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5th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 64) Pia Questions Abhay

Dobriyal Sisters - Misha, Pia and Panchi
Episode 64 starts with Arnab recalling his conversation with Suganth’s lawyer telling that Piyali is alive. Arnab looks at Piyali’s photo in which she is wearing school dress and wonders why he was told that Suganth and Piyali died in Car Accident when Suganth died of Cancer and Piyali is still alive. Arnav wonders where Piyali is and where to search for her. Arnab decides to search for her.
Scene moves to the students back to Dehradun.
Misha: Piya, Let’s go!
Panchi: You are coming with us to home, right? (Angad and Tracker walks from there together)
Pia: Panchi actually…
Misha: What again? We told you that you are coming with us home… Oh…Abhay told you and you immediately accepted an dnow I am telling so you are giving attitude.
Piya: Guys, I am coming with you. Just I have some work at hostel. So I will meet you in an hour’s time okay?
Misha: Coolness!
Panchi: Fine! It’s an Order… (Panchi and Misha says Bye and goes from there)

At the Pander Palace Fort Abhay thinks, ‘Piya, you are just like her. You both are becoming one in my heart. How is this possible?’ He turns away from there. Abhay notices Piya’s chain and pendant on the floor. He takes a hand kerchief from his pocket and picks the chain using it. He then looks at Maithili Portrait one last time and walks away from there.

At Dobriyal House Arnab is packing his bags to go in search of Piyali. He hides this from Madhu and tells her that he is going to Delhi for some work.
Scene moves to Ruhi and Angad walking together. Ruhi thinks, ‘I don’t believe this. All this while he was near me and I never noticed him’ Ruhi thinks now that Angad has noticed her she is also feeling something for him. Angad thinks that he would ask Ruhi out for Coffee and wonders if she would refuse. Ruhi thinks, ‘Why he is not talking anything? The least he could ask me out for Coffee…’ Ruhi and Angad turns to each other at the same time to talk.
Angad: Girls first…
Ruhi: What a gentleman! I was telling that the pictures you took…will you email to me?
Angad: Of course! (Ruhi thinks, ‘Come on Angad…ask for my email id’)
Ruhi: You don’t want my email id?
Angad: No…no…what is the need of email id? I will bring photo to college tomorrow and give it to you. (Tracker notices that she is carrying Pia’s bag instead of hers.

Scene moves to Pia and Tracker coming out of the gate of the Hostel. Tracker apologizes to Piya. Tracker asks if she can leave Pia to Misha’s House. Piya refuses telling that she has to do some packing. Just then Abhay comes there.
Tracker: Abhay! You came so fast? (Tracker notices Abhay holding something in his fist) What is this? (Abhay opens his fist revealing the chain and pendent in the hand kerchief) Locket!!! (Piya is shocked and speechless) Piya, you are such a lucky girl you got the locket back (Tracker bids bye to them and goes from there.)
Piya: Abhay, where did you get it?
Abhay: Just got it!
Piya: This was my Mom’s last symbol…Thank you so much!
Abhay: Take it! (Piya lifts the pendant chain from the kerchief and accidentally drops it on Abhay’s hand. Abhay screams in pain holding his hand. Piya is shocked. Abhay falls on the ground. Piya sees a cut and blood where the locket had fallen on his hand. She runs to fetch water from inside. When she returns he does not find Abhay there.

Scene moves to Arnab talking to the Hospital Manager asking for his help. Arnab tells the date of death of Suganth and Piyali to the Guy and he checks in the Computer. He tells Arnab that 2 people were admitted on that day that died but both were males. Arnab asks him to check the name of Suganth Jaiswal and the guy informs him that Suganth died of Cancer in 1999. Arnab thinks that the lawyer was telling the truth and wonders why the truth was kept hidden from him. Arnab tells the Guy that he needs full information of the Suganth’s case.

