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13th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 148) Misha flirts with Abhay at the Restaurant

Misha flirts with Abhay as Pia watches
Episode 148 starts with Siddharth and Kabir entering Dobriyal House. Misha scolds Kabir for being late and tells him that Piya is waiting for him. Kabir hurries from there. Misha pulls Sid and asks him to sit at the Bar counter. She also sits opposite him. Misha tells Sid that they have not spend much time together but she needs his help. Siddharth agrees.
Misha: See Piya is my best friend and I cannot see her depressed like this. But she is fully gone mad in that stupid Abhay's love. And Abhay he is such a moron...he can never commit. Anyway to cut the long story short...we need to remove Abhay out of Pia's mind and put Kabir in her mind and heart. So tell will play cupid along with me?
Siddharth: Okay, If you are insisting this much then alright. Anyways, what can be better than making to hearts meet?
Misha: So you are on...right?
Siddharth: I am on it like you are out of the dance floor... (Misha thinks) Don't worry! I will handle everything after that...
Misha: That's great. Thanks a lot dude! (Misha enthusiastically goes from there. Siddