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12th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 147) Misha makes Piya and Kabir Show Stoppers

Pia kisses Abhay on cheek
Episode 147 starts with Abhay watching Pia and Kabir together. Misha and Tracker watch the Couple in awe. Misha asks Tracker if she is seeing what Misha is seeing. Tracker nods and Misha tells her that she thinks that Pia should give Kabir one more chance.
Misha: Seriously…We would make them a couple…setting starts… (Tracker is excited and both the girls laugh. Misha goes to Kabir and Pia) Wow Kabir! You are a Champion! (Abhay walks away from there) Now…Come with me. Pia..just stay in for a minute… (Misha leads Kabir to a place to sit and both sit) Okay, look! I am the in-charge of this Inter Collegiate Dance Competition. And this all I am doing to cheer up Pia. Piya is my friend…and you too! I also want to cheer up Pia…and you also…I want Pia to forget Abhay and you also want the same thing.
Kabir: So what do you think Misha?
Misha: Oh God Kabir! At least put some efforts from your side… You blind! Just get with it dude! I want you and Piya to give it another try…you know to be a couple…you both look sweet together.
Kabir: You are great Misha… Chocolate on your mouth…I so love you dear! (Misha looks at his questioning with eyes) I mean…I love Pia…but to tell the truth I had lost my hope fully. But now if Misha baby is with me then Pia has to give in.
Misha: Great! Now listen! I will make you show stoppers in this dance competition. Bad news is that you people have to practice more…evening…alone…at my home…you get it, right? (Kabir is happy)
Kabir: I so get it Misha! You know what? You are really a good friend…for me and for Piya. And now you will see I promise you Misha that this time I will not let Pia get out of my hands. (Kabir gets up and Misha pulls him back to sit.
Misha: Carm down! I will go home and make the preparations for this dance practice and till the contest goes on this excuse would work…and by the time win her heart you loser!
Kabir: Promise Misha! Kabir’s promise! This time Pia baby will be mine (Misha and Kabir smiles)
Misha: May the force be with you Mister! (Misha leaves from there after some friendly gestures)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Siddharth is leaving after Lunch and Arnab, Madhu and Panchi are seeing him to the door. Madhu asks Sid how the food was and he replies that it was very good. Madhu tells him that she is very happy that he came and asks him to come often. Panchi saves Siddharth from Madhu telling that Siddharth is getting late. Siddharth bids bye and leaves and Panchi goes out with him.

Siddharth and Panchi walks out together towards Sid's Car. Panchi apologizes to Siddharth for her Mom's behavior. Sid tells her there is no need to feel embarrassed and tell her that her parents are sweet and cares for her a lot. Siddharth thankd Panchi for inviting him to her home and giving a peek into her life. Siddharth tells her, 'Honestly I liked what I saw' Panchi tells him, 'You are such a sweet heart' Panchi asks him if he liked her family why don't he join them for dinner. Sid gives the excuse of work and gets into his Car relieved to be finally out of there. Panchi thinks how lucky is she to have Siddharth in her life.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Misha comes running into the Auditorium where guys and girls are practicing their dance steps calling out for Pia. Misha tells Piya that she has decided who the show stoppers of the contest would be. She tells Pia that it would be Pia and Kabir. Kabir also comes there and Misha conveys her decision to him. Abhay enters the Auditorium and sees Piya sitting with Kabir and Misha on either side and hears their conversation.
Misha: It means you guys have to practice more. Let's do one thing...let the first practice session be in my house. I am putting Music System in Papa's study. In life first time the study would look interesting...apart from Papa's boring books.
Kabir: You are too good Misha...Thanks friend! You know Piya this time we will Prepare for dance in such a manner that not only inter colleges but the whole city would not have seen dancers like us (Abhay looks at them from behind)I am so gonna rocking babe...
Misha: really now Kabir!
Piya: thank you Misha... You are such a great friend.

Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car with Piya by his side. he has a serious look on his face and is driving the Car fast. Piya looks at him.
Piya: Abhay, I am not able to handle this secret meetings. If this goes on for some more time my head will blast. And what happened to you? Why are you driving so fast? (Abhay stops the Car) Abhay, what happened?
Abhay: You tell me...Full time you spend with Kabir and now evening also private classes...
Piya: Come on Abhay! I do not understand you at all. On one side you tell me that we cannot reveal our relationship. And on the other side I cannot be dancing with you in front of the whole college, right? Come on Abhay! Kabir is such a good friend of mine. And this I did not decide...Misha decided...and we are not practicing alone. So if Misha has decided it what would I tell her? Sorry Misha...I can't come because my Boyfriend stopped me? Come on Abhay it's so dumb! (Abhay is silent and gloomy. Pia looks lovingly at him. She moves towards him and keeps her head on his shoulder. Abhay starts the Car again) You know what Abhay? I think maybe you also do not know that even when you are jealous you look very cute. I love you so much Abhay! Anyways, we have to be meeting in secret hiding from everybody...so what ever little time we have let's enjoy it! I love you so much! (Abhay looks at her and whispers, 'I love you!)

