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18th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 49) Misha and Piya join hands to expose Danish

Abhay brings Piya to Medical Room
Episode 49 starts with Misha sitting on her cot recalling what Piya said about Danish and the date on the Annual Fete Poster. Misha thinks, ‘When Danish did not know Maya how did he make a cheque for Maya. What if Piya is telling the truth and Danish is a bloody creep? Think Misha think! ’ Misha opens the cupboard and takes Piya’s phone and try to make it work. When she could not make it work, she calls her friend Gagan. Suddenly Danish comes inside and greets Misha. Misha cuts the phone.
Danish: How are you feeling? You got everybody in the house scared! (Danish gets a call a he attends it. Misha thinks, ‘Pia, whose truth should I believe? My mind tells me that you are not speaking the truth. If you are telling the truth this Danish…Oh God! I hope Piya you are wrong!’

Scene moves to Piya at the College Campus walking. The Sports Coach stops her. She asks Piya to turn around and then asks her weight. Piya tells that she is 46 kilos. The teacher tells her that they need a light weight girl for the pyramid they are making.
T: Coach! We would not do cheer leading with this loser!
Teacher: Look! Keep your Opinion and attitude with you. (Tanushree is angry.The Coach asks Piya to go and change at the locker room. She tells that her costumes are in locker number 5 and that she should come back in 5 minutes. T goe sto Piya.)
T: You loser, why don’t you go away from this college? Nobody needs you…Nobody wants you! (Abhay then comes there with a girl and kisses on her cheek in the open. T sees him and greets him) Hi Abhay!
Abhay: Hi T! (T goes an hugs him. Abhay keeps his hand on her waist) I heard that you saved Misha’s life? Wow T! I have become your fan!
T: Well, Yeah…I was thinking that I would take flowers for Misha but I am scared that the press won’t follow me. I mean gosh…they love me Abhay!
Abhay: yeah! (Abhay kisses on T’s cheek and Piya goes from there)

Scene moves to Misha sitting with her friend Gagan.
Gagan: Yeah, I can do that!
Misha: That is great! Now go and fix this and come back…
Gagan: Misha, if I repair this phone will you go with me to the video game parlor as my date?
Misha: Hey Giggy Guy, what is your age?
Gagan: I am 14.
Misha: Dude! Just go out with someone your own size, okay…
Gagan: Misha you know that I like you!
Misha: Do what I said…Otherwise I would lock you up in that video parlor. Come on…shoo…shoo… (Misha pushes Gagan out of the room. Misha thinks, ‘Now let me see Pia who is telling the truth…Danish or you…’ Danish then comes to the room carrying Panchi. He tells Misha, ‘hey Misha save me’ Panchi laughs)
Danish: Misha, before marriage I got to build some muscles. Otherwise carrying the bride to home ritual is going to be tough.
Panchi: You shut up! How mean! Am I that fat? (Danish hugs Panchi)
Danish: Of course not baby! You are light weight like a flower!
Panchi: Stop it!
Danish: So champ! What say? After all anyone can mess with Dobriyal sisters? No ways!
Misha: Any news of Pia?
Danish: Misha, why you are spoiling your mood by taking her name? Just forget her!
Misha: Yeah! Anyway

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. The Coach asks the 4 girls to stand in a line. The Coach tells that she wants to check Pia’s balance. Abhay sees Piya among the cheer leading girls wearing cheer leading dress. He looks at her. Piya climbs up but loses her balance and falls down. She sprains her angle. Seeing this Abhay is about to go from there but the coach stops him and asks him to take Piya to the medical room. Piya resists but Abhay picks her up. T complains to the coach what sort of drama queen she has taken in the team to show college spirits. The Coach does not pay attention to T’s grumbling and goes from there. As Abhay carries Pia through the college corridor, Piya looks at him. Abhay tells her, ‘Don’t look at me. If the coach would not have told me I would have left you there. I am not desperate to come near you’. They reach the medical room and the sister instructs to put Piya down. Abhay dumps her into the bed and goes from there. While going out Abhay’s wallet falls down and the sister picks it up. She opens the wallet.
Sister: Boyfriend-girlfriend problem…
Piya: What? No way!
Sister; Wow! Your photo is so nice! Is it painted?
Piya: What? Can I see it? (Piya looks at the picture in the wallet)
Scene moves to Piya at the Hostel Room. She is looking at the picture in Abhay’s Wallet. She thinks, ‘How did Abhay get this Picture? I never took a picture like this. Is this me or someone else? Oh God! What are you hiding Abhay? Who is this? How is it possible…that 2 peoples face are the same?’ She looks at her hair in the mirror.

Scene moves to Gagan coming to Misha’s room. He gives a CD to Misha. Misha chases him away. She then plays the CD on her laptop. Misha sees the video clip and curses herself for not believing Pia. Misha is shcked to find that whatever Piya told was true and hopes that she forgives her. Misha says, ‘Danish, I never thought you would turn out to be like this. You did a big mistake. You underestimated Pia and Maya and thought of them as weak. But you underestimated me as well. I will take revenge on you for your cheating and you cannot win with me. I am going to kill you dude…I am going to kill you…’

