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25th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 158) Mount College loses in the Dance Competition because of Siddharth Mehra

Siddharth tells Panchi that his lips are sealed
Episode 158 starts with Siddharth Mehra talking with a Guy. Siddharth tells him, 'You have to do this for me Mr Malhotra...they have to lose' Danish Singh is spying on them out side the Office. The other Guy says, 'My Vote is always for you Mr Mehra...But I don't understand...' Siddharth cuts him telling, 'There is no need for you to understand. I have my' Mr Malhothra tells Siddharth, 'It's a deal!'Both shake hands and Mr Malhothra leaves the room. Siddharth also follows him. Danish thinks, 'What are your reasons Siddharth? And what are you planning? Who is this man?' Danish leaves from there.

Scene moves to the Stage of the Inter Collegiate dance Competition. A Guy announces, 'Please Welcome Mr Siddharth Mehra' The Dobriyal's are surprised and happy to hear Siddharth's name. Chand and Haseena too looked happy to see Sid there. Siddharth comes to the stage and greets everyone. He tells the Audience that that the performances were great and it is very tough for judges including him to pick the winner. He concludes telling, 'May the best team win, Thank you!'Every one including the Raichands clap. Panchi excuses herself from the Auditorium after informing her Parents.

Panchi walks through the corridor looking for Siddharth. Sid pats her shoulder from behind. Panchi is happy to see him and asks him where he was and tells him that she was looking for him.
Siddharth: This People are keeping the judging system so fact even I don't know who the other judges are. Everything is so secret secret... In fact I feel like a secret agent. Look! I am dressed for the occasion...007...
Panchi: Oh really? If looks could kill, right? (Sid makes a face and both of them laughs)Okay, Anyways...How did you like Abhay-Pia performance? You will give vote to Mount College, right? (Siddharth pulls Panchi closer)
Siddharth: You are taking advantages of being very close to the judge?
Panchi: My Parents are here...
Siddharth:...Okay call them...
Panchi: Okay tell me...Who have you given vote to?
Siddharth: I will tell you but tell me Kabir and Piya were suppose to dance and how come Abhay and Piya danced together?
Panchi: You are right! You know what? Kabir is so sweet...He backed off...He knew if Abhay and Pia dances the chances to win are more. You know what? He is so right! Abhay and Piya chemistry is so amazing. Their pair is made in heaven. They are just unreal.
Siddharth: So unreal and nonsense...
Panchi: Sorry?
Siddharth: So unreal and unbelievable that how perfect they are for each other.
Panchi: Really! Please tell me...whom did you vote for?
Siddharth: My lips are sealed...unless you want to open it up...(Panchi pushes him)
Panchi: Not now...
Siddharth: Maybe later! (Siddharth goes from there and Panchi laughs)

Scene moves to a Guy who collects the Score sheets from 2 Gentlemen seated in a room one of whom is Mr Malhotra. Danish is overhearing the conversation. The Guy says, 'Thanks! So now your votes would be tallied with the votes of Mr Mehra. So Thanks Mr Malhotra and Mr Kishore Wadwa Sir, Okay? (Danish thinks, 'What does Siddharth want? If I understand his Plan I can finally show Uncle on what type of person they are putting their trust on' Danish enters the room)
Danish: You give the votes to me. I came to tally it.
Guy: Are you from the Organizers?
Danish: Yes!
Guys: Oh Sure! Take it...
Danish: Thank you!
Guy: Welcome! (Danish looks at the Score sheets. He thinks, 'I don't believe this...Siddharth voted for Weavers College?')I don't believe this...he voted against Mount College. But their team was better!
Danish: I also don't understand...Judges decisions are final. You please go and announce the Winners.I will take care of these papers (Danish goes from there)

Scene moves to the Stage. The Curtains are drawn. The Judges and Guy are on the Stage.
Guy: So Friends! Your Waiting is over...The results have come! (Panchi comes and takes her seat)Mr Mehra...You all know him...(Audience clap)our Chief Guest and Judge...(Siddharth bows)and now is time to introduce the rest of the two judges... Mr Malhotra from Malhotra Industries (Mr Malhotra waves to the audience)...he also runs schools...Mr Kishore Wadwa, Head of Wadva Dance Academy...(Mr Wadva greets Audience Indian Style with Namaste. One Guy comes and gives the results to the Guy)

