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7th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 66) Party at Dobriyal House for Panchi

Piya Offers Abhay a drink to cheer for Panchi Dobriyal
Episode 66 starts with Piya bringing Abhay to the Library and asking his help to do the research for her story.
Abhay: What is your subject?
Piya: Vampires… ( Piya looks at Abhay’s response after hearing the subject. Abhay keeps silence) What happened Abhay? (Abhay laughs)
Abhay: I thought you are writing some historical novel but you are writing some fairy tale. I can’t help you with this. I think you should like stories like Alice in Wonderland or that of Ghosts…
Piya: This is not a fairy tale. Vampires exists in this World.
Abhay: Oh…wow! (laughs) So go ask them. Maybe may might tell you…Piya…Vampires…in this age…You have gone mad! (Abhay turns and goes off from there. As soon as he is out of her sight his facial expression changes. Abhay says in mind, ‘Please Piya…Forget all this!’

Scene moves to Abhay confronting his friend Siddharth.
Arnab: Such a big lie…why Siddharth? Why? I want to know…
Siddharth: We were helpless Arnab! Suganth made us promise…
Arnab: This is what I want to know. Why did she do like that? Tell me!
Siddharth: We also don’t know why she did it. She took promise from us that we don’t tell the truth to you. And then with out giving any address or location she went off. We did not know where she is.
Arnab: Her daughter? Her daughter Piyali…what happened to her…where is she?
Siddharth: Don’t know about her too! After that day we have not seen Suganth. I am sorry Arnab! I am really sorry… (Siddharth keeps his hand on Arnab’s shoulder but Arnab removes it)

Scene moves to Tracker who has fallen for Angad. She plays with 2 parrot tous one in pink and the other in green. She sees Angad playing some game on his Mobile and tries to get him to notice her. She takes her scarf from her neck and applies perfume on it. She then walks past Angad dropping the scarf at his feet. Angad sees the scarf a little later. He lifts the scarf and wipes his shoes and then throws it out of the window. He then resumes playing. Ruhi again walks past him and drops the pink parrot toy near Angad’s feet. Angad does not notice it and walks from there by crushing the toy under his feet. He talks to someone on phone and leaves from there.

Scene moves to Panchi sitting with other 2 girls waiting to be interviewed. Panchi goes to the reception asks the receptionist if there is a problem as she has been waiting for 3 hours. The receptionist tells her that the interview of the girl who came before her is going on now and that it is her turn next. Panchi goes back to where she was sitting. The girl next to her tells that Siddharth only hires good looking girls who are hot and easy and education and qualifications serves no purpose in the interview. A girl wearing a short dress comes out of the cabin and leaves from there after blowing a kiss to whomever is inside. The girl who spoke to Panchi earlier comments that it looks like the job is gone and they do not stand a chance. Panchi gets up and goes to the reception. The intercom buzzes and the receptionist picks up the call asking her to send Panchi Dobriyal in.
Panchi: You know what? You tell your Sir to keep the job with him. I don’t need this job so desperately that I stand in the que of hot girl at some Casanova’s office. I have first class Degree in Communications. I have run an Animal Center for 3 years and I am the founder of Muskaan NGO. And I did not get all this success wearing short skirts. I need to work in a place where I would be able to work and not where I distract my Boss. So well anyways, Thank you! (Panchi leaves from there. The Receptionist notices that she did not put the phone receiver down and the Boss would have heard everything)
Receptionist: Hello! I am so sorry Sir! …You heard everything? Okay…Okay!

