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7th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 143) Misha finds that Shankar is Pintoo

Abhay tells Pia, 'I love you Piya, You are mine...'
Episode 143 starts with Misha stopping the girls outside Piya's room. She lets Shankar who is dressed as a lady into the room first and closes the door from outside. Shankar walks in and stands in front of Piya who is dressed as Romonova. Piya thinks,'Uff...all the Guys in the College has come to this Party or what?' Shankar is shocked when Pia as Romonova recognizes him as a Guy who has come to the Girls Party dressed up as a Girl. Shankar tells that if the Girls come to know they would beat him with sandals and requests her not to tell anyone. Piya nods.
Piya: Misha...that is the girl you like...
Shankar: Wow! You know what is in my heart
Piya: You should tell her. I know she is a very strong girl. If you don't tell her you will never be able to love her, right?
Shankar: Right mam! Thank you so much...
Piya: God bless you with wisdom... (Piya then signals him to go. Shankar goes out and Shaurya dressed up as girl makes an entry. Shaurya comes and stands in front of Piya. he thinks, 'Now how will I ask my Question? How to tell that my heart beats only for Shankar. Ah...I love him' Piya is shocked hearing it. Shaurya says in mind, 'But he is in love with some girl' Piya thinks, 'Oh God what is he saying...It means he is Gay...Oh God Misha...'
Shaurya: Madam, I just wanted to ask you that
Piya: away! I cannot see anything. I can see only darkness...just go...I need rest. Just go! (Shaurya goes off and Piya removes her hood and keep her hands to her ears. She sees the girls trying to get into the room and puts the hood back in place. Misha stops the girls. Piya says, 'Now I don't want to meet anybody. I am tired...please leave... I cannot see anything anymore...Please leave...' Misha tells the girls to let her find what the problem is. She pushes out the girls and gets to the room and closes the door.
Misha: You need rest? What have become a star now itself? (Piya tells that she is tired hearing  what is in the minds of people. She reveals to Misha about Guys dressed as girls.Misha asks everyone to come in)
Misha: Hi Guys...Listen up. Madame Ramonova wants to say something. (Everyone comes inside)
Tracker: What? what?
Misha: Hold on ...Hold on...She is tired so it is enough...So ladies and laedaas! I mean Guys...You Guys can leave now... (Misha counts 1,2,3,4 and points to Kabir, Angad, Shaurya and Shankar. Angad tries to cover his head with the dupatta) Angad, No use hiding any more...
Kabir: Misha...How did you know?
Misha: It is so obvious (Kabir takes his wig out)
Kabir: Okay, No Problem. If you have known give liquor.
Misha : What liquor?
Kabir: Oh...Come on Misha...( Angad and Shankar removes their wigs) According to my fantasy in girls party you all drink a lot, right? (Misha nods no. They hear the Wardens voice and the students run haywire. Majority of them manage to get outside the room)
Warden: What happened? What happened to my girls? Who are you all... Catch... Stop...Security! (She comes inside the room) What is this Drama? (She looks behind the chair) Who is behind? Come out! I said get out! (Misha reluctantly comes out) Who else is with you? (Tracker comes out saying, 'Hi Mam'. The Warden goes to Pia and asks. 'And who are you?' The Warden removes the hood from Piya's head) Oh...Piya Jaiswal...You have exceeded all limits. I did not expect this from you. (Tracker is shocked. Piya tries to say something) Shut up! No excuses! And Misha you...I need to talk to your Dad...
Misha: Mam, Please listen...
Warden: Not another word...Go and silently sleep all of you...I will deal with you tomorrow, understand? (The Warden goes off and Ruhi charges at Pia for fooling her.

Scene moves to the Misha, Piya and Tracker on the same bed. Tracker tells Piya that she acted well as Romonova and comments that by staying with Misha she has become a full actor. Misha asks Piya if she can have some water and Piya goes to bring water. Piya comes with a glass of water and finds both Misha and Tracker sleeping. She keeps the water on the bed side table and switches off the night lamp. She then gets in between Misha and Tracker on the cot to sleep.

Piya is twisting and turning in the bed unable to sleep. She thinks, 'What happened to me? Why am I feeling so restless? Why am I not feeling sleepy?' She gets up and sits. She sees Abhay standing outside the room by the window. Piya comes out of the room and goes to Abhay. She holds his hand.
Piya: Abhay, here?
Abhay: Just...could not stay away from you...(Abhay holds her hands and they look at each other)
Pia: I am glad you are here Abhay...
Abhay: I felt that you might be sleeping...
Pia: No Abhay! I was not feeling sleepy at all. As a fact for the past few days I am not feeling sleepy at all and the funny thing is that I am not feeling tired at all. I am just awake...It is so funny, is it not? (Abhay thinks, 'Changes are happening in Piya very fast. The second stage of becoming a Vampire has begun...'

