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2nd April 2011 Written Update (Episode 139) Abhay's Confession of Love to Piya

Abhay says I love you to Pia and Abhiya hug
Episode 139 starts with T coming and sitting on her Chair at Siddharth's Office. She takes the mirror and admires herself saying, 'Mirror mirror of the wall...should I ask the Question...'Panchi looks at T in disgust. T continues her self admiration, 'God would have made me on Sunday, perfection!' Panchi gets from her seat and walks to T. She sits on a chair opposite T.
Panchi: You know what T, I want to talk to you.
T: Whatever, tell...
Panchi: Shut up! Don't do me a favor. You know what T, I have seen you from the time of school. So are so fake. As a fact you show a lot of attitude to everyone. But anywhere you see a Guy you throw yourself on him, don't you? Isn't that amazing?
T: Excuse me!
Panchi: Shut up! Now I am talking and you would listen! People like you...Siddharth and deserve each other. One use girls in such a manner as if he is changing clothes. And you use Guys in such a manner ...You are made for each other!
T: Ahh! So Panchi got dumped! (laughs) You may be used to it Panchi...don't be scared...first Danish then Sid...(Panchi is about to say something but T stops her)
Ah hah..hold it up! Don't blame me. You should be blaming Piya and not T, understand?
Panchi: We are not talking about Piya
T: So you should be talking about Pia. You should in fact talk about her! Look! That girl is very smart...more than me! Because first she seized Abhay from me and now then seized Sid from you...After all she has to think about her future as well. She is an Orphan...where will she go after College? So...she is doing smart planning. And you think I am the only one? Come on...take a look around! You know Piya is smarter than all of us. Poor, poor Dobriyal sisters! You trusted on a wrong girl...But let me tell you one thing (Tanushree points her finger at Panchi) you better get your facts right, understand? Don't blame me for your lost life because you are not going to get anything out of it. (Siddharth comes into the Office) Understood, loser? (Tanushree turns her chair and see Siddharth at the door. Siddharth mutters a general 'Hello' and goes to his Cabin. Panchi gets up and goes back to her seat.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Piya is walking through the College Campus corridor looking into her mobile. She bumps into Ms Protima Dasgupta who was coming from the opposite side. Some files and Papers Ms Dasgupta was carrying falls down. Piya says sorry and picks everything up and gives to Ms Dasgupta. Ms Dasgupta thinks, 'Seeing Pia I remembered I need to give her class a surprise English Literature test from Macbeth...(Pia looks around and then smiles) Nobody would have even prepared'
Ms Dasgupta: Thank you Piya
Piya: Yes Mam! (For one moment Pia looks startled then she asks the girls standing near if they heard what Mam told. One of the girls tell, 'No babes! She did not say anything! By the way, let her be silent. Every time she opens her mouth we land into trouble' The girls laugh and go away from there. Pia thinks, 'Really I am able to hear other people's thoughts? What's happening? What ever is happening is good only. Now I can go and warn the whole class to study Macbeth.Piya enters the class room in a hurry.
Piya: Guys! Come on I have news! Just listen up...I got news! (The guys and girls in the classroom look at her)
Misha: Tell me the gossip
Piya: It's not gossip is a warning! Ms D is going to give us a surprise test on Macbeth. (The students are shocked and Kabir asks her when the test would be. Piya tells in the next hour. Kabir argues with her and tells the students that Pia is fooling around. Piya reminds Misha that she read what was in Misha's mind the previous day and tells that she could read Ms D's mind. Misha makes fun of Pia telling that, 'What are you saying Pia...that you have become a mind reader? Buy a parrot and make a Career' Kabir tells, 'Not Parrot...Pia the Octopus' Kabir tells the class that it looks like Pia and Misha combined are trying to fool them. Pia tries to tell him that she read Ms D's thoughts and Misha also supports her. Kabir tells Misha that it might be her plan to spread panic among students and that Pia is also part of the plan. Misha tells the students that if they want to save themselves they better study Macbeth. The students get serious and starts referring to their books and Kabir tells them, 'You all will become fools'. Misha tells him to watch who would become fool.

Scene moves to Siddharth's Office. Panchi types something on her Computer and takes a print out of it. It is her Resignation letter as PR Manager from the Company. She takes the paper and enters Siddharth's Cabin asking, 'May I come in Sir?' Panchi puts the paper on the table.
Siddharth: What is this?
Panchi; Sir, This is my resignation letter. I wish to leave this job.
Siddharth: May I ask why?
Panchi: Sir, I have learned so much here. Got a lot of experience. But now it's time to move on...
Siddharth: Any reason?
Panchi: Yeah, There are some personal reasons. I don't want to work with you. And I cannot work with Pia Jaiswal under one roof. It's okay if you want to call it unprofessional. That's it! (Siddharth gets up from his seat and comes near Panchi)
Siddahrth: So your problem is with Pia...Okay! I will throw her out of the job then. But before that you need to know a fact. Yesterday night Piya was planning a romantic date for you and me. She wanted us to spend some time outside the we can get to know each other better. She knows your style...she knows you and she comes and tells me everything...just so that I can know you better.
Panchi: Between you and her...?
Siddharth: Just friendship...Panchi, if Pia was not there I would never have been able to tell what is in my heart to you. I owe her a lot...we owe her a lot! (Siddharth moves closer to Panchi) Panchi...yesterday night was for you. Piya wanted to make us meet. Last minute Abhay Raichand came and he spoiled everything. He ruined everything! But the truth is that yesterday night would have been our first night of love.(Panchi lowers her eyes and blushes. Siddharth smiles) Now stop blushing! (Sid takes the resignation letter) And burn this resignation letter. Get back to work because you and me we both know that without you I am a professional and emotional wreck. (Panchi looks at him for a moment and then smiles shyly) I need you Panchi. (Panchi goes from there and Sid sarcastically tells, 'I need you Panchi!')