Scene moves to Panchi opening the door of her house and walking in. She wonders why it is so dark and there is no light in the house. Suddenly the lights come and Misha and gang rushes to Panchi saying, ‘Surprise’.
Panchi: Oh my God! What is this?
Kabir: Surprise for you Madam…
Panchi: But why?
Misha: Come on Birdie…Congrats and all that…
Panchi: Oh that is so sweet. But when ever I go for an interview you do all this it is going to be too expensive. And this time there is no point of celebration (Madhu comes there with a Cake) Oh Momma…it is just an interview!
Misha: Sorry I ate the ‘S’ of Congratulations…it was yummy! (Madhu notices the s is missing on the Cake)
Panchi: Typical of you!
Madhu: You got the job Panchi! They called up and you have to join from Monday onwards…
Panchi: But how? I got the job…how?
Madhu: I know how. My daughter would have impressed them so much that who else they would have given the job? My God! (The college gang claps their hands) My baby will be doing job now onwards…I can’t believe it! (Abhay enters the room. Kabir and Misha sees him. Piya sees him too)
Kabir: What is he doing here?
Misha: Actually I called him. He helped us so much and I thought it is time that we all become friends. (Kabir is unhappy seeing Abhay and goes away from there. Panchi takes Misha along with her)
Panchi: Misha, I know why you called him.
Misha: If you know why are you asking? (Abhay and Pia look at each other. Kabir notices them exchanging glances. He is angry and Angad asks him what the matter is)
Kabir: Who is the love guru in college? I…right? All the girls at College are crazy about whom? Me…right? Then why my love life is having a problem Man? What is Pia seeing in this Guy?
Angad: I know…
Kabir: Look at them! Just look at them…They are staring at each other. And Panchi… I raised a toast for Panchi’s success and these to have eyes only for each other and not interested in anything. I have to do something…(Kabir laughs) I just know it!

Scene moves to T sitting on a Cot and her Mobile rings. She picks up the call from Kabir who informs about the Party at Misha’s House and tells her everyone is missing her. T tells Kabir that she would not step into Misha’s House. Kabir tells her that Abhay is missing her and lost without her. T is happy hearing that but tells Kabir that she would keep Abhay waiting. Kabir tells T that Pia is around him trying to talk to Abhay and T tells Kabir that she would come to the Party at Dobriyal House. Kabir is happy.

Misha and Panchi looks from upstairs to the Hall down.
Misha: So Birdie what’s the plan? Let’s do something for these losers…
Panchi: Misha,You are also thinking what I am thinking. It is so obvious! Both of them like each other so much…But still…I don’t know what is up with them…just look at them… (Panchi and Misha looks at Abhay and Piya looking at each other)
Misha: It is written on both their faces…I like Piya…I like Abhay…
Panchi: really Misha we have to do something. Both of them have done so much for me. If they would not have been there we would not have known Danish’s truth. Always good things happen with good people. I really want to help them…
Misha: But how? Abhay is sulky all the time…and Pia becomes dumb in front of him. It looks like that both would only speak through eyes. I don’t know if they will ever exchange words… You know what I will go and talk to both of them. (Panchi stops Misha)
Panchi: You never learned diplomacy? Stupid!
Misha: You stupid… Don’t talk too much otherwise I will teach you diplomacy, Idiot!
Panchi: This only you know. This is a very difficult situation. We have to be very careful.
Misha: Okay…what is your slow and steady plan?
Panchi: These people have to be bought closer slowly.
Misha: Yeah…But how?
Panchi: Paper Dance!
Misha: Paper…(Then the realization stuck her) Wow Birdie! Today your brain is working fast. What did you eat today? Pulses?
Panchi: Shhh…Now use your devilish brain and make the 2 of them Partners for dance.
Misha: Okay (The girls give high five. Misha goes from there)

Scene moves to the waiter giving drink to Pia. Piya goes to the bar counter and asks for a Silver glass and pours the drink in it. Abhay watches her. Piya thinks, ‘So Abhay, let’s find the truth! Let me see if you can touch this Silver Glass or not’ She recalls what happened when her chain fell on Abhay’s hands. Abhay thinks, ‘Piya, you started this game again? Why are you doing this?’ Piya goes near Abhay.
Piya: Abhay this drink…specially for you
Abhay: Sorry, I don’t drink
Piya: So, throw it…Don’t drink it. But at least for Panchi you will have to raise the toast. You will have to cheer up…otherwise it will look rude… (Pia smiles and holds the wine in silver glass in front of Abhay) Come on Abhay! (Pia thinks, ‘Come on Abhay! Today the truth would be known’)
Panchi is cutting the cake and the group assembled there cheers. Panchi says thanks to them.
Piya thinks, ‘You and me both know that you cannot touch this Silver Glass. The moment you touch it the truth will be revealed’ Abhay thinks, ‘Why are you trying to find my truth? Can’t you forget this? Can’t it be left alone?’ Abhay extends his hands to take the glass from Pia both staring into each others eyes. Abhay brings his hand closer almost touching the glass. Episode ends.

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