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11th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 146) Piya gets attracted by Blood

Kabir catches Piya before she falls down while dancing
Episode 146 starts with Abhay thinking, 'I need to hide the truth from Piya. She would soon understand why we have to be hiding the relationship. I don't know if I should tell her the truth. Piya I just want to keep you safe from Siddharth and other vampire Powers. Once the trouble ends I also will leave you alone and go. And will never return back to your life. And then you can lead a normal life' Abhay gets up. Piya who was walking comes in front of Abhay. Abhay smiles and Pia is happy to see him
Piya: Abhay!
Abhay: So men are losers? (Piya laughs) That's a good thing...I am no human!
Piya: You are my inhuman loser.
Abhay: So what are you doing with this loser? (Piya and Abhay walks towards each other. They come close by.)
Piya: I like losers! How cute they are...I feel so much pity on them. I want to tell you something Abhay! (Piya brings her face close to Abhay's ear and keeps a hand on his shoulder) I want to tell you that...nothing! it's just nice to whisper... (Abhay smiles. Abhay lifts his head and fondly touches the side of her face and hairs. He then places his hand on her shoulder)
Abhay: Piya, You have no idea that how close I want to come to you. (Piya moves her face towards Abhay. She then sees T's friend coming that way)
Piya: Oh God Abhay, someone is coming. Go... Go... (Piya walks and bumps into the girl who screams)
Pia: I am sorry! Did I hurt you? (The girl looks at Pia angrily and shakes her hand)
T's friend: Of course you did...Ms Jaiswal! You just broke my nail...and look it's bleeding (The girl shows of her finger which is bleeding. Piya stares at the blood without blinking an eye. Abhay who is hiding behind the bushes say in mind, 'No Piya No! This is the third stage to becoming a Vampire. Blood is calling for you' (The girl shakes her hand in pain and blows air with her mouth on her finger)
T's friend: Now why are you looking at me like that? Weird Girl! (Piya stares at the blood)
Pia: Nothing, I am thirsty... (Abhay stands where he is looking helpless and worried look. T's friend again shows of her bleeding finger in front of Piya who stares at it)
T's friend: What? My finger is bleeding. You just broke my nail and you are feeling thirsty? Loser!
Piya: I think you are hurt too much (Piya catches the girls hand and brings near her mouth) I need to help you. (The girl pulls her hand off)
T's friend: What the hell! What are you doing? You broke my is bleeds and now will you drink my blood...Loser! (The girl goes away from there. Piya touches her lower lip which has a drop of blood on it with her finger and put the finger into her mouth unable to control the urge for blood. She then comes to her senses and wipes the blood on lips. She thinks, 'What had happened to me? (Pia wipes her lips) What is happening? What is wrong with me?' Abhay who is behind her has a worried look on his face.

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. Piya is walking through the corridor. She thinks, 'What is happening with me? What have I become this moody? I am not able to sleep and this strange thirst...what is happening?' She recalls herself pulling the bleeding finger of the girl towards her the previous day. She remembers the girl shouting at her asking if she would drink her blood. Piya thinks, 'Seeing blood I lost control. I was so attracted to that Blood...Don't be stupid Pia. Stop this craziness and control yourself' Pia resumes walking.

Scene moves to Abhay walking on the College Corridor talking on his cell phone with his Dad Chand. Abhay says, 'I am trying my best to keep an eye on Piya...She is showing symptoms very fast Dad. Yesterday night she became very restless seeing blood. I don't understand when and how this all will end' Abhay listens to what Chand is telling him, 'Pia's symptoms have to be hidden from everybody. If someone gets any doubt everything would end. After all, Piya should not become a Vampire. To become a Vampire the 2nd and 3rd Full Moon night's bites are very important Abhay. Just this Full moon night pass...everything will become alright on its own. You have to protect Piya from yourself and Siddharth' Abhay tells Chand, 'I know Dad! Siddharth has started coming to College these days. He is playing the game from his side. But I won't let him succeed' Abhay cuts the phone.

