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8th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 144) Misha finds out that Shaurya is Gay

Misha fights with Shankar and Shaurya interferes
Episode 144 starts with Misha confronting Shankar at the Mount College Campus. She is angry and shouts at Shankar.
Shankar: Misha…
Misha: This is for being such a lying loser you Pintoo
Shankar: Oh No!
Misha: Oh Yes! You stupid, moron, idiot…what do you think…you are very cool? Your Mom may feel that you are a champion but not me… And what do you think? You came here to test me? Do I like look to you like a car that you will take me for a test drive? So tell me Mr…am I worthy of the great Pintoo? Come on…tell me ah… (Shankar opens his mouth to tell something but Misha stops him) yeh… Don’t you dare…don’t you dare speak…You lied to me…came to my College…and all these while you have been telling your Mom that I will marry you…You loser…you…(Misha catches Shankar’s collar. Shaurya comes there and tries to keep them apart)
Shaurya: Misha, what are you doing? Stop it Misha! (Shaurya pushes Misha back)
Misha: What?
Shaurya: What are you doing? Stop it okay?
Misha: You stop it Shaurya. You don’t know what this idiot did. You won’t believe it
Shaurya: You are not supposed to talk to him like that…There is an extent to rudeness. (Misha tries to say something. Shaurya keeps his finger on lips and says, ‘Stop it…just stop it’ He then says to Shankar,’Let’s go Shankar, Come’)
Misha: Ah…ha…Both of you go…go home…Shaurya I just don’t believe it that you are talking to me like that because of him. Do you know what he did…he ruined my life…
Shankar: I am sorry Misha…
Misha: Just f off…Go to hell…
Shaurya: What sorry …let’s go (Shaurya takes Shankar with him. Misha is angry and annoyed seeing Shaurya taking Shankar’s side and watches them go away)

Shaurya: What? So Misha is the girl for whom you came to Dehradun? I mean…you are trying to say that you love Misha…
Shankar: Yes, Misha is the girl. My Mom-Dad has fixed my marriage with her. I came here thinking that I would be her friend and win her heart and then tell her everything…that I am Pintoo. Now everything has come to an end…everything has ended… I know how angry she is at me. I thought that she would fall in love with me…but every thing has ended. She will never forgive me! (Shaurya has a shocked and sad expression on his face)

Ruhi and Angad are sitting at the College Canteen. Ruhi is crying.
Angad: Hey Ruhi...Why are you crying (Angad touches on her chin. Pia watches them with a smile) what is the need of all this studies for you? I am there for you. Your Angad will always take care of you...Baby...promise...
Ruhi: No...How will you take care of me? You also did not do the assignment?
Angad: I will do my Princess.Please stop crying...You are my are my are my small child (Angad hugs Ruhi. Piya smiles seeing it)

Suddenly Misha comes there in front of Piya
Misha: Love is for losers!
Pia: What happened Misha?
Misha: All men are losers...You won't believe what I came to know just now.(Piya thinks, 'Misha came to know that Shaurya is gay'
Pia: I know Misha. Men are just stupid.It is not worth it okay?
Misha: Exactly, Are there less complications in our life earlier that we take the head ache of the stupid men? It dare he...
Piya: I know Misha but what is his fault in that? I mean if he is like that it cannot be changed, right? That is who he is...
Misha: Who he is who cares...But why is he playing with my life? What does he think of himself? I just don't get come he got the guts?
Pia: Come on Misha...Stop talking like an uneducated. If he is Gay what is his fault in that? Of course the unfair part is that you fell in love with him. (Misha is confused) If his choices are different you can blame him...
Misha: Wait hold on...Gay? But Menon Aunty told me that he loves me...
Pia: Who the hell is Menon Aunty now?
Misha: Shankar's Mom.Or should I say Pintoo's Mother? Oh...wait a minute...You are not talking about Pintoo (Piya nods no) But I am talking about Pintu.So who are you talking about? Pia don't tell me Shaurya is Gay.
Pia: Misha...Yeah! (Misha is shocked. Pia calls her)Misha...Misha...
Misha: Oh my God! What day is today? So you mean Shankari is Shankar and Shaurya loves Shankar. And you read that...
Pia: Yeah...I am sorry Misha. I did not know how to tell you. i am really sorry... (Misha looks lost)Misha are you okay? Are you fine
Misha: Of course I am Okay...I am fine...I mean it is cool. You know what? This love and romance is an over hyper thing. It sucks.
Pia: I know it does...
Misha: Oh Please...okay? You leave bird...
Piya: No Misha, I am with you.That loser again started showing his rotten attitude and style. I am fed up with his mood swings.
Misha: really?
Piya: Really...
Misha: Then kick him...and all men. All of them are losers...
Piya: Really!
Misha: You know what Pia, we have to make this message to all woman kind. Men sucks! Men (Misha runs off from there and Pia follows calling her name)

