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15th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 46) Abhay saves Misha from the Locker Room after Earthquake

Abhay supports Piya when she gets insulted at the Fishpond game
Episode 46 starts with Abhay telling Pia that she is not alone and that he is with her. Abhay and Piya enter the class room. They both sit on the first benches of different sides. When Tracker is about to sit near Piya Misha signals her not to. Tracker goes and sits near Misha. A new teacher comes to the class room and the students greet her. She tells the class as Ms D is on leave she has come as substitute teacher but she would not teach anything. She tells them they could have some nice fun playing the game of fishpond where people can write chits to other people in their name without revealing the name of the person writing it and the messages would be read in front of all. The teacher tells the students that during her time as student many people got boyfriends and girlfriends because of the game. The peon comes with a glass bowl and chits. The teacher asks him to distribute the chits among all so that they could write the message. Everyone except Abhay writes messages and puts it back to the bowl. The teacher reads the first chit which was a message to her from someone who had written his phone number with a message to call. The teacher calls on the mobile number and Angad lifts the called and talks in hushed tone. Kabir points out Angad to Ms Khurana and the entire class have a hearty laugh. The next message was for T and the teacher reads the chit, ‘T, you are world’s most pretty girl. My breathe stops when I see you. (Kabir and Angad laugh) You are a Goddess’ The teacher is impressed reading the chit but Misha tells her that the message is written by T for herself. Everyone in the class laughs. Misha asks the teacher to show the slip. Misha looks at the slip.
Misha: Who is that who write her notes with pink sparking pen?
Class: T…
Misha: Who is that who instead of dots on I draw hearts?
Class: T…
Misha: Who is that loser who writes notes for herself?
Class: T… (T is angry. Misha gives back the chit to the Teacher. As she is going back to her seat Misha realizes that she forgot her phone at the Locker room. She tells the Teacher that she left something important at the locker room and needs to get it. But the teacher tells to first help her with the chits. Misha takes out a chit and gives it to Teacher. The chit was addressed to Piya. Misha takes 2 more chits and that also turns out to be for Pia. The teacher asks who is Pia and Piya gets up. The teacher remarks that Piya might be a very popular girl and proceeds to read the chits in the name of Pia. The teacher reads the first chit, ‘You should have been in speed dating contest. How do you manage this many guys together?’ The teacher reads the second chit, ‘ Piya, Please stay away from my Boyfriend’ The teacher reads the third chit, ‘Piya, you are a lucky girl. You have no parents so you can do anything you want’ Piya stands there silently embarrassed and feeling insulted. Abhay gets up from his seat and goes towards Piya’s bench. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and urges her to sit down. He also sits on the same bench with her as if saying ‘I am with you’. The entire class is silent and suddenly Misha excuses herself from there telling that she has to go to the Locker room.

Scene moves to Misha at the Locker room opening her locker. She takes her mobile from the locker but a poster of the Annual Fete falls down. Misha picks it up and reads it, ‘College Fete 1st December’ She tells, ‘I will never forget that day’ and remembers seeing Maya on the ground injured. Says, ‘Maya reached Hospital and then everything went wrong’ Misha suddenly remembers something and looks at the date on the poster which is first December and remembers that the cheque of Danish to Maya was dated 6th November which is almost 1 month prior to Maya’s hospitalization. Misha is stunned to realize that Danish might have been lying and Piya was telling the truth.

Scene moves to the classroom where the Teacher scold the students telling that the game was to improve friendship and not hatred. Tracker gets up and tells the class she takes a lot of efforts to look good but still no one notices her. Abhay who is sitting next to Piya suddenly senses something. He tries to concentrate closing his eye and when his open it is blue and then the color changes back to normal. Abhay suddenly gets up and shouts, ‘Down’.
Abhay: Everyone under the bench…everybody…down everybody immediate… (Everyone including the teacher hide themselves under the bench. Abhay pulls Piya down and they keep their heads down under the bench too. T complaints that why nobody cleans underneath the benches. She is about to get up when suddenly the earth shakes and things starts falling down. The room gets filled with dust and after sometimes the shaking settles down. Everyone in the class is shaken. The teacher asks how Abhay came to know about the earthquake and he just looks upward. The Peon comes and tells that the east wing where the locker room is located is fully damaged. The students get out of the class room and starts running. Abhay and Piya also come out. Pia realizes that Misha is missing and might be stuck up in the locker room. Piya calls out for Misha and go searching for her while Abhay goes in another direction.

Scene moves to the Dobriyal House where Panchi and Arnab are talking about the Car ordered for Misha. Panchi tells Arnab that the most affected person by Pia’s Drama is Misha and she needs some cheering up. The servant comes and tells to watch the news as there was an earthquake in the city. They watch the news and hopes that there are no causalities.

Students look at the locker room from one side and sees that it is damaged badly. Kabir asks everyone where is Misha and Pia replies that Misha is inside. Pia is about to touch the wall and Kabir stops her from doing so telling that it could be dangerous. The teacher tells them that the rescue services is on the way and may take some time. Piya looks for Abhay but does not see him there. Kabir calls out for Misha.
On the other side of the locker room wall Abhay places his ears to the wall and tries to sense Misha’s presence. His eyes turn blue and he moves back a little and then hits on the wall.

Students are repeatedly calling Misha’s name. Piya goes from there to check the back side if there is any way. She comes to the other side where Abhay was calling for Misha and sees a huge gap on the wall. She looks inside and notices a dark form of a man carrying someone. He lays down the person inside the room and Piya sees that it is Misha. Piya is happy to see Misha and shouts for tracker and Kabir. When she turns and looks she does not see the man who saved Misha. Kabir gets in and then one by one the students get into the room. Kabir carries Misha out of the room and the rest of the students also go from there except Pia. Abhay comes from behind and stands behind Pia. Abhay asks her why she is crying and if Misha is alright. Piya asks him where he was and Abhay tells her that he was there and was informing his Parents that he is safe. Piya tells Abhay that she would go and see if Misha is alright and goes from there. The episode ends.

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