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5th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 141) Piya and Abhay saves Panchi from Siddharth

Siddharth and Abhay
Episode 141 starts with Siddharth about to bite Panchi. Suddenly he senses something and stops himself. Abhay's Car reaches Siddharth's residence. Piya sees Panchi's car and recognizes it. At his house Siddharth comes to his human form. Piya gets out of the Car and rushes to the house calling Panchi's name. Abhay too gets out of the Car and follows her. Siddharth bends and rubs his nose on Panchi's neck after removing her hairs to the side. Piya pushes the door open calling for Panchi. She sees Siddharth and Panchi in a romantic posture and is embarrassed. Siddharth and Panchi straitens themselves.
Siddharth: Oh...Hello
Piya: I am sorry!
Panchi: Pia...you here? (Pia goes near Panchi and sits in front of Panchi holding her hands)
Pia: Panchi...I felt that you are in lot of trouble and I am sorry I got so worried that I came searching for you here...I am really sorry...
Panchi: Don't worry Pia. I am fine but that is so sweet of you...
Siddharth: Yes Piya and Abhay...how very sweet of you all...Don't worry Pia...You and Panchi are fully safe here. Allow me to get us all a drink to calm the nerves a little. (Siddharth looks at Abhay and goes to get the drinks.Pia gets up and says, 'Oh God!')
Panchi: What happened?
Pia: I don't know (Pia sits on the Sofa) but anyway you are safe so... (Abhay goes near Siddharth who is standing near the bar counter and pouring the drinks)
Siddharth: Wow little Brother! Amazing timing as always... Looks like you got watchman's duty. Now you have to follow Pia every moment. I hope she tips well. Tell me one thing friend...How are you going to do this? You are not jobless that you will stay with her all the time. Sometime or the other you have to separate from her. I don't know...like the next full moon day...(Siddharth raises his eyebrows)
Abhay: Just to remind you...I am not going anywhere leaving Pia...Where Pia would be there I would be...I will not leave her and go even for a moment. Is that clear enough?
Siddharth: Wow! Where ever she goes you follow? (laughs) But really Abhay...seriously...how do you do that? How you are able to love Piya? To love a heart is needed and you don't have heart. How do you do it friend?
Abhay: I love Piya...with every breathe of mine...I don't need a heart for that... (Siddharth mocks him by acting as his he is wiping his own tears)
Siddharth: That is beautiful man! (laughs) You are saying dialogues like a Human. Yeah Abhay...you have such a big misunderstanding about yourself. You are a Vampire, a bad one...but you are still a Vampire!
Abhay: I have not forgotten anything. In fact you have... that today was one of your biggest Failures.
Siddharth: That's where you are wrong Brother! I never lose! You have to remember that you have not defeated me so far in the what...last 150 years... Now see...in order to defeat me what you did to Pia...you bit her! (Sid takes his tie off) Come little Brother, our preys are waiting for us...

At the Hall Panchi and Piya and sitting and talking.
Piya: So...
Panchi: Don't ask Pia...my life has changed! Now I have no complaints to anyone. I am so happy that he loves me...
Piya: Wow Panchi finally...
Panchi: Yeah! Piya, all this happened because of you. Siddharth told me how much you helped him. (Pia holds Panchi's hand)
Pia: I am happy that you are happy Panchi.
Panchi: I am. By the way how come you are here with Abhay? I mean...I thought...that you have some problems between you...
Piya: Panchi, finally he told me that he loves me... (Panchi holds Pia's hand)
Panchi: Wow! I can't believe this! maybe that's the magic of the night... we both got our love...You know the Romance of full moon night?
Pia: Yeah! Like they say in Movies that full moon night is lover's night (The girls laugh)
Panchi: My God! So real...right? (The girls laugh)

Panchi is sitting on a chair and Sid is sitting on the arm of her chair chatting with Panchi. Piya watches them and thinks, 'If really I can read the mind of people I should read for Panchi. Let me see what is in Siddharth's mind' Abhay comes behind her. He says in mind, 'No Pia ...Don't do this! You won't be able to read his mind...nor mine! And if you understand the reason then...No, don't do this Piya...'
Abhay: Piya...Let's go!
Pia: Yeah! Panchi... (She goes in front of Panchi and Siddharth) Now I leave okay? (Panchi and Siddharth gets up.)
Panchi: I will actually...even I will make a move. (Panchi keeps her drink on the table)
Siddharth: Okay...Panchi (Siddharth hugs her looking at Abhay. He moves her hair aside. Abhay looks at Siddharth in anger)I will see you soon!
Panchi: yeah...Bye!
Siddharth: Piya...You can come over any time... (Panchi, Piya and Abhay goes from there and Siddharth says, 'And I am still hungry!')

