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26th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 159) Danish Singh files a Police Complaint against Siddharth Mehra for kidnapping Arnab Dobriyal

Panchi hugs Siddharth
Episode 159 starts with Siddharth Mehra sensing the presence of 2 people in the room overhearing his conversation with Mr Malhothra. Siddharth says, 'I smell 2 rats'. Danish pulls Arnab by hand and urges him to go with him from there. Arnab tells that he wants to speak with Siddharth. Danish tells him to speak later but Arnab does not agree. Danish escapes from there through the Window. While Arnab is still looking at the direction of the window Siddharth comes from behind and presses on Arnab's shoulder. Arnab falls unconscious on the floor.
Siddharth looks at Arnab and says, ‘How fragile these humans are’. Mr Malhotra comes from behind and sees Arnab on the floor.
Mr Malhothra: Oh my God! What have you done Sir? What is happening? (Siddharth turns to face him and stares at him. He then walks from there with Mr Malhothra following)
Siddharth: Clearly I have to do some damage control. Mr Malhothra, Put Mr Dobriyal in your Car and leave him at my house.
Mr Malhothra: Sir, What are you trying to make me do? I can’t do that! He is a big man in the city. Everyone knows him…Arnab Dobriyal. My task was to vote as you said which I have done… my work ended there
Siddharth: Mr Malhothra…(Siddharth starts fixing Mr. Malhothra's tie) How easily I have made Mr Dobriyal unconscious that easily I could…(Siddharth pulls the ties knot making the tie tighten on Mr Malhothra’s neck causing him to choke. Sid then takes his hands off and Mr Malhothra loosens his tie and collar) do that to you. Now leave Mr Dobriyal at my House and lock him at my Bathroom. Phone me after that…Mr Malhothra…Mr Dobriyal is waiting for you.
Mr Malhothra: Okay Sir! (He goes from there)

Scene moves to Panchi coming to the Dressing room where Mount College students are there in a cheerful mood. She tells the students, ‘What if you did not get the Trophy…the Party is still on at my place’. Siddharth comes to the room and asks, ‘What Party?’ and Panchi tells him that she is throwing a Party for the entire Team as they worked hard and deserve a chilled out evening. Tracker complaints that there is very less time for her to get ready for the Party. Misha tells her that thankfully she does not have a problem as she would not be attending the Party at all. Panchi goes to Siddharth and tells him that Misha does not want to come for the party. Siddharth tells her that if Misha wishes to be alone then they should let her. Panchi tells him, ‘I know that she does not want to stay alone. She is just trying to teach us a lesson…she is punishing us!’ Siddharth thinks, ‘Now this only was left…now I have to play the stupid consolation games. I wish I could eat them all…the Chapter would have closed’ Abhay stares at Siddharth. Panchi suddenly jumps in excitement. She tells him, ‘Sid…I have an idea! Let’s keep the Party at your place…then she does not have to come home…and she will come for the Party. Isn’t that a great idea? Yeah…! So cool…’ Panchi hugs Siddharth.
Panchi: Everybody…Listen up! There is a slight change. The Party is not at Dobriyal House but at Siddharth’s House and everybody is welcome. So please get yourself there… (Panchi clings on to Sid’s arm…)
Siddharth: Yeah…Please come… (Panchi keeps her head on Siddharth’s shoulders. Siddharth thinks, ‘Party time for the kids and their father would be inside my room lying unconscious. It could get tricky even for me’

Scene moves to Danish who is standing near the Mount College Basket ball Court. He sees a Car reversing and notices Mr. Malhothra getting out. Danish hides himself and watches what he is doing. Mr. Malhothra opens the back seat and then brings Arnab by dragging him towards the Car and puts him on the back seat. Danish thinks, ‘What is this Malhothra doing with Uncle?’ Mr Malhothra gets into the driving seat and drives the Car from there. Danish runs towards the Car but the Car passes him. Danish thinks, ‘What did Siddharth do with Uncle? What to do now? Don’t know where that Malhothra is taking Uncle to…I hope Uncle is okay. What will happen now?’ Danish rushes from there.

Scene moves to the Mount College student’s gang.
Pia: How good Panchi and Siddharth are (Pia looks at Panchi and Siddharth talking). We lost still they are keeping a Party to cheer us up. Nobody is blaming us. I think it is going to be a very special Party. (Abhay thinks, ‘Even I hope so Pia…Because what I have seen…no one else have seen’ Abhay looks at Panchi chatting cheerfully and Siddharth looking gloomy. Panchi excitedly keeps her head on Sid’s shoulder laughing and Siddharth gives her a made up smile. Abhay thinks, ‘Why is Siddharth worried? What has he done? Or is he going to do something? Tonight something strange is going to happen…’ Panchi tells them all, ‘I hope you guys are all coming…the party is on…’ Pia tells her, ‘We will definitely come’ Madhu comes to the room calling out for Panchi. Panchi excitedly tells Madhu that Siddharth is throwing a Party for everyone and that is sweet of him. Madhu ignores it and asks Panchi where Arnab is. Misha suddenly becomes alert. Panchi tells, ‘Till now he has not come? That’s strange’. Madhu tells her, ‘That is what…He so far never did anything like that. He has always told and gone. Today don’t know what happened’ Siddharth comes there and asks them if everything is okay. Panchi tells that they are not finding Arnab. Piya and Abhay also look on.
Siddharth: Maybe he wants to be left alone…Last few days a lot of things happened…Misha’s attitude…Piya coming home…All the pressure is on him. I think he just snapped seeing his daughters fight. Maybe that is why he is feeling different. I think he should be left alone. When he becomes okay he will return home on his own. Moreover, you have other things to be tensed about.
Madhu: What tensions?
Siddharth: You have to come to my House…come to our Party…You needs to go home…get dressed…Come on, let’s go…
Madhu: No…no…Sid, Not me…What will I do in a Teenager’s Party?
Siddharth: Mrs. Dobriyal… You are no less than a teenager. You are young at heart and give these youngsters a run for their money… Come now…
Panchi: Buttering my mother, ehhh?
Siddharth: That is necessary sometimes. Come on, I will drop you two at home.
Panchi: Okay! (Misha looks at Panchi and Madhu who are looking sad and then to Abhay and Pia. Misha then gets up and walks from there. Madhu and Panchi leave along with Siddharth)

