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17th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 74) Abhay Raichand’s Birthday Party

Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani Serial 17th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 74) Abhay Raichand’s Birthday Party

Episode 74 starts with a Car entering the premises of Raichand’s Mansion. Abhay opens the door and get into the house which is in darkness. Suddenly the lights come and the group says, ‘Surprise!!!’ Abhay acts surprised and thank everyone. The Raichand's go near Abhay and wish him. He thanks them.
Haseena: How did you like the surprise?
Abhay: Superb!
Tanushree: Abhay, I organized this Party for you. Happy Birthday Baby!
Abhay: Thanks T
Piya: Happy Birthday Abhay!
Abhay: (ignoring Piya’s wishes) thank you everyone for giving me such a Big surprize. Thanks! Mom (looks at Haseena) I’ll just come.
Haseena: Please Guys have fun! Abhay will join us.
Abhay walks to his room. While going to his room he feels he saw Maithali. He looks at the place he saw her but does not see her. He searches for her around but does not find her. Abhay thinks, ‘What happened to me? How can this happen? What am I imagining?

Scene moves to Haseena confronting Abhay who comes out of the room.
Haseena : What are you doing here. Everybody is waiting for you down. Don’t you think you should be downstairs?
Abhay: Not my problem! You called them…so you deal with them. I will not meet anyone.
Haseena: Abhay!
Abhay: No…You should not have called…not at all. And that too today!
Haseena: I don’t care what date is today. You have to come out of your past. Maithili is dead! And whatever you do… she can’t come back. So forget about her and come down! Now…! Do you get that? (Haseena goes away)
Abhay: No Mom! She can come back… I saw her. She is here. Or… what did I see? Oh no! Piya…? (He runs to look down. He sees Piya in conversation with Panchi.)
Abhay thinks, ‘Piya is down. So…Maithili is back. She is back. She kept her promise. She has come back for me’.

Scene moves to Misha and Shaurya. Misha has her arm around Shaurya’s neck and Shaurya has his arm around Misha’s waist.
Shaurya: You know Misha, I have always noticed you (Misha says in mind, ‘Because I love you’) because you have always been a crazy kid (Misha says in mind, ‘And you know I love you’). You are cute,sweet, fun loving and little bratty (Misha says in her mind, ‘And I totally love you’).And you know what Misha? It is so good to be back in touch with you (Misha says in mind,’Because I love you’).
Misha realizes that Shaurya bought her near the dance floor and she takes her hand from his shoulders. Shaurya takes Misha on the dance floor, after much resistance by her. She stamps on Shaurya’s feet several times. Shaurya gets them out of the dance floor and tells Misha now he knows why she did not want to dance… it is because she did not know to dance. She tells him how uncomfortable she is in her attire and heels. He asks her then why she wore them. He tells her that one should be real and the way they are. He looks at her and then asks her if she is trying to impress anyone and asks her whom she has taken all this efforts. He tells her that he would find out for whom she has become a ‘wedding cake’.

Scene moves to Abhay coming down the stairs. He says in mind and walks looking for Maithili, ‘Where are you Maithili? Am I seeing a dream? Now she was here. So near to me… where are you? Where are you Maithili? Where are you?’ Piya comes near him.
Piya: Are you Okay?
Abhay: Yeah…
Piya: What is wrong with you Abhay? This Party is for you. We all are here to celebrate with you. And look at you. What are you doing? But your mind is not here. What are you doing? Why are you doing this?
Abhay: Because I don’t care! (He turns to go away but Pia stops him)
Piya: You don’t care Abhay? Wow! Your Parents threw such a nice Party. Your friends are here. They made an effort. Look around you Abhay! All of this is for you Abhay. But you are not mentally here. Are you looking for something?
Abhay: What do you think Piya? Am I some book that you would read through the pages and find answer for your Questions? Whom I am looking at, who I am searching for or why I am not happy is none of your Business.
Piya: Fine Abhay! Since it is your Birthday I thought I should do something for you…something special…Anyway I got you this book (she holds out a brown paper wrapped packet to Abhay) which I got form the library. It is a very nice book. It is very interesting and I am sure you would like it. It is on your research topic. Maithili! (Abhay who was not looking at her during their entire conversation, looks at Piya)It is a very interesting book. (Piya smiles and Abhay takes the packet and open the wrapper. He sees the History on Pander Book) There are so many interesting pictures.(Abhay feels the Book and then opens the pages and feels them. He touches the script as if reading it. He turns the pages and then he sees Maithali’s Picture. He remembers Maithili and him meeting and the king seeing them which made his run away from there. Piya is observing him while he is looking into the book. Piya says in mind, ‘At the mention of Maithili’s name there is a look of pain on your face. What is in this name that reaches your heart? I can feel Abhay, you feel hurt. And maybe that is because of me. I am sorry Abhay! But I want to know who is behind this hurt and for the sake of past why you are breaking all the relations of the present. Wh is this Maithili… who is in between you and me today?’ Abhay keeps looking at Maithili’s picture and then raise his face with a sad expression while Piya observes him.

