Thursday, January 20, 2011

20th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 77) Abhay finds out that he was fooled by Piya as Maithili

Scene 77 starts with Piya in Maithili’s costume standing in the Garden. She thinks that she has to change out of the costume before any one notice her by standing behind a bush. Abhay spots her and calls out for her. He walks towards her. Piya picks up the phone as if she is talking to someone.
Abhay: What are you doing there alone? People inside at the Party are looking for you.
Piya: Actually, the Music is so loud inside. I am on the Phone and I could not hear anything. (She pretends like she is talking and then tells Abhay who stands at a distance, ‘Abhay you go inside. I am on the phone… it is something personal.’ Abhay turns and goes off. Piya notices Tracker coming towards the Garden and call her. She fools Ruhi into singing back to back songs for 20 minutes in whispers on the mobile telling that there is a contest she could win if she does so. Piya as Maithili comes in front of Abhay who was in the Garden. Abhay gets suspicious as to if it is Maithili or Piya. He runs to where Piya was standing earlier and seeing Ruhi with her back and talking on phone mistakes her as Piya. He thinks,’Piya is here… That means she is Maithili’. He runs back to where he saw Maithili but does not find her there. He looks around for her and says in mind, ‘That was Maithili… because Piya is on the phone. Where are you Maithali? Come near me… Talk to me…’
Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Madhu opens the door after hearing the door bell ringing. The nun introduces herself as Sister Agnes and tells that since she could not speak properly over the phone and as Mr Dobriyal was worried she came there to give details of Suganth’s daughter personally. Arnab comes out asking who it is.
Scene moves Abhay wondering where is Maithili while Piya gets into the same room she had hidden earlier. Abhay unlocks the door and is stunned to see Maithili.
Abhay: Maithili… Maithili… Do you know how long I have waited for you? How many years I waited for you? For ages… remembering your promise… I have been wandering in this earth. I could not save you Maithili. Why you left me and went away? Why? Your father burned you in fire. I could not save you. I also wanted to die in that fire. What would I have done without you in my life? But fate had something else for me. You don’t know Maithili…what happened that night.
Piya as Maithili: What happened?
Abhay: I would have come behind you. Without you in life what would have I done? But something else happened with me. I got into such darkness that I could not get out of it till now. In my world now there is no difference between life and death. I have become a living dead.
Piya as Maithili: I don’t understand what you are saying
Abhay: How will I make you understand Maithili?
Piya as Maithili: Make me understand. I want to know.
Abhay: You left me and went away and I became this! Look at me…understand… I became this…
Piya as Maithili: What? You what?
Abhay: I… I… (Haseena opens the door. Piya is hidden from her view.)
Haseena: Abhay! Who are you talking to? (She tries to enter the room but Abhay move sforward and stops her from getting in)
Abhay: (Blocking her way) No one! (Piya runs away from there. On the way she hurts her hand)
Haseena: Your friends are going. Just come down and see them off! I am sure you can do that.
Abhay: You called them… So you handle them. I don’t want to see off anyone. (Haseena goes off. Abhay closes the door and finds that Maithili has vanished. He says, ‘Maithili where are you? Don’t leave me and go. He then notices the open door and blood on the broken glass. He smells the blood and his eyes turn blue. He is angry.

Scene moves to downstairs Party where Shaurya tries to find out who Misha likes and is trying to impress. He asks T, Angad and Panchi but everyone laughs off. Scene moves to Piya in the garden and Misha finding her in Maithili’s costume. Misha asks her like Tracker did she also get the spirit of the dead Princess that she is dressed like that. However Misha does not ask for an explanation and goes from there when Piya tells that she would go to the loo and change the dress.
Scene moves to Dobriyal House where the nun and Arnab are sitting and talking. Arnab thank the nun for coming. Arnab is shocked to know that Madhu was informed about Piyali’s whereabouts but covers up for her. The Sister gives Arnab the details of Piya’s Orphanage. After the nun goes off Madhu tries to explain but Arnab does not blame her and tells her that he understands why she did what she did. He tells Madhu that he cannot ignore Piyali and is determined to find her and goes from there.

Scene moves to Piya wearing a Shawl getting into the Kitchen and taking one glass of water. Arnab notices her and ask her if they have come back from the party.
Piya: Yes Uncle! You are working so late?
Arnab: Not work. (He asks her to sit down and Piya sits in the chair). There is some place I am trying to find out. (He tells her the details as St Mary’s Orphanage in Indore where he is trying to reunite his friend with his daughter. Arnab asks Piya if the inmates are treated nicely at the orphanage and which orphanage she belongs to. Piya lies to him that the Orphanage she belongs to is St Catherine’s instead of St Mary’s. Arnab is happy that Piya was happy at the orphanage and that her upbringing was good. He tells her that Piya is such a lovely child and hopes St Mary’s also turns to be a good Orphanage. Piya says Goodnight to Arnab and go from there.)

Scene moves to Abhay who is angry with Piya. He closes the door of his room and takes Maithili’s Photo from his cupboard. He looks at it and says, ‘She made a fun of my life. She knew Maithili that you are my biggest weakness. She cheated me’. Abhay thinks of Piya appearing in front of him as Maithili at several places in the house and also his confrontation with Piya regarding Maithili’s earrings and then at his room where he almost told her the truth. Abhay is furious to realize that Piya was playing games with him. He says, ‘You woke the animal in me Piya. You should not have done that. I would never forgive you. I will teach you a lesson for playing this game. I am fire Piya, you have played with me… you would burn. You will have to pay for this.’

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