Mount College students are assembled together including Abhay, Piya, Kabir, Angad and Tracker. Tracker tells that she is feeling tensed up and is eating. A Guy from the competitor team comes and shakes hands with Abhay telling, 'Congrats! You only would win...our performance was very good. All the Best' They go from there.
Tracker: Wow! How sportive they are...
Kabir: Thanks for everything Guys...Best of luck to you also... (Misha and Piya are standing on either side of Abhay. Piya looks at Misha who ignores her. She then looks at Abhay who looks back at her)

Scene moves to the Stage.
Guys: So friends...the Team which win with 2 votes to 1 is for the 3rd time in a row...Weavers College...(The Dobriyals are shocked. Siddharth acts gloomy and ignorant. Chand has a knowing look on his face. The Weavers College Team are happy. They jump up and give high fives and goes to collect their Trophy. The Mount College group are disappointed and sad. Arnab talks to Madhu and tell that the Mount College team was much better)
Arnab: Siddharth would definitely have voted for Mount College. But the other 2 judges, how come they did not give even a single vote? (Siddharth congratulates the Winning team and gives away the Trophy. The Audience claps. the Winners shakes hand with the judges. Danish comes near the door and tries to get Mr Arnab Dobriyal's attention. Arnab notices him. Danish calls him. Arnab gets up from the seat and goes to Danish. Madhu notices that Arnab is not near. Panchi goes and sits on Arnab's seat. Danish gives the scores sheets to Arnab and tells him, 'maybe you will get the answers from this!' Arnab is shocked to see that Siddharth voted against Mount College. He thinks that if that is the case why he told Panchi that he voted for Mount College. Arnab also recalls that Siddharth looked confused when the results were announced. Arnab thinks, 'What Danish is telling about Siddharth is right? No!')
Arnab: Danish! You cheated on us. I have no reason to believe you... These fake papers you can get from anywhere...What's the big deal?
Danish: Uncle Please...Please wait for 2 minutes here...all your doubts would be cleared...
Arnab: Okay Danish...This is the last time. If you cannot prove anything this time please do not bother me again.
Danish: You want proof, right? Just give me 5 minutes...I'll just come (Danish goes away from there. Arnab looks into the score sheet confused. Siddharth goes to Madhu and Panchi and says 'hello'. When Panchi asks about hs vote Siddharth tells that he tried his best)

The Mount College students are assembled together. They are looking sad and disappointed because of losing out in the dance competition. The opposite team members throw glitters on them and dance in jumps in front of them celebrating their victory. Piya goes to them and Congratulates them. Ruhi is angry and tells Angad that there has been injustice against Mount College and that she wants to go on a Hunger Strike. Angad shows her a gift hamper and tells that he has it and more as gift for Ruhi but as she is on hunger strike he would distribute it. Ruhi tells that she would keep his advice that during failures one should not be sad and grabs the goodies hamper from Angad.
Misha slaps T for insulting Piya
T and friends come to the Room. She sees Abhay and Pia walking together. She speaks to them from behind.
T: You people lost? How could you? (Abhay and Pia faces T)You did many sacrifice to reach up to here, right? You could not do even this much for the college? How losers People can be? And Abhay...You had the best Option...We were the winning combo...But you decided that you will reject me and will dance with this loser Piya. And look at the results...You lost! You bought shame on the whole College...(T walks towards Piya. Misha comes to the room and hears the conversation) And you Charity case...What did you do? You took bribe from Weavers College? Fixed the Contest? You bloody freak...How could... (Misha comes to T and turning her with one hand delivers a hard slap on her face)
Misha: You know T...You are such a loser. You are here for 2 years...Why did you not win so far? Maybe you took money from the Weavers. Now stop being such a @#$% and get lost!
T: You bloody... (T charges at Misha but her friends take her away from there forcefully. Piya is happy seeing Misha defending her and looks at her)
Misha: Abhay, Well done! You gave your best performance...So what if we didn't win? In our loss also there is a victory...well done!
Abhay: Thanks Misha! (Piya looks at Misha with a slight smile expecting that she would speak something. Misha's smile fades and she walks away from there. Abhay looks at Pia who is looking sad)Piya... Misha is in anger right now. But she loves you..
Piya: She hates me Abhay! Didn't you see...She did not even speak one word to me... (Abhay turns Piya towards him)
Abhay: Piya, It will take some time for Misha to cool down her anger. She doesn't hate you. Do you know that T had given Misha itching powder to put on your dress...T thought that she would take advantage of your and Misha's fight. But Misha...Misha put that itching powder on T's dress...Why? Because she loves you...Now she is too angry... but she will understand. You just need to give her some time (Piya nods)She loves you Piya (Abhay touches the side of her face with his hand) I will just go get some water for you...Relax! (Abhay goes, Pia smiles)

