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1st April 2011 Written Update (Episode 138) Piya reads Misha’s thoughts

Abhay brings Pia back to the Hostel
Episode 138 starts with Abhay and Haseena looking at Piya regaining consciousness. Abhay and Haseena look at each other. Haseena tells Abhay that she will go and bring Chand and goes from there. Abhay goes near Pia calling her name. Pia tries to get up. She seems to have pain on her neck where Abhay had bitten her as she keeps her hand there. Abhay looks at her and thinks, 'Piya I am so happy that now you are alright! It was so painful to see you in that condition. Piya...i am so sorry...' Piya gets up and sits on the bed with great difficulty. She asks Abhay,'Abhay, what had happened to you today? lost all control Abhay! You bite me Abhay? Did you forget who you are and who I am? You are an animal Abhay! (Abhay keeps silence) What happened? What happened Abhay...tell me' Abhay goes from there and Piya lies back on the bed. Abhay hears Chand talking to Haseena, 'Piya should forget all this! Yeah, she must forget everything that has happened.'
Haseena: You are right Chand! We have to do something...
Abhay: If I could have told I would have told her that Siddharth is a vampire...a dark vampire! But I can't do that. Piya is very naive...She is transparent. Siddharth would just have one look at her and know that she knows the truth. And after that he would kill Piya.
Chand: Ahh! Don't worry Abhay! Siddharth can't do anything to Piya. Even since you bit Piya your blood and her blood has become one. Siddharth can't do anything to her now. She is only yours. The question is when her blood would call for you...are you ready for that time? Are you ready? So from now on the Ball is in your court.

Scene moves to Panchi driving the Car. She recalls her conversation with Siddharth at the forest. She remembers Siddharth telling her that Piya should not have called her and that Panchi was not part of his plans. She remembers him signaling her to go away when she asked where Pia is. Panchi reaches the gate of her house and the watchman stops her. He tells her something and Panchi gets down from the Car. She sees Danish and walks towards him.
Panchi: What?
Danish: How are you?
Panchi: Danish, what the hell are you doing here?
Dansh: Panchi, Please just listen to me! I heard about you and Siddharth. But I just be here to see for myself. Panchi you know about the reputation of Siddharth Mehra. He is a Casanova and still you are falling for him.
Panchi; Oh really? Now I have to learn from you what is good for me and what is not good for me. First look at the mirror yourself.
Danish: Look Panchi, I wanted to talk to you for so many days. I felt that you are siddharth Mehra's new toy and he would get bored of you. But things are looking serious. If you ask me the truth I cannot see you becoming serious for any on else. I am sorry Panchi. But believe me! I have done mistakes...and I am getting the punishment even today. My biggest punishment is this that I am away from you. (Misha comes and stops the bike near them. She then pushes Panchi aside and comes in between Panchi and Danish)
Misha: Listen you freaking loser...Stay away from Panchi okay...if you come even near her I will kill you...Danish leave! (Danish walks away. Panchi walks towards the house saying, 'God! I just need to be alone!')

Scene moves to Haseena entering with a tray with a glass of milk on it. She goes to the head of the cot and stands there.
Haseena: Pia, How are you feeling now? (Pia tries to get up. She leans to the head of the cot)
Piya: I want to go home please...
Haseena: Piya, I know how you are feeling. But believe me...whatever Abhay did was not to hurt you...It was just an accident! (Pia sits straight)
Piya: An accident because of who he is! Look...I know who you I have seen his horrifying face...I don't know why Abhay did it...But please I want to go back...please send me back
Haseena: Pia, you are really weak. Drink this milk! After that you may go, Okay? (Haseena gives the milk to Piya and she drinks it. Piya then falls unconscious on the bed)

Scene moves to Panchi who is sitting outside the House in a Bench with a gloomy face. Misha goes to her and sits on the bench.
Misha: Panchi, Please... Come on are crying for him? I mean bloody *** If I see him I will throw him from the mountain. Bloody Moron! He is trying to come back to my sister's life. You know Panchi...Piya tells right...this sort of people cannot see anyone happy! Please...
Panchi: Misha, Please stop it! Please...I need to be left alone...Please understand! I need to think about things...Leave me alone! (Panchi gets up and goes from there.Misha thinks, 'Panchi please don't believe in what that loser is saying. Oh God! This is a big problem. I need to talk to Piya. She is more sensible than me. I need to talk to her' Misha gets up from the bench)

