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28th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 161) Siddharth threatens Arnab to harm his daughters if he does not keep the Secret

Angad and Ruhi - Public Display of Affection
Episode 161 starts with Piya telling Misha to take out her frustration once for all and get over with it. Piya tells Misha not to keep her feelings inside. She tells, 'You want to hit me? Hit me now! Hit me on my face...But please...please get over this!' When Misha is about to drink again Pia tries to stop her. Misha asks Pia to leave her alone. Piya forcefully tries to take Misha away from the Bar Counter. Misha suddenly feels sick and Pia takes Misha upstairs from there.

Piya supports Misha as they walk through the Corridor. They come to the washroom but finds it locked. They knock the door. A staff member of Siddharth comes there and Pia asks if there is any other washroom. The Guy says that they can use the one in Sir's room and shows them the way. Piya tries to open the door. Arnab hears her voice and tries to get her attention by making sound but voice would not come out as his mouth is tied up. Piya tells Misha, 'Looks like someone is inside'.She again tries to open the door. Siddharth suddenly comes there running and stops her. Piya tells him that Misha is sick and want to puke. Siddharth tells that he would help them and assists Misha along with Piya and goes from there.

Scene moves to Danish walking through the Jungle. He then gets into the road from there and is hit by a speeding Car. Haseena stops the Car and gets out. She is surprised to see that she hit Danish.

Haseena is driving the Car with Danish sitting in the front seat.
Hasina: What happened Danish? Why were you running?
Danish: I don't know Mam! Siddharth is planning something. But I don't understand what. I have tried. I tried my level best to find out but I really don't know Mam I...
Haseena: Just calm down...Calm down... and tell me exactly what the matter is.
Danish: (Danish speaks with great difficulty) Siddharth Mehra...He is hiding something...I don't know what but something is there. These Business...College Trust...all is a show...there is something behind all an illegal or underground activity. But definitely I would find out. And on top of it he kidnapped Mr Dobriyal... (Danish becomes unconscious. Haseena is shocked to hear about Arnab being kidnapped by Sid. She thinks,'I have changed...I have forgotten Maithili... You fooled me Siddharth! Chand was right...You used me! You made me part of your plan. You tried to enter my house. No way Siddharth! I will not let you win in your plan. No way!')

The students are leaving the Party one by one. Ruhi complaints how hot Dehradun is. Angad reminds her of their Horror Movie Date on Friday and tells her that he will hold her close when she gets scared. Kabir interferes in their romance and scolds Angad. Angad tells Kabir that after so many months a horror film has come which they can watch with girlfriends. He tells Kabir the more the girl gets scared the more she would come closer to them. Kabir pushes Angad back to tracker and he continues his public display of affection. Piya watches the couple. Angad tells Ruhi that the entire time of the Movie he would hold her hand. He then tells her that if she wishes he would hug her and hugs her. Piya looks at them smiling. She then looks at Abhay who is standing alone. She goes to him and tells him to meet her after the Party as she needs to talk to him. He nods and walks from there. Ruhi sees Piya and offers her a lift. Piya refuses telling that she has to help Sid with the the Post Party clean up. Ruhi and Angad leaves the party. The 2 Girls who are still there asks Kabir if he would go with them to watch the Horror Film. Kabir tells them, 'Girls! Now you are scaring me...just relax, Okay?' Kabir walks from there and the girls follow. Piya stands near the door thinking, 'Love by hiding from everyone is so exciting...there is so much fun...' She smiles and gets out of the House.
Siddharth threatens Arnab Dobriyal
Scene moves to Siddharth entering his room. He says, 'Ahh Mr Dobriyal... Good Morning! Mr Dobriyal, You are awake? (Siddharth unties the ropes. Arnab makes a sound. As soon as Siddharth unties the rope in the hand Arnab gets up and removes the cloth tied on his face. Siddharth sits on a chair)
Arnab: You cheating #$&*, How dare you? (Siddharth looks at him in amusement) Do you know with whom you did this deed? I will get you thrown out of the city. Do you know who I am?
Siddharth: Uhhh... I am so scared! (Siddharth gets up and faces Arnab) Mr Dobriyal you don't know who is standing before you. You like to eavesdrop, don't you? Those who know the secrets does not live enough to tell the secrets. (Siddharth goes closer to Arnab) Next time instead of you it would be your daughter. (Siddharth moves back) So watch your step Mr Dobriyal...because we don't want a helpless, innocent Panchi's life to end. And we don't want that...Do we Mr Dobriyal? one word...One word and Panchi would become Tandhoori Panchi...So Mr Dobriyal...Now what do I do with you? I could...I can kill you...but my clothes would become dirty. And moreover, I am not in mood. (Siddharth removes his coat)Tell you what? You can go...Please carry on!(Siddharth lies down on the Bed. Arnab moves towards the door) And Father in Law...Please remember,our small need to involve anyone...You may go! I am tired...(Arnab thinks, 'There is something wrong about him...something very wrong' He walks away from there)

Panchi comes back to the House after the Party and finds Madhu worried as Arnab has not returned. Panchi consoles her and calls Misha. When Panchi informs Misha that Arnab has not returned home she gets angry and keeps the phone down after saying, 'So what do I do? Call your loving sister Pia...she has knowledge of everything' Panchi feels sad that in her anger misha has forgotten about her family. Panchi tells Madhu that she is going to pick up Misha and together they would search for Arnab. Panchi leaves from there after consoling Madhu. Misha gets up and sits in her bed thinking.

Haseena stops the Car in front of Siddharth Mehra's residence. She looks at Danish who is unconscious. She gets down from the Car and pushes open the door to Sid's House. Siddharth appears on the top of the stairs. Haseena comes near him revealing her fangs and blue Vampire eyes. She then returns back to normal.
Siddharth: Mom, what happened? Are you alright?
Haseena: You cheated me! You are a traitor! I should have listened to Chand and Abhay. But I was a fool...I felt that you have changed...But not! But now I am taking Danish along with me to Chand. He is in the Car and he will tell Chand what you are doing...You kidnapped Arnab Dobriyal...what were you thinking? What will you get doing all these? Where is he? Did you kill him? You know what would be the outcome of this? Do you know how important he is in this city? (Siddharth justs looks at Haseena and keeps silence)

Danish regains consciousness in the Car and looks around. He sees the name plate of Siddharth Mehra on the house. Danish thinks, 'This is Siddharth's House. And Hasina Madam...Why did she bring me here? Does she know Siddharth? There is something seriously wrong'

Scene moves to hasina and Siddharth.
Siddharth: Oh Mother, You are spending too much time with these humans. You have become so dramatic...doesn't suit you...But as of now have to do damage control...or should I say Danish-control? (Sid moves fast from there and peeps into the Car. He does not find Danish there. Siddharth comes to his Vampire form. Haseena also gets of the House. Sid thinks, 'Radish...You do not know who you are fighting against. lad... You have signed on your own death certificate. Now run! Run baby run!' Haseena is worried)

PreCap: Abhay and Piya romantic moments in the Forest.

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