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19th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 76) Piya finds out that Chand and Haseena Raichand are not Abhay’s Parents

Episode 76 starts with Abhay turning a looking upstairs and seeing Piya dressed up as Maithili. She goes of from there and Abhay screams, ‘Maithili…’ All at the Party are shocked seeing this. Kabir comes near and ask Abhay if he is okay. Abhay does not respond. Mr and Mrs Raichand come near Abhay and take him away. Kabir asks Misha if Abhay is mad. Misha signals that he might have been drunk. Kabir asks for Piya and tells Misha that he will go and look for her as he does not want Piya to go near Abhay in his condition. Kabir goes up and call out for Piya. Piya who is dressed up as Maithili hides from him. Kabir comes down looking for her and comes near Abhay who pushes him and says, ‘Just get away from me’ Kabir asks him, ‘What is wrong with you Man?’ Haseena comes from behind and by catching on his arm take Abhay upstairs. Chand tells Kabir, ‘Young Man, Go ahead. Enjoy the Party’. Chand follows Haseena and Abhay. Piya wearing the Maithili costume sees them coming and hides in a closet in the room. All the three comes into the room.
Chand: What happened to you? Are you forgetting who you are?
Abhay: Just leave me alone!
Chand: What was it downstairs? What was the need of all that Drama? Why were to calling that girls name in front of everyone?
Abhay: The name of that girl is Maithili.
Chand: I know. I have been hearing the name for years. I don’t want to hear it anymore
Abhay: You don’t have a choice. She is my life. (Piya is stunned)
Haseena: Abhay, You are forgetting yourself. And along with you… you are putting us in danger.
Abhay: If you find staying with me a problem then get lost! (Haseena comes forward and is almost about to catch hold of Abhay’s neck, but Abhay catches her hand and removes it)
Abhay: Don’t you dare! You are not my mother.
Chand: Abhay!
Abhay: Why? Have you people forgotten? And you people expect me to remember? You people are so involved in the game that you forgot the reality. Remember, This is all a game. You are not my real parents. (Pia is shocked and keeps her hand on her mouth). We are just together. I am here because of you. You are not my real parents. You are not my real Parents. (Abhay goes from there. Chand and Haseena go out of the room too. Pia comes out of the closet and says, ‘What was all this? What is the meaning of this? (She remembers Haseena attacking Abhay) What were they doing? How can they talk like that? Like animals…If they are not Abhay’s Parents, then who are they? What is Abhay doing with them? Piya keeps her hand on her mouth again. Chand and Haseena are standing outside the room.
Haseena: Chand, You saw how he talked to me?
Chand: He is changing.
Haseena: I am not his mother! He throws that on my face. After this many years, what is happening to him?
Chand: Nothing! He is getting mad for that girl! He is getting sucked into the abyss.
Suddenly Chand senses somebody’s presence and says to Haseena, ‘Someone is here’. Piya hides in the closet again. The open and look into the room. Suddenly Kabir comes running up the stairs and calls, ‘Mrs Raichand!’
Kabir: Excuse me! I was looking for Piya. Have you seen her?
Haseena: Piya? She might be down. Come…I will help you look for her.
Kabir: Thank you! (Kabir and Haseena goes down while Chand closes the door and lock the door with the key and goes away from there after taking the key with him)

Scene moves to Dobriyal house. Madhu picks up the call of Sister Agnes who wanted to talk to Arnab as he was in the bathroom. Sister Agnes informs Madhu that she wants to talk about Suganth’s daughter. Madhu tells her to give the details and that she would inform Arnab. The sister tells that Suganth’s daughter was taken to St Mary’s orphanage at Indore. Madhu erases the call details from Arnab’s mobile and tells him it was a call drop.

Scene moves to Abhay Raichand’s Birthday Party downstairs. Angad notices Shaurya with girls around. Kabir and some other guys encourage him to go and fight for Tracker. Angad goes to Shaurya.
Angad: Hey Shaurya! You might be feeling old in the company of these teenagers, right?
Shaurya: Not at all friend
Angad: Tell the truth! Don’t you feel big and out of place here?
Shaurya: I am not a teenager to feel awkward. We men do not lack the confidence like you kids.
Angad: Good! Why not see who Man is and who is kid?
Shaurya: Challenge Accepted! Now tell me what to do. (Tracker and the girls side with Shaurya while Misha sides with Angad. Misha whispers something into Angad’s ears.)
Angad: Make a mustache on T’s face.
Misha: And whoever wins will take Tracker for a date (The girls cheer)
Shaurya goes to T and tries his level best to fool her but T gets disgusted by the way Shaurya talks and goes from there. Shaurya gives up. Angad tries with the help of the special coin given by Misha and succeeds in fooling T and making her draws a mustache by herself.

Scene moves to Piya in Maithili’s costume coming out of the closet. She looks for a way to get out of the locked room and finds another door. At the Party Misha and Kabir are happy that Angad won the challenge. Tracker is angry. Scene moves to Piya in the garden thinking that she needs to change out of Maithili’s costume before anyone sees her. She then hears Abhay calling her. She hides behind the plant so that her costume is not visible. Abhay walks towards her.

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