Scene moves to Mount College Class Room. Ms Dasgupta comes to the class and is surprised to see that all students are busy studying and nobody noticed her presence in the class. Ms Dasgupta asks the class if they are alright. Ruhi tells her that they have realized how important is it to study. Ms Dasgupta tells the class that she is going to give them a surprise test on Macbeth. The students are surprised. Kabir is shocked and starts looking into the book.

Scene moves to Mount College campus. Misha and Piya are walking. Misha tells that they would encourage Pia's talent and Misha would be her initial investor and that Piya Jaiswal, Mind Reader could be an awesome business idea. Piya asks Misha to stop making fun of her. Misha tells that Piya could become famous and then Misha could be her Business Manager. Piya laughs it off and Misha tells that the problem is that no one takes her seriously. Misha tells Pia that it is an awesome Business Idea and that she will go and make some plans. Misha goes from there and Pia thinks, 'What sort of talent has come to me? it's fun!' She calls for Misha and runs behind her.

Misha and Piya meet Panchi near the College car Parking lot.
Misha: Hi Birdie! What are you doing outside the Cage? Momma did not give you grains?
Panchi: Shutup! Dad told me to catch the wild cat and bring along. So I have come. Come, let's go for lunch. Dad is waiting!
Misha: Pia, Today birdie is looking so nice. You also come for lunch...let us eat birdie wings...
Pia: Thanks Misha, But I have a lot of work. I think you also need to study.
Misha: What is the need for me to study? I have a million dollar idea. Come on Panchi, I will eat you alone.
Pia: See you, Bye! (Panchi asks Misha to go and sit in the Car. Panchi then stops Piya who is walking back from there)
Panchi: Hey Piya! (Piya comes near Panchi)
Piya: Yeah?
Panchi: Nothing Piya...I just wanted to apologize to you. I am really, really sorry Pia.
Piya: For what?
Panchi: Pia, don't be so modest! I came to know that yesterday night what all you did for me and Siddharth. But I took you wrong. I am sorry! And you know Piya...I went there near Kumber Forest turn... You arranged everything so sweetly for was so beautiful! Such a perfect ambiance (Pia is confused but smiles)...perfect setting...It was really sweet of you! And you know what Pia? Siddharth told me...that because of you Siddharth and I are together. So I am really sorry for whatever happened.
Piya: Ahh..of course! (Misha calls Panchi and she goes from there. Piya thinks, 'What is happening here? What did I do yesterday night? And why am I not remembering anything? This is so strange!' Pia walks away)

Scene moves to the Kumbar Turn Forest Area at night. Piya stands there and thinks, 'What was I doing here? What had happened last night? Why am i not remembering anything? This is strange. Nothing is here. If Sid and I was planning a romantic evening here all night there should be at least some arrangements. There is nothing left!' The shadow of a man appears behind Pia and Piya sees Abhay walking towards her. He comes and stands looks at her.
Piya: Abhay! I am sorry I did not see you here. What are you doing here? (Abhay does not answer. He moves closer to her) Abhay...Abhay!(Abhay pulls Piya by her waist and holds her in his arms looking into her eyes intensely)
Abhay: Now no more Piya...No more! I can't stay away from you. I can't do this!
Piya: Abhay you...Abhay, what is this you are saying?
Abhay: I have waited ages to tell this two words. I...I love you Pia! I love you! I can't be without you...(Pia looks at Abhay with dreamy eyes while Abhay has a look of agony on his face)I can't stay away from you...I can't control my feelings...I love you Piya! Tell me Piya...Tell me Pia that you also love me...(Tears flows from Pia's eyes) Tell me that you cannot stay without me...(Abhay pulls her upright)No Piya, don't cry! (He wipes her tears) I don't want to be the reason of your tears. Don't cry Piya!
Piya: I am not crying Abhay! It's just that I have imagined this moment so many many times I have lived this moment Abhay...that you would tell me this...I never expected it! (Pia touches his face) Maybe this is called the fulfillment of dreams Abhay (Abhay wipes the tears from Pia's eyes)
Abhay: I love you Piya (They hug each other as if they do not want to let each other go) I love you Pia...I love you!

Precap: Panchi is sitting in a Sofa at Siddharth's house. Siddharth comes behind her. He thinks, 'You have come at the right time Panchi...(He reveals his fangs) I needed a prey (His eyes turn blue) a beautiful prey like you...My little special home delivery!' He comes closer to Panchi and removes her hair away from the neck.

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