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9th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 145) Abhay chooses T as Dance Partner to make Piya jealous

Abhay hugs Pia from behind at the Locker Room
Episode 145 starts with Piya looking around and wondering where Abhay has gone. She thinks, ‘Why did he become this upset? He only told that we should hide our relationship. So why is he so upset?’ Piya sits on a chair. Abhay who is walking in the college corridor takes his mobile phone out of his pocket and sends an SMS to Pia, ‘You had only Kabir to dance with? You know that he likes you and you are cozying upto him. You did not think about me?’ Piya’s mobile beeps and she reads Abhay’s message. She sends him a message, ‘Are you jealous?’ Abhay replies, ‘Yes, What do you think? I wouldn’t be?’ Piya reads Abhay’s message and smiles. She types another message, ‘awwwww so cute he he’ Abhay replies, ‘Fine, Be that way I don’t want to talk’ Piya types another message, ‘My love, Please don’t be angry. I cannot see you angry. Tell me what can I do? I will make it up to you’ Abhay reads Pia’s message and replies back, ‘Alright! So then you have to kiss me in front of the whole college without telling anyone that we have any relationship’ Abhay walks off. Piya’s mobile beeps and she reads his message and smiles.

Scene moves to next day morning at Mount College Campus. Siddharth Mehra is walking briskly through the college corridor. He comes in front of the Principal Mehra who greets him.
Principal: Mr Mehra…You...?
Siddharth: Just…I was coming to meet you. Actually the matter is that I take an interest in the activities in the College. I thought I should be hands on Trustee. You know…It is not all about the money…that anyone can give. I was thinking that I will do some small contribution in the activities of the college. You know…give some time of mine.
Principal: Of course! It is a matter of great happiness. Looking at you…you are less of a Trustee and more of an Educator. Anyway, your involvement is always welcome.
Siddharth: Oh great! So you don’t have any problem if I spend some time in college …You know just to get a feel of things.
Principal: No…no…no…Of course…This is your college. Anything else?
Siddharth: That’s about it
Principal: Okay Mr Mehra…See you (The Principal shakes hands with Siddharth and leaves from there. Siddharth says, ‘Ahh…Watch out little Abhay! Wherever you go…you will find me there. One wrong step and you are done! It even rhymes…wow!
Scene moves to Piya walking through the College Corridor. She recalls Abhay’s message, ‘You have to kiss me in front of the whole college without anyone knowing that we are a couple’. Pia thinks, ‘Oh Abhay! Such a big challenge…how will I do? (Nods her head) But I need to reduce your jealousy at least a little Abhay. Seeing you jealous today I am sure you love me. And I also have to show in this test of love that I love you too (Pia smiles). Well…well…well Abhay…I know what I need to do. Mr Abhay Raichand, It is such a cool idea that when I kiss you, you have to accept that you have met your match’.
Piya kisses Abhay
Pia enters the Class room. There are many students there. Abhay is sitting in a bench alone with T’s friends behind him. Piya slowly walks towards Abhay with a smile. Abhay smiles and looks at her. Abhay thinks, ‘let’s see Piya…how you will fulfill your promise’ Piya slowly walks towards Abhay and when she reaches near Abhay she falls on Abhay resting her hands on his shoulders. Abhay holds on her arms. Piya turns her head and kisses Abhay on his cheek. T’s friends watch it open mouthed and with wide eyes. They look into each other’s eyes smiling. Abhay suddenly becomes alert and Siddharth straightens up Pia from her position.
Siddharth: Pia
Piya: Siddharth…
Siddharth: You are alright? (Abhay gets up from the bench) You are not hurt?
Pia: Oh No…I am fine…
Siddharth: You should be careful Pia that you don’t seriously get hurt
Pia: Thank you so much Sir! (She looks at Abhay) But I feel some time we should be careless (Abhay smiles at her) you know sometimes we have to leave ourselves to fate (Abhay looks at Piya with a loving expression).
Siddharth: Oh...ho...That’s deep!
Piya: Yeah! And you know Sir, (looks at Abhay) Gravity should not be always considered responsible for people falling… (Abhay smiles at her)
Siddharth: That’s true! Gravity sucks! (Pia laughs and Abhay smiles looking at her)
Piya: Anyways Sir, What are you doing here?
Sidharth: Well, I am a Trustee of this College and like other Trustees I do not want to do work sitting in a boring Office. I want to be here where all the action is (Siddharth looks at Abhay). That’s why Pia you will see a lot more of me.
Piya: That’s so nice to have you around Sir,
Siddharth: Well I am glad to see that you are happy to see me around. Well then I will be seeing you all…
Pia: Bye Sir!
Siddharth: Bye bye (Siddharth signals Abhay with his eyes. Pia looks at Abhay and raises her eyebrows. Abhay lovingly looks at her and smiles).

