Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 75) Piya fools Abhay by dressing up as Maithili

Episode 75 starts with Abhay blowing the candles on the Birthday cake and then lifting his head up to see Maithili smiling at him at a distance. She goes from there. Abhay turns to follow her but Chand and Haseena stops him from going. He cuts the cake while everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’. Abhay thank everyone. T goes and kisses on Abhay’s cheek saying, ‘Happy Birthday Abhay!’
Abhay: Thank you!
Misha: (shake hands with Abhay) Happy Birthday Dude!
Abhay: Thanks Misha! (Panchi and Tracker also wish him. Kabir goes to Abhay and extends his hand for Abhay to shake and Abhay says, ‘Thank you’. He is followed by Angad. As Abhay turns to go Piya comes to him and says,’ Happy Birthday Abhay! It is not that bad to smile and meet people, is it not?’ Abhay does not reply but looks around and then go from there. He climbs the stairs up to go to his room. He thinks, ‘May be Mom is right. I have gone mad! But how can I help it? For me this day did not bring new life but Maithili’s death. (He remembers Maithili on fire in the closed room). Maybe because of that I am seeing Maithali everywhere. I have been living without her for years now. But why today she has come several times in front of me?’ Abhay closes his eyes and then opens it. He then climbs the stairs and suddenly notices something on the ground. Abhay is very happy to know that Maithali's spirit is back for him, as promised years ago. Later, he realizes how the earring can be there if Maithali's spirit was here. He feels Piya is playing games with him and gets angry at her. Abhay comes down and takes Piya who was talking with Tracker away from there telling, ‘we need to talk’ while T and friends look on. He brings her to one corner and by showing the earring asks her, ‘What the hell is this Piya?’
Piya: What is this Abhay?
Abhay: Don’t you Know? Is this not yours?
Piya: No! Abhay this is not mine.
Abhay: Really Piya?
Piya: Yeah! From where you got it? And whose is it?
Abhay: Yeah! Someone else’s. And you know very well who’s…
Piya: I don’t know what you are talking Abhay. If you know whose it is go and give her! (She turns to go and Abhay stops her)
Abhay: Don’t act smart Piya! This earring had fallen from you, right?
Piya: I am telling you Abhay! Why will I wear this earring? It is so old fashioned. And moreover, it does not go with my dress. Why will I wear it? (Abhay checks both her ears and find her wearing white stoned earrings which match with her dress.)
Pia: What are you doing Abhay? Happy Abhay? Now you might have understood that I am not telling lies. Now go and spoil some other girl’s mood in the Party. You know what? Try your antics on T or any other girl… may be they will get impressed. (Piya turns and walks away)
Abhay thinks, ‘Really was it Maithili? Must be! I saw Maithili only. She is here. Maithili…’ Abhay looks around. Piya who is downstairs thinks how she was almost caught by Abhay. She remembers noticing one earring missing while changing back from Maithili costume and then wearing another pair of earrings.

The scene moves to Abhay who is happy. He thinks, ‘If Piya is telling the truth… if Piya did not play this game… It means… Maithili is back?She is somewhere here… near me… and want to meet me… Yeah, she is here… yeah!’ He smiles. Piya watches Abhay by hiding behind a pillar wearing Maithili’s dress. She thinks, ‘Abhay, you desire her this much? The thought of her brings a smile on your face. How lucky Maithili is that you are in love with even her thoughts’.

The scene moves to downstairs where Misha is avoiding Shaurya. Shaurya wonders why Misha is behaving in a weird manner. She even fakes receiving a phone call but he catches her on her lie. He asks her if he did anything wrong but Misha runs off telling that she needs to meet a friend. Tracker tries to flirt with Shaurya who tells that Misha is different and that he has never seen a girl like her. He says that he noticed that Misha is not a fashion victim like other girls and wonders what happened to her today.

Tracker thinks of impressing Shaurya. She gets angry at Angad who comes near her. She tells him how hot she finds Shaurya. Angad decides to change from his construction worker get up to formal goes to the wash room while tracker goes to another one to change her get up. Both of them come out to the hall together and everyone looks at them.
Panchi: Both are jokers! Can’t they see that they are made for each other?
Piya: Exactly! They are perfect for each other! In fact they are so perfect that if they would have been together their relationship would have lasted forever! I can imagine… Angad and Tracker forever and ever.
Panchi: Everyone used to tell about me and Danish also the same. But neither the relationship exist nor the love. Only a pain… But I don’t feel sad about it. I feel sad that I saw so many dreams and wasted so many years on it and it all broke in a minute. I feel half my life is a lie.
Piya: Panchi…Atleast think this… If this all happened after marriage you would have felt worse.
Panchi: I know Piya. But after what happened to me I have lost belief in relationships.
Piya: You are thinking wrong Panchi! You know in everyone’s life true love is written. We have not come alone… for everyone somebody is been made… (Abhay is coming down the stairs looking at Piya)What is essential is to believe in it…to look for it… (She notices Abhay) to recognize him… (Panchi smiles and says that she hopes so) Abhay keeps looking at Piya as he walks down the stairs and Piya walks too forgetting everyone around and just by looking at him when she hits on T. Abhay also hit at a vase at the same time. Piya runs away to upstairs washroom while Abhay is distracted and Abhay comes down and looks for her. Piya changes into Maithili’s costume. Abhay thinks of him and Maithili together and at the end of his thoughts he sees fire around and no Maithili. He turns to see Piya dressed in Maithili costume upstairs and fire rising. Piya goes from there. Abhay extends his hand and screams, ‘Maithili…!’ As he looks on he sees that there is no fire or Maithili there. Everyone at the Party is shocked. Chand and Haseena hear it and look at each other.

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