya… You are here near me…very near me… Every door to get out from here is closed Piya! You are trapped here. Piya, come out! Piya…
Scene moves to Kabir in the Car looking into his mobile. At Pander Fort Piya is terrified and hiding from the Guy who is calling out her name when suddenly her mobile rings alerting him. Danish sees her and she runs from there. But he confronts her with a knife. She turns and run away again and lands in front of the Guy again. He goes towards her and Piya moves back. Piya shouts for help when the Guy lifts the knife. She says, ‘I did not do anything’ The Guy says, ‘Goodbye Pia’ Pia again shouts for help and moves back. He lifts the knife to stab her when suddenly Abhay opened the balcony door and jumps from there standing between the Guy and Pia. Abhay says to the guy, ‘leave’ and he goes off. Pia comes and hugs Abhay saying his name.
Pia: Thank God Abhay you came. Abhay, who is that? He wanted to kill me…And where were you?
Abhay: Shh… (Keeps his finger on her lips) Nothing will happen to you. Control yourself. I am here. Nothing will happen. I will go and see who it was..
Piya: No Abhay, No… He is wearing a mask and he has… You will not go…
Abhay: Shh… (Silences her again) Nothing will happen to me. You be here. I will see and come… (Abhay goes off. Piya then notices the Painting of Maithali. She goes near and thinks, ‘This Picture… This is the one…I have seen this.(Piya remembers seeing the Picture in Abhay’s wallet and Abhay calling her Maithili. Piya feels her face and then remembers seeing Maithili’s grave. She reads the full name of Maithili written in the Picture) Rajkumari Gayathrisinghi Shivaranjani Maithili Gaurima Pander? (Abhay walks in)
Abhay: Rajkumari Gayathrisinghi Shivaranjani Maithili Gaurima Pander… Maithali (Piya turns to look at him)
Piya: This is Maithili? Why do you carry her picture in your wallet? Why Abhay?
Abhay: This is a secret Piya which I have hidden from you.
Piya: What is it Abhay? And what you are hiding from me.
Abhay: I don’t think I need to tell you anything. (Piya goes near Abhay)
Piya: Don’t I have the right to know? My face resembles her’s and still I do not need to know? You call me by her name and still I don’t need to know Abhay?
Abhay: Mistake can happen to anyone. Your face resembles that of her. Anyone can make a mistake…
Piya: Really Abhay?
Abhay: Let’s go Piya… (He turns to walk. Piya hold his hand.)
Piya: No Abhay! I want to know the truth. You have hidden too many secrets and you owe this to me. Without knowing the truth I am not going from here.
Abhay: (turns towards her) Fine… Then hear.
Piya: I am listening!
Abhay: I am writing a Book for some time now on the Princess of Pander…Research Study… It has become an obsession to me.
Piya: You are writing a book and you are carrying her picture on your wallet?
Abhay: Yes! Have you ever not done any work with so much involvement that you see nothing else other than that? My work is my truth. I did not say this to anyone because nobody would take me seriously as I am a college kid. Maithili is the main protagonist of my book. And I confess… I am obsessed with her! (They walk together) Piya, Maithili used to stay in this place 150 years ago…maybe even before that. How can I be connected to her? She is an important part of my story. She is the most important part of my story. (Piya turns and looks at Maithili’s Picture)
Piya: I am sorry Abhay! I should not have interfered in your work.
Abhay: That’s okay Piya, Forget it! Let’s go? (Piya nods and they walk out together)

Scene moves to Danish running out of the forest and coming to the road. He is almost hit by a car. Chand sees Danish and gets out of the car.
Chand: Danish, you? You here?
Danish: Sir, you?
Chand: There everyone is looking for you. Everyone was looking for you.
Danish : Sir I… There is something I needed to do. I need to teach Pia a lesson. She spoiled my entire life. And I will take it back from her.
Chand: I understand. Pia should not have done that! She should have known not to interfere in other peoples life, right?
Danish: I will teach her a lesson Sir! That is why I came here. I almost caught her at the Pander Palace… But Abhay came there and I had to leave.
Chand: Pander Palace… Abhay was there?
Danish: Wherever Pia goes… Abhay follows her…
Chand: Ah…I am sorry to say Sir! The Drama of Piya that she is alone and helpless is melting Abhay’s heart. Piya knows very well how to trap Guys.
Chand thinks, ‘I don’t believe this! Abhay in Pander Palace! That is not right! After so many years he set his foot on this place… the consequences are going to be bad. Abhay got over her with so much difficulty and now because of Piya a new story would start. This girl created a lot of problems and this is the worst of them all’.
Chand: Danish! You are my employee and I understand your feelings. I will help you deal with Piya.
Danish: Really Sir?
Chand: Don’t worry! We shall deal with her. Come…

Scene moves to Piya and Abhay walking through the forest, Abhay holding Piya’s hand. He stops.
Abhay: Piya, Come fast! After today’s incident I am sure that the kidnapper is the same who tried to kidnap Tracker. That time he made a mistake. I don’t want to see you in danger Piya, Come… let’s go!
Piya: But Abhay, It is so strange. Why anybody would kidnap me? And what have I done? How does he know that where we have come? And we changed our plans in the last minute… Then how?
Abhay: I think he knows someone among us.
Piya: You mean someone in our Bus told him? (Abhay hold her hand again and tells, ‘come’. They walk together)

Abhay and Piya are walking from the forest towards the road when Abhay notices a car coming on the Road. He and Piya sit down by the side of a big rock hiding from the view of the vehicle. Abhay notices Chand in the car with another man. Chand stops the car a few feet away and looks into the forest side.
Danish: What happened Sir?
Chand: No, Just an illusion!
Abhay thinks, ‘No, You cannot do that! You are responsible for the attack on Piya? No… I told you to stay away from Piya. And who was the man? And now what that Guy is doing with you? Scene ends.

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