Thursday, January 27, 2011

27th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 83) Kabir takes Pia to Hospital

Episode 83 starts with Piya calling out Abhay’s name and walking and Danish hitting her with his car and then speeding away. Pia is lying on the road with blood running from her forehead. Abhay at his house feels uneasy at the same time and wonder what is wrong. Scene moves to Kabir coming on the same road in his car and finding Piya in a pool of blood. Piya lifts her from there. He carries her into the Hospital and is quickly taken in by the doctor and nurse for treatment. Kabir is worried seeing Piya’s condition. He ask the Doctor how Pia is. The Doctor replies that the condition is critical and Kabir asks him to please save Piya.

Scene moves on to Abhay in his room remembering the promise he asked from Piya that she would take care of herself. He tells in mind, ‘Piya, Are taking care of yourself? Are you alright? (Abhay feels uncomfortable) Again - the same uneasiness. Something happened… I can feel it (Abhay drops the glass which he was holding. It falls into the ground and breaks.) Something is wrong. Piya…? I need to find out’. Scene moves to Panchi entering her House frustrated and remarking how men are strange and make fools of girls. She comes and sits near Misha who is playing with her mobile phone. Misha asks why Panchi is talking to herself. Panchi tells her that she was thinking of her Boss who is strange and unpredictable. She tells Misha what he does when is difficult to understand. Misha tells her that she is right and that men are weird. Misha tells Panchi, ‘That silly Abhay, you know what happened? So much happened in between Pia and him. They had become so close. And one day, without telling Piya anything Abhay left from the city. I mean- just gone like that. No reason, no news and no warning. One day back both were gazing into each other’s eyes and then he just vanished! Poor Pia!’ Misha’s phone rings and she picks it up and is shocked to hear the news from the other end.
Scene moves to Chand and Haseena talking about the Party they are organizing to introduce themselves at the new place. Abhay comes down the stairs and asks, ‘What Party? Why?’ Haseena tells him that it is essential to get to know the people and he is aware of that.
Abhay: I am sick and tired of all this! I am fed up! Till when we have to do all this?
Haseena: Too bad Abhay! You are aware that in every few years we have to move on to a new city and start a new life there. And frankly, we did not have any problem with Dehradun. We would have stayed there for some more years if you would not have started your new love story there.
Abhay: You don’t have anything to do with whatever happened. So why are you overreacting?
Chand: Shhh! Enough! What you wanted to tell you have told. Now you have to listen to what we have to say.
Abhay: I am just telling that I have no interest in this city or the people here.
Haseena: You have gone mad! You have lost your senses! We have never seen such rebellious behavior earlier. This is because of her, isn’t it?
Abhay looks at Haseena for a moment and then turns and close his eyes. He thinks tries to visualize her and shadowed image of Piya walking on the road comes to his mind. He thinks, ‘Piya… Where are you? Talk to me… I know you need me. I know that you are in some trouble. Where are you Piya? Let me hear your voice’. Abhay then hears Piya’s voice calling out for him. And he goes from there.

Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal coming into the Hospital running and talking to Kabir about Piya’s situation. Arnab is followed by Misha, Panchi and Madhu. The doctor says that Piya’s condition is Critical. Madhu sees Piya’s condition and decides that she need to tell Arnab the truth that Pia is his daughter. Arnab consoles Misha who is crying. The Doctor comes out and informs that Piya is not responding to their medications and might slip into a coma. Kabir thinks that if anything can make Pia respond it would be Abhay’s presence in the Hospital. Kabir calls Abhay but he cuts the call. Kabir gets angry at Abhay. Scene moves to Abhay landing at the Hospital and then pulling a hood over his head. Abhay says in mind, ‘Piya, I have come’.

Scene moves to Madhu looking through the glass on the door and worrying about Piya. Scene moves to Abhay walking and saying in mind, ‘Where are you Piya? I am here…’. He asks the nurse on the reception, ‘Piya Jaiswal is in which room?’ The nurse replies, ‘ICU 313, But this time she is in a very critical condition and you cannot go in there.’ Abhay turns and says in mind, ‘ Piya, I am here… I am right here. He walks from there. Scene moves to Madhu who is distressed to see Piya in her condition and prays to God to save her. Scene moves to Abhay walking and mentally talking to Piya, ‘ Piya, Don’t give up. Please Piya. Don’t give up this time. Hold on Piya. Nothing would happen to you. Fight Piya… fight!’ Abhay looks at Piya through the window and tells, ‘I have come Piya. Now you would become alright. I would take care of everything’. He moves on to the door when he hears Misha asking the nurse about Piya’s condition. The nurse informs the Dobriyal ladies that there has been a lot of internal bleeding and Piya would need AB+ blood. Madhu informs that her Husband’s blood group is the same and asks Misha to call her Dad. The nurse ask them to go along with her. Abhay looks at Piya through the round glass of the room door and says, ‘Pia I know that you can hear my voice. Pia you will become alright. I am here Piya.You need to become alright. Open your eyes! Look… She how much you are needed here. Feel this love... Please… Take strength from this love Piya… take strength from this love…’

Scene moves to the Police officer inquiring about the accident to Kabir and Arnab. Kabir informs him that he did not witness the accident and he found her in that condition on the road after the accident only. Arnab tells the officer to inquire about who is responsible for the hit and run. The officer assures him that it would be done. Misha comes there and tells Arnab to come with her as Piya requires blood. Arnab leaves from there after asking Kabir to follow up with the officer. Scene moves to Piya been wheeled away and Arnab asks where they are taking her. Doctor asks Arnab if he is the Donor and asks him to come fast. Abhay touches Piya’s hand when she reaches near him.

Madhu looks at Arnab donating blood and mentally talks to Piya that her father has come to give her blood and that she would become alright. Madhu thinks that she would fight the world but would not keep Piya away from her father. Madhu decides to tell Arnab the truth of Piya as soon as possible. Scene moves to Misha talking to Tracker to bring everyone to the Hospital as Pia might need more blood. Scene moves to Abhay mentally talking to Piya, ‘Piya, I am here Piya… near you. I am right here. Nothing would happen to you. You would become alright. I would not let anything happen to you. I cannot lose you Piya.I won’t let that happen’. The scene ends.

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