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15th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 73) Misha arrives at Abhay’s Birthday Party wearing a Short Red Dress

Misha day dreaming about Shaurya in Towel
Episode 73 starts with the Guy continuing with his narration of the Story of the Pandher Princess Mythili. He tells Piya that Maithili was locked in a room and set fire to the room. He tells, ‘When Abhayendra found out he came running to the Palace. When he saw the room burning he also got into it. The fire was so much that he could not save his love. He also died in the fire. ’ The Guy tells Pia that the Love Story ended there and closes the book. He says, ‘Even today in Pandher’s Forests a shadow is seen calling Mythili’s name. And some people say that they saw the shadow in the same place where Abhayendra and Mythili used to meet. In that Jungle at the same place there is a grave of Mythili (Piya recalls seeing the grave of Mythili). But these all are not written in the Book. These all are the stories of the Villagers which is half truth and half imagination. If Abhayendra and Mythili died in the fire, then who made the grave at the same place…and that too at the same place where the lovers used to meet up. And the wandering shadow on the grave… all these are the villager’s tales…half truth half imagination!’ Piya turns and looks at Maithili’s Picture.
Misha day dreams about a bare chested Shaurya looking at her
Scene moves to Doibriyal House. Misha opens her cupboard and starts thowing out her clothes. Panchi comes there and what she is doing. Misha tells her that she is looking for clean clothes for Abhay’s Birthday Party.Panchi tells her that she should be looking in the washing machine. Misha asks Panchi when her new job is starting. Panchi tells her that she has to start in 4 days. Panchi tells her that she is excited and would be meeting her Boss for the first time. Panchi asks Misha to clean up the cupboard and goes from there. Misha closes the cupboard thinking that she is not likely to get anything there. She is shocked to see a bare chested Shaurya standing there. Shaurya smiles at her.
Shaurya: Hey sweets! What is this? Now you have to go to the party and you are not ready…Why? Now go fast and get ready! Go and take a shower.
Misha: I don’t want to take any shower okay?
Shaurya: Why not baby? (He takes the clothes from Misha’s hands) What is this? You will wear this? You are my girlfriend and you are not supposed to wear clothes like that, Okay? (Shaurya throws the clothes away. He then walks of and throws the towel he is wearing. The towel hits Misha’s face and she screams. Panchi comes running there and asks Misha what the matter is. Misha looks around and then runs to check her temperature telling that she has gone mad. She finds the temperature normal and hugs Panchi)
Misha: Normal? How can I be normal? Panchi save me please… 9Panchi pushes her away)
Panchi: Stop it you Drama Queen… (Panchi goes from there and Misha inserts the thermometer once again to her mouth)

At the Pander Palace, Piya walks around. Piya tries to connect the missing links about Abhay and Maithali. Piya thinks, ‘Maithili, what is the end of your sad love story? Ages have passed by people could not forget you. Your story…how is it connected to my life. Your face resembles mine. Did Abhay get the face of Abhayendra? Is Abhay and Abhayendra the same person? Is Abhayendra looking for his Mythili even now? But how can this happen? How is Abhay connected today with this 200 year old Story? If Abhay’s face only resembles with Abhayendra why is he connected with Mythili’s name and memories? Why Abhay is so lost thinking of Mythili? I have seen pain in Abhay’s eyes for Mythili…He is affected by her memories…She haunts him… Is this just a research or something more? Is Abhay obsessed by her Picture? Or does he have an old relationship with Mythili? How many Questions I have the answers to which are with Abhay. But Abhay won’t give me the answer. Maybe he won’t even talk with me regarding this. If Piya cannot get the Answers from Abhay…Maithili can! Maithili, you have to come in front of Abhay. Seeing you near maybe Abhay will tell that secret which he may not tell anyone else’. Piya thinks, ‘Abhay I know…Maithili’s thoughts torture you…To know the truth Maithili and Abhay has to meet each other. Mythili has to come in front of Abhay’.
T tries to Impress Haseena by taking care of Birthday party Arrangements
Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. T is supervising the arrangements for the Party and ordering around. T tries to impress Haseena and tells her to leave all the arrangements to her. Hasina thank her.

