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21st January 2011 Written Update (Episode 78) Abhay kidnaps Piya from Dobriyal House

Episode 78 starts with Madhu telling Piya that she is grateful to her for not telling anything to Arnab about her. Piya asks Madhu to convince Panchi and Misha to allow her to go from there.

Scene moves to Misha lying on the cot and eating cookies when someone knocks at the door. She wonders who it is at this time of the night. She wonders if it is a thief and takes her guitar along with her and opens the door lifting the guitar in hand. She is shocked to see Shaurya at the door. He gets inside the room as Misha moves back.
Misha: You! Not again! Why you are disturbing me? I don’t want to see you. (She closes her eyes and says something hoping that he would go away and that he is her imagination. When she opens her eyes she finds Shaurya there looking at her.) Dude! This is full on sickness and it does not go…
Shaurya: Misha!
Misha: Dude! It is also talking! I thought visions don’t talk. (She slaps Shaurya)
Shaurya: Misha, Have you gone mad? You are drunk!!!
Misha: You are real? (She runs off to her bed and sits there and covers her face with both her hands.)
Shaurya: No…No…I am Rajanikant’s Robot. I am going to beat 8-10,000 people all alone. Will you come with me?
Misha: But you were not here earlier?
Shaurya: I am Shaurya (sits on the cot) .What happened to you? How many Beers did you have? Tell me the truth!
Misha: (counts with fingers) only 5.
Shaurya: Five? Cola?
Misha: Please…Okay? Vodka Martini… Bond…James Bond!
Shaurya: Misha, the drinks have gone into your head. You go to sleep.
Misha: I am not intoxicated. I don’t know what trouble I have got. You are confusing. You are here…then you are not here. When you are not here…I see you…and sometimes you are here and I see you. I mean what?
Shaurya: Misha, I think you should sleep now. You need sleep. I will come tomorrow and talk to you in leisure. But talking is very important, Okay? (He gets up and goes)
Misha (to herself): What is this new drama? When it is true when it is dream? I know what… next time I see him I will give him a hard kick.If he shouts then he is real and if he vanishes like Kasper then he is not. Misha you are so smart! (She falls into the bed)

Scene moves to Piya on the cot at Dobriyal House sleeping at night. Abhay enters the room through the window and look at her sleeping. He is angry. He says in mind, ‘You cheated me Piya. You took advantage of my weakness. I did so much for you and you… I was wrong! You did not deserve it Piya. To know my past you played games with me. I hate you! I will never forgive you for what you did to me. Never!’ Piya senses his presence and opens her eyes. She says his name. Abhay who is angry does not allow talking further and ties her and carries her from there. He puts her down near a cave and unties the shawl with which he covered her mouth and tied her hands.
Abhay: What are you doing with me? Where have you bought me? Abhay what are you doing? (Piya takes steps back while Abhay walks towards her) What are you doing with me? What have I done? (He pins her to a wall and holds on her arms)
Abhay: Why? Now you want answer for this question too?
Piya: I don’t understand Abhay!
Abhay: Yeah, You don’t understand! Look at my eyes and tell me that you don’t know what you have done with me.
Piya: Abhay I was just…
Abhay: You were just what Piya? What were you doing? You were trying to understand me? You were trying to help me? I already told you that I am beyond anyone’s help, thought or understanding. I told you (curses) stay away from… (He pushes her and walks from there)
Piya: (follows him) Abhay! Abhay please give me the answers to my questions. Abhay wait! Abhay you are leaving me and going? Abhay I was just trying to help you.
Abhay: Help? No Piya…No one can do anything for me. Just because your face resembles Maithili does not mean that you would be able to help me. Only your face resembles her… You are not like her… You are not her!
Piya: You know her very well? Because you and she have the relationship of research, is it not Abhay? That is a lie. There is no research. You were also telling a lie… then why this much hatred towards me? Maithili…Maithili…Maithili…who is this Maithili? You and your family…you can’t even stand her. Your Mom does not want to even hear her name? What is your relationship with her Abhay?
Abhay: Why can’t you understand? Even now why don’t you understand that this is not relevant to you? Can’t you leave me and my life alone? How much you have hurt me… How much difficult situation you have put me in front of my Parents…I am not in a position to say anything to them.
Piya: They are not your Mom-Dad Abhay!
Abhay: (shocked) What? How can you say that?
Piya: Because I know my face resembles Maithili’s. And yours… with Abheyender. Or maybe you are Abheyender.
Abhay: Piya, Have you gone mad? Do you know Math? Do you know science? Do you know logic? Maithili died 200 years ago…
Piya: And you too! (They look at each other) Maithili died in 18th century and that night she did not die alone. You only told that you were waiting for her. What happened with you that night Abhay? What happened that night? (Abhay keeps silence. Piya comes forward to him) I can feel Abhay! Your eyes cannot lie. There is a heart inside you which beats for Maithili. You have feelings for her. I have seen Abhay… love in your eyes… for her and for me. You love me, don’t you? Why do you love me so much Abhay?
Abhay: I don’t love you.
Piya: Why do you love me so much?
Abhay: I don’t love you.
Piya: Why do you love me?
Abhay: I don’t love you. I can never love you. I cannot love a cheat and lair like you. You cheated me. You don’t value any relationship. Because you don’t care!
Piya: I do, Abhay! If I am here it is because of you. Whatever I did I did it for you. I wanted to know the truth because I did not want to lose you Abhay! Abhay, Can’t you see what you are to me? Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know why I am looking for the answers to these questions? Abhay, Can I not see that your heart’s peace lies in the answers to the Questions?
Abhay: Enough! Ages have passed since I have had peace. Enough!
Piya: Why can’t I ask you Questions? I want to know.
Abhay holds on Piya’s arms and says, ‘Enough Maithili…enough!’ He leaves her hand.
Abhay: What nobody could do in years, you did. Piya you have opened an old wound of me the healing of which is difficult now. I don’t want to even see your face. I want to bury all your memories here. This place…Here…
Piya: What are you going to do…Abhay?
Abhay: Don’t fear Piya! I am your friend…Is it not? So how can I cause you hurt? Look around you Piya. Carefully… Here..this very place…is the residence of Vampires about whom you are doing your research on. So this is the best time to test your theory. It is said that in ancient times Vampires used to come here to hunt. Who knows may be they come now also… So Piya… Do your research with full concentration. Because nobody wuld hear your voice. Have fun! (Abhay goes from there leaving Piya alone in the cave) She calls after him, ‘Abhay, You are leaving me and going? Abhay,Abhay!’ Abhay runs out like wind while Piya is shouting for help in the cave.

Abhay reaches Maithili’s grave. He falls in front of the grave on his knees and shouts, ‘Maithili’. Piya sits in the cave by the fire and mentally calls Abhay, ‘Abhay, Please come back! I did not cheat you. I did not want to hurt you. I want you to be happy. I cannot see you burn in the fire alone…I just wanted to bring out of there…Please Abhay,Come back to me! Come back Abhay!
Abhay lies down on the ground looking at Maithili’s grave. Piya sits in front of the fire with tears in her eyes. Abhay suddenly hears Piya’s voice calling out for him and he gets up and closes his ears. He remembers how Piya duped him. The scene ends with the close up of Abhay and Piya’s faces.

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