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10th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 68) Piya tells that she has Proof in her Locker that Vampires exist

Shaurya Chauhan makes an Entry to Mount College
Episode 68 starts with Angad bumping into Kabir after getting slapped from Ruhi. Kabir asks Angad what happened and Angad tells him that Tracker slapped him. Kabir talks ill of Ruhi and Angad supports her. Angad tells Kabir that he likes Ruhi and asks Kabir how to impress her. Kabir tells Angad that he needs to have a serious talk with him. The Guys go and sits on the staircase. Kabir tells Angad that it won’t take much effort to impress Tracker as she is desperate. Kabir tells him to wear groom clothes and go to Tracker with Sindoor and that she would happily get married to him without even looking at his face. Kabir laughs. Angad tells that he is serious about Tracker.

Scene moves to Piya recalling Madhu telling Ruhi that the glasses are fake and not silver. Piya wonders if Abhay is a Vampire and thinks that she needs to find a way to know Abhay’s truth. Abhay thinks, ‘Piya, why you don’t understand that you cannot know this secret. This secret is hidden for ages. The people who keep this secret are very dangerous Piya. If you do not stop yourself this secret would end you.

Scene moves to Arnab at Hotel Room recalling his conversation with Suganth’s Lawyer regarding Suganth and Piyali. He also recalls the Guy at Hospital telling him that Suganth did not die in an Accident but died of Uterine Cancer. Arnab wonders why Suganth kept the secret and not tell him. He wonders why she kept their daughter away from him and where she would be. Arnab decides to find Piyali. Arnab calls on the intercom and asks for a Car to visit the Hospital.

Angad is sitting at the bar counter. T comes there. Angad leaves his seat and asks T to sit and T sits there. Misha comes to the Bar counter.
Misha: So T how did this injury happen? (Tracker tells Panchi how T can come to the Party uninvited. Panchi tells her that is because she does not have any work. Panchi and Tracker go from there)
T: I don’t want to talk about it
Misha: Come on T, If you don’t tell how can I make fun of you?
T: Misha,Do you always think of only fun? Some of us are good it. I don’t announce my greatness like your sister.
Misha: What great work did you do T? come on…tell us! You are so great that you carry the entire world’s troubles in your shoulders…did your arm break because of that?
T: No, A child was crossing the road and bus came near…
Misha: Oh I see! And to save the child you jumped on the road? Wow T…you are a super woman! Hey everybody come here …listen up…listen up! (Girls and guys at the Party comes near the Bar counter) T has again proved that she is not less than any hero. You know she saved a small kid. We should tell everyone at the College so that the Principal gives Award for T. After all, T has taken the responsibility of saving everyone’s life.
T: No…no...No…I don’t want to take credit for such a small thing. I mean it is not a big deal anyone here could have done it.
Misha: No T. Why are you being so modest? You should get full credit. You know what? Give me the number of the kid’s Parents. We will call them for the ceremony.
T: Number? I did not even ask the kid’s name.
Misha: oh! Boy or girl?
T: I said girls…are you deaf?
Misha: Come on T…at least tell the name
T: I don’t know
Misha: Come on T; at least tell the name of the lotion
T: look… lotion?
Misha: The same lotion on which you slipped and fell…in the tacky pink parlor where you get your face painted.
T: You…
Misha: Come on T…Your 8 inch high heels
T: I have not worn heels.
Misha: I can see that but you wore that day…Anyway, your 8 inch high heels and some moisturizer…Parlor Beauticians still remember that day and cry. The day T Madam fell she cried so loud that all customers ran away. There was no child and saving, right loser?
T: How dare you?
Misha: very easily T. You and your dumbness cannot hide from the world for long. You are the Queen of stupidity.
T: What a freak… I am out of here (T gets out of the bar stool and walks from there. Misha and gang laughs)

Construction work is going on at Mount College and Kabir is watching. Angad comes there. Angad tells Kabir that he is trying to be fashionable to impress as Ruhi is fashionable. Kabir tells Angad to go straight and tell Tracker that he likes her. Angad runs from there and Kabir laughs.

Scene moves to next day at Mount College Campus. Misha comes to college and teases T in front of everyone. T and her friends walk off from there.

Scene moves to Ruhi and friends looking at the Construction workers in the Campus. Misha going to her and ask how she is. Tracker tells her that she is floating in heaven. Misha tells that she has gone mad. Just then a Car comes there and a Guy gets out from it. The girls look at him admiringly. Misha also look at him and is smiling. He signals a guy on the site and the guy goes to him with some papers. The guy takes the papers and signs it. Misha realizes that she was smiling and ogling at the Guy just like the other girls.

Angad is walking though the College trying to find the Courage to tell Tracker that he like her. He decides that he is going to tell her.

At the Construction site four girls including Tracker and Misha are looking at the Guy. The Guy removes his coat, tie and shirt displaying his hairless chest and perfect abs. Misha and the girls watch him open mouthed and in awe. The guy goes inside the Restricted Entry area and displays his muscle power moving a huge stone from the ground. Misha stares at him. Angad comes behind tracker with a red rose and chocolate and calls her. He touches her and tells that he likes her. Tracker does not even look at him or hear what he says and is busy looking at the Guy. Angad goes near and says ‘Tracker, I like you’ again.
Tracker: What? Look at that hot construction laborers! How hot he is!
Angad is sad and goes near Misha and asks her what is happening. Misha also does not respond. Kabir comes there and tells to Tracker that the Guy is Shaurya Chauhan who is the son of Chauhan Constructions Owner. Kabir tells her that he is an Architect who did his studies at London and is now managing his Dad’s Business. Tracker says that even the laborers are super cool. The Guy wears his clothes and walks towards his car. Kabir tells Tracker that they are not Laborers but professional Engineers who has specially come to restore the Heritage Site. Kabir tells that Shaurya Chauhan is best at his work. Shaurya waves the workers bye and gets into his Car. Misha is shocked by her own reaction to the Guy.

Scene moves to the College classroom. The Teacher asks the students if their topics for research is ready. The students say ‘yes mam’. The teacher first asks Tanushree who tells her that she would be doing research on History of Fashion. When asked Ruhi she tells that she want to do research on Restoration. She asks Piya and Pia tells her that she is going to research on vampires. Everyone makes fun of Piya when she says her topic is vampires. She says she has a something in her locker which can prove that vampires still exist. Abhay looks uneasy hearing it. The Episode ends.

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