Scene moves to Danish running behind Mr Malhothra who is about to get into his Car.
Danish: Mr Malhothra...Mr Malhothra...
Malhothra: Yes?
Danish: Mr Mehra wants to meet you...Maybe it's something urgent. He is waiting for you in the Common Room.He was trying your phone but there seems to be a problem of network here. (Danish looks into his mobile) There is no network in my phone also...and I want to send an urgent message. Can I use your phone please?
Malhothra: Is that important?
Danish: yeah...kind off (Mr Malhotra gives the phone to Danish. Danish sends a message for Siddharth from the phone asking to meet at Common Room and gives the phone back thanking him. Mr Malhotra goes to the Common Room. (Danish says, 'Now let's see Mr Mehra!')

Siddharth gets the message. He reads the message and thinks, 'Now what does this Malhothra need? More money? What is the matter with these humans? How greedy they are...' He says, 'Bloody blood sucking creatures!'

Piya sees Misha at the Dressing room and walks to her.
Pia: Misha...I just wanted to thank...
Misha: Listen Ms Jaiswal...oh wait a minute...Is it Ms Dobriyal now? T was always your enemy...and she felt that she could take advantage of our problems. But she forgot...Misha is not so petty. Oh Come on Man! Itching Powder? How childish...If I want to insult you I won't do so with such small things...Wait for it Piya...You won't get such a small punishment. You are dead for me now. You and I don't exist! Do you get that? (Piya feels sad. Misha turns her face away. She has tears in her eyes. She goes away. Misha turns and looks after Piya goes. she is looking sad too.

Abhay asks Siddharth to stay away from Pia
Piya walks through the corridor. Siddharth sees her and calls her.
Siddharth:What happened? Why so sad?
Piya: Nothing Siddharth...I am...I am just very upset. (She keeps a hand on her forehead covering her eyes for a minute and then removes) Don't know what happened...
Siddharth: Look Piya...Victory and loses do happen...It is not about winning it is about participating...doing the best...and you were so great...(Siddharth thinks, 'Oh Pia...You are crying and I am here to comfort you. How good is that?'Siddharth hugs her.)
Siddharth: Come on...Relax! There is always next step (Abhay sees them)
Piya: Thanks! Please excuse me...
Siddharth: Yes... (Piya walks from there. Abhay confronts Siddharth)
Abhay: What were you doing there? (Siddharth thinks in his mind,'Just like the good old days little a shoulder to cry on for Maithili...')
Siddharth: Piya was crying. I was just making her understand that winning and losing is part of the game. You guys were great. I was just being nice to her.
Abhay: were being nice to her...I trust you...completely! I know you and your evil intentions very well. Stay away from Piya...
Siddharth: Abhay...
Abhay: Stay away...Is that clear? (Abhay walks off from there in anger. Siddharth thinks, 'Little Brother is feeling jealous...What else is new? Burn baby burn...)

Scene moves to Danish and Arnab waiting in a room. Arnab complaints to Danish that he has wasted enough time and is about to go when he sees Mr Malhotra coming to the adjoining room. Arnab signals Danish to be quiet. Siddharth also comes there.
Siddharth: Mr Malhothra...What do you think...I will meet all your demands? I have purchased your vote for which I gave you a big price... Don't even try to extract more money from me...We had a deal. I paid you already for voting against Mount College.
Malhotra: But Sir...I did not say anything. You called me here...
Siddharth: What?
Malhothra: You send that person to call me...That person told me that you would meet me here.
Siddharth: I smell a rat...(Siddharth turns and closes his eyes and then opens them) I smell two rats... (Arnab and Danish hears it) Episode ends.

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