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4th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 37) Piya’s Confession of Love to Abhay Raichand

Episode 37 starts with Piya wondering whom she should talk to as her attempt to talk to Madhu regarding Danish failed. Piya then sees Misha sitting at the bar counter drinking and decides to talk to her. Piya walks towards Misha. Abhay gets a phone call and he attends it. Abhay tells the person at the other end that he would stop her. Misha is happy to see Pia and offers her a drink. Misha tells Piya that her Parents are so happy that it feels like they were born for this day. Misha tells that her parents are not supervising her now and are lost in their own world that they have not even noticed that she is sitting in drinking in front of their own eyes. Piya tells Misha that she wants to talk to her. Misha tells her that she is listening.
Piya: Actually Danish… (Panchi then comes there and kisses Misha on her cheek and she gets irritated.
Panchi: Who was talking about Danish? Now I am going to become Mrs Danish Singh. So whatever the matter is should go through me…
Piya: I was just telling that Danish…
Panchi: is great…fantastic…I know it. You know Piya when I look at him I feel so lucky (Misha keeps her hand on her head). He has everything in him which I wanted in a husband. You know Pia…sometimes when you are with someone you know that it is forever.
Piya: Panchi, nothing is forever…
Panchi: Of course it happens! Look at my Parents. I always compare my relationship with that of Mom and Dad. You know what? Like Danish and me, Mom and dad met at College. And so far nobody has come between them. They are rock solid.
Piya: Nobody is rock solid!
Panchi: Of course there are relationships which are rock solid. Look at my my and Dad. Especially when Misha was born Dad used to travel so much… You know what? How to maintain a relationship is something one need to learn from my dad…and now from Danish…I am telling you…like my Mom and Dad…I also got my perfect love story…For the past 4 years I and Danish are together and I know everything about Danish. Nobody ever came in between us. How perfect is our relationship.
Misha: So sweet that I would throw up…
Panchi: Stop drinking Mishu… (Panchi kisses Misha again)
Misha: Yuck… I will throw up on you…
Panchi: See today even your talks are not irritating me…because I am so happy! (Panchi goes from there)
Misha: Let her be in happy land… and now let me listen to you…What about Danish? You were about to tell me how sweet…how great he is …etc etc…?
Piya: Misha, I was telling something else…Misha I was telling that Danish… (Abhay comes there and catches on Piya arm and pulls her along with him. Misha looks at them)
Misha: Why this Abhay always do this much Drama? Am I just drunk? (Misha hits on her head with her hand)

Abhay pulls Piya along with him and brings her to an empty place outside the house.
Abhay: What were you doing?
Piya: What does it matter to you? This is not about you…
Abhay: You went to hospital?
Pia: How do you know?
Abhay: Maya told me…she called me…
Pia: Good for you! It does not make a difference to me…
Abhay: Do you know what you were going to do? Or like always you are jumping in the middle without any plan?
Pia: So what will I do? Let all this happen? Let him spoil another life? No way!
Abhay: You think of yourself as Super Woman that you have taken the responsibility to save everyone’s life?
Pia: No way Abhay! That’s you…right? Why did you tell me lie? Why did you take such a bad accusation on your head?
Abhay: You will not understand! (Abhay leaves the hold on her arm and walks away)
Piya: Of course I won’t understand Abhay! That’s not the point! This is not about us! This is the question of someone else life…it is a question of Panchi’s life… Abhay, the person who is responsible for May’s condition is no one else but Danish! (Abhay turns and looks at Piya. He is angry)
Abhay: I will kill that bastard! (He turns to walk again but Pia stops him by coming in front of him and holding him)
Piya: No Abhay! That’s why even Maya was not telling you… (Abhay tries to move away) Abhay…No! (They look into each other’s eyes) Why are you doing this Abhay? Why do you wish for everyone’s hatred? I can’t understand why you are putting this mask which everyone hates so much…
Abhay: No Pia…This is not a mask…this is the truth! Truth… I wish that you hate me…hate me Piya…hate me Pia…hate me! Hate me…
Piya: Why do you wish my hatred Abhay? I am sorry Abhay…I don’t hate you…I don’t hate you Abhay…I never hated you… (Abhay turns and walks away) Abhay…stop! Just stop! (Abhay turns and looks at her. Piya walks towards him. The show falls on both Abhay and Piya who are outside in the Garden. Piya goes near him) Abhay, you always run away from me…but not today! Today I will not let you go away from me…because I don’t hate you Abhay! What I feel for you is not hatred…it is a much… much stronger feeling Abhay! The way I felt for you I have never felt for any other Guy. Abhay I don’t hate you…Because I think I am…I have fallen in love with you… (Abhay moves towards Piya closing the distance between them. Pia closes her eyes and tilts her face upward as if expecting to be kissed by Abhay. Abhay holds her face with one hand and keeps the other hand on her shoulder. He bends and kisses her (I guess because all we see is Pia’s hairs flying covering their faces from view and Abhay lifting his face a little later. Piya opens her eyes and see that she is alone and Abhay is nowhere to be seen. She looks around and thinks, ‘you have lost it Pia…stop seeing dreams…You don’t like him…what is happening? How did I think of him? No…I don’t…I don’t love him…I …Shut up Pia! Stop this nonsense and remember one thing…You don’t love Abhay…You hate Abhay…Oh God! Please help me!’

