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11th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 69) Abhay touches real Silver Box

Episode 69 starts with Arnab Dobriyal at Life Care Hospital. He is sitting and talking to the Hospital in charge who tells him that it is against the rules to confide personal information of the patients. Arnab requests him to forget the rules for sometime as it is a matter of some ones life. The Guy agrees and looks for information. The Guy informs him that the only 2 people who came to meet Suganth Jaiswal was the Doctor and Sister Agnes from Jesus and Mary Orphanage. Arnab tells the Guy that Sister Agnes might have some answers for his Questions. Arnab thank the guy for the information.

Scene moves to Arnab sitting on a bench at St Mary’s Orphanage. A sister comes there.
Sister: Mr Dobriyal? Sister Agnes has gone to Trichur for a Conference but should be back soon.
Arnab: And you? You know something about Suganth Jaiswal?
Sister: No, I am sorry! We go to Hospitals to see and help Patients. But I do not know this madam. I am sure Sister Agnes may know something about her. The moment she comes I will make her talk to you.
Arnab: Thank you Sister! This is my Card and number. You please tell her to call me on this number and inform me. Thank you!
Sister: God Bless you! (Arnab leaves from there)

Scene moves to Mount College Locker Room. Piya is keeping some papers in the Locker. There is a silver box on top of the papers. Piya thinks, ‘let’s see Abhay what effect this Silver Box will have on you and yeah…this is not fake silver!’ She closes her cupboard and turns. She is shocked to see Abhay in front of her.
Pia: Oh God Abhay…You scared me!
Abhay: And you…me!
Pia: I? (Abhay pushes her and pins her to the Locker room cupboards holding her by shoulder)
Abhay: What is your problem? You are researching on Vampires?
Piya: So…Abhay? You don’t believe in vampires…for you they are fairy tales, right? It is a fiction…How does that make a difference to you?
Abhay: Till when… till when I will keep saving you like this…till when?
Pia: Who are you saving me from and why? Am I in danger? (Abhay thinks, ‘You are in such danger that you cannot even imagine. In what you are doing there is only death for you’) Piya, To research about Vampires is dangerous. Some thing are better left alone. (Abhay leaves her and turns)
Piya: Why Abhay? What are you trying to tell? Why don’t you tell clearly?
Abhay: I want to see your research. (Piya opens her cupboard)
Piya: All yours! I don’t wish to hide anything from you… (Abhay turns and looks into the cupboard and sees the Silver box on top of the Papers. Pia tells in mind, ‘Come on Abhay, Touch it! Let me see what the truth is’ Abhay says in mind, ‘Pia…Fine!’ Abhay closes his eyes for a moment and then lifts the box keeping it on the empty space above’ Piya is stunned to see it. Abhay then takes the papers and looks at it)
Abhay: Is this your research? You call this research? Piya you should be a fiction writer. You know to make stories well.(Abhay throws the papers on the cupboard and walks from there. Piya thinks, ‘Oh my God! How can this happen?’ She looks at the Silver Box).

Scene moves to Abhay who comes out of the Locker room. He removes the thin plastic covering on his palm and puts it in the dust bin and walks away.

At the locker room Piya recalls Abhay’s reaction when the Silver chain fell into his hands and him telling her that he has an allergy for silver for which he is taking medication. Piya thinks, ‘Was I that wrong? Abhay gave answer to my questions still why am I still questioning him? What am I looking for? I did not even think that he may be right and all is my imagination. Why am I troubling him with my Questions? I am not being fair to him’ Piya closes the cupboard and gets out from there. She sees Abhay sitting on a bench alone. Piya slowly walks towards him thinking, ‘What did you do Piya? Just look at him! This much doubts and questions…You need to stop Piya. It’s enough! Abhay has always helped me. He has done so much for me. I can’t trouble him anymore’. She closes her eyes for a moment and bumps into a Teacher. The papers the Teacher was carrying falls down. Pia tells sorry to her. The Teacher tells her that she had been filing the papers for 2 days and Pia had mixed it all and scolds her. Pia offers to help her and tells her that she would sort out the papers. The teacher says that it is the Admission file of students in her class and tells that she needs the file before lunch.
Piya sits in the Library sorting out the papers. She then sees Abhay’s admission form in which his birth date was written as 11th of January. Piya feels bad that she treated Abhay badly on the day of his Birthday. She thinks that instead of celebrating his Birthday she was doubting him. She closes the file and goes to the Library window and looks down. She sees Abhay coming and sitting in the campus alone. Piya thinks, ‘Look at him…how he is sitting alone without friends. Why Abhay…you have build a wall on your four sides…you don’t allow anyone to come closer to you except me. And I also broken your trust with this stupid questions. Now you have to do something Pia…You have to make it up to him. You have to make Abhay’s Birthday special’.