At the Dobriyal House Tracker comes to Misha’s room dressed up in a Pink Barbie Doll type of dress. Misha teases Ruhi on her dress. Tracker tells that she has dressed up for a super hot stud and asks not to break her confidence.
Misha: Does the super hot stud like Barbie dolls?
Shaurya: But Barbie Dolls are cute… (Misha sees Shaurya sitting on the Cot) So I would say…
Misha: Shut up! I am not talking to you… (Ruhi looks around and asks whom she is talking to. Shaurya comes to stand in front of Misha)
Shaurya: Darling for me…Please wear Pink! I want you to look cute like Tracker. Just like cotton candy?
Misha: Yuck…I don’t wear pink.
Tracker: I did not ask you to wear pink. Am I mad to tell you to wear pink?
Shaurya: Pink…please!
Misha: I told you…I won’t wear pink…
Tracker: I am not asking you to wear pink. (Shaurya keeps his hand on Misha’s arm)
Shaurya: Darling for me please… Please wear…
Misha: Please okay…You and Papa are just the same…
Tracker: Me? And your Papa…are you mad…
Misha: okay, Fine! If I wear…will you go away from my mind? (Tracker feels that some ghost got into Misha and chants something) Promise?
Shaurya: You look cute when you are angry (He gives a flying kiss)
Misha: Hey you…don’t kiss me, okay (Tracker is shocked and jumps)
Tracker: Kiss? I will come later Misha (She runs from there but Misha holds her asking her to wait. Misha looks around and sees that Shaurya is not there. Misha tells Tracker that she would get ready in 2 minutes. She then corrects herself telling that she would be ready in 20 minutes and runs from there. Tracker is shocked thinking Misha taking 20 minutes to get ready and thinks that something is wrong with her)

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Many Cars come in and there are many people in the Hall. Kabir comes in. He is shocked to see Angad dressed up like a Construction worker. Angad tells that Ruhi like Construction workers which is why he came like that. Kabir tells Angad that he and Ruhi are made for each other couple. Kabir goes from there.

Haseena comes there and sees Angad. She mistakes him as staff and tells him that the staff should be entering from backside. She asks him if the watchman did not tell him. Piya comes there and saves Angad.

Haseena calls Abhay and tell him that everyone has come and asks him to come. She reminds him to behave all surprised and act normal. She tells him that he should smile when talking to all.
Shaurya catches Misha from falling
Haseena tells everyone that Abhay is on his way home and would be reaching soon. They switch off the lights. They hear the sound of a vehicle and tell that it should be Abhay. Everyone hides. The door opens and the lights are switched on. Everyone is surprised to see Misha wearing a short red dress standing there with Ruhi and Panchi. Misha tells them that the Birthday boy has not come and asks them to go and hide. Ruhi sees Shaurya and hopes that he comes to her. Shaurya walks and passes Tracker without noticing her. Misha sees Shaurya coming towards her and tries to run away. She slips and Shaurya catches her. They stare into each other’s eyes. Angad comes and stands behind Tracker. Shaurya takes Misha from there.
Chand and Haseena wishes Abhay Happy Birthday
Haseena tells everyone to hide as Abhay is coming. She orders to put the lights off. Once again everyone hides. The door opens and the lights come on. The gang shouts ‘surprise’ as Abhay walks in. Abhay acts surprised. He tells thanks to everyone. Haseena and Chand go to Abhay and stands on either side of him.
Haseena: Happy Birthday Abhay!
Chand; Many many happy returns of the day Abhay!
Abhay: Thanks Mom…Thanks Dad…
Haseena: So…How did you like your surprise?
Abhay: Superb! Thanks Mom! (Episode Ends)

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