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16th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 151) 25th Wedding Anniversary Party of Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal

Siddharth and Panchi dances at Arnab and Madhu's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party
Episode 151 starts with Siddharth and his fake Parents making an entry to the 25th Wedding Anniversary Party of Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal. Panchi sees them and goes to them. Siddharth looks at Panchi and compliments her by telling, 'Wow! If you wouldn't mind then I would be green with envy'. Panchi smiles. Siddharth introduces Panchi to his fake Parents saying, 'Mom-Dad this is Panchi, the reason for my living'. Panchi greets them. Siddharth's Mom tells that he always talks about Panchi. His Dad tells that he has to agree that Siddharth's choice has always been classic. Arnab and Madhu comes there and welcome the Family. Siddharth's dad tells Arnab that they have heard a lot about Arnab and his hospitality from Siddharth. While they are talking someone shows the mike and tells Arnab and tells him that it is time for speech. Every body claps and cheers up. Madhu talks in hushed tone to Arnab.
Madhu: Listen! talk nice of me in the speech otherwise you know
Arnab: If I don't say good then..? It's the 25th Anniversary and today is the opportunity to praise you...even if it is fake. Siddharth and Panchi laughs.
Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal celebrates their 25th year of Marriage
 Arnab goes to the stage with the mike.
Arnab: Thank you! Thank you so much! (Pia is standing and watching. Abhay comes and stands beside her) Anniversary is mine... so I will definitely tell and you people have to listen. First of all...Thank you so much for all the lovely people to be here and be a part of this evening. I want to raise a toast for my beautiful wife. (Arnab calls Madhu and she goes and stands beside Arnab. The Waiter comes and gives the drinks to the couple) For spending 25 years with me successfully you are given Bharat Ratna (Misha and T Gang laughs. 25 years! In 25 years Government of India even forgives life imprisonment. But Madhu spend these years easily with me. (Arnab turns to Madhu) Congratulations! (Madhu bows her head accepting it)and thank you so much for making all these years really worth it. The crowd cheers and claps.

Abhay looks at Piya and she walks the Memory lane. Arnab and small Piya is seated at the table with food. Arnab holds a carrot as mike and speaks, 'Ladies and Gentleman, My lovely Suganth, her Mummy loves me so much and cares for me...takes care of my health so much that her love (Arnab dips a spoon into the curry and lifts it up showing her hair on it) shows in her food(Little Pia laughs) and I know why she makes me eat this much oily food...She wishes that I become fat soon and no other girl looks at me. So the Award for Best Wife and Mommy Award is fully deserved by her. And this Award goes to Suganth' Pia comes back to reality and wipes her eyes.

Arnab's speech is going on.
Arnab: To my beautiful wife Madhu (Abhay looks at Pia who is wiping her eyes and places his hand on her arm. Arnab lifts his glass)Cheers ladies and gentlemen! (The crowd lifts their glasses and say 'Cheers' to the couple. Arnab and madhu says cheers to each other by touching their glasses and then proceeds to cut the cake together. Arnab feeds a cake piece to Madhu and the crowd claps for them)

Abhay: Piya, always remember that I am with you (Piya wipes the tears from both her eyes and looks at Abhay as if seeking his approval. She then turns to the Anniversary couple and watches Madhu feeding cake to Arnab with a smile).

Madhu and Arnab are taking to Sid's fake Parents.
Mr Mehra: I have to agree Mr have made your wife happy today for the next 25 years.
Arnab: This many years if she has made me happy then I had to do at least this.
Madhu: Very funny!
Arnab: See that (Arnab, Madhu and Sid's fake Parents watch Siddharth dancing with Panchi)
Mr Mehra: What a beautiful couple...
Arnab: And he is a very bright boy...very intelligent and very successful. And moreover it is not very easy to get admission at IIM, right?
Mr Mehra: The fact is that Mr Dobriyal that he worked really hard. After going there also he did not concentrate on anything else. Since Kolkatta was far his Mom also used to go and stay there.(Arnab becomes alert) Hostel...he never even use to come home telling that it would affect his studies. And that was good for us too. half the time he is with his Mom at Kolkatta and half the time with me at Delhi.
Arnab: Okay! (Arnab recalls Siddharth talking of his College as IIM Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Arnab thinks, 'How can this happen? Siddharth told me that he studied at IIM Ahmedabad. Is his Father telling lie or is Siddharth telling a lie? How can this happen?' Arnab recalls Danish talking about Siddharth and thinks, 'Was Danish telling the truth? Is he not worth our trust? How did we make such a big mistake in understanding him?' Arnab watches Sid and Panchi dancing together and laughing.