Scene moves to Abhay and Chand entering Abhay's room. Haseena is sitting on the chair near the fire place.
Abhay: Piya?
Haseena: She is unconscious! By the time she regains consciousness she would have forgotten everything. She won't remember anything! (Chand walk towards Piya and passes his hand over Piya's neck healing the bite mark of Abhay. He then comes near Abhay and instructs him, 'Go and leave her at her Hostel Room!'
Chand: We have finished doing whatever we could. Now the game is begun! (Chand and Hasena leaves the room. Abhay comes near the head of the bed and looks at Piya fondly. He thinks, 'Piya...just look at you! So innocent...So naive...So delicate...and me...Today how much I hurt you...I promise you Piya, I did this for your good. i wanted to save you from Siddharth at any cost.I had to do this! I am sorry Pia...I am sorry!' Abhay then gently gathers Pia in his arms and walks out of his room to take her back to the Hostel.

Scene moves to Misha reaching Piya's Hostel Room. Misha is shocked to see that Pia has still not reached Hostel and wonders where she is. Misha remembers seeing Piya with Siddharth and thinks that Piya is not the sort of girl who roams around with her Boss in the night. Misha hopes that Piya is okay and makes a call to Piya from her mobile.

Scene moves to Siddharth throwing things in the room. He breaks the mirror and shouts in anger. Suddenly he remembers something and is happy.
Siddharth: Whoa! (He laughs) well...well...well...little brother (He looks at the broken mirror)By biting her blood and your blood has become one. And blood would call for blood, right? (laughs) Now how will you resist it little Brother? stupid little fool! You made my work even more easier. Oh! All this destruction... (Sid fixes his tie) So like an animal!

At the Hostel room Corridor Misha is trying to call Piya and saying, 'Come on Piya, pick up!' She then stops on her tracks when she sees Abhay carrying Pia and coming through the Hostel Corridor. She calls Pia's name and runs to them.
Misha: What happened? What happened to her again?
Abhay: She fell down unconscious. There are some wounds. If she takes rest she would be alright!
Misha: Dude! This Pia is full on accident prone...She needs a 24 hours security guard...By the way, for this job you can apply too! (Abhay gently puts Piya on the cot) really man! You are little 'sadu' type but you are not dumb.Abhay gently straightens Piya's legs and then keeps his hand on her face gently removing the hair from her face) Can't you see that you and Pia cannot stay away from each other? You wear a board saying I love Pia and she does the same. Then what is the problem? Why aren't you guys together? I mean it is so clear that you guys are made for each other!
Abhay: No Misha! We are not made to be together nor will we be ever together. Never! (Abhay and Misha notices Pia regaining consciousness. Misha goes near her and sits on the bed)
Misha: Hey Pia, are you alright? (Abhay thinks in mind, 'Pia...what do you remember, tell...tell Piya')
Piya: Abhay! (Piya tries to get up. Misha and Abhay helps her to sit by leaning on the head of the bed) How am I here? What happened to me?
Misha: What was to happen? You fell unconscious...fallen down...head broken...Abhay carried you and bought to here...same story, different version! But it is all true... (Abhay thinks, 'That's good Piya does not remember anything')
Piya: Thank you so much Abhay! Sometimes I think that what would I have done without you. I am taking the breathe you gave me... (Abhay thinks, 'Don't make me feel further guilty Pia...Your life had got into problem because of me today' Misha thinks, 'What sort of people am I with...Says he is not meant for her. Piya and Abhay's life is so complex...And there is me who like a loser told Shaurya that I love him. What an idiot I am')
Piya: You are not an idiot Misha! And Shaurya won't think anything like that. As a fact he would also be happy that you love him (Abhay and Misha looks at Piya in shock)
Misha: Piya, How do you know that what I was thinking? Because of the head injury you did not become super it not?
Piya : No! It's just an intuition...I felt it!
Misha: Magic dude magic! Ahhh...Piya, you sure you are alright? (Misha keeps her hand on Piya's forehead and checks temperature. Abhay has a worried look on his face. He thinks, 'So it has begun...What I was scared off has happened. Pia has started reading people's thoughts'.

Scene moves to Abhay opening the doors of his house roughly and walking inside in a hurry.He is angry. Chand who is in the hall with a drink in hand sees him.
Chand: What happened?
Abhay: It is all started dad! The beginning has happened...
Chand: What do you mean it's started? beginning happened?
Abhay: Symptoms Dad! Piya has started showing preliminary symptoms. And she is not hiding it too...because she does not know anything about it...(Chand sits on the chair)
Chand: It has to be stopped here. Otherwise talks would happen and questions would arise...People will understand that she is not a college student...they will be amused...I am afraid Abhay, you will have to fix! (Abhay thinks, 'And I have to do something. No body else can do this other than me' Abhay goes from there)

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