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20th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 154) Misha leaves Dobriyal House

Abhay tells Pia, 'I will be with you forever!'
Episode 154 starts with Piya calling for help to save Abhay's life. She then sees Siddharth coming and call him. Piya asks Siddharth to help Abhay. Siddharth asks her to fetch help while he will look at Abhay. Piya goes from there. Siddharth thinks, 'Well...well...well...little Brother, What have you done? To save Pia you put all your powers and life on her...the life ritual ehh? Abhay, when will you understand that you are an Ordinary vampire...that too a vegetarian vampire...not God. Poor Abhay sacrificed himself leaving Piya for me...Good! Poetic Justice I say...I will write the last chapter of this Story'. Siddharth goes near Abhay and sits beside him. He mocks at Abhay, 'No...No...Abhay...What have you done? You cannot leave me and go. I cannot leave without you...Wait a minute...I am not alive! Funny isn't it? Now only a Vampire can save you. And guess what? I am a Vampire. But there is a small problem. I don't wish to save you. So today you will end and our relationship too. Good riddance!' Siddharth turns to his Vampire form. He suddenly sees T coming that way. Siddharth looks at her annoyed and angry. Siddharth changes back to human form. T sees him standing. She also sees Abhay lying on the ground and rushes to him. She asks Siddharth what happened to Abhay. Siddharth thinks,'Oh stupid girl...she also had to come here. Well, along with Abhay I also have to end her story here'
T: Is he dying? You are taking him to Hospital? Abhay...don't die please...(Siddharth almost charges at T. then he sees Pia coming with the Raichands. T runs off from there. Siddharth thinks, 'I have to act. I have to make the Raichand's believe that I was only trying to save the life of my Brother')
Siddharth: It is good that you people have come. We can still save Abhay's life. (Siddharth kneels beside Abhay. Haseena thinks, 'There is still love for Abahy in SIddharth's heart...You saw Chand...He is trying to save Abhay'Chand responds to Haseena's mind talk, 'I cannot trust Siddharth even for a minute. I know his hatred and him'
Chand: Thank you Siddharth! We will take Abhay with us. Why don't you do something for us? (Siddharth nods) Drop Piya...
Siddharth: But Abhy's life is still in danger! I can help...
Chand: No! Thank you...We will take care. You drop Pia...
Pia: No...I will not go anywhere. Till Abhay does not become fine I will stay here...with him (Haseena thinks, 'Piya is not fully alright...she is very weak...')
Chand: Alright Pia...You go with us. Okay Siddharth...I shall take over from now on...Thank you!

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha is throwing her clothes in a suitcase.Panchi comes running.
Panchi: Misha, what are you doing?
Misha: I am going...
Panchi: What? That is rubbish...
Misha: Really Panchi? I will tell you what was Rubbish...The story Momma told us was rubbish.I don't care about it...years ago whose love for whom was how pure. I don't care about it. Papa cheated on us...he lied to us...and maybe Momma can forgive him but not me...I know.Everyone thinks that I am very bad...and I should understand Papa...but no! I am sorry...I cannot forgive heart is not so big...
Panchi: Misha...Keep patience...understand...
Misha: Panchi, You are very good, right? You be patient. It is not possible with me.
Panchi: Misha...have you thought? Where will you go at this time of the night?
Misha: I don't know. I just can't live here,okay. Today will go tonight to Tracker's House and then I will think about it. (Misha goes out of the room and Panchi whispers, 'Oh God!'She then opens the table drawer and takes a CD from there which she hides underneath Misha's clothes. She then sits on the cot crying. Misha comes and closes her suitcase. She then walks off from there).

Next Day morning at Raichand Mansion. Piya wakes up. She sits up and wonders where she is. She then whispers, 'Abhay...Where is Abhay?' She gets out of the cot and rushes out.

Chand and Haseena are in the Hall. Haseena is sitting in a Sofa while Chand is walking to and fro with a drink in hand.
Chand: When will you understand that we cannot trust him? He is not worth it...He is evil! He is trying to get an entry into this house by helping Abhay...I don't know whether you don't see it or you don't want to see it Hasina.
Hasina: Chand, This many years have passed...still I did not say anything. But I trust Siddharth. He will mend his ways for me. He will!
Chand: I cannot trust him. i don't trust him. If he wants to come back to this house...He will have to prove that he has changed...And be grateful Haseena that we reached near Abhay at the right time. Otherwise don't know what would have happened.
Haseena: Oh Come on Chand...Siddharth was just trying to help! (Haseena sees Piya opening the door and coming down the stairs) I spoke to the Doctor. Piya was sleeping. She is just going to be fine! (Piya comes near them) Right Pia?
Chand: How are you Piya?
Piya: I am fine...How is Abhay? Where is he...?
Chand: He is sleeping...He is alright! (Pia is happy)
Pia: God...Thank God...Thank God (She sits on the floor with tears of happiness flowing from her eyes)

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Many students have gathered near T and her Bimbo friends.
T: I should get this year's Bravery Awards...because yesterday night I saved Abhay's life...
bimbos: Wow!
T: You know what? He was unconscious...looks like almost he is dead...and I got scared. I went and got his Parents and got him to consciousness. His Mom and Dad thought they have lost him. But I got him back...That was a scary moment and I was brave enough that I saved Abhay Raichand's life...
T's friend: Wow T! By the way you know save someone and they will owe you big time...
Other girl: Now he will not forget your favor life long...Rather, now his life is given by you...
T: Yeah...T has right over Abhay Raichand...sounds good!

