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6th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 142) Piya turns Fortune Teller for Pajama Party at Mount College Girls Hostel

Shaurya sees Shankar dressed up as Lady
Episode 142 starts with Misha and the History Teacher in the Class Room. Misha is in detention and the Teacher is sitting on the chair. The Teacher is feeling sleepy and dozing off. Misha is bored and sends a message to friends, ' Russia's one and only Rominova Madam is coming to read our fate. Come...come...come...'After some time the Teacher sleeps off and Misha escapes from the class room through the window.

Misha is running through the Corridor and Piya catch holds of her
Pia: Misha , you ran away from detention?
Misha: madam is sleeping...lovely!
Pia: You will put yourself in trouble. Have you thought of your action's reaction? (Misha gives a thinking pose)
Misha: But a lot of time would be wasted on that, right? Anyway, I have thought a lot about other things the evening party.
Pia: Yeah...Tracker told me that a Fortune Teller is coming to tell our fate.
Misha: Yeah, Ramonova...
Piya: Who is that Ramonova?
Misha: You!
Pia: What me? Ramonova... am not becoming your scape goat.
Misha: Oh...I am not asking you to sacrifice just have to tell peoples future...Come on my dear Paul the Octopus please...Come on let's go! (Misha pulls Piya along with her)

At Shankar and Shaurya's House Shankar is getting ready in front of the Mirror. Shaurya is sitting at the cot watching Shankar. Shaurya says in mind, 'Where are you going all made up Shankar...and that too away from me' Shaurya goes near and asks Shankar where he is going. Shankar tells him that he is going to help out a friend.
Shaurya: Oh! helping friend...this time?
Shankar: It is just near by...not very far
Shaurya: What about food?
Shankar: I will eat outside. You don't take tension...
Shaurya: So what about the food I made with my own hands for you...your favorite butter chicken...what about that? (Shankar goes to Shaurya and puts his hand around his shoulders)
Shankar: Why are you spoiling me? How will I stay without you? (Shankar pats on Shaurya's shoulders and goes back to the mirror and checks himself. Shaurya thinks, 'With out me you won't be able to stay at all Shankar, So don't ever go away from me. I love you Shankar!' Shankar says in mind, 'I love you Misha, Tonight is the night'Shankar says Bye to Shaurya and tells him that he may get late and asks Shaurya to sleep. Shankar then asks Shaurya how he is looking. Shaurya replies, ' rock man...Good luck!' Shankar says thanks and goes from there. Shaurya thinks, 'I don't understand this Shankar. He says that he loves Misha but he is going to the other girl. But Shaurya, you do one thing...Remove these girls from in between and make your new story...with Shankar')

At the Raichand Mansion Haseena and Siddharth are sitting and talking at the Hall. Haseena touches Sidharth's hand.
Haseena: Siddharth! I miss you. This family feels incomplete. I tried to make you understand a lot. I spoke with you but you did not listen. But it is the truth, if you would have understood then all this would not have been happening.
Siddharth: I am sorry about that Mom. That time I was angry and nothing was getting into my head. And you know how difficult it is for us to control ourselves. It requires ages of practice. Can Dad and Abhay not forget this one mistake of mine?
Haseena: MIstake? You know Siddharth what you tried to do this time. Do you know how angry they are? They want to finish you.
Siddahrth: And I deserve it Mom. I am like that! Always I have chosen the wrong path. I have always gone to the dark side. And now I don't see the way to come back. I am lost! (Haseena keeps her hand on Siddharth's hand. she then gets up and walks slowly in the hall)
Haseena: We will think of something Siddharth! I am sure we will come up with something!
Siddharth: Maybe there is an attack on you...(Haseena turns and looks at Sid. Siddharth gets up from the chair) And I save you then? What do you think?
Haseena: fake attack and you will save me?
Siddharth: Abhay and Dad would know that how important you are to me. And maybe would consider me worthy of staying in the house...
Haseena: May be...It might work... (Siddharth comes to Haseena and holds her hands in both of his hands)
Siddharth: It may work...

Scene moves to the Mount College. T and her friends are walking through the college corridor. T's friends tell her about the pajama party at Pia's room. They tell T that Madame Romanova, a big Psychic, is coming there and will tell the future of all Girls.

Scene moves to Kabir and Angad at Kabir's Home wearing girl's dresses getting ready for the Pajama party. Kabir motivates Angad who is scared by telling, 'Girls Pajama Party...Girls in sexy satin nighties...girls doing pillow fight...girls sleeping in each others laps...Heaven dude...heaven!'