Scene moves to Dobrial House. Arnab comes to Misha’s room calling out for her. Arnab sees something in the room and is shocked. He turns and calls Madhu.
Arnab: Madhu…Come here fast
Madhu: What happened now? You forgot something? (Madhu comes to the room) definitely shoes or tie…should have forgotten shoes. You are searching shoes in Misha’s room? Hello…what happened? In house everyone are kids.
Arnab: Now can I say something? See there (Arnab and Madhu looks at the Pin up on Misha’s Cupboard.
Madhu: Ahh…When this happened?
Arnab: I am tensed up thinking of Misha. Earlier I was happy that she is doing strange things in love but somebody seems to have broken her heart.
Madhu: Don’t know Arnab. If I ask her she won’t tell anything. I need to keep an eye on Misha.
Arnab: Hmm. Madhu, we have saved our kids from all bad things but how to protect them from heart break. What can we do?

Scene moves to Abhay confronting Siddharth.
Siddharth: Hello student! Any work?
Abhay: I know you too well Siddharth. What are you doing here?
Siddharth: Well, You know for the past few days you have been troubling me so much that I thought why not return the favor. Come on little Brother…smile…just like old times…you, me, one girl…(laughs) and who knows may be this time we might write our history once again…a new and improved Story of love…I like the sound of that. What do you think? (Abhay says in mind, ‘So you want to play, right? Alright Siddharth…This time the history will change. This time Abhay will not trust on his brother even for a second’) what? Silent treatment again… Come on Abhay you need to learn how to… (T’s friends come there and call Abhay telling that the rehearsals have started at the Auditorium. The girls go from there. Abhay gives a stern look at Sid and walks from there. Siddharth says, ‘rehearsals?)

At the Auditorium T is admiring herself doing some dance step and telling, ‘I am graceful. My comparison can be done with the Black Swan. The only difference is that I am the white swan’. Tracker sarcastically remarks to T that she did not get a partner and that she should understand that nobody wants her here. Misha comes there and tells T that she can be the Water girl serving water at the practice session as she does not have a partner for the dance. Misha tells everyone that all couples will have one signature step and asks every one to watch a couple a couple doing the step.

The couple demonstrates the step where the couple has to hold on to each other’s hand and stretch and the guy listing the girl up and turning around. Misha asks Angad and Tracker to do the step and Angad drops Ruhi while lifting her up. Everyone laughs. Ruhi fights with Angad when he mutters that she should reduce her weight. Misha interferes and asks them to fight stopping and tells the pair that they need more practice. Misha asks Piya and Kabir to do the step. It is then Abhay comes into the room. Abahy sees Kabir lifting Piya up. Abhay comes near Misha and asks who his Partner is. T comes there and claims Abhay. She tells Misha, ‘the real couple of the College would show what dance is’ Abhay keeps his hand on T’s waist and they walk together. Misha remarks, ‘a match made in heaven!’

T and Abhay proceed to do the signature step. Piya who is dancing with Kabir has her eyes on Abhay. T and Abhay do the step nicely.
T: Abhay, You are the best dance Partner. I am so glad I got you.
Abhay: Me too…T! You are the best. (Misha looks at the pair and Piya. Piya is angry and jealous seeing Abhay with T. Abhay thinks, ‘You saw Pia…if you can make me jealous I also can return it’ Abhay and Piya has eyes on each other while dancing with their respective partners. Pia thinks, ‘I don’t believe you. You should not be stooping so low. I was with Kabir because I did not have a choice. But he deliberately chose T…who the hell does he think he is. Misha looks at Pia and Abhay with a strange expression on face)

Pia comes to the Locker room and looks around. She says, ‘Oh God! He is so cheap! What does he think of himself? The way he was using T to make me jealous…I hate him… (Abhay comes from behind and hugs Pia from behind)
Pia: No! I don’t want to talk to you…You did not get anyone else other than that silly T. Look, I am seriously telling…if she touches you I will kill her.
Abhay: Piya, all this is a drama. You know other than you I cannot even imagine any other girl. (Pia smiles) I love you! (Piya turns her face towards Abhay. Abhay fondly removes her hair from her face. A hand opens the door behind. Pia removes Abhay’s hands from around her and tells him, ’Abhay we need to stop! If someone sees us…’ Abhay is in no mood to leave her and still has his hand on her waist.
Piya: You only told that we need to keep this under wraps.
Abhay: It’s tough…
Piya: Abhay…you know what? I am going (Piya shrugs and runs away from there)
Abhay: Pia... (Abhay follows her. Siddharth comes out from behind the door. He says, ‘How very sad little Brother! What time has come…Lovers are forced to hide their love. Don’t worry little Brother. I cannot allow you to hide your love like this. Your love has to come in the open! Everyone should know the extent of your love with Piya…especially those who needs to know’

Precap: Piya bumps on T’s friend. Piya asks her if he is hurt. T’s friend tells that Pia has broken her nail and shows her the bleeding finger. Pia stares at the blood. Abhay appears from behind. He says in mind, ‘No Piya no! This is the third stage of becoming a Vampire. Blood is calling for you!’

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