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15th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 150) Misha finds out the Piya’s Mom Suganth was Arnab’s College friend

Misha flirts with Abhay at the College
Episode 150 starts with Abhay and Piya bringing their faces closer in the Locker Room. Suddenly they hear Kabir's voice calling out for Pia. Piya moves out of Abhay's embrace telling, 'Abhay, Kabir!' and pushes him to hide. Abhay hides behind a Gym Cupboard with Piya's shrug in hand. Piya goes forward and meets Kabir who asks her if she is okay. He tells that Misha had called him and informed that Pia is having some back pain.
Piya: know?
Kabir: Yeah...Misha also told me that you got some sun burn.(Kabir takes an Oilment from his Pocket) Look! I got something for you.
Piya: Thank you Kabir! But I am perfectly alright.
Kabir: meaning?
Piya: Means...It's healed now. I got my medicine. I am fine now.
Kabir: But really Pia this one is really good. It can heal any sun burn in a day. I guess but your medicine is better that it worked fast.
Piya: (Looks at Abhay's direction) very good...very soothing (Abhay smiles)
Kabir: But what happened to your cheeks? It is totally red...(Piya smiles) I think the medicine worked but left its mark...
Piya: yeah... (Misha comes there with some files in hand)
Misha: Ah...haa...You people are hiding here? Dude...get a room.
Kabir: No friend, there is nothing like that. I came to inquire about Pia's health (Kabir goes from there)
Misha: And Madam, Tonight you have to come and do not give any dumb ass excuses.
Piya: I will come.
Misha: You know what? The invitations have gone to the entire College. And yeah...Momma has called Abhay's Parents also and Abhay too!
Piya: Okay!
Misha: Sorry about that! But you know what Pia I think Abhay really likes you. I mean he behaves sulky with you and plays ego ego but I just don't should stay careful of him (Pia smiles).
Pia: Don't worry Misha I will be careful okay. I will stay away from him.
Misha: I hope he stays away from you. Is it not weird that where you are he reaches there like he has got some sixth sense or something (Misha looks around) Who knows he may be around somewhere here (The girls laugh and Abhay smiles too standing at his hiding place) You watch out!
Piya: I will!
Misha: Now will you keep saying I will or will you help me with this heavy files? I am dying because of its weight. (Pia takes some files from Misha and follows her out of the Locker Room after giving a look at Abhay's direction. Abhay also goes from there)

Scene moves to Misha and Pia walking in the College Corridor. Kabir jumps in front of then and goes on his knees.
Kabir: Behold Ladies! Don't carry this much weight. Your delicate hands cannot bear this much weight. (Misha puts the files she is carrying and the ones in Pia's hands to Kabir's extended hands)
Misha: Awesome! Then take all these Mr Non-delicate. If you want to become chivalrous get these files to my home. I have so much work (Misha and Pia walks past Kabir. Kabir gets up and walk along with them)
Kabir: (To Piya) madam, Shall I drop you also along with your things to Misha's place. I am sure you are also going there. (Misha thinks)
Misha: Kabir, That's a brilliant idea! You know what? I have to go on bike and carry these things too...How is it possible? (Looks at Kabir)So you safely get Piya home okay...safely (looks at Pia) and Pia you go home and sort out the pictures (Pia nods) I will see you there.(Misha winks at Kabir and gives a thumbs up sign walking past them standing hidden from Pia. Kabir and Piya looks at each other and smiles. Misha sees Abhay coming their way. Abhay stops when he sees them. Misha thinks, 'Oh God! Here he is again! Wherever Pia goes he gets attached to like Magnet. I will have to handle him'. Abhay walks forward. Misha turns and looks at kabir smiling and then rushes to meet Abhay to flirt with him.
Misha: Abhay! (Misha stops Abhay by keeping both her hands on Abhay's shoulders. Piya looks at them amused. Misha puts her hands around Abhay's neck. Abhay does not even look at her) Evening...You...Me at my place...(Misha runs her finger from Abhay's forehead to nose and then put the hand back to where it was) Party...Dying to see you there...(Abhay removes Misha's hands from his neck and after looking at Kabir-Piya, turns and walk away. Misha then turns and smiles at Kabir and Piya. Misha then walks off followed by Piya and Kabir)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Piya and Misha are sitting on Misha's cot looking at photos and sorting them out. While Piya is sorting out pictures Misha looks at old photographs. She looks at one of her Parent's photograph and notices Piya's Mom Sunganth on the background.
Misha: Oh my God Piya...You are not going to believe this! (Misha shows the photo to Piya) This is your Mom's Picture, right? (Piya looks stunned and Misha is excited) I just don't believe this dude! My dad knew your Mom while at College? How happy Papa will be to know that you are the daughter of his old friend? I just don't believe this Pia. You know what this means? You know I always felt that you and I had some old connection and today I have been proved right. You are so special(Misha hugs Piya) I will go show this to Papa...Oh God... (Misha runs out of the room shouting Papa. Piya is worried)

