Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 81) Piya is Heart Broken on finding that Abhay has left Dehradun

Episode 81 starts with Abhay walking back after talking to Piya. Abhay says in mind, ‘We have decided that we are leaving Dehradun and going.’ He then turns to look at her and raise his hand to bid a final good bye. Then he turns and walks again saying in mind, ‘I am going Piya. Far from you. Today last time I am seeing you.’ Abhay closes his eyes with a painful expression in his face and then walks away. Piya stands there wondering why Abhay is behaving in a weird manner and why he said bye. She then turns to where she was sitting and notice a red velvet handkerchief and thinks, ‘I think Abhay forgot it here. What is it? (she opens the folded handkerchief)Ring? This looks very costly. If I see Abhay in class I would give this to him’.

Scene moves to Misha and Angad in the Restaurant when she notices Shaurya entering the restaurant. He goes and sits with 2 other people. She thinks it is her imagination but Angad tells her that Shaurya is actually in the restaurant. Misha thinks of a plan to remove Shaurya out of her life and laughs and flirts with Angad. Shaurya notices them and goes to their table and Misha tells Shaurya, ‘Hi! Bye!’. Shaurya asks whether they hav bunked college. Misha tells him that she is here on a date with Angad and no time to chit chat and that she wants to give her full attention to him (kisses on Angad’s hand). Shaurya asks them to carry on and goes back to his table.

Scene moves on to Panchi and Siddharth in Office. Panchi tells Sid that she has fixed his meeting with the editor of some newspaper. Siddharth tells her to cancel the appointment as he had spend the night with the same girl and would not want to see her in the morning also. Panchi goes out of the cabin and is disgusted with her womanizer Boss. Siddharth calls Panchi and tells her, ‘On second thoughts fix my appointment with the 9’0’clock girl’ Panchi replies, ‘With Samiksha?’ Siddharth responds, ‘Whatever… I only remember the number and sizes of girls. It is your job to remember their names’ Panchi feels frustrated. Scene moves to Misha and Angad at the Restaurant and Misha openly flirts with Angad and even sits on his lap. Shaurya notices Misha’s weird behavior. Angad talks about his feelings for Ruhi to Misha and Misha thinks,’What day has come. Angad is rejecting me… and that too for Tracker. This is all because of the SOB Shaurya. Shaurya ke Bacche why are you ruining my life?’.

Scene moves to Piya pressing the Bell at the Raichand Mansion. She thinks that why Abhay did not come to class and she could have returned the ring. She thinks that Abhay must be worried about the ring and press the door bell again. When nobody opens it she pushes the door handle and finds the door is open. She gets inside and looks around and find the house empty and the furniture covered with clothes. She wonders where everyone has gone and calls out for Abhay. A security personnel comes and informs Piya that the Raichand family has vacated from there and left the town. Piya is shocked.Piya recalls Abhay’s conversation before he bid her bye to promise him that she would take care of her, should think of herself first and not interfere in anyone’s life. She remembers him raising his hand to say her ‘bye’ and him walking away. Tears flow from her eyes and she is heartbroken.

Scene moves to Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal in the car. Madhu asks Arnab to stop the car and tells that she cannot support Arnab regarding Piyali and asks him to choose between his family and Piyali. Arnab tells her that if he had to make a choice he would choose Piyali as Panchi and Misha has everything and Piyali has nothing and he ants to give her everything. Scene moves to Mount college where Misha, Angad and Kabir are talking and Pia watching. Misha says that Abhay was an amazing dude who came in suddenly and gone the same way too. Angad talks about how the Principal was fired for rejecting admission to Abhay and wonders why he took so much efforts when he had to go. Kabir tells that he is happy that Abhay is gone. Misha tells Kabir, ‘Come on Kabir, I know why are are feeling happy. But seriously, everything had become alright. He threw a nice Party on his Birthday and invited us all. But it is weird that he did not mention even once that he is leaving the town. And what is that happened that in 2 days the whole family got shifted?’ Piya thinks of Abhay’s conversation after kidnapping her to the jungle, ‘Why don’t you understand that this is not relevant to you.Can’t you leave me and my life alone? You hurt me and put me into trouble with my Parents’. Piya thinks, ‘What have I done? This all happened because of me? Did I create trouble for Abhay that night? Oh God! What have I done? Where are you Abhay? Abhay, where are you?’

Scene moves on to Abhay Raichand in the new house in his room. He is behaving like a caged tiger. He says in mind, ‘ I am so far from you Piya. But I have brought you memories with me.’ Scene move son to Piya standing near her room window thinking, ‘Abhay, Please talk to me. Where are you Abhay? Where did you go? You went without meeting me. I need you Abhay! Please come back to me.’ Abhay thinks of Piya and says, ‘No… I cannot meet her’. He resists his urge to meet Pia and says again, ‘ No… this is right! This had to happen. I should not meet her. I gave her so much trouble. I can’t meet her. No Piya, I cannot meet you. No!’ The scene ends.

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