Scene moves to Danish at the Police Station. The Inspector is looking at Danish with a smile on his face.
Danish: Sir, You are not understanding what I am saying. Siddharth Mehra has kidnapped Mr. Dobriyal. I saw him. He was unconscious.
Inspector: You are telling that Mr. Dobriyal’s would be son in law Siddharth Mehra kidnapped him? You have made a very nice story. In that case you also may be aware why Mr. Mehra did that.
Danish: I know. It may sound a little strange. But I know…Siddharth is not a good man.
Inspector: Yeah…You are the good man Mr. Singh…just 2-3 cases only are there on your name like blackmailing Mr. Dobriyal, making a minor girl pregnant and then abusing her etc… etc… If after knowing all these things if we do not believe you then whom will we believe in?
Danish: Look Sir that is a different matter. Tomorrow if you come to know that anything bad happened with Mr. Dobriyal you be seated.
Inspector: Meaning…You saw with your own eyes that Mr. D K Malhothra putting Mr Dobriyal in his vehicle. And Mr. Dobriyal was unconscious at that time…correct?
Danish: Yes!
Inspector: Mr. Singh, we take every complaint seriously and do inquiries also. Whatever you said we would definitely take action on that but remember one thing, if you are proven wrong I would not keep quiet. I will put you behind bars for misguiding the Police, Correct?
Danish: Correct! (A Constable comes there and informs that they have traced the vehicle)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Car entering Dobriyal House. Madhu comes inside calling for Ram Singh and asks him if Arnab has come. The servant tells her that he had gone out with them only. Siddharth comes in. Madhu asks the servant if Arnab called and he says, ’No’.
Siddharth: Don’t worry Mrs. Dobriyal! I am sure he is fine. May be he got stuck up with some work. Or maybe would have gone for a long drive. I will phone him…
Madhu: But I called him many times and he did not even lift the phone…
Siddharth: Oh! Still I will try… (Mr. Malhothra is driving the Car with Arnab lying unconscious in the back seat. His Phone rings and he picks up the call from Siddharth) Hello…Mr.Dobriyal…Sir, Siddharth Mehra here…Okay Sir! (Siddharth then asks Mr. Malhothra in hushed tone where he is. Mr. Malhothra tells him that he is going towards Siddharth’s house. Sid asks him if Arnab is with him. Mr. Malhothra tells that Arnab is with him and is unconscious) Okay Sir…Sir you come home fast! Here everyone is worried about you (Siddharth cuts the Phone and informs Madhu and Panchi that Arnab would be coming soon and did not want to talk to anyone. Madhu excuses herself from going for the Party and tells him that Panchi would go with him. Panchi goes to change and asks Siddharth to wait for some time. He agrees telling, ‘that’s what I am here for’)

Scene moves to the Police Team stopping Mr. Malhotra’s Car. Danish and the Senior Official are along with the Inspector and Constables. The Inspector asks Mr Malhothra to come out. He gets out of the Car.
Mr Malhothra: Inspector, what happened? Why have you stopped me? You know who I am?
Official: Yes Sir, We know that you are Mr. D K Malhothra. But sorry Sir, We got news that Mr. Arnab Dobriyal was kidnapped using this vehicle.
Mr. Malhothra: Kidnap? Have you gone mad? I only gave him a lift. I will kidnap Mr Dobriyal? He is my good friend. What is wrong with you Inspector? Half an hour before I dropped him at Mall Road.
Officer: Sorry to bother you Sir, You may go! (He signals Inspector to leave Mr. Malhotra. Mr. Malhothra gets into the Car and drives off. The Officer then asks Danish to leave failing which he would put him in jail. Danish looks worried)

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra’s residence. Piya is walking around alone. She thinks, ‘How lucky Panchi is…she loves an amazing Guy. And he loves her. Papa and Madhu aunty likes him and his Parents like Panchi. Wow! How uncomplicated relationship is this…not like mine! Shut up Pia… Your’s and Abhay’s relationship is no less. It is all good (She smiles). Today evening is going to be very cool’ Piya is thinking of something and smiling when a hand grabs her hand. Some one forcefully takes her to a corner. Danish closes her face with his hand and Pia struggles.
Danish: Piya please…Don’t make noise…I am removing my hand…okay? Say yes! (Pia nods) Okay…(Danish removes his hand)
Piya: What are you doing here Danish?
Danish: Nobody is ready to understand what I say…I did not know what I should do. Please try to understand me…He has become such a big part in the family that nobody would be willing to believe me. And Mr. Dobriyal came to know about the truth…and now I do not know where he is…what is going to be done with him…
Piya: What are you telling?
Danish: Pia, Try to understand what I say…Please think of Uncle. I do not know where he is. And some man… (A Car light falls on Danish’s face and a Car passes by) Please…I am true…I will be in touch with you. Please do not tell anyone…I can’t believe anybody… (Danish jumps the wall and flees from there)
Pia: But…where is Papa? (Episode Ends)

PreCap: Madhu is worried and trying to call Arnab on Phone.

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