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3rd January 2011 Written Update (Episode 62) Abhay saves Piya from Goons

Abhay carries Pia and walks through the Forest
Episode 62 starts with Abhay suspecting Chand. Chand stop the Car. Danish asks him what the matter is and Chand replies, ‘Nothing…just an illusion’. Abhay who is hiding with Piya by the side of a rock thinks, ‘No…You cannot do that! You are responsible for the attack on Piya? I told you to stay away from Pia. Who is that man? This time what he is doing with you?’
Piya: I think we should take a lift from this Car…
Abhay: No! Piya, that car is not safe for us.
Pia: Why? Do you think the kidnapper is in it?
Abhay: Yes! He seems to be more dangerous than I thought.
Piya: Oh God! (Chand drives off from there. Abhay and Piya gets up from there and walks) Ouch!
Abhay: What happened?
Piya: Nothing Abhay. I think I got a small cut.
Abhay: Are you sure?
Pia: Yeah!
Abhay: Okay, We need to stay away from the main road. We will go through the jungle.
Piya: Okay! (As they are about to walk off, Pia again cries in pain. Abhay kneels and checks Pia’s feet) Ouch, Abhay ahh…
Abhay: Small cut ehhh? I think your angle got twisted. (Abhay gets up) Come, I will carry you…
Piya: No! (Abhay and Piya looks at each other. Pia recalls Abhay fighting with the stranger who kidnapped Tracker at the jungle, saving her from the 2 hooded people at the Forest and saving her from getting killed at the Pander Fort Palace).
Abhay: Piya…It’s paining?
Pia: Yeah… (Abhay lifts Pia up and walks through the Forest carrying her)

Scene moves to the Bus. Misha and Tracker are sitting together.
Misha: Why are you dull?
Tracker: If I say something…will you believe me?
Misha: What? (Tracker tells that she is the reincarnation of the Pander Princess. Misha tells her that Tracker was the maid of the Princess and makes fun of her. Angad takes Tracker’s side and asks Misha to leave her alone. Tracker is happy seeing Angad supporting her. Misha mocks at Angad and Tracker. She tells Ruhi, ’So princess you got the frog…Prince charming here itself, So come back to this life’ and shakes her. Angad smile.

Kabir who is in the Car makes a call to Misha. Misha picks the call.
Kabir: Before you give lecture to me please give the phone to Piya… (Misha is confused) Give dear…she is not lifting my phone.
Misha: What do you mean that she is not lifting your phone? She is with you, right?
Kabir: Very funny! You know that she is not with me. She refused to go with me. We had a fight and she just left. Please give the phone dear…
Misha: Are you just like Psycho? She is not here.
Kabir: What? (Misha disconnects the phone and says loud, ‘What? Did we leave her there?’) Why did she disconnect?
Misha: Panchi…Stop the Bus!
Panchi: What is it?
Misha: We left Pia there.
Panchi: What?
Abhay Pia Romantic Moments
At the Jungle Abhay and Piya comes near a pond. Abhay puts Pia down and helps her to sit on a rock. He sits next to her.
Abhay: You are hurt. It has to be set right otherwise we would not be able to go back.
Pia: But you…What will you do Abhay? (Abhay lifts her injured foot and Pia looks at him with dreamy eyes. Pia closes her eyes in pain. Abhay lifts his hand to remove the hair from her face but stops. Pia looks at him. Abhay says in mind, ‘Piya, don’t look at me like that. I will go mad. I keep on pushing you away from you again and again but still you are coming so close to my heart. I have built a wall on the four sides of me so that no one comes inside. But Piya, you have broken all those walls. You will make me go mad Pia…’ Pia looks at Abhay with dreamy eyes.
Abhay: Do you trust me?
Piya: More than myself Abhay! (Abhay thinks, ‘Come on Abhay! Control yourself. She is just an ordinary girl. She is just another girl’ Abhay looks at Pia and cups her face with his hands and tells her, ‘Trust me!’ Piya nods. Abhay dips her feet in water)
Abhay Piya romantic moments
Abhay: By putting your feet in this cool water your feet would become numb.
Piya: But why Abhay?
Abhay: Because it is necessary for what I am about to do that you don’t feel any pain. Piya…look at me! Look at me… (Piya looks at him but again closes her eyes in pain. Abhay turns her feet under the water. Pia looks at him in surprise. Abhay lifts her feet out of the water)
Piya: Abhay, what did you do? (Abhay keeps silence) Who are you Abhay?
Abhay: Come, now do not waste time. Pain won’t be there for only some time. We will go there and show it to Doctor. Come on, let’s go! (Abhay walks from there. Piya gets up and follows him.

Kabir is in the Car trying to call Piya on phone. He is worried.He says, ‘Come on Pia, lift my Phone…God! What is happening? If something happens to you because of me…’ Kabir instructs the driver to turn the Car.

Abhay and Piya are walking out of the forest towards the road. Piya recalls Abhay lifting her and walking through the forest and then mending her feet at the pond. Abhay and Pia reaches the road.
Pia: Abhay, I won’t be able to walk anymore. We will please ask for a lift from some vehicle, please!
Abhay: Okay! (They see a jeep coming and Pia waves her hand. The jeep stops. There are 3 Guys in the jeep and Pia asks for lift. They agree and Piya and Abhay get into the jeep. After sometime, they pretend that their vehicle has broken down and ask Abhay to fetch some water as the engine has become hot. When Pia tells him that the Guys have helped them and they should also help, Abhay reluctantly agrees to go. He asks Piya to get down from the jeep and not get into it till he returns. Piya and Abhay get down from the jeep and Abhay goes to get water. After Abhay goes the Guys misbehaves with Piya and forcefully make her get into the jeep and drives off. Piya calls for Abhay. Abhay who is taking water from the pond hears her cries for help.

Abhay suddenly appears in front of the jeep from nowhere. The driver puts the break on the jeep and looks around. Suddenly Abhay comes to the side of the driver and catches the guy’s chin and lift upwards with one hand. Pia looks in awe.
Abhay: Pia, Get down from the Vehicle… (Pia gets down and comes and stands behind Abhay. She tries to stop Abhay )

Scene moves to the Bus. Misha asks the Driver to drive fast and asks him if she can drive. Panchi tells, ‘No way’ and asks the driver to drive carefully. Suddenly Misha and Panchi see something on the road ahead.
Misha: Oh my God! Panchi did you see?
Panchi : I am seeing (The girls look on the road surprised. The Bus comes near Abhay and Piya who are standing in the road. The jeep is in the side of the road fallen to one side with the 3 Guys unconscious. The Bus stop and Misha rushes to Piya followed by Panchi and others. Piya holds on to Abhay’s arm. Episode ends)

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