Pia is walking in the College Campus. Misha calls her name and comes running to her. Misha pulls Pia along with her to see Tracker. They come to the door of a room where the students are sitting on benches and Ruhi talking to them. Ruhi is dressed up in Saree with her hair tied in a bun like a teacher and specs in eyes. She speaks in Bengali accent imitating Ms Protima Das Gupta and students are all laughing. Misha laughs while Pia stands there unaffected by what is going around her. Misha notices this and asks Pia what happened.
Piya: I don't know Misha...For the past some days I am feeling very low. (Piya gets into the room. Misha thinks, 'Pia's is in foul mood definitely because of Abhay. Clearly she still got feelings for him. I have to do something. I have to get her out of this. God! Whose help to take?' Misha thinks.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Madhu is instructing the servants regarding the food and arrangements in the House. Arnab tells Madhu that Panchi is only bringing Siddharth to introduce them and asks her to meet him normally.

Scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi in the Car. Siddharth is annoyed when Panchi wants to take him with her to her house to meet her Parents. Panchi teases him asking if she is scared of meeting his Parents-in-law and tells that it is about time he met them.Siddharth thinks, ' are really testing me now...without any reason I am trapped...The relationships of humans are very demanding...meeting rituals of these humans!' Siddharth gives Panchi a made up smile.

Scene moves to Madhu and Arnab looking from the Balcony to outside if Siddharth and Panchi is coming. Madhu scolds Arnab and tells him to dress up properly. Arnab mocks at her. Madhu sees them coming and points to Arnab. At the Hall Madhu and Arnab welcome Siddharth who comes there with Panchi. As soon as they are seated the servants comes with a Trolley loaded with food items and juice. Madhu asks Siddharth to take kachori and handles him one telling that Panchi made it. Panchi is shocked. Madhu also tells Sid that Panchi is a good cook. Siddharth tells Madhu that Panchi is lovely and compliments Madhu tells that Panchi took after from her. When Madhu calls Siddharth 'son' Siddharth asks her, 'Why are you calling me son? You don't look the age to call me son' Siddharth compliments Arnab and madhu on Panchi's upbringing. Madhu and Panchi goes in to organize food.

Arnab takes Siddharth to the Bar Counter telling that they could have a 'man to man talk'. Arnab asks Siddharth if he wants Whiskey or something lighter. Siddharth tells him that he is diet conscious. Arnab tells Sid that he understands that Sid and Panchi needs some time. Arnab tells that he has seen Panchi happy after a long time and tells Sid that she had gone through a very bad patch. Siddharth assures Arnab that there is no need for him to worry about Panchi and tells that Panchi is very important to him and that he has deep feelings for her. Sid tells Arnab that he would not letdown Panchi or them. Arnab goes inside to bring Samosas prepared by Panchi. Siddharth thinks, 'Humans are fools! Strange things are important to them. Just need to see the right things...Oh Piya...What is important to you?'

Scene moves to Mount College. Students are practicing the dance moves. Kabir is making Piya turn around but she is absent minded and miss the steps. Misha is sitting and watching them. She thinks, 'What happened to Piya? Looks like she is still thinking of Abhay'. Tracker comes near Misha and asks her what happened.
Misha: I am tensed up seeing Piya. Abhay has played with her mind a lot, poor girl... Some times 'yes'...sometimes 'no'...Sometimes 'on' sometimes 'off'. I think she really needs a nice guy who can give a stable relationship and not a complicated one...
Ruhi: I totally agree with you. You know what? She needs some one who is devoted to her and loves her a lot...more than she loving him... Such a Guy who will dance, sing, laugh and more importantly he should be present when ever she falls to catch her. (Ruhi and Misha watches Kabir and Piya dancing. Kabir intentionally spins her around forcefully and leaves her hand. Piya goes round and round and when she is about to fall Kabir catches her. Piya looks at him in surprise and they have an eye lock. Misha and Tracker watches the pair in awe. Abhay makes and entry to the room. He sees Kabir and Piya in the intimate posture smiling and looking intensely at each other. Abhay stares at the pair. Ruhi and Misha notices Abhay's entry and reaction awestruck) Episode ends.

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