Friday, January 28, 2011

28th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 84) Abhay kisses Piya to life and saves her at the Hospital

Episode 84 starts with one nurse telling to the other at the reception that some of Pia Jaiswal’s friends have come to donate blood and to have a look. Misha, Tracker, Angad, T, Panchi and Kabir all are sitting together at the Hospital. Kabir is happy to see them. Angad tells him that they are all here for Piya and inquires about Abhay. Kabir gets angry and tells them that Abhay does not care about Piya. Scene moves to Abhay closing his eyes and mentally talking to Piya by standing near the window, ‘Piya, feel me. All my powers and all my love are just for you. I am here Piya and I will never leave you and go. I am here. Hear my voice… come back! Hear my voice’. The scene moves to the Doctor coming out of the room and telling the Dobriyals that Piya’s internal injury has affected the functioning of her liver, kidney and lungs. The Doctor tells them that the bleeding has been control but she is still not out of danger. The Doctor tells them to trust in God and pray as this night is very critical for her survival. Arnab and Misha impatiently walks through the Hospital corridor while Panchi sleeps by keeping her head on Madhu’s shoulder.

Scene moves on to Abhay looking through the glass on the door and then getting inside the room unnoticed. He remembers Piya telling him, ‘I have seen Abhay. The love in your eyes – for her and me. Don’t you love me? You love me… don’t you? Why do you love me so much Abhay?’ Abhay moves towards the bed and sits on the bed. He talks to her mentally, ‘Piya, Don’t leave me and go. I require you. This is what you wanted, right? That I tell what is in my heart to you – Here it is – I am telling you… I do not want to lose you. I cannot see you go away from me. You are the heartbeat of my incomplete and lifeless life. By losing you once again I would die Piya’. The equipment connected to Piya beeps. Abhay looks at it and then places one hand over the other on Pia’s heart and close his eyes. After some time he opens his eyes and removes his hands and check the machine the reading of which had changed. He then looks at her right hand wound and bends to kiss it healing it. He then kisses the 2 wounds on her forehead one after the other and heals it too completely with no marks left. He then removes the oxygen mask on her face and bends to kiss on her lips. Piya’s lips part after Abhay’s kiss and the hospital equipment beeps with the readings returning to normal. Abhay says to himself, ‘Now nobody can keep you away from me Piya. I am here by your side… Till the need be I will be there. But after knowing my truth will be able to accept me and love me? Abhay then lies on the cot on his side along with Piya and looking at her. He then takes her left hand and places in between his hands.

Scene moves to next day Madhu sitting on the chair and Panchi still sleeping. Arnab and Misha are still walking on the corridor. T, Tracker, Angad and kabir are also sleeping. The scene moves to the Main Doctor asking the other two in his room as to who made the reports. The doctor is surprised to know that the Patient in Trauma with organ failure has recovered in one night. Scene moves to Arnab and Madhu. Arnab tells Madhu that he feels a bonding with Piya. Madhu tells Arnab that he shares a relationship with Piya. Scene moves on to the 3 Doctors and Piya. Piya asks the Doctors why she is there and one doctor tells her that she had an accident last night and if she remembers anything. Piya tells him that she was hit by a car. Piya tells him that she is fine now and asks him if she can go. Scene moves on to Arnab and Madhu. Madhu is about to tell Arnab the truth when suddenly they hear the Doctor saying, ‘Now she is fine… You all can go and meet her.’ Arnab sees Piya on the cot and tells Madhu that she looks alright. He calls out for Panchi and Misha. All are surprised and relieved to see Piya conscious and without any sign of injury.

Scene moves to Abhay mentally talking, ‘I don’t want to come in front of all these people… But remember… I am here… I am here…near you… for you…waiting for you…I am waiting’. Piya answers to Abhay’s mind talk, ‘I know you are here. I know you would not leave me and go. I know if I am alive today it is because of you. I know that you gave me the strength to fight yesterday. You are the one who saved me yesterday Abhay. This life is your treasure now. From now on my life is yours Abhay’. Piya smiles. Scene moves on to Piya sitting on the Hospital bed with Misha, Panchi, Tracker, Kabir and T around. Angad comes with fruits for all. Misha throws an apple at Tracker . Tracker asks if Misha would break her head and tells her that she does not eat apple and goes outside the room. Tracker tries to flirt with the Doctor faking illness. Doctor makes fun of her.

Scene moves on to Piya on bed wearing Misha’s clothes. Piya asks Misha if only these clothes were available. Misha tells her that it is her most clean clothes and that she should be thankful. Oiya tells her that it is so clean that it would have spread germs in the entire hospital. Both the girls laugh. Misha tells Piya that everyone was scared for her and that she feels that there is a special hand on her head. Piya says in mind, ‘Yes, Abhay’s’. Misha tells her, ‘The Doctors were telling that your recovery is a miracle.’ Piya says in mind,’ Yes, it is a miracle’.
Piya: Where did Abhay go?
Misha: Go? When did he come? He is strange. I thought hearing your news he would come running. But it looks like your Knight in shining Armor is on leave.(Piya smiles) Anyway, I will go and get the discharge papers. I don’t know why Papa is taking so long. See you…
Piya says in mind, ‘I know you are here. You will not leave me and go anywhere. You only saved me yesterday Abhay. This life is yours now.’

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