Misha gets on top of a chair
Misha: Every body listen up ...come here...come here...I have something very important to say (Angad and Ruhi looks at Misha) All Men are losers. Girls, There should be a rule against all men...there should be a law...they should be removed from our country...Come sing with me...(Misha sings, 'All the single ladies...all the single ladies...' Only Pia sings and there is no response from any one else. Misha gets angry)Fine...all your nerve ends are damaged. Go to hell...All of you are losers (Misha gets down from the chair) Pia and I are very smart. We are proud to be single. We don't have time to waste on men. Come on Pia... Let's go (Misha pulls Pia along with her)Piya I think in this Club only 2 of us would be members (They go from there)

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the Car. This Mobile rings. He looks at the caller details and stops the car. He then picks up the phone.
Siddharth: Hello...Yes!...Who told you?...No you know that the Raichand family and I ...No,no it is not true! Our law says that we have to stay in between humans like them so that they don't have any doubt on us. I know taht this is the only way we can stay in this society. I am staying here for one century...Panchi is just a way for me to show the World that I am human. She is just a way and nothing else...What do I say of those people who are spreading rumors about me. Abhay Raichand is in a relationship with an Ordinary girl to the extent that he does not see who is himself in front of this relationship...Everyone knows. In this city everyone has seen him with that girl...Isn't that wonderful? The lifeless heart of a living dead beats for a normal girl...Yes, I can get you proof. You just wait and watch. I will show you what Abhay Raichand's reality is...Okay! (Siddharth cuts the phone)

At the Raichand House Chand and Abhay are talking.
Chand: Do you know Abhay that Siddharth has refused from affair with Panchi and all the Murders. Not only that he told our Superiors that you and Pia are in a relationship. I love this audacity (Laughs) know something? He told them that you are breaking all the rules of the Vampire World.
Abhay: I am not surprised Dad! Siddharth has played such moves earlier also.And Don't worry. I told Pia that she would keep our relationship just in between us. In front of everyone I stay away from Pia. I cannot leave her alone also so i am playing the Drama of relationship...just to protect her, that's all!
Chand: I hope you would remember that it is just a Drama.
Abhay: Yes Dad! (Abhay goes away)
Chand: It bloody well be...If this relationship becomes true it will be the end of us all...

At the Mount College Canteen Ruhi and Angad are feeding each other. Pia who is sitting on another table looks at them and smiles. She thinks, 'Telling the world about about your love is exciting. But I guess hiding your love in the open might also be different. I don't know how I am going to do this. All guys are bad and love is stupid...because at this time there is no one more happy than me...and there is no one as crazy in love. I am so in love that I wish to tell the whole world that I am the luckiest girl in this world' Piya smiles.

Shaurya is in Mount College Campus. Misha comes in front of him.
Misha: Shaurya...Hi!
Shaurya: Hi!
Misha: Can I talk to you for a bit?
Shaurya: Yeah, No problem
Misha: Let's sit? (They go and sit. Shaurya looks at Misha) Actually Shaurya...I know that you are Gay...(Shaurya looks at her) I am really okay with that because that's you. But I just wish that I knew earlier so that I would not have wasted that much energy to impress you.
Shaurya: Yoo...Misha, you are so sweet! Come...Come...come (Misha and Shaurya hugs) I love you...ummvah...
Misha: I love you too! And you know what? This is all so easy when we are just friends. I mean so what if we cannot be a couple? At least we will be friends and I am happy with that!
Shaurya: You are absolutely right! And now at least I will be able to be myself in front of you.
Misha: Of course Shaurya, I told you. I actually had become blind in love...but now I am back to normal!
Shaurya: When you are normal you are very cute!
Misha: Yeah, In this love and Romance i had become like a Psycho...
Shaurya: Love??? Love is like that...It makes us crazy. And I have been hurt in love so much that I sometimes get angry at myself.
Misha: And I...I did so much foolishness in love that I feel like laughing at myself.
Shaurya: And I also have done some big foolishness.
Misha: Hey you remember that I ran of from the Restaurant wearing the Cleaners Sari...(Shaurya laughs) and that bloody Bhajan-keerthans Man...(Misha laughs too)
Shaurya: And I kept on cooking food and became Cook from Architect. Actually what Someone has told is the truth...the way to one's heart is stomach...But my own pulses did not get cooked...We became big fools in love Misha...big fools!
Misha: You know what? No more of this Buddy! These Men does not deserve our love...
Shaurya: You are right! You are absolutely right...Men are really losers!Yeah!
Misha: Hey, This is the slogan of my new club. Men are losers! You want to join? (Shaurya smiles) Come on!