The Car reaches in front of the Dobriyal House gate. Abhay stops the Car and Piya lifts her head from Abhay's shoulders. She releases her seat belt and tells him, 'Bye Abhay!'. Abhay says 'Bye' too with a gloomy face. Piya then kisses him on his cheek. Abhay lovingly looks at her. Piya gets out of the car and walks towards the Dobriyal House after waving at Abhay. Abhay says in mind, 'I have to wait for you here Pia'

Scene moves to Panchi lying on Bed with a plate of Chips in front and taking to Siddharth over phone. Siddharth is making a card Castle at his home. Panchi tells Sid that she is lucky that Sid is so sweet and came to meet her Parents. She tells Sid that her Parents are impressed with him.Sid is irritated that he has to make the conversation and tells Panchi, 'No...no...babe...I am the lucky one! You don't know how happy I am to get you' Sid puts his phone on speaker mode. Panchi tells him, 'I am so happy! You know what I am missing you so much...' Sid replies, 'Even baby, I am missing you so much'. Panchi asks him to join for dinner and Sid tries to tell an excuse. Panchi then tells him to make it another day as Misha's friends are coming. Siddharth gets interested and asks who are coming. When he hears that Piya and Kabir are coming he asks what time they would be there. Panchi tells him that they should be there any moment and suggests that they go for dinner somewhere alone outside. Siddharth tells him that it was a boring and silent day for him and tells Panchi that he would come to her home. Panchi is excited and asks him to come soon.

Scene moves to Misha bringing Piya upstairs to the study which is illuminated by spotlight and candles. The servant comes there and keeps flowers there too. Piya gets suspicious and asks Misha and questions her. Misha tells her that she just wante dto brighten up the room. Piya tells her that she has a strong feeling that Misha is up to something. Pia then realizes that Misha could be trying to set her up with someone. Piya tells Misha that if she is thinking of setting her up with someone she has to stop. Piya tells Misha that she is not interested and reminds her of the 'I hate Men Club'.

Scene moves to Madhu coming into Panchi's room with some clothes and keeping them in the cupboard. Panchi who is reading a book and eating chips informs her that Siddharth would be coming for dinner. Madhu panics and starts giving instruction to servants. Madhu sees Chips packet in Panchi's hand and scolds her for having junk food. She tells Panchi to go and change and that they would go to parlor. Panchi grumbles. Misha and Piya also come there. Misha makes fun of Panchi. Madhu scolds Misha too and tells that all of them should go to the Parlor.

Scene moves to Siddharth arriving in front of Dobriyal House and getting out of the Car. Abhay also gets out of the car and the Brothers face each other. Siddharth questions Abhay with his eyes.
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Siddharth: Abhay, you should stop following me. You should get a life!
Abhay: I said...what are you doing here?
Siddharth: Not that is any of your business, my girl friend invited me here. Unlike some people who do not have an invitation and is here on Driver's duty.
Abhay: Just be careful Siddharth! Just before even looking at Pia think first that I am here...watching you!
Siddharth: yeah...yeah...yeah...Boring! Anyways, I am here to meet my girlfriend Panchi. But if Pia comes near me and talk to be I cannot be rude, can I? And by the way you should not have a problem. I mean...Pia and you are not together, right? What happened? (Abhay charges at Siddharth and Sid meets him half way. They stand very close to each other)
Abhay: just watch out Siddharth! (Siddharth laughs) Just watch out!
Siddharth: Just like a broken tape recorder Abhay!
Abhay: How low will you stoop? (Kabir's Car comes there) How much? (Kabir opens his Car door)
Siddharth: Till now you have seen nothing. Just wait and watch (Shows the sign with his hands. Kabir thinks, 'This Abhay...what is he doing here? Anyways, does not make a difference to me' Kabir shuts his car door) Ahh...look who it is...(Siddharth tells him that he was waiting for Kabir and walks into Dobriyal House putting a hand around Kabir's shoulders. Abhay watches him in anger. Siddharth turns back and shows a 'I will eat you' sort of sign with his mouth. Abhay thinks, 'What do you think Siddharth? Is this all a joke? I will not let you go near Pia. Piya cannot read what is in your mind but I can bring your reality in front of her. And this time I will make you taste your own medicine' Episode ends

Precap: Arnab Dobriyal talks to Madhu regarding finding out some information about Siddharth like family background, parents etc and he does not want to do the mistake they did with Danish. Madhu tells him that Panchi might not like it. Arnab tells her that then they have to do it in such a manner that Panchi would not suspect.
Arnab and Madhu are in conversation with Danish who tells them that he has done a mistake but he would not want to see Panchi with a wrong guy like Siddharth. Arnab asks him if he has any proof and Danish tells him that there is something fishy about Siddharth.

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