Scene moves to the Restoration site. Misha and Tracker comes there. They see Shaurya at the site. Tracker talks to Misha praising Shaurya’s physique. Misha asks if she has forgotton Angad. Tracker tells that Angad is in her pocket and he does not even know to take hints. Angad comes there with a heart shaped balloon. Ruhi tells Misha that By the time Angad gets the hint she would have passed Graduation and tells her that she needs a Man. Tracker tells that Angad is a Boy and it will take some time for him to become a man. The baloon in Angad’s hand breaks off and he goes from there disappointed. Tracker tells Misha that she has an idea and shouts help. Shaurya turns and looks at her. Ruhi then acts like fainting and falls down. Misha laughs. Tracker opens her eye and sees that a middle aged man catched her and gets up fast. Shaurya goes to them. The guy tells that the madam had become unconscious and he saved her. Shaurya signals him to go.
Shaurya: Hello Ms young Dobriyal…
Misha: Wow! (Shaurya winks closing both eyes) How do you know my surname?
Shaurya: Well, we designed your Dad’s Office and I saw your picture there. This is Shaurya…Hi!
Misha: Misha…What’s up? (Shaurya rubs his eyes with his fingers and then looks up)
Shaurya: I guess sky…(Misha laughs)
Shaurya: Hey…hey…it’s some years since I left college…and I am poor with linguism…
Misha: Don’t worry dude! Recon he some days and you will learn on your own.
Shaurya: Ha…Okay! (Misha smiles)
Tracker : Misha, I have some work… will you come with me? (She takes Misha aside) Misha, you are my friend and you are backstabbing me?
Misha: Hey Tracker…What did I do…
Tracker: You tried to get closer with your Brother in Law…
Misha: Me…what? You did not even say hi to him. How does he become my Brother in law…whatever…
Tracker: Misha… I don’t believe this…You are going gaga on him! Oh my God…I can’t see you like this…
Misha: Tracker just put a lid on it. Don’t know where your imagination is going. Shaurya was just asking me about the latest lingo of college, that’s it…
Tracker: Call him Jijaji…
Misha: Fine Tracker, The jeeja saali relationship is a very cool one…you know the half wife thing and all (Tracker is shocked)
Tracker: What?
Misha: (realizes what she just said) what? I just don’t believe in myself. By staying with you I have started speaking crap. I don’t want to be anyone’s half or full wife even in dream. Just…just leave me out of this stupidity! (Misha walks off)

Angad and Tracker fights again.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Haseena opens the door and finds Piya at the door.
Haseena: Piya!
Piya: Hi Auntie…I just came to give some cake. I am sorry Aunty…There be be a Party at your house and you may be really busy but I just came to give this cake.
Haseena: Who have you come to give cake for?
Piya: For Abhay Auntie
Haseena: For Abhay?
Piya: It is his birthday, right Auntie? That’s why…
Haseena: Yes, Of course…Abhay’s Birthday…Actually …you know well that Abhay likes be alone. Birthday Parties and Celebrations…he doesn’t like them. Anyway, you come in! (Haseena goes inside. Piya thinks, ‘Not celebrating is a different thing…but forgetting a son’s Birthday…something is wrong! Looks like I reminded her’) Piya…come in!

Piya and Haseena are sitting and talking. Haseena pours tea.
Haseena: Piya, I wanted to say sorry for last time. The situation was such that it got out of hand.
Piya: No Auntie. It’s okay. It was all a misunderstanding.
Haseena: You are very sensible. So, how is college…
Piya: Very good Auntie…These days we are working on some research…
Haseena: Really, That’s nice!
Piya: It is part of our Project which everyone has to do.
Haseena: Hmm…Abhay does not tell me anything and moreover he has no interest in Project writing.
Piya: Really! Auntie but he is writing a book in which he is been doing research for a long time.
Haseena: Abhay and Research?
Piya: He told me that he is writing a novel…a Historic novel on Pander Princess Maithili…
Haseena: What? No… I mean Abhay does not tell me anything clearly because of that (Piya notices Haseena nervous and her hands shaking)
Pia: Auntie…Is everything okay?
Haseena: Yeah…I have to go somewhere…excuse me! (Haseena gets up and walks from there) Episode ends.

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