Thursday, January 6, 2011

6th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 65) Piya asks for Abhay’s help for her research on Vampires

Abhay blocks Kabir's way
Episode 65 starts with Piya asking him about the silver chain falling on his hand and him screaming in pain.
Abhay: What do you mean?
Piya: It felt like that the chain burned you (Abhay keeps silence. Pia goes near him and inspects his hand. She is surprised to find no sign of wound on his hand) what? How is it possible? Abhay, I saw it myself…It cut you and you were screaming! I was there. How can it be? (Abhay takes away his hand)
Abhay: Piya, I am allergic to Silver and I am taking medication for that. If you want you can ask my Doctor. Some people are allergic to metals and I am one of them. (Abhay turns and leave from there)
Piya is in the library. Piya does a research on the internet keeping Abhay's characteristics and skills in mind. She is shocked to see that the results are for Nosferatu (another name for vampires). Piya wonders if the Vampires or the Living Dead exists. She is stunned to see all qualities of Abhay confirming that he could be a Vampire. Pia takes printout of the information on Vampires. She decides to find out Abhay’s truth.

After Piya goes from the Library Abhay comes and checks the computer. Abhay thinks,’ No Piya…You are so much near the truth. Bloody hell! You have to stop!’

At the Dobriyal House Piya offers to help in cleaning Misha’s cupboard. Misha takes a T Shirt with Vampire picture and tells Pia that it is her favorite one. While talking Misha reveals that Vampires are a favorite discussion topic of Arnav and that he has numerous books on the subject in his collection. Panchi comes there and talks with the girls. She informs Misha and Pia that she is attending a job interview the next day.

Piya takes the Book in the Shadow of the Vampire for reading from Arnab’s book collection. She sits on a chair near the fire place and starts reading about Vampires. She reads the general information and qualities of Vampires. She recalls Abhay stopping the truck and lifting Danish with one hand. Pia reads about the magnetism and attracting power of Vampires and recalls Abhay coming to college the first time. She closes the book and is baffled as the description matches with that of Abhay’s behavior.

Scene moves to Abhay sitting by the fire at his house. He says in mind, ‘Pia…Stop yourself Piya! You won’t be able to bear the truth. This is not a game. I won’t be able to save you from the reality. Don’t go so ahead that I can’t bring you back’

Scene moves to Panchi telling, ‘I have done Masters in Communication with Honors…I think I am perfect for the PR job’ Misha asks, ‘You have any Boyfriend?’
Panchi: What? What the hell?
Misha: why? If there are some cool boys…You should tell first itself that you are single and ready to mingle… (Panchi gets irritated and gets up. Madhu comes with aarthi and blesses Panchi. Misha wishes Panchi and she leaves for the interview)

Scene moves to the Mount College Car Parking Lot. Kabir parks his car at Abhay’s parking space. Abhay comes and parks his Car in such a way that Kabir would not be able to get his Car out without Abhay moving his Car. Abhay gets out of the car and walks from there. Kabir calls Abhay.

Kabir: Hello! (Abhay stops and turns. Kabir, Angad and another Guy go towards him) you have blocked my way…How am I supposed to get out? (Abhay goes near Kabir)
Abhay: Not my problem! Before Parking at someone else’s parking space, you should have thought.
Kabir: You think you are too cool…ehh? But that’s not the case…One two times luck favored you and you became a hero. Reality is something else…Don’t worry my friend…soon the entire college would know what you are…Piya also…
Abhay: Why are you bringing Piya in between?
Kabir: Oh! Did that hurt you? Don’t know what Piya sees in you. But you know what? If you hurt her I will not leave you…okay?
Abhay:I am terrified of you…really…(Abhay turns and walks away from there. A she is walking Pia comes to him)
Piya: Abhay, I wanted to talk to you.
Abhay: You need to talk or ask questions?
Pia: No…actually I needed some files. Come with me!

Piya and Abhay comes to the Library.
Pia: Abhay, you are writing a Historic Novel, is it not? You know what? I am really impressed with it. From childhood…I was really keen on writing. After seeing you I feel that even I can write. You know what? I found a subject but there is lot of research involved in it. Like in your subject…like the story of Maithili…same way…
Abhay: What is your subject?
Piya: You are very comfortable in jungles, is it not? I mean…you don’t get scared and you know all the ways…
Abhay: Yeah!
Piya: Exactly! I knew that in this nobody can help me better than you. I have done some research and found some information from books. But in order to back it to give substance to it I have to back it up with facts. I need some leads which I may able to find in the jungles.
Abhay: What is your Subject?
Piya: Vampires! (Piya looks at Abhay for his response. Episode ends)

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