Misha comes down the stairs calling for Arnab.
Misha: papa... (She comes to the Hall where Arnab is sitting with a laptop in front hiding the photos behind her) papa...papa...Guess what? (Arnab gets up)
Arnab: Where is the fire?
Misha: Very silly Papa! Okay listen! You like Piya very much, don't you? (Arnab nods. Piya comes down the stairs half way) Like she is a member of the a home person, right? (Pia thinks, 'Oh God! If Misha gets suspicious it would become a big problem. She should not know at all. She just can't know!'Pia is just not my friend. We all have a relationship with Piya. You will not believe... Today I have discovered an old relationship of you and Pia. I found out that you and her Mom Suganth were in the same College. I mean you knew her!
Arnab: Okay! Don't know...I am not remembering anything properly.
Misha: Come on Papa, remember! You were not like old type and her Mom is also very beautiful...with eyes like Pia...big...big...and curly hair like Piya. I mean Carbon copy...ditto her! Oho Papa see! (Misha shows the Picture. Arnab looks at the picture and Piya)
Arnab: Ahh..Now I remember little little...Maybe that time did not know well (Piya is shocked by Arnab's response and feels bad for her Mom. Arnab looks at Pia who wipes her tear and goes from there)
Misha: Come on Papa! I am sure she might have been a very close friend to you. Just look at her!
Arnab:yeah, Maybe!
Misha: Papa, Buy memory pills for you...wasted my energy! (Misha takes the picture and goes from there. Arnab feels bad and closes his eyes as if he hates himself and then keeps his hand on his forehead)

Piya is out of the Dobriyal House walking and crying. She makes a call to Abhay crying and tells him that she is near Misha's House. She then sits down on a swing. Piya recalls Misha's description of her Mom and Arnab's response. Piya thinks, 'Piya, Why are you crying? This is what you wanted. This is what you told him... that he forget Momma and that there was any relationship and not to tell anyone. Then why are you feeling this troubled? Why are you feeling that today you have been cheated big time?' Piya cries.

At the Dobriyal House hall Arnab is sitting on a chair by the fire place looking worried and troubled. Madhu comes there and asks him what the matter is and he tells her that he is tired.
Madhu: I can imagine. With children around one is bound to get tired handling their problems, tensions, parents we have to bear it all. And we also have to think about their good. Thankfully Panchi would get settled this time.
Arnab: Talking of Panchi...I just remembered that we did not invite Siddharth's Parents for today evening's Party. We must call them.(Arnab calls Panchi and tells her that they want to meet Siddharth's Parents at the Party. Panchi is reluctant telling that it is too soon but after some reasoning from Arnab and Madhu, Panchi agrees to call and inform Siddharth).