The door bells rings at Raichand House. Haseena opens the door and sees T, her Bimbo friends and 2 other girls on the doorstep with flowers and gifts. Haseena asks them what they wanted. T replies that they have come to meet Abhay as he is sick and not in a good condition. Haseena lets them in. T and gang rushes to Abhay's room. Abhay is lying on the cot looking weak. The 2 new girls sit on the Cot. One girl says, 'Abhay, you become alright fast and come to College, we would love to see you there' The other girl looks at Abhay and says, 'Don't you think in college they should allow black pajamas. We should request the Principal'. T pulls the girl from where she was sitting and sits there.
T: Only my name is written on these Black Pajamas! Abhay, you scared me...I felt that you were dead!
Abhay: really? I don't remember anything...
T: You only need to remember one thing...that you owe your life to T, right? (Abhay looks at her. The girls kiss Abhay one by one saying 'Get well Soon' and leaves from there. Pia looks at them and then turns her back with no sign of jealousy or anger on her face. After the girls go off Pia comes to the room and stands at the feet of the bed )
Piya: Enjoyed your attention? Your ego got satisfied? By the way...from when you started enjoying attention?
Abhay: You felt bad?
Pia: Yeah...felt bad...I don't like when this Bimbos come closer to you.(Piya turns her face away)
Abhay: really? (Abhay tries to get up but as he is really weak he almost falls back. Piya rushes to him calling his name and gently puts him back to bed. She then lays next him by putting her head on his chest and holding hands on his arm. Abhay caresses her head with his left hand) You make me complete...!
Piya: Abhay, wish if we could go in front of the whole world hand in hand.Abhay don't know why we have to hide our relationship from everyone...
Abhay: I don't know anything Pia...I only know this much that I am with you...and I will not let it change...Never! I will be with you forever!

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is standing near the window looking outside. Madhu comes there and sees his Tea.
Madhu: Your Tea has become cold...I will go and make another...
Arnab: No Madhu! leave it!
Madhu: Okay, Eat something please...Arnab, You don't take this much tension please...
Arnab: No, Madhu...all this is because of me...You are getting punished for my mistakes...Everyone is angry with me...I need to go somewhere far...very far...from where I won't spoil your life...(Madhu holds on to Arnab's arm and leans on him)
Madhu: Arnab, Enough! You are not going anywhere...This family needs you...our daughters are angry with us, right...we will make them understand...When they calm down they will come back on their own...First, let's start with Piya...Her anger is very old...first let us make everything right with her...then Misha...after that we will talk to Misha...She is at Ruhi's place and is perfectly alright. Arnab, don't you know her? How stubborn she is...Everything would be alright.
Arnab: No Madhu, This time she is very angry...What all she told me...
Madhu: And we also listened, right? Enough...Now she will listen to us. Come on Arnab, let's start with Pia... Let's go...let's bring our daughter home...
Arnab: I don't deserve you Madhu...
Madhu: No Arnab, Together in everything...Remember? (Arnab hugs Madhu)
Arnab: Yes!
Madhu: Come on...Let's go!

The Door bell rings at Raichand Mansion. Haseena opens the door with Chand behind her. The Raichand's see the Dobriyal's at the door.
Arnab: Where is Piya? We have come to take her.
Chand: Wherever she is...she is fine!
Arnab: Well...That's not your call. I am her Guardian...I am her father...Who are you to keep her here?
Chand: Piya will stay where she wishes to stay.
Arnab: And her wish in not to stay at our house...but to stay in yours? Look Mr Raichand! My family is going through a rough time...I suggest that you don't complicate matters more...Pia is my daughter and no law in this world would permit you to separate her from me...
Chand: Law? (laughs) What law? I am afraid Mr Dobriyal, she is an orphan girl. To take her away from here you have to go through a long fight.
Arnab: And that wish to fight with me?
Chand: Not me! Court would not permit to take her from here against her will. They won't let you!
Arnab: We shall see... (Chand signals Haseena with eyes and she closes the door on the face of the Dobriyals)

Haseena and Chand walking in the Hall.
Haseena: They came to take Pia...No way! After her wounds yesterday if any Doctor in the World tests her they will know how we saved Pia... (Haseena sits on the Sofa) No Chand! We cannot let them take her! (Chand sits too)
Chand: Arnab Dobriyal is Pia's legal Guardian and biologically her father. If he goes to court... he may win! And then we will not have any real reason to keep Piya with us. Therefore... we have to protect all condition...Piya...(Pia comes near the Raichand's)
Pia: Mr Raichand, I am very thankful to you that you people did this much for me but this time I will have to go with these people (Haseena gets up from the Sofa)
Haseena: No!
Piya: Auntie...You know that if this matter goes to the court it will become a very big problem. Mr Dobriyal...he won't give up so easily. (Chand gets up too) He waited so many years to get me. And I don't think he is going to stop. You all have done so much for me and I don't wish that you get into any legal issue because of me. I also know what is at stake...I know how Abhay saved my life. (Episode ends)

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