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18th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 152) Arnab Dobriyal reveals that Piya is his daughter

Arnab tries to stop Abhay who is carrying Pia away
Episode 152 starts with Arnab questioning Siddharth. He asks Sid to give an explanation as to why his Parents were not aware that he studied in IIM Ahmadabad and not Kolkatta.
Siddharth: Panchi, Do you remember that I told you my Parents died in my childhood a fire (Panchi nods). They are actually my Foster Guardians. They were looking after my Father's Estate. If they wanted they could have taken my Dad's Property from me. But they did not do like that...they were loyal. When I turned 18 they put the entire Trust back in my name. After that I went to IIM Ahmadabad and from there Harvard...and then MIT. The are very simple people...They would have gone out of Delhi very less. I am sorry that you feel strange but my Dad's Estate Manager is not that educated that he knows the difference between the IIM's. If you get acquainted with them you will know that they are very simple people. But they have one thing which they have given me unconditionally...that is their love. The love of parents! So I am sorry Sir that I introduced them as my Parents but...
Arnab: Siddharth...(Arnab keeps his hand on Sid's shoulder)I am sorry...I am extremely sorry that I misunderstood you. Your Parents should be proud of am I. I am convinced that Panchi is in good hands. I will see you downstairs (Arnab goes off. Panchi keeps her head on Siddharth's shoulders. Siddharth thinks, 'Just believed it? How easy was it...almost too easy(Sid pats on Panchi's hands which are on his arm) Oh...this is so boring!(He looks at Panchi and smiles)

Piya is sitting outside on a bench at the Garden. She thinks,'I hope Abhay does not get caught. What is he going to do? How will he sort this out? I am getting a very bad feeling' Siddharth comes from behind.
Siddharth: Princess Piya... Hello! (He comes and sits on the bench with a Drink in hand)
Piya: Hi Siddharth!
Siddharth: Everything alright? What happened?
Piya: I don't know Siddharth...these days I feel very strange. You know...nothing feels good. In the night the moon makes me feel very calm and the next moment I feel that it is the moon which is making me feel restless. In the day it is even worse!(Siddharth sees a drunken Guy coming their way with a drink in hand) I am unable to bear the heat...I feel too hot...I feel like my skin is burning (When the Guy comes near Siddharth extend his leg and the Guy stumbles and falls down on his face)
Piya: Oh God!
Siddharth: Oh God Uncle...You are alright? (Piya goes and sits by the guy whose hand is bleeding from the broken glass. Piya stares at the blood. Siddharth kneels and looks at the cut in hand) Piya, It is bleeding. Waiter! (Someone comes with a white cloth napkin in tray. Siddharth takes the napkin) I will clean this up... (Piya stares at the blood and feels uneasy. Siddharth wipes the blood from the Guy's hand and then give the blood soaked napkin to Pia) This has to be tied up (Pia keeps looking at the Blood in the napkin. Siddharth ties another napkin on the Guys hand) You do one come with me! Piya...I am taking him inside and give him first aid... Come! Careful... (Sid takes the Guy from there. Piya also gets up from the ground with the blood stained napkin in hand. The waiter extends his hand for the napkin but Pia does not give it to him saying that it is hers and she will clean it. The waiter goes off. Piya brings the Napkin to her nose. She thinks, 'What is happening to me? What the hell am I doing?'She smells it. She almost brings it to her mouth and withdraws thinking why the smell of a dirty used napkin is attracting her. She throws the napkin away. She holds on her neck and says in mind, 'I am feeling very thirsty...i am feeling restless ...I am feeling a strange pain'. She stared at the napkin she had thrown away and runs and picks it up. She smells it. Siddharth comes from behind. Piya thinks, 'This's smell is comforting me, why? Why am I getting attracted to this smell? What's happening?' Siddharth smiles and then comes near Piya)
Siddharth: Piya, Not to worry...put medicine for Uncle...He will be alright... Are you alright?
Pia: Yeah...
Siddharth: What are you doing with this dirty napkin?(Siddharth takes the napkin from Piya and throws away)Come on... let's go! I am sure you must be hungry (They go away from there.