Scene moves to Next Day Morning, Mount College Class Room. The students come into the class. Misha comes last. She shows an angry signal at Piya and goes and sits on another bench on the opposite side. Piya looks at Misha but she does not look at Pia. The teacher comes into the classroom and the students greet her. While the teacher is writing on the Black Board Piya messages Misha, 'What happened? Why so angry?'Misha reads the message and sends a message back, 'About your BF...Birdie was telling me. Not fair! I thought we were BFF's' Piya reads the message and smiles. She messages back, 'Now I am telling you what happened...' Misha reads the message and gets up from the bench. She signals Kabir who is sitting behind Piya to move aside. Misha then gets on the desk and tries to sit on the bench Piya is sitting. But the History Teacher catches her while she is on the top of the desk itself.
Teacher: Misha, What is this? what are you doing?
Misha: Mam, actually I was not able to see the black board. So I thought that I should shift ahead. My eyes have gone weak...
Teacher: Yeah...yeah...I am seeing! Last month you did a lot of studies.... (Misha sits on Pia's bench. The teacher turns to the Black Board)
Misha: so tell me...
Pia: What tell you...nothing....later...later...
Misha: Please now Pia bloody later...tell me now...even that Birdie knows everything and I am an ignorant moron! please Piya tell me... Full moon night...dark night...the two of you in forest...what happened?
Piya: keep Quiet!...what's wrong with you?
Misha: Please now...now...now...Piya give some information...I am your best friend... (The teacher notices the girls chatting and silently comes and sits on the bench behind next to Kabir. Misha persists, 'Some info Piya' and Piya refuses. This goes on for some time)
Teacher: Shall I give information? (The Teacher gets up from the bench and walks to the front of the Class) All of you write the info...write it down please...Misha Dobriyal would be on detention after the college...Now if she opens the mouth I will make her wash the walls of the college for one week, okay...got it? Wrote it? Good! (The Teacher goes to the Black Board and Misha talks in whispers to Pia)
Misha: Pia...Now I got punishment. At least tell me now please...
Piya: Why with you I also should get detention?
Misha: Okay, Don't tell me now. Tomorrow night at Hostel Girl's Pajama party...No Boys okay? Full on Boyfriend Gossip okay...(Piya nods)Yeah...game on! (Kabir listens. Kabir thinks, 'Okay! No Boys ehh...? Pajama Party and all...Let's see Misha...We shall see!')

Scene moves to Shankar walking at the College Corridor with a Bouquet of Roses in Hand. He thinks in mind, 'I will leave these flowers for Misha in the locker...from an admirer. I wish Misha if I could write my name on this. But for now I need to become your friend. Maybe you would discuss with me about this flowers as a friend and you will see how good I am...I hope Misha this goes well...I hope...' Piya's Hostel Warden comes from the opposite side. She sees Shankar and stops him. She tells him that she was looking for him. She asks him if he could substitute for her at night as her sister is not well and she has to go meet her. Shankar excuses himself telling that his relatives are supposed to come. The Warden tells him that she would ask some one else and goes from there.

Scene moves to Kabir and Angad at the College Corridor. Kabir tells that Misha has organized a pajama Party for girls at the Hostel. Kabir tells that all the girls in College would be there and there will also be a Fortune teller there. The guys make plan to go to the hostel in disguise as girls. Shankar overhears the conversation. He goes back to the Warden and agrees to substitute for her in the Hostel. The Warden thanks Shankar and tells him, 'I owe you one' Shankar tells in mind, 'No, I owe you one!'

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Chand and Haseena is in conversation.
Chand: It is surprising Haseena that you did not have an idea what the consequences could be 9Abhay comes down the stairs)
Abhay: What happened Dad? What's wrong? (Abhay comes to the hall)
Chand: Ask her! What ever we talked how carefully she has informed Siddharth, Right?
Hasina: Oh Come on Chand...You know why I went there. I was just trying to protect Siddharth. You both wanted to kill him...I just couldn't
Chand: You couldn't? Do you know that by saving Siddharth you not only put Abhay but also the entire city into trouble... Do you realize that? I can believe that you don't know what Siddharth is about to do. But you know what he can do...
Haseena: Yeah, I know...what Siddharth can do...(Abhay is angry and controlling his temper) And you are right! I went there just to tell him that I choose Chand and Abhay. I have removed him from my life. Are you happy now?
Chand: In order to stop the beast in Siddharth we have only one way...that we all are together.I hope we understand that (Chand looks at Abhay and Haseena who nods. Chand goes and sits on the chair. He notices that Abhay is going out)
Chand: Abhay,Where are you going?
Abhay: To Piya's Hostel Dad! Siddharth is in a look out of opportunity when Pia is alone so that he can attack her. I need to protect her. I need to go to Piya. Full night I will stay outside her Hostel. (Abhay turns to walk)
Chand: Wait! I will also go with you! (Abhay nods and Chand gets up from the chair. In the silence of night we well get some good air...I like it! (He asks Haseena, 'Coming?' Haseena does not respond. Chand says, 'See you around!' and follows Abhay out of the House. The father son duo walks towards the Car. Chand takes the driver seat and Abhay sits on the front passenger seat. As Chand and Abhay goes away Siddharth gets out of his car and walks to the Raichand Mansion. Siddharth says, 'Ahh...Home sweet home!')

Haseena is sitting on her chair at the Hall. The door bell rings. Haseena goes and opens the door. She sees Siddharth at the door.
Hasina: What are you doing here? I told you... I choose Chand and Abhay...(Haseena tries to close the door but Siddharth stops her by coming forward)
Siddharth: Mom! Please listen to me...please just hear me...

Siddharth and Haseena are sitting on the hall.
Siddharth: Mom...I have become all alone... You and Dad was always with Abhay. You did not even turn and look at me once...did not think about me...Not even once you thought that you have created one more son who needs you in his new life. Maybe that is why I am so angry with Abhay...I am jealous of him...I am jealous because he has a family and I do not have one. (Haseena sits forward)
Haseena: This many years this hatred has been burning us. We are separate from the world then too are not together. Siddharth...I want you to stay with us...I really do! But you know Chand and Abhay...
Siddharth: We will manage it. For that I need your help. Just come to my side and we will manage it! (Haseena thinks) Please Mom! (Haseena nods)

Precap: Siddharth says, 'I have always chosen the wrong path...always gone to the dark side...And now I don't see the way to come back...I am lost!' Hasina tells him, 'We will think of something Siddharth. I am sure we will come up with something!' Siddharth asks her, 'Maybe if you are attacked?'

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