Scene moves to Abhay entering his house. Chand claps and comes down the stairs.
Chand: Bravo! Congratulations! I heard you demonstrated your talent again…turned a jeep with your hand…
Abhay: I was saving someone’s life!
Chand: Who’s…Pia’s? When will you understand that all this is going to destroy us…Because of you the wolves have come to know about us… This many years we have hidden ourselves from everyone. Nobody knew when we came to this city.
Abhay: I know dad…I have to be careful! And I will do…
Chand: I hope so! And you also need to understand that we don’t have any enmity with you. You are one of us… (Chand lifts Abhay’s hand which was cut by the silver chain. He thinks, ‘Abhay, You touched silver knowing that. ’) This injury is just the start. In between humans don’t forget who you are. You will burn yourself and burn us too! (Chand moves his hand over Abhay’s hand and heals the wound) I am telling for your benefit. You are not a 17 year old kid. We have seen lives and kept us hidden. Just remember…we are not alone. (Chand walks off)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha is tying her shoe lace sitting on the hall and Panchi is sitting on the sofa reading newspaper. Pia comes down the stairs to the Hall. Pia greets Misha and sits on a chair. Panchi reads from the paper, ‘the big day of your life is about to come for which day you have been waiting for years…that day will come bringing lots of love’ Piya signals Misha with eyes to handle Panchi. Misha grabs the paper from Panchi.
Misha: hey Birdie! Why are you reading this superstitious nonsense? Look at this crap…my horoscope says, ‘You will meet your Mr Right today’ (Panchi and Piya smiles) whatever dude! Meaning…all the people of my sun sign will get their Mr Right today. Not only that…all the guys with my sun sign also will get their Mr Right today… (Panchi and Pia smiles) What crap man! Don’t waste your time Panch… look! 2 Pages ahead is classifieds…1000’s of jobs available…Panchi, fill your empty mind with work. Use your amazing Degrees and marks… You won’t work with Dad and your NGO work happens only during weekends…You need a real challenge! (Piya nods her head)
Panchi: Wow! Since when my sister started being sensible?
Misha: and for that I need Rs 100 (Panchi gives Misha her purse and tells, ‘all yours sweetheart’. Misha and Pia leaves to College)

Scene moves to Mount College car Parking lot. Guys are trying to lift a Car but could not. Angad tells them, ‘No wonder why college girls are crazy for Abhay…’ Piya overhears Angad talking to his friends about Abhay's strength. Piya realizes that Abhay is definitely keeping a secret.

Piya confronts Abhay by bringing him to the empty college class room. Piya questions Abhay over various incidents and he justifies his answers.
Abhay: What happened Piya?
Piya: I need answers to some questions. And today without getting an answer I will not allow you to leave from here.
Abhay: What question?
Piya: Abhay, how did you know about the earthquake before anyone?
Abhay: Because I was concentrating… I could feel the ground move…
Pia: really Abhay? And Tracker…how did you find her? We were all searching for her and in the correct time you found her…wow!
Abhay: Piya you are talking stupid. When tracker got kidnapped she was shouting. Everyone was looking for her…You could also have found her. I found her…no big deal…
Pia: Come on Abhay! You also found me…How did you know that?
Abhay: Coincidence! I lost in the jungle myself… And I found you…
Piya: And those guys…the jeep?
Abhay: Piya you also know well that the guys where drunk. Even if you would have hit them they would have fainted. And then I could have asked this same question…wow Piya how you did it and all that rubbish.
Piya: And how did you dis-balance such a heavy jeep?
Abhay: Physics! Forces of Leverage. I dis-balanced the jeep with the help of a tree.
Piya: How did you scare the Wolves? It felt like you were talking in their own language.
Abhay: Commonsense! When an animal attacks you, do not scare and run away. Look at its eyes and make it scared. Don’t you see wild life channels? Oh yeah…you only know to get scared and run or shout or faint (Pia keeps silence)
Abhay: Can I leave? Are there more questions? What happened to you Pia? You are a sensible girl…then why are you keeping these silly things in mind… (Abhay turns and walks away)
Pia: What happened to you with my chain? (Abhay stops. He is stunned by the question and recalls the incident. Abhay turns and looks at her) Episode ends.

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