At the Dance floor Sid-Panchi and Kabir-Piya are dancing. Haseena is standing alone drinking her wine. Madhu comes near her.
Madhu: Mrs Raichand, How are you?
Haseena: I am fine. Happy Anniversary!
Madhu: Oh! Thank you! Actually today we are celebrating something else too. You know Panchi has fallen in love again. And this time she has done what is right. It is perfect! Siddharth is a very nice Boy...well settled...cultured...and loves Panchi very much. He is a great boy. (Haseena says in mind, 'I know! How much I know about Siddharth may be no one else knows') We thought of using this event of Anniversary calling Siddaharth's Parents...meeting them...knowing them...
Haseena: Siddharth's parents?
Madhu: Yeah!Panchi wanted them to come and Siddharth called them specially from Delhi. (Haseena thinks, 'What is happening? Who is this parents? Why is he taking this Drama ahead? Doesn't Siddharth know that continuing this Drama can put us into trouble? We cannot allow him to do this!') Madhu, It's just an advice...Panchi and Siddharth has just met...give them time to get to know each other. After the interference of parents things get too serious. After all, Panchi is too young...
Madhu; You are right Mrs Raichand! Actually we were also not in a hurry. But you do not know Siddharth...he is an excellent boy! And such Guys are difficult to find. And such opportunities do not come easily so we also do not want to delay. I hope you understand! Enjoy yourself! (Madhu goes from there. Haseena thinks, 'Siddharth is playing the game thinking ahead. What is he going to do? Is he really going to get married to Panchi? Marriage with a human? I need to talk to Chand'
Abhay tells Pia that he is with her
Piya and Abhay are standing together. Pia looks at Arnab talking to his daughters Misha and Panchi. Pia sees Misha and Panchi being playful with their Dad and seizing his drink from him. Piya watches it with a gloomy face. Abhay looks at the direction Pia is looking. He is angry,
Abhay: I can't see you like this Pia (Pia wipes underneath her eyes with her hand). I wish I could remove all your sorrow and troubles.(Pia look at the father and daughters enjoying themselves) Seeing you sad like this I hate myself. I hate myself Pia...I cannot see you sad like this! Tell me Pia, What happened? Why are you this sad? Tell me...tell me Pia, tell me!
Piya: I can't do it Abhay! Once again Mr Arnab Dobriyal will act as if my Mom never existed. Once again he will pretend in front of everyone like there was nothing in between them. I can't do it Abhay! I can't do it! But Misha...How excited she is seeing the pictures... In the slide show there is not only her Mom but my Mom too...She might question and I know Madhu Aunty would not be able to control her emotions. And I do not wish that everyone knows about this matter. If Misha and Panchi finds out...they are going to hate me...and they are going to hate their father... Abhay I want to stay as a friend in between my friends. I want to be with them and if this becomes known I would not be able to come here Abhay! Abhay, I don't understand why all this happened with me. I was alone...i was an orphan...but I was happy. But now when I see all this my old wounds get opened. (Abhay wipes her tears)
Abhay: No Piya! No wound can touch you. I am with you. I am there for you. What you are thinking would not happen. Don't worry! I will take care of it. (Abhay walks away from there. Kabir who is standing with Angad chatting notices him going. Abhay climbs the stairs up. Kabir thinks, 'What are you going to do, Abhay Raichand?' Kabir rushes from there).