Scene moves to next day morning at Mount College Girls Hostel. Misha comes to Pia’s Hostel room.
Misha: Pia I want to…I want to talk to you (Pia is wearing a scarf on her head)
Pia: Misha, you are here? And your health!
Misha: Forget my health! I am super strong! I only lack brains… I don’t know how I believed that you were cheating on us all…I am so sorry Pia! (Pia smiles at her) I am sorry I did not believe you…But I was blinded with love for my own sister. And that Danish…what amazing game he played with us all! He knew that we will blindly believe him. After all, we have known him for years! But my heart knew that you would not do any such thing with Kabir and Danish. But still I believed in what Danish told. I should have believed in our friendship. I am such a terrible friend.
Pia: Come on Misha, it is over now! Anyways, for me the entire world is in one side and you are on the other. You came to know the truth and believed it…that is more than enough for me. By the way, how did you come to know?
Misha: Remember, on the day of earthquake I went to the locker room…There I saw the flyer of Fete and the date was that of 1st December…
Piya: So?
Misha: Dumbo! If Danish did not know Maya till Panchi bought her home, how did he give a cheque to her with the date 6th November?
Pia: Oh yeah! How did this detail escape from my head?
Misha: Because I am smarter than you. (Pia smiles) And that’s not all! Remember your phone which fell into the water? I got it repaired from Gigi Gagan and he brought the footage from it also. I saw it all! Whatever you told was all there Piya…
Piya: Misha, you are a genius!
Misha: I know! Now with this genius I will trap Danish. He turned us all against you. He removed Maya from the pictures. He played the game well and now it is our turn. I have a plan!
Piya: Come on Misha, let us go to the class. We will discuss it there.
Misha: No, we won’t go to class together.
Pia: Why?
Misha: Because I want everyone to think that Misha and Piya’s friendship has broken, especially Mr Danish.
Piya: Very good idea, very cool!
Misha: Let’s go! I will leave you to the gate and after that you would be on your way and I would be on my way. (Pia nods) By the way, I am sorry okay! (Misha and Pia share a hug)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Panchi comes down the stairs with cards in hand and asks Danish to come fast. Danish asks Panchi to go to the car and that he would join her after making an urgent call. Panchi goes from there. He dials Maya’s number and wonders why Maya is not picking up his phone.

Scene moves the Abhay walking through the college corridor and Pia comes from the opposite side. As Abhay looks on Pia removes her scarf showing her straightened hair. Both walk towards each other slowly. Abhay recalls him touching Maithili’s hair while in bed and then touching Pia’s hair and comes to his senses. They stop and look at each other when they come near.
Abhay: This new look does not suit you. Bad choice! (Pia thinks, ‘What? You don’t like this? Then what is the meaning of the picture? You do not want to see me like this? I was thinking that you would look at me and say something. I will know the truth…but nothing! )
Pia: Don’t you think that you are being a little rude?
Abhay: And you are becoming more stupid…
Piya: Really? I am being stupid and you (Pia takes the wallet out from her bag showing the picture in the wallet) are keeping my photo on your wallet? (Abhay looks at her and seizes the wallet. Piya goes from there. She enters the class room and goes to her bench. Misha is already in the class)
Misha: Look everybody! Here is the traitor! Please let us sit away from her otherwise we might catch an infection… (All the students go to the back seats. T is happy seeing Misha insulting Piya. Pia stares at Misha) What? Why are you looking like that? If you care about people don’t tell lies. (Pia sits on the first bench)
Pia: Whatever you want to say, come and say it to me on my face. (Misha goes near Pia)
Misha: What do you think? I am scared of you…whatever dude…Firstly you are such a big liar and you are showing attitude? Everyone knows here what sort of a girl you are and that we are not friends. So you better stop pretending, okay? (Ink falls from Pia’s pen to Misha’s t-shirt and Misha shouts) You Psycho! You threw ink on me?
Pia: No, it was not intentional…
Misha: You did it intentionally (The girls fight by keeping their hands on each other’s shoulders. Danish and Panchi come there. Panchi asks Misha to stop and she leaves Piya. Danish tells Misha not to waste her time fighting with Pia. Ms Dasgupta enters the class and is happy to see Panchi and Danish. Panchi tells her that they have come to invite Ms Dasgupta for the wedding. Ms Dasgupta tells them that they are a made for each other couple. Misha gives a chit to Piya while no one notices. Pia reads the chit in which it was written to meet Misha outside the locker room. Panchi and Danish go from there. Piya and Misha push each other before occupying their seats.)

Scene moves to Piya inside the locker room looking around. She wonders how Abhay broke the wall alone and save Misha. Abhay comes there and pulls her close by holding on her arms.
Abhay: What do you think of me? Yesterday you only told me that you don’t want to keep any relationship with me. You hate me…and today…
Piya: What did I do today? (Abhay touches her hair)
Abhay: What is this? What is this? Why have you come making your hair like this?
Piya: And you…You are keeping my photo in the wallet and roaming around…that…
Abhay: I don’t need to give you an explanation. I only wish that you to stay away from me. You forgot what you said…that you want to stay away from me…there is nothing between you and me…you hate me…is that not what you said? You remember or shall I remind you?
Piya: I remember!
Abhay: Good! This is what I wish…that you don’t interfere in my life…Just stay out of my life… (Abhay presses her shoulders hurting Piya) What happened? It’s paining you? Good! Then maybe you would understand that how dangerous I am…that you need to stay away from me…you need to fear me…(Abhay leaves Piya’s shoulders)
Pia: Everyday you wear a new costume. One day you are a friend other day you are an animal…what do you want from me? Why are you carrying my photograph? I will go from your life Abhay! But you…what are you doing?
Abhay: I also wish the same from you and that photograph is not yours. I want to keep you away from me. That is better for you. Don’t come near me Pia… I don’t have a heart. If you come near me I would also break your heart. (Abhay pulls her hand and keeps it on his heart) You saw…I don’t have a heart. Episode ends.

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