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29th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 162) Siddharth asks Arnab Dobriyal Panchi’s hand in Marriage

Siddharth tells Panchi, 'I shall love you till death'
Piya walks through the Forest to meet Abhay. Abhay is standing underneath a tree. Piya stealthily goes and hugs him from behind. He smiles and turns to her. He cups her face with his hands and kisses on her forehead and whispers ‘I love you’. They hug.
Abhay and Piya Romantic moments
Abhay kisses Piya on forehead
 Piya and Abhay share some romantic moments seated under the tree with Piya leaning on to Abhay and Abhay holding her hand.
Pia: Abhay, here with you…far from the world…it feels like we both are in a bubble…just you and me… You know something? When in front of everyone I see love for me in your eyes for me I feel very happy.
Abhay: Piya…(He touches the side of her face with his fingers) You are very cute and very romantic…
Piya: Maybe a little too much Abhay… But may be this is called love…to give all your heart. Abhay nobody would be able to separate us, is it not? No one? Nothing?
Abhay: No one Piya…Nobody can separate us. You are mine and I am yours forever… (He kisses on her forehead) I love you Pia…I love you! (Abhay and Piya remembers their many romantic moments together and shares kisses and hugs)
Scene moves to Danish running through the forest. He falls down. Before he becomes unconscious he calls Abhay and Piya.

Scene moves to Madhu walking to and fro in the room worried.
Madhu: He is not in the Club, is he not? (Madhu nearly collapses. Panchi comes running to her. She consoles Madhu and makes her sit on the Sofa. Panchi then sees Arnab getting into the house looking worried. Panchi runs to him and hugs him.Arnab goes and sits on the Sofa. Panchi continuously asks him questions as to where he was and if he is okay but Arnab does not answer. Panchi tells him that she was about to go to Siddahrth’s house to take his help in searching Arnab. Madhu tells him he could have at least made a call.

Misha comes in front of Dobriyal ride riding on her bike. Misha peeps into the room and sees Arnab safe. Arnab hugs Panchi and Madhu. Misha thinks, ‘Now the family has become complete. Thank God Papa is alright. But I guess they don’t need me.’ Misha turns and walks away. She gets into her bike parked in front of the house. Inside the House Madhu tells that she was so scared. Arnab instantly becomes alert when he hears Panchi talking to Siddharth on Phone and informing him that Arnab has reached home. Arnab is worried looking at Panchi who says ‘I love you ‘ to Sid and happily chats with him. Arnab remembers Siddharth’s conversation to him and threat to keep the secret. Madhu goes upstairs calling Ramsingh. Arnab thinks, ‘Oh No Panchi…You did not see what I saw in Siddharth’s eyes. Siddharth is not an ordinary man. I saw a monster in him similar to what I saw in the jungle of Dehradun several years ago. He has a devil in him. He is very cruel. If I try to tell you anything he would kill you. How to tell you? What to do? How to save you from him? Someone should be there who could help us. Some one…’

Scene moves to Danish sitting underneath the tree and Piya and Abhay stands near by.
Danish: Siddharth has kidnapped uncle.
Piya: Abhay, How can that happen? Why should Siddharth kidnap Papa? What does he have to do with all this…Oh God! Abhay, do something…Abhay just please help us…I don’t know…

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is seated on the Sofa and Madhu comes down the stairs. Panchi tells Madhu that Siddharth is so relieved that Arnab has come back home.
Panchi: Mom, Siddharth is coming to meet Papa. I hope it is okay with you. (Arnab is immersed in thoughts)
Madhu: Of course dear ! That is perfectly fine… Now he is a part of our family. Of course you can call him. Go ahead!
Panchi: Thank you so much. By the way Papa…(She comes and sits on the arm of the Sofa) you made us all scared today. You know Papa…In this whole situation only Siddharth was calm. He made me understand that maybe your father want to be left alone and should be given time to think. But you know Papa…we became so tensed…Mama was so worried… (Panchi keeps her head on Arnabs head hugs him leaning on to him) You know Papa…I am so lucky to have Siddharth in my life. He is such a blessing! (Arnab remembers Siddharth telling him to watch his step failing which Panchi would become Tandhoori Panchi. Arnab holds Panchi’s hand and gives a fake smile)

Piya, Abhay and Danish are at the Jungle.
Abhay: Danish, we need to go and search for Mr Dobriyal.
Piya: Don’t know where Papa would be… (Piya keeps her hand on her forehead in worry. Abhay comforts her by keeping his hand on her shoulder and telling, ‘Pia relax…don’t worry!’) You know what? We need to call Panchi. Maybe she knows something. I don’t even know if she is aware of this… (Abhay takes the phone from his Pocket and gives to Pia after dialing Panchi’s number) Hello Panchi Papa… (Panchi answers the phone and tells Pia that Arnab is at home. Piya looks at Danish. Panchi tells that there was a great deal of tension at home as Arnab has gone somewhere without informing. Panchi adds that maybe he was upset because of Misha. Panchi informs that Siddharth is going to come home and asks Pia to home. She tells that Arnab would feel better in the family scene) okay! (Piya cuts the phone)
Abhay: What happened?
Piya: Abhay! (She then looks at Danish and then back to Abhay) Panchi is telling that Papa is at home. I think we made a mistake in understanding.
Abhay: No Pia… The matter is something else… Come on…Let’s go home and see!
Piya: Okay! (Abhay walks followed by Piya and Danish)

At Dobriyal House the bells rings. Panchi is happy to see Siddharth and hugs him. Arnab sees this and is unhappy. Siddharth smiles.
Siddharth: I told you that Papa would come back home…You were worrying without reason. You need to trust me more.
Panchi: I do trust you…more than myself…more than life… (Siddharth has a ‘look at this’ look on his face as he watches Arnab’s expressions)
Siddaharth: Mr Dobriyal, (Siddharth leave Panchi and walks to Arnab) So good to see you Sir! These two were so stressed as if someone has kidnapped you… Silly, right? (Siddharth hugs Arnab while the ladies watch on) Good Papa! Remember…silence…!) Dobriyals, I have something to tell you… (Arnab and Siddharth are standing with wine glass in hand while the ladies are seated on the Sofa) As you all know I love Panchi a lot…no secrets there…and my foster parents also likes her very much. So I feel we should take it to the next level. Mr Dobriyal, I ask you your daughter’s hand in marriage to me. Allow me to make her happy till death… (Panchi is shy and smiling. Arnab has a blank expression on his face. Madhu is excited and walks towards Arnab that things are happening so fast and there are a lot of arrangements to do)
Arnab: Why the hurry? First let’s get the Engagement done and after…
Siddharth: Whay wait Mr Dobriyal? We both love each other a lot. (Siddharth extents his hand for Panchi and she comes and stands near Sid) By the way, You know everything about me. I am well settled…and I can give Panchi that lifestyle which she is used to. So why the delay?
Madhu: Siddharth, Actually it is not his fault. He loves his daughters so much that he cannot think of being away from them (Madhu talks to Arnab) Mr Dobriyal, Your daughters have become big…at least now let them go!
Siddharth: So... (He faces Panchi) To Panchi…I shall love you till death (They touches their glasses together. Arnab has an odd expression on his face.) Episode ends.

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