Scene moves to Misha and Panchi. Misha is frustrated about the heels and Panchi teases her asking why she has suddenly changed to girly. Misha sees someone and asks,’What the hell are you doing here?’. Danish walks to Misha and Panchi who are sitting near the bar.
Danish: How are you Panchi?
Panchi: What are you doing here?
Danish: I just came to ask about you…that is the least I can do…
Misha: Get lost … Okay?
Danish: Mish Please… Calm Down!
Misha : Panchi let’s go from here (She holds Panchi’s hands and then walk away from there. Danish blocks the way0.
Danish: Panchi… I want to talk to you
Panchi: I don’t want to listen anything. There is nothing you can say to me! (She moves from there along with Misha. Danish says, ‘Panchi please… listen to me’. Abhay comes in between the Dobriyal sisters and Danish blocking his way. Abhay pushes Danish away).
Abhay: Let go Danish! You have no work here
Danish: You leave me… you freak!
Abhay: You leave these girls alone
Danish: Why? Have they appointed you their rescuer? Move from my way!
Abhay: You are the one who should move! You are not invited in this Party.
Danish: Oh really! Before insulting your Guests… know your facts Abhay!
Abhay: I don’t care! You can just leave…
Danish: At least ask your Dad… because he called me to the Party.
Abhay: Oh yeah? Well, this is not his office. This is my house and this is my Party. And you are not invited… So get lost! (Danish remembers Abhay lifting him using one hand on his neck and Abhay banging the car bonnet. Chand comes near them).
Chand: Abhay!
Danish: I am not required here… I am going (Danish walks from there)
Chand: Danish!
Danish: Sorry Sir! I will see you later.
Chand: What is wrong with you Abhay? He was my Guest
Abhay: Dad I think you need to think before choosing a Guest. Because of your Guest my Guest was having a problem.
Chand: Ah…Interesting! The whole evening you did not have time for them and now they are your Guests?
Abhay: This Party is not as per my wish but the Guests are here because of me. (Abhay notices Maithili and walks from there. He looks for her but does not find her. He comes near Chand).
Abhay: Dad… She was here! She was right here. I just saw her.
Chand: Stop it! Don’t make a fool of yourself. People are here and they are seeing you. What is the big deal about this date? It is just a date in the human calendar! Come on!
Abhay: Date? Only a date? Today’s date is written in stone. This day everything was taken away from me. This is the day when my Maithili left me. And you are saying ‘Just a date’…? Only a date? (Abhay turns and walks. Pia asks him, “Abhay are you okay?’ Abhay goes up. He says in mind, ‘Where are you Maithili? Is this just my imagination? Have you come back? Will this date again be written on stone? If you have really back ,please come in front of me. Please come near me Maithili.’

Scene moves to downstairs where Mr and Mrs Raichand thank the group for coming for Abhay’s Party.
Haseena: After coming here Abhay made so many friends. And you all have come here and given us so much love. Thank you so much! And now let’s wish the Birthday boy a very happy Birthday. (Haseena goes to Abhay who is standing from a distance from the group)
Haseena: Enough Abhay! Now you play your part. Smile! Go and cut the cake! Come on… (Abhay goes and stands in front of the cake and in between his Parents. He bends and blows the candles on the cake while the Happy Birthday Music plays and group claps. He lifts his eyes and see Maithili at a distance looking and smiling at him. The scene ends.

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