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29th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 85) Abhay denies that he saved Piya’s life at the Hospital

Madhu talks to Piya and says she wants to tell Arnab about Piya being his daughter. Piya does not want that to happen and tells Madhu that he has no place in her life. Misha tells Kabir that Piya was asking about Abhay. Kabir decides to call Mr. Raichand to ask Abhay to come to the hospital. Later, Piya is stunned when Abhay tells her that he was not with her the previous night.
Due to Kabir's call, Chand and Haseena assume that Abhay was in the hospital with Piya. Abhay's instincts tell him that somebody tried to kill Piya and it wasn't an accident. Chand and Haseena reach the hospital and confront Abhay. Abhay argues with them. Piya overhears Chand and Haseena's conversation and their strategy against Abhay.

Scene starts with Piya on Hospital bed wearing Misha’s clothes. Madhu comes to her and asks how she is. Piya says that she is ready to go. Madhu talks to Piya and says that after seeing Piya’s condition last day she felt that she was cheating Arnab by hiding the truth of Piya. She tells that she tells Piya that she tried to tell him the truth but by the time she dared to do so Piya regained consciousness. Piya tells Madhu that she does not want Arnab to know her truth and tells that he has no place in her life. Madhu leaves from the room.

Scene moves on to Misha and Kabir sitting on the iron chairs in the Hospital. Misha tells Kabir that Piya was asking about Abhay and that she feels Abhay was in the Hospital whole night. Kabir tells Misha that Abhay does not care about Pia and did not even lift his Phone. He tells her that if Abhay is important to Piya he would try to contact him again. Kabir decides to call Mr. Raichand to ask Abhay to come to the hospital because he felt that Abhay may not lift his call. Kabir calls his father and asks for Mr Raichand’s number. Scene moves on to Piya lying on the Hospital bed when she notices Abhay who had come to the room. Pia says, ‘Abhay’ and gets up. She hugs Abhay when he goes near her. Abhay holds her.
Piya: You came Abhay? Thank God! Yesterday night also you were here. Otherwise I would not have been here, is it not?
Abhay: Yesterday night? No Piya, I was not here yesterday night. I just came now.
Piya lifts her head from his chest and looks at him. Pia says in mind, ‘Again lies? I know what happened yesterday. I know that you were here…with me. You only made me alright. Then why this wall of lie Abhay?’ Abhay replies to Piya’s mindtalk, ‘I am sorry Pia. I have to pay a price for what I did yesterday. I have broken so many rules Piya. But for you… to save you… I am willing to take any punishment. But I cannot tell you anything. The lesser you know the better for you. I don’t want to put you in danger’. He sits on the cot and holds her hand.
Abhay: Now I am here… near you. (Both of them move their faces forward to kiss when a nurse enters the room. Piya looks at the nurse and when she turn to look at Abhay she finds him gone. She looks around).

Scene moves to Raichand's new House.
Haseena: He is not here. I looked everywhere but he is not anywhere.
Chand: Guards, Drivers… Anyone saw him?
Haseena: No one
Chand: No idea what he is doing. I hope that he does not do any madness. Where the hell is he?
Haseena: He is not able to forget that girl. We came so far from Dehradun but don’t know what sort of magic is there in that girl. He is not able to forget her.
Chand: If he does not forget her he would repent.
Chand’s phone rings and Kabir informs that Pia had an accident and that she is asking for Abhay. Chand tells him that Abhay is not there and he would inform when Abhay comes. Chand tells Haseena that now he knows where Abhay was all night.

Scene moves to Abhay standing outside the Hospital. He tries to go back to the incidents before Piya landed in the Hospital. He sees Pia being hit by the car and the car speeding away. Abhay realizes that it was not just a hit and run accident but someone has deliberately tried to hurt Pia. Scene moves to Misha coming to the room calling out for Pia and finding the Hospital bed neat and empty. She decides to lie down on the bed for some time and proceeds to do so telling that she had enough of trauma. She calls again for Pia and Pia informs that she is just packing up. Pia comes to the room. Misha asks where Piya is going and she replies that she is going to the Hostel.
Misha: What rubbish! Are you mad. Your health is not good. (Piya gives her a look and Misha corrects herself) Not health but the trauma of this accident. You come with me to home. You need love and care. So please keep your issues and independence in your pocket.
Piya: The issues would not fit into my pocket. There are too many issues. (Piya smiles) I am going to the hostel.
Misha: Don’t you get scared, Piya?
Piya: What to be scared off Misha?
Misha: After all this she is asking me what to be scared off. Anyway I will help you pack.
Piya says in mind, ‘Now there is no fear. I know that he is here with me. The one who takes care of me… My Angel!’
Scene moves to Haseena and Chand in the Hospital walking along the corridor. Abhay wearing hood blocks their way. Chand and Abhay moves to an empty hospital room followed by Haseena.
Chand: What the hell are you doing here?
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Chand: Don’t act smart. Don’t you know that this love relationship with a human could cost you dearly? You know that, don’t you? Because of you we left Dehradun… we left the house… left the city… And look what you are doing.
Abhay: Please! I know everything. I know why you people want to protect me. You are not worried about me… you are worried about them. If they come to know that you did not protect me properly what would happen to you? I would get punishment but you would also not be able to escape it. I already told you. So please tell them that you are not responsible for me. I would be able to take care of myself. Go and tell them that I don’t listen to you…Please go and tell them.
Haseena: Abhay!What are you saying?
Abhay: Yes, I do not wish to stay with you. I will make a place for myself. And I would not go from here. Piya’s life is in trouble. Knowing that… I cannot leave her and go. So please… Leave me alone! (Abhay goes off from there)
Hasina: What is happening Chand? Once again our past has come and stood in front of us.

Scene moves to Misha and Piya walking in the hospital corridor when Piya feels her neck and that she has forgot to take Abhay’s ring. She asks Misha to go and tells that she left something in the room. She sees Chand there and wonders what he is doing in the Hospital. Piya overhears Chand and Haseena's conversation and their strategy against Abhay. Chand tells Hasina that they should inform the Authorities and once they gets to know they would set Abhay right. Haseena asks him what he plans to do. Chand replies that they would stay in Dehradun so that they can keep an eye on Abhay. He tells that once Master comes here Abhay would not have any choice except starting to stay with us again. Chand adds that now Abhay may feel that he has won and let him think so and in the end they would have control over Abhay. Piya is shocked to hear the conversation and runs away from there. She thinks, ‘What are these people doing against you? I will not let it happen. I am with you Abhay! I would not allow you to be alone. I am with you! I need to know your truth. Who are these people and what you are hiding…everything! Only then I would be able to fully help you. And I will find out.’

Scene moves to Piya sitting on her Hostel room cot at night. She thinks, ‘Yesterday night it was only you, right Abhay? You saved my life. It was you only near me and with me… giving me courage… I know… You would deny it… tell me that I am seeing a dream again…But I cannot be wrong. You gave me this life. This life is yours. And there is only goal of this life… to know the truth of your life…free you from the ties of your past…I want to see you happy Abhay! I want to make you forget all the sadness and pain in your life… But how will I do this? How to do that Abhay? How to come close to you? Call me Abhay! Allow me to come near you…’ Abhay then comes to the room door and calls, ‘Piya’. Piya says, ‘Abhay’ and then gets up from the bed and runs towards him. She goes and hugs him tightly. Abhay after an initial hesitation hugs her back. Piya lifts her face and they look at each other. When Piya says his name he silences her by keeping his finger on her lips.

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