Scene moves to Abhay who is searching in Arnab Dobriyal's study. He looks in CupBoard, shelves etc. He switches on the Computer. He then finds the CD in Arnab's Computer Table Drawer. He throws the cover away and inserts the Cd into his Coat Pocket. Misha and Kabir comes there at the same moment. Misha switches on the light.
Misha: Abhay, What are you doing in my father's Office? Are you trying to steal something? (Misha runs to were Abhay is standing and sees that the Computer is on)My God...You are sneaking on Papa's Computer?
Abhay: Listen Misha, There is nothing like that...
Misha: Do I look blind to you...or totally dumb? I mean I can see all this...What is your work in this room when the Party is outside? I always knew that the Raichand's are weird. From the time you people have come to the city you have always been secretive. Your Papa and my Papa are competitors, right? Is this the way you compete? Kabir, Call Papa right now!
Abhay: Kabir! (Kabir goes from there)Misha, Just don't panic. Don't create a scene. I can explain everything.
Misha: No explanations needed Abhay! Your actions explains everything...

Scene moves to the Arnab, Madhu, Siddharth and his fake Parents stand by the Bar Counter and talking.
Siddharth: So Dad, You made the Dobriyal's worried with your ignorance? For the last time... I am from IIM Ahmadabad and not IIM Calcutta. I was there in Calcutta for one year work experience.
Mrs Mehra: These much many achievements and all the names are confusing... (Kabir comes there and speaks to Arnab in hushed tones. Arnab and Madhu rushes to upstairs followed by Kabir. Panchi tries to stop her Parents and they just rushes ahead. She catches hold of Kabir and asks him where they are going. Kabir tells him that Misha has caught hold of Abhay at Uncle's study room while Abhay was stealing something from the Computer. Piya overhears this and Kabirs rushes upstairs. Panchi also follows him. Piya thinks, 'Oh God! What has Abhay done? He will get trapped because of me. No way! This time I will not allow him to be insulted in front of all. Enough! Now I won't allow Abhay to spoil his reputation for my sake. I won't'. Piya also goes upstairs.