Scene moves to Misha sitting and drinking at the bar counter by pouring the drink into a steel glass so that no one notices. Misha sees Abhay.
Misha: Dude! What’s up with you and Pia dude? Are you Godzilla that you always keeps on pushing her? I mean…take a treatment! I mean just look around this entire room…Just look around it…Everyone hates you…except Pia…stupid girl! When you come near her…her brains just freeze…what’s with you guys? What’s going on between you two? Why can’t you be just normal man…just be normal…
Abhay: I think you need to drink another drink… (He walks away)
Misha: I am drinking…idiot! (Misha drinks merrily. Angad and another Guy come near her. Angad tells her that she is so drunk that her mouth is stinking asks to keep quiet if anyone talks to her. Arnab’s Associate and his wife who had put a proposal for Misha with their son comes near Misha and introduces them. They tell Misha that they have spoken to Arnab regarding their son Pintoo and have come to her to ask. Misha closes her mouth with the dupatta and Angad clarifies that Misha is a very shy girl. Aunty tells that these days it is so difficult to see a girl like Misha when most girls drink, smoke, wears shorts and even behave like guys. She adds that they have got a perfect girl for their son. Misha is shocked and trips and falls on Aunty’s feet. Angad tells her to allow Misha to take blessings. The couple gives their blessings to Misha and shows a child hood photograph of Pintu who is studying in London. Angad tells that he can imagine the wedding card now in which it is written Pintoo weds Mintu, which is Misha’s pet name. The lady tells that they would come and meet Misha with all the arrangements and go away from there. Misha is angry and hits Angad.

Scene moves to the hall where the ring ceremony is about to take place. Panchi puts the ring on Danish’s fingers. Abhay stands and watches along with his parents while Pia comes in to the room looking unhappy. When Danish puts the ring on Panchi Piya notices the bracelet with was custom made by her for Maya’s Boyfriend. Everyone claps for the engaged couples and Arnab tells the crowd how happy he is. Danish tells the crowd that he wants to tell a truth and the story of his love with Panchi. He tells them how he and Panchi fell in love and became the best couple in college. He tells the people the moment he saw Panchi that she is the one for him. He tells them that he also knew that he had to prove himself worthy of Panchi and he tells that he has a surprise for Panchi. Danish gives a set of keys to Panchi telling that it is the keys to her new home. Everyone who had a drink in hand raises the toast except Abhay. Piya watches everything with a gloomy face.
Danish goes and sits near Kabir who wishes him. Danish asks him what the matter is with him and Kabir tells him about Piya fighting with him. Danish tells Kabir that he would talk to Piya and goes from there.

Danish notices Piya sitting alone in a room and stops to talk to her.
Danish: Why are you sitting here alone? (Pia gets up and goes closer to Danish)
Piya: Nice Bracelet Danish…
Danish: This one… Yeah it is my Birthstone… this is a gift!
Piya: Sapphire?
Danish: Wow! How do you know?
Piya: Because this bracelet was made on special order. And the person who gave the Order was Maya. (Danish is shocked) The same Maya who is in the Hospital now…the same Maya who was pregnant with your baby but lost it now…the same Maya who attempted suicide because of you…
Danish: Piya…what nonsense! What are you talking?
Pia: Don’t even try to lie. This bracelet is one of a kind. Do you know why? Because I made it with my own hands…for Maya’s boyfriend!
Danish: Really! And you are assuming this much on the basis of this bracelet?
Piya: And this…? (Piya shows the video clipping she took at the hospital to him. Danish is shocked. Episode ends)

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