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22nd April 2011 Written Update (Episode 156) T join hands with Misha to seek revenge on Piya

Abhay confronts Misha after she puts itching powder in T's Dress
Episode 156 starts with Misha walking through the College Corridor and Piya following her trying to talk with her.
Pia: Misha, Please listen to me Misha. Misha just listen to me! I did not do all this to hurt you. Misha you know that I cannot do that. Misha listen to me...(Piya hold on Misha's hands and stops her. Misha removes her hand) I did all this because I did not want to be a problem in your life. By the time I came to know whose daughter you are in had become too late. I was already in love with you. You are my friend and this relationship is very important to me.
Misha: Piya please! I don't want to hear anything. I am not interested. I mean you hurt me. You are my Dad's daughter is reason enough for me to hurt you. And yes, You did not have any control where you were born but you lied to me. You hided such a big thing from your best friend. And what you want now Pia...what you wanted you family! Now just leave me alone... (Piya holds on Misha's hand)
Piya: Misha, Do you truly feel that I did all these to hurt you? I wish all that never happened. I had thought that I will never tell you about this. But maybe I became weak (Pia turns Misha toward her) I love you. You are my sister and my best friend.
Misha: Please! Neither do I want to be your sister nor any friend. I can never forgive you Pia. Just leave me alone! (Misha walks away)
Pia: Misha...Misha (Piya looks sad and gloomy. Abhay comes near her and keeps his hands on her shoulders)
Abhay: Piya...You just relax! I will talk to Misha
Piya: No Abhay don't...You have already done so much for me...don't (Abhay lifts her face with his hand)
Abhay: No Pia...Listen! Misha is very stubborn and this time is in in anger...She will be fine, I promise! I will bring her back...(Piya nods) Don't worry! (Pia keeps her head on Abhay's shoulders and he hugs her (They then go from there together. T comes out of her hiding place. She thinks, 'Oh my God! This Pia and Abhay are in love with each other? And kept this secret till now from all of us. How tacky! Till now they were acting the drama of enmity and all these while they were having a dirty little affair? And Piya...You are Misha's sister! I would enjoy telling Pia's dirty little secrets to the entire College. But wait wait wait. Maybe this time the smartness is in keeping the secret. Maybe Pia's secret can get in the hands of someone mistake...maybe someone else can ruin Piya's pretty little world...someone who is very angry with Piya...)

Scene moves to Siddharth's Office. Danish is standing near the reception.
Receptionist: You have to wait for some time. (Danish goes and sits on the Sofa. He looks at the name plate of Siddharth Mehra on his Office door. Danish thinks, 'Siddharth Mehra, I know you are hiding something and I will definitely find out. I know there is something wrong with you. You got Panchi but if you play any game with her then there will not be anyone as bad as me.' The Receptionist goes from the room with some files. Danish starts checking the Reception table an drawers in hope that he may get some proof against Siddharth. Danish finds a brown envelope in the name of Siddharth Mehra with Confidential written on it. Danish folds it and puts it inside his shirt. He then goes back to where he was sitting. The Receptionist comes near him and informs that Siddharth is in the lift and would be coming any moment. Danish hides his face with a Magazine when he sees Siddharth. Siddharth walks into the Office talking on his cell, 'I need that Tenders to be passed today, no excuses' He then gets inside his cabin. The girl again comes near him and tell him to wait for a while and goes from there. Danish puts the magazine back on the table and thinks, 'Oh that was close. Maybe I will get some information against Siddharth from this envelope')