Piya is walking from the Canteen. Misha comes there pulling Shaurya along with her.
Piya: Misha, what are you doing?
Misha: I got a super hit idea. A new, me and Shaurya would be its founder members. Come on, let's go (Misha catches Pia and Shaurya's hands and pulls them along with her)

Mount College Class room. Misha is near the Board in which it is written 'I hate men'. Shaurya is sitting on a desk and Piya and some girls are sitting on benches. Some girls are standing.
Misha : The Club... (Piya, Shaurya and some girls who are in the class room claps. Misha sits on a desk)You know what Guys...this club would be the coolest club in the College. Because it is the most real. We will discuss the real issues how stupid men are...and all the problems are because of them (Piya nods)...and how all men should be put in a rocket and send to space (Shaurya looks upward) to make the world a better place... (everyone claps)
Pia: Very cool Club...yeh....
Misha: Listen...listen...listen... The Chairman of this Club would be me and General Secretary Pia Jaiswal...(Everyone claps)We will show the world that wasting time on men is like wasting time in life...We will do group activities. How to not let men affect our life...(Everyone claps. The History teacher comes in asking, 'what's happening?' Shaurya escapes from there. The teacher scolds Misha for sitting on the desk saying, 'This is a class room Misha...not a garden!' She then sees 'I hate men' written on the black board and asks Misha and Piya what it is.
Teacher: What is happening? (Misha gets up)
Misha: Mam please! Before judging us please hear me out...Just give me a minute please (Misha runs out of the class room and coming in pushing Shaurya into the class room) Mam...please look at all of them. Misha holds the chin of 2 girls and says, 'This bechari' and says about Piya, 'this biggest bechari...' All this people are (points to Shaurya) are his victim. (Piya nods her head, the teacher is shocked and looks at Shaurya who signals taht he did not do any thing)Mam I mean are victims of the world made by men (Pia nods). Behind all the sadness of these girls is a man (Pia nods). And this Club is for moral support for all this sad ppeople to help them. Mam, we have a no men policy (Shaurya looks at Misha in shock) Only single ladies...because we don't need men at all. We will enrich our life without these men. Mam seriously, we don't need these men. We don't need them at all.(Misha pushes Shaurya out of the class saying, 'Go!' Shaurya runs away from there) mam...This Club has a bright future...just with your support...(Misha sits down and asks Pia, 'Did I not talk too much' Pia signals that it was okay)
Teacher: Misha, You know what? You are right! I will also like to join this Club. (Misha and Pia look at each other) I am with you!
Misha: What?
Teacher: Yeah...Men sucks! But there is a problem. Our College is participating in Inter Collegiate dance Program and for that we need to make Partners...male partners...and for that I was looking for you Misha. I need your help for the Dance Competition Auditions.
Misha: You got it Mam...I can do anything for fellow Club Members.
Teacher: Great! I already announced in the Assembly who you had bunked. Anyways, everyone would have gathered in the Auditorium. You girls also go there, okay? See you!

Scene moves to the Auditorium where T and her friends are practicing the dance steps. Angad, Tracker, Kabir and Abhay are also there.
T: Come on girls...There is so much properly...We have to bring the Trophy. There is so much pressure that we cannot keep expectation on any one else. (Misha comes in followed by Piya)
Misha: Hey People! Listen up! I am the in charge of the Audition. So let some body not think that she is the Queen here. There would be fair auditions and I will decide which guy will have which girl as partner. So no chit fights. As you all know my patience levels are very low.
T: Whatever!
Misha: Okay then...We have to make winning couples for this competition so that we win the Trophy(Misha announces Angad-Ruhi as a Couple and asks the students to find their own Parthers. She tells that she would announce one pair and comes to Piya. She whispers to Pia, 'My first contribution to I hate Men Club') Kabir and Pia...the winning couple... (Kabir is happy. Piya turns and looks at Abhay.The Episode ends)

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