Scene moves to Chand Raichand chatting with some one. Haseena comes there and takes Chand aside.
Haseena: Siddharth is thinking of getting married to Panchi. He has bought his Parents here to meet up with the Dobriyals.
Chand: Siddharth is crossing the limits...he is moving too fast...He doesn't know that the law of our wold tells to stay near humans but the important thing is that staying away from them is our duty. He is just getting emotional...just like humans and that is not good for us.
Hasina: I don't understand what to do.
Chand: Haseena, I have to stop him! (Chand moves forward but Haseena stops him)
Haseena: No Chand! Patience! If Siddharth's truth would get exposed...we also would be exposed...And we cannot let that happen!
Chand: Haseena, Now is not the time to is the time for action. I won't allow him to do what he wishes to do (Chand walks from there)

Scene moves to Chand congratulating Arnab. Arnab thank him. Chand looks at Siddharth's fake Parents and tell Arnab that he has not seen them in the city. Siddharth comes there.
Siddharth: Mr Raichand, Meet my Parents...Mom-Dad, This is Mr Raichand, one of the most popular and known persons in this city.
Chand: How do you do? You people should be proud...what a handsome son you have who has succeeded in business so fast (Arnab is standing there looking almost lost in thoughts)
Siddharth: My Parents hands were always on my head. Today what ever I am is because of them...
Chand: How nice! These days where you get such children who praise their parents? (Panchi comes there and stands beside Arnab not happy seeing Chand there)
Siddharth: Oh...Don't worry Mr Raichand! Abhay is a child now and this is his childhood...and I am sure he will live up to your expectations. After all, the role of Parents in the life of son shows, right? (Chand and Siddharth looks at each other intensely. Haseena and Arnab looks worried.

Panchi takes Arnab to one side telling that she needs to talk to him.
Panchi: Papa, why did you invite the Raichands here? You know how weird they are. Wherever they go, they create drama... And you saw how he was talking to giving some secret threat... Dad...(Panchi snaps her finger in front of Arnab) Dad!
Arnab: Panchi...Siddharth told that he is from IIM Ahmedabad?
Panchi: Yeah!
Arnab: His Mom-dad does not know this? They are telling that he is from IIM Kolkatta... Who is telling the truth...who is telling the lie?

Chand and Siddharth are staring at each other.
Chand: Excuse me!
Siddharth: are excused Sir! (Siddharth walks from there. Arnab calls him from behind)
Arnab: Siddharth! I need to talk to you alone... This way! (Siddharth follows him to upstairs. Panchi stands there looking up worried)

Kabir comes running to Misha. He informs Misha that he feels something is wrong and tells her that Abhay has gone to her Father's study room. Misha tells Kabir that he might have gone to the loo. Kabir tells her that he is serious and that there is something fishy in Abhay going to Papa's study room. Misha goes from there telling that she would check it out.

Arnab is talking to Siddharth.
Arnab: Siddharth, I will talk to you straight forward because I don't wish that we repent later. I cannot see Panchi hurt a second time.
Siddharth: Of course Sir! You are a caring father. Your thoughts and worries are justified (Siddharth thinks, 'And it is also true that your talks bore me. Mr Dobriyal, Does humans have no other work? Always')Truly I do not wish to hide anything from you. Please tell me what happened that you have become so worried about your daughter's future.
Arnab: The matter is like that Siddharth...the matter is like that (Siddharth signals Panchi with his hand and she rushes upstairs. Panchi comes and stands beside Siddharth)
Siddharth; Sir, I love Panchi so much (He holds Panchi's hand) I know that it sounds dramatic but it is true. Honestly I never thought that I will fall in love and feel this way. Please tell me how will I convince you...
Arnab: There is no need to convince Siddharth...I will be convinced...just be honest with me...that's all! I was talking to your Parents just now and they did not know from which IIM you did your studies.
Siddharth: Okay?
Arnab: And I felt it strange that any Parent has such an information wrong... Strange! Can you explain that? (Episode ends)

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