Arnab and Madhu comes to the Study Room.
Misha: Just look at him Papa...See what he is doing. He came to steal from your Office. You only told me that you and the Raichands are applying for the same Tender. And Junior Raichand was spying here (Arnab and Madhu are shocked). He was sneaking on your Computer. Papa, just call the cops and let them deal with him. (Arnab goes and stands in front of Abhay)
Arnab: Abhay, What is all this? What were you doing here? (Kabir comes to the room) You know something? You and your Family...I noticed...are always up to something. And this time you have crossed the limits (Arnab pushes Abhay who does not resist at all) came here to steal? (Panchi comes to the room followed by Piya)You know what? You were caught while spying. Do you know the punishment for this? You will go to the jail for that many years that you will forget counting.(Arnab raises his hand to hit Abhay)
Piya: No! (Arnab and Misha turns to look at Piya. Siddharth also comes to the room)
Misha: What no Piya? What is the matter with you? What magic has he done on you that you are defending him? What have he ever done for you? Who is he to you? Our family has treated you like a member of the family...we gave you love and support...for that you support him who is stealing from our house? I mean you...
Piya: Enough Misha! No need to interfere in the matters which you do not understand. What do you know about love? Have you ever loved anyone? I know Abhay...he has not done any stealing...He is not a thief!
Abhay: Pia...
Piya: Enough Abhay! (Siddharth smiles. Kabir is confused) Misha did a favor to me for my friendship. All these people showed love to me and did he a favor. You bought an Orphan girl home and gave place in your heart, right? Misha, was this your friendship? In one problem you counted all your favors on me...You know what? Now I don't need any favor from anyone. As a fact I don't want to stay in this house for even a minute. Abhay please...let's leave! (Arnab is shocked) Let's go from here... (Abhay moves from there but Misha keeps her hand in front of him and stops him)
Misha: Wait! Piya, If you feel that our friendship is a can leave! But not him! Kabir, Frisk him!
Siddharth: Allow me! (Siddharth goes to Abhay and pulls him to one side and starts frisking him. He tells Abhay that they will put him into jail and that would be fun. Misha looks at Pia in anger. Siddharth finds the CD and shows it to everyone)Well, stealing is caught! Abhay was taking this CD and running away (Abhay seizes the CD from Siddharth and breaks it with his hand. He puts the pieces down)
Misha: What the hell? (Misha picks up the pieces and looks into them smiling) You are such a loser Abhay! You came to steal and going after stealing such a ordinary thing? This CD I made for Papa's Anniversary. In this there are only some old memories of Dad. It has nothing for you... (Arnab realizes why he did it and looks at Piya)You are such a bloody fool man... And you... You make me sick Pia! Papa, Will you let him go like that? Why aren't you calling the cops? (Arnab keeps silence)
Piya: Why don't you tell anything? Why are you not telling anything? How long will you make excuses? In this life give me at least one opportunity that I won't have to feel ashamed because of you? Do something...Say something! (Misha pulls Piya by hand and flings her across the room)
Misha: Why the hell are you talking to my Papa like that? (Piya goes and hits on book shelf. The glass breaks and Piya falls down bleeding. All the people present in the room are shocked including Misha. The Raichands then enter the room witnessing the scene. Piya's eyes are closed and blood is spreading from underneath her neck. Sid tries to stop Abhay by catching his hand. Abhay pulls his hand away and rushes to Piya. He whispers her names and gathers her in his arms. He then removes the glass piece from her neck (Siddharth watches amused) Arnab who was in shock and silent rushes to Piya calling her name. Arnab gathers Piya in his arms and sits on the ground. Abhay moves and stands behind them. Misha watched numbed)
Arnab: Pia daughter...Piya...Piya...Piya... (Arnab looks at the blood) something! Please...Do something! She is going to die... (Madhu faints and Panchi takes care of her) Open your eyes Piya! Come on...You are stronger...Nothing will happen to you...Open your your eyes! Who told you? Who told you that I don't love you? Who told you? I love...I love you...I love your Mother... I am not at all ashamed that you are my Daughter! (Misha and Panchi are shocked while Siddharth looks amused) You tell that I don't talk. You have complaint that I don't stand up for you. Look! I am talking...(Madhu is crying)Piya...Piya...look, I am to me! Piya please...Open your eyes! Pia please open your eyes...God...God...Do something! God...(Arnab looks around and then shouts) What are you looking at? Call for the Ambulance! Now! (Misha rushes off)

The Doctor is checking Piya's pulse and informs that the pulse is very weak. He tells that a lot of blood has gone and cannot wait till the Ambulance comes. The Doctor asks who is the immediate relative and Arnab tells him that he is her father and they share the same blood Group which is AB+. Abhay is worried. Siddharth thinks, 'Oh really! That would be an exposure! This could be fun...' Haseena talks in hushed tones to Chand that piya's Blood is not human. Abhay thinks, 'Oh No! When they test your Blood these people would get scared. They won't understand. Our whole family would get exposed. I will not let it happen'
Abhay gathers an injured Piya in his arms

Abhay removes the glass piece from Pia's neck
Arnab Dobriyal gathers Pia in his arms as Abhay and Misha looks on
Abhay seizes Piya from Arnab and walks to the direction of the door carrying her in his arms.
Arnab: Abhay, What are you doing? Abhay, Stop! Abhay, What are you doing?
Abhay: Listen, Mr Dobriyal. When Pia needed her Dad then you did not accept her. So now there is no need to show this false concern. I am sure that now also Pia would not wish to take any favor from you. I am taking Piya and going.
Doctor: Her condition is very weak...
Abhay: I said I will take care of it. I can take care of Piya. I do not wish to have her stay in this house for even a minute. I am going!
Siddharth: Well...That's all final? But you are forgetting that here is a patient who needs medical attention...and we do not have the time. Doctor, look at Piya's blood...don't you feel strange...don't you think there is something weird with it? (Everyone looks at the direction of blood and Abhay stares at Siddharth in anger)

Precap: Abhay is driving the Car with Chand on the front seat while Haseena is seated on the back with Piya's head on her shoulders.
Chand: We got her from there? But will we be able to save her? I think it is too late.
Abhay: No, Nothing will happen to Piya. I will save Pia.
Haseena: What? What did you say? You will save her? Don't even think about it Abhay. You know how dangerous it is. You may even die!

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