Panchi calls Siddharth on the Phone. Siddharth who is driving the car picks up the call. She tells him that her Parents would like to meet his Parents at the evening Party. Siddharth tries to excuse himself telling that it is too soon and that his Parents are in Delhi. Panchi tells him that Delhi is not far and that the Wedding Anniversary of her Parents would be a perfect occasion to meet his Parents. She requests him telling to do it for her and keeps the phone down.
Abhay comforts Piya
Scene moves to Piya sitting on the Garden Swing. Abhay comes there. Piya goes to him and hugs him saying his name. Abhay hugs her back comforting her by rubbing his hands on her shoulder. When she moves from his embrace, he removes the hair away from her face.
Abhay: What happened Pia? Why are are giving yourself this much sorrow?
Piya: Abhay, I don't have any one. Neither Mom...nor Papa...Now there is no one to call my own... (Abhay cups her face with his hands)
Abhay: No Piya, no! You are not alone! I am here for you...only for you! Now I cannot stay away from you. I cannot go anywhere leaving you. If anybody is there or not I will always be with you...Forever! (They hug again)

At the Dobriyal House Arnab is getting ready. He is dressed in a Sherwani and admiring himself in the Mirror. He asks Madhu if there are smart girls in their Guest list. He then goes to Madhu who is sitting with face pack on her face and tells her that the Anniversary is not the next day.Madhu tells him that she is feeling scared. Arnab tells that he is feeling scared thinking of Madhu coming into the Party like that and takes the Cucumber slice from her eyes. Madhu asks him to get serious and tells him that she is scared thinking of Sid and his Parents at the Party. They then hear Panchi and Misha fighting.

At Misha's room Misha and Panchi is fighting over an yellow top. Madhu and Arnab comes to the room. Madhu interferes and asks Panchi to give the top to Misha. She tells Panchi to wear something traditional as Siddharth's Parents are coming.

Scene moves to the Hall which is beautifully decorated for Arnab and Madhu's Wedding Anniversary Party. Angad and Tracker make and entry first followed by T and her friends. Kabir comes to the Party with his Dad while Danish walks alone followed by Chand and Haseena Raichand. Panchi comes down the stairs wearing a Green Saree. Madhu goes near her.
Madhu: My God Panchi! You are looking gorgeous! Did I not tell you to wear something traditional...See how you are shining (Madhu fondly touches on Panchi's cheek)Oh my God... Where is Siddharth by the way?
Panchi: Mom, he is on the way!
Madhu: Let my daughter be saved of evil eyes today... (Madhu goes from there and Panchi walks to the side of the stairs where she sees Danish)
Danish: Panchi!
Panchi: Danish! Not again...I don't even want to speak to you (Panchi turns to go away but Danish catches her on her hand)
Danish: Panchi Please...Listen to me!
Panchi: What are you doing here?
Danish: I wanted to keep an eye on you.
Panchi: Who are you to keep an eye on me? (Panchi removes his hands and tries to walk away. Danish stops her by holding on to her shoulders) How dare you?
Danish: Listen to me Panchi! I have done a big mistake losing you. You had given a new meaning to my life. And by losing you I have lost everything! But I still care for you. And I am here today for you...if you need me.
Panchi: I don't need you! Leave me alone (Panchi pushes him but Danish stops her again)
Danish: Panchi, Listen to me! I am living my life with your memories. It is your memories which gives me courage to live my life. I won't tell you to love me. My love is not selfish. I only wish that you be happy...even if that is with some one else (Panchi is affected by the sentimental talks of Danish) I just hope you find happiness! But not with him...Siddharth is not a good Guy Panchi...There is something really wrong with him (Panchi tries to free her hands from Danish's hold) You understand what I say Panchi please... (Panchi frees her hands)
Panchi: You know Danish Singh! There is no need for you to worry about me. Who I am with and how he not your problem! (Panchi turns and walks away as Danish watches. Panchi thinks, 'Don't take his words seriously Panchi. His sweetness is fake. He is poisonous. You concentrate on your life...On your love...You are in love! But Siddharth is a much better human than Danish. He is not like that sleazy Danish!'. (Episode ends)

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