Scene moves to the Students cheering up for the College.
Teacher: Guys...guys...This year the name of Mount College should be on that Dance Trophy, Okay? And all these depends on you 4 people (pointing to Kabir-Pia and Abhay-T pairs). Like last year this time if Woman's College win they will be winning the Trophy a third time. So Guys,We have to get the cup home! (The students cheer again) Okay! There is no use of just shouting. We have to prove it. We have to win the Trophy, Okay? Now from the side of Mount College the Producer for this Competition Misha would talk to the team members. (Misha goes to the front to address the students.)
Misha: Abhay and T, You are the best couple of this College...the best dancers...And T, Your grace...your style...your dance will get us a Trophy. Go for it Girl! Kabir, All the best! You need it...
Kabir: Thank you! (Pia looks at Misha with a sad expression as she passes by)
Piya: Kabir, I think Misha . I think she is right. I have been quite distracted for some time. I didn't even come for the practice. Kabir, still there is time. You can change your Partner. I will not feel bad at all...
Kabir: Come on Pia! You are the best dancer of this College. You can give a tough competition to T even without practice. So just chill okay! Moreover, What are you scared off? I am your Partner...Kabir! All the girls in College dies to be my Partner. Where will you get a cool,handsome hot and sexy dancer? Just relax...This time we will win the Trophy and bring it here...because this time you are taking part in the competition.(T overhears the conversation and thinks, 'Oh no no no Kabir, Pia will not win this contest. Piya's name won't come in that Trophy. No bloody way!'

Misha is walking through the College corridor. T calls her from behind but Misha continues walking.
T: Hey Misha...wait...wait...
Misha: What happened?
T: I really appreciate whatever you told on the stage. You said such nice things...
Misha: Whatever T...I was just telling the truth.
T: minute (They stand facing each other)I know you are upset but I also came to know about Piya's truth. Oh my God! She is such a user type. She took advantage of your friendship. Such a gold digger! I was so shocked. I feel so sad for you Misha. I feel that we rich kids should be in one side. These charity cases...they only try to get ahead...and they won't leave anyone! I am so sorry for you Misha...You got! Such a loser...But I am glad that you recognized her real face! But the worst thing is that tomorrow your Parents would come to support her. They should be supporting you instead...And the sad part is that she will be living in your house and would stay in that Tracker's house? And Do you think your Parents gave your room also to Pia?
Misha: How do you know all these T?
T: That is not important Misha. What is important is that we should show Pia her place. We need to show her where she stands...from where she has come and where she should be...And I feel that she can be taught this lesson only by T and Misha's super combo because she cannot make our combined genius lose. So I have a plan. I will call you tomorrow and tell about the Plan. And you don't worry Misha...this gold digger would be sorted.
Abhay practices dance steps with Piya
Scene moves to the Auditorium. Kabir and Piya are practicing their steps. Abahy stands in one corner and watches. The Teacher asks to stop the Music and tells Kabir and Piya that they are doing very good. The Teacher asks where Tanushree is and remarks, 'She thinks she is a Diva or what?'. The Teacher asks Kabir to take a break for sometime and asks Piya to practice the steps with Abhay. Abhay and Piya practice the dance steps together and 2 girls look at them admiringly. Kabir also looks at them but this time it is not hatred or anger in his face but a lost feeling. One girl tells, 'They are so good I tell you. They should be partners' The other girl says, Yeah man, I will go with Kabir but only if Pia goes with Abhay'. Kabir hears this. Abhay and Piya dances closely looking into each other's eyes intensely. Pia and Abhay is having an intimate moment together when T walks into the Auditorium and sees them together. T goes to the couple and pulls Pia away from Abhay telling 'excuse me'. T brings Piya to another corner to talk to her.
T: Miss Pia Jaiswal, You will never be satisfied, right? You have got this habit of eying on and seizing other peoples things.Can't you be happy with what you get? You want little bit more always? You are not satisfied with one Guy that you jumped to another? How sick! Abhay Darling! (T goes from there)
T interferes between the Dancing Couple
Scene moves to Ruhi's room. Misha is throwing her clothes from the suitcase to the Bed. Ruhi is sitting on the Cot and applying nail polish.Tracker takes her clothes and puts in the cupboard. She then sees the CD Panchi had hidden in the Clothes. Tracker puts the CD which was of the Misha's Birthday Party with the Halloween Theme during which Kabir had proposed Pia. The CD had a few family scenes of Misha with Arnab, Madhu and Panchi during the party. After that Misha sees the scene where Arnab is taking pictures of Misha and Pia where Piya is holding the Trophy Misha had given her after winning the Fashion Show. Misha goes and switches off the TV. Ruhi tells her to put it on but Misha tells her that she does not want to see it and throws away the remote control. Tracker is annoyed with Misha and complains. Misha tells that she is giving her a head ache. Misha then receives an SMS from T asking her to meet at the Coffee Shop in 15 minutes regarding the Plan. Misha rushes off from there.

Misha meets T at the Coffee Shop.T tells Misha that she has a fool proof plan to put Pia down in front of everyone and shows a packet of Itching Powder. T tells that Pia would dance in the competition and that Itching powder would make her dance. She tells Misha to put the itching powder in Piya's dress. T reasons with Misha, 'Think...our rivalry in college was good fun...But now we are in the same team. And together we can easily make Pia lose. So what do you think? It is a good Plan... The Charity case played the drama of poor girl and has taken the entire college to her side... Even Panchi is impressed with her...' Misha tells T, 'Give me the powder T and leave the rest to me!' Misha grabs the packet and goes from there. T thinks,' You are a genius T! Piya would get insulted in front of the whole city...and T as usual would save the Colleges name... And if anyone suspects the blame will come on Misha because she put the powder. T does not know anything'.

Scene moves to Mount College. Misha comes to the Costume Room and asks the girl if that is the final costume list. The girl says yes. Misha asks which one are Pia's and T's Costumes. the girl shows the costumes to Misha and goes from there. Misha picks up the Costume meant for T. Misha takes the costume to a Table and puts itching powder on it. Misha thinks, 'Only you can think of something stupid like that T. My fight with Piya is just mine and in that there is no place for Bimbos like you to take advantage. Your tacky bitchiness is welcome to you!' Abhay stands at the door watching Misha with a smile. He thinks, 'Let me see Misha till when your anger won't get cold because I feel that somewhere in your heart you have given Pia a sister's place' (Misha puts back T's Costume on the rack. Abhay goes to her)
Abhay: What are you doing?
Misha: Mind your own Business (Misha walks away)
Abhay: I asked you what you are doing (Misha turns back)
Misha: I said mind your own business. How much will you interfere?...Everyone takes that Pia's side...poor Pia...orphan Pia...oh not so orphan Piya...I am fed up seeing her helpless face...Everybody behaves as if the world's weight is on her shoulders. I mean... whatever Dude..(She turns to go away but stops as if she remembered something) By the way, who are you to ask me all this? (Abhay turns to face Misha. He has a slight smile on his face)
Abhay: Misha, You put itching powder on T's dress, why?
Misha: Abhay, get your eyes checked. I did not do any such thing. Just leave me alone! (Misha walks away. Abhay thinks, 'You could not do anything bad with Pia...You know why Misha? because Pia is very important to you. You are angry and shocked. But your anger will cool down fast and you would also realize soon that you are not angry with Piya but with the situation. Misha, You love Pia too much to hurt her!') Episode ends.

Precap: Arnab asks Misha, 'When are you coming home?' Misha replies, 'I am sorry Sir, I don't have a home. I stay alone and I am fine. But you don't worry. It is a very happy day for you today, is it not? Your daughter would dance.Her new Mom and new Sister would clap for her, Happy Family' Madhu says, 'Misha...' Misha stops her telling, 'Momma don't even try. You hurt me more than hiding his truth. My father lied to best friend lied to me...and you did not do made a mockery of me' Panchi cuts in but Misha takes her frustration on her too by telling, 'Oh...madame Birdie...You finally got a well mannered perfect sister, right? So where is she staying? In my room?'

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