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Abhay and Chand are on the Hall. Abhy is sitting on a chair while Chand is pacing around.
Abhay: I am protecting Piya very minute. Yesterday night I was at Piya's Hostel. Siddharth did not come there. But we have to be alert every moment. We have to be alert! Because Siddharth might attack any moment... (Chand sits on a chair next to Abhay) and I am sure he is on the look out for an opportunity...)
Chand: We have to be two step ahead of Siddharth. If we become careless like earlier, he will do everything he wishes to do. So all we have to do is beware!
Abhay: Dad, One more thing! The symptoms in Piya are increasing. She has stopped feeling sleepy. You know what it means...
Chand: I did not expect the effects so soon on her...we have to see that if you are doing the college's preparations well. (Abhay turns his face and sees Haseena coming towards them)
Abhay: Yeah! It is easy enough.
Chand: That is also important. Haseena...(Chand gets up and go from there. Abhay also goes away from there. Haseena thinks, 'They don't trust me anymore'

Next day morning. Misha and Tracker are sleeping on Pia's cot. Misha opens her eyes and sees Piya sitting on her desk and writing. Misha asks Pia if she wakes up early every day. Pia replies that she was not feeling sleepy and adds that for the last 3 days she is not feeling sleepy at all. Misha comes to Pia by crossing Tracker who is sleeping on the bed.
Piya: I have not slept a wink. I don't know what happened.
Misha: Madam, How will you be able to sleep? I are in love...Now the love confession also have happened. So sleep is not possible.
Piya: I hope it is such a cheesy reason.
Misha: Okay, Forget about that! Tell about everyone...Tell me whose was the biggest gossip yesterday night? And ahh Shaurya what was he thinking? (Piya thinks, 'Oh my God Shaurya...How will I tell Misha that whom she loves does not have an interest in girls at all') Piya, what happened? Tell me what he was thinking...
Piya: Ahh nothing...he was not thinking anything
Misha: Piya you don't need to protect me. I am a big girl. I can handle it okay? I mean if he was thinking about some other girl tell me...who is she?
Piya: Shankar
Misha: What Shankar? I don't care about Shankar...tell me what Shaurya was thinking...Come on...
Piya: I mean...Shankari...He like some girl called Shankari...
Misha: What? What rubbish is this ? Who is Shankari now? (Piya nods that she does not know) God! my life is so funny...Where is she from? (Tracker gets up) Oh my God...we are sitting here and chatting and I completely forgot Project Submission and I did not copy your notes...
Tracker: So what? We have to give after 20 days only...Just go off to sleep friend... (Tracker falls back to the bed again)
Misha: yeah...she is right!

Twenty days later...

College Classroom. Ms Protima Das Gupta is sitting on a chair. She asks the class to submit their assignments. One by one students go to her and submit their papers. Pia submits her assignment and Ms Dasgupta is happy seeing it. Ms D compliments her and tells her that they all have a lot of expectations from Piya. Misha submits her 4 page assignment and Ms D questions her. Misha tells her that her handwriting is small. Miss D tells her that it is her brain which is small and that she is always making excuses. Ms D asks Misha what she was doing in the last 20 days. Misha tells her that 20 days is less and if she would have got one month she would have written another 2-3 pages. Ms Dasgupta tells her considering that she writes an average of 2 pages in 10 days she should be able to complete near Graduation in 40 years. Tracker gets up to submit the papers. She is having bandage on head and hands. Ms D tells that this sort of excuses don't even work at nursery school level and orders Tracker to remove her fake Bandages. Ruhi tells her that her Mother is very sick and she has been going and coming to Hospital the past 20 days. Ms D tells her that she saw Ruhi with her Mom the previous day eating snacks outside. The students in the class laugh. Ruhi tells that it might be her clone. Misha tells Pia that Tracker is always spending time with Angad and that she at least copy pasted. She asks Piya how she managed to write such a big novel and asks her where she had the time. Piya answers in mind, ' I had all the time Misha...In 20 days I hav enot slept even a wink....night and day...I don't even feel any tiredness...don't know what happened to me...'

Scene moves to Misha collecting her Sarees from Dry cleaners.She hears someone calling her name and recognizes the lady as Pintoo's Mother.
Shankar's Mom: Misha, How are you dear? What is this all? These are your Saree's?
Misha: Yeah...
Shankar's Mom: How lucky I am. Now a days girls after marriage not wearing Saree's. But my Misha...good daughter in law. You always like to wear Saree's?
Misha: Who... daughter in law?
Shankar's Mom: You, Misha. My Pintoo is tells the are very lovely. From the time he met you he started loving you even more...He is very much in love...
Misha: Pintoo? Who Pintoo?
Shankar's Mom: Oh...He did not tell you that he is Pintoo? So much loves you but don't know who he is waiting for. I told him to tell everything to Misha...but he says first friendship and after that love. I tell you silly boy...
Misha: Yeah silly...but who is this silly boy?
Shankar's Mom: Shankar! We call him Pintoo lovingly.
Misha: Shankar...Shankar is your son? Pintoo...

Scene moves to Piya sitting in a chair at the College Canteen. She thinks, 'Everything looks bright and someone has put fresh colors in the whole world...Is this how every one in love feels? It feels like there is no end to happiness. Like I am in an endless dream and there is Abhay and me and no one else' She sees Abhay walking in her direction and gets up. Abhay looks at her but turns and go the other way. Piya sits down thinking, 'Abhay, what was that? Again I have to face that stupid behavior of yours? Why in one minute you change my entire world? What's happening? '

Abhay stops walking and takes his mobile from his pocket. He then sends an SMS and resumes walking.

Pia's mobile beeps and she reads the message from Abhay , 'Piya, Please meet me near the south corridor' Piya gets up from the chair and walks through the college corridor. Pia stops and looks around. Abhay who is standing behind her leaning on to a pillar calls her.
Abhay: Piya...
Piya: Abhay (She goes close to him) you (He keeps his hand on her arms)
Abhay: We have to stay away from each other in front of others.
Piya: I am with you Abhay! Whether in front of everyone or away ...may be not in front of everyone but your love is enough for me. (Pia hugs him. Abhay hugs her back)
Abhay: Piya, I love you...Now I don't want to stay away from you. You are mine...and mine alone! You are mine...I love you Piya...I love you...

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