Scene moves to Mount College Hostel. Misha comes in and sees Shankar sitting on a chair. She asks him what he is doing there. Shankar replies her that he is there as substitute Warden. Misha tells him some girls are supposed to come and let them in without too many questions. Shankar asks her why girls are coming. Misha relies that they are coming for studying together. Shankar calls Misha and tells, 'Study hard'. Shankar thinks, 'I should have studied in Oxford how to talk with girls. Loser!' The Warden comes there and thank him. She tells him that things are okay at the house and that he can go now. Shankar thinks that he has to go and join the Party.

Scene moves to Pia wearing black clothes and sitting on a big chair. In front of her there is a table with candles.
Pia: What is this Misha...such a big chair?... What is all this...
Misha: Just relax. It is from the Drama department.It is needed for the effect. You know what look very cool. It is going to be so much fun.
Piya: Don't know why I take your side in your foolish deeds...
Misha: That is the punishment for making friendship with me...
Piya: And you wish that I show my talent in front of everyone...
Misha: Come on Pia. Think how much fun it would be...You will read everyone's mind and then tell them....
Piya: If they find out it is me we will get beatings. (Misha assures that nothing of that sort would happen. She tells her that this time they would do free for advertisement but next time they would charge. Piya tells Misha to sell her and Misha tells her that she would give on rent on per hour basis. Misha tells Pia that she would make her a star)

Misha opens the door of the room. The girls are waiting outside the room. T tries to get in to the room and Misha tells her, ' and dogs not allowed! Shoo...go away!' T tells Misha that Ramonova called her there and that she is a family friend. Misha makes fun of her. T goes inside. Misha asks the other girls to wait and closes the door.
Misha: Madame Ramonova, T is here...the world famous T. She is telling that she knows you personally and that you want to say something to her. (Piya speaks in a different accent and tells T to wait)

Scene moves to Shankar getting ready in friend of the mirror. Shankar is wearing a Saree and looks beautiful with wig and accessories. Shaurya opens the door and sees Shankar. He thinks, 'Why this Shankar is wearing ladies clothes? Is he into all these things? Ah...well...not bad Shankar...not bad...i like it!'

Scene moves to the Hostel. The girls outside pushes the door open and rushes into the room. Misha tells they they all will get their turn and asks them to relax.
Piya: T...You think you are think you are think others are losers...
T: This you told very correct. So how do you know?
Piya: in you mind any dress... (T thinks, 'Black dress with sequence') Black dress with sequence?
T: Ahh...Wow! Now you can tell everything...Can you tell me about my future...just look into my future tell me...
Piya: No! No need fr hand. I see darkness in your future.
T: Ahh? Look carefully...wash your eyes...
Piya: Yes...yes...I see...I see...You meet a handsome Guy...he will be rich...
T: you are talking...
Piya: I see he will be blind...and deaf that he does not hear your words. That is the only way child...somebody will fall in love with you.
T:Oh really? You don't know anything. Go back to Russia... (T goes off followed by her friends)
Tracker: Hi Madame Romanova! I am Ruhi. I fast on every Monday with fruits and dry fruits so that I get best man in life. India-Russia anything would is okay with me.
Piya: Your problem is...who you are with be with that person...They call you Tracker? (Ruhi says, 'yes') You have to be non-tracker. Angad is your true love (Angad in ladies clothes is happy hearing that and does a namaste sign) Be with him!
Tracker: Oh wow! I was searching in the whole world but he was in my street. Thank you Madame Ramanova.
Piya: Bless you my child! (Tracker and Angad goes from there. Misha chases the rest of the people and tells that there is time for only one person. Kabir dressed in Sari is standing in front of Piya. Misha goes out. Piya senses Kabir. She thinks,'Kabir, you came up to here? What to tell you...that I can never love to tell you without hurting you?')

Kabir: Madame, please tell something...
Piya: You...your love... she loves somebody else...(Kabir is sad hearing it) She was never yours. If you have to be in her life you will have to be a friend...just a friend...
Kabir: If that is what is written in fate let it be that way...
Piya: Accept it my son!
Kabir: Thank you Madame...(Kabir goes from there)

Precap: Abhay tells Piya that he thought that she would be sleeping. Pia tells him that she was not feeling sleepy. She tells him that for the past few days she feels the same way and tells him that she is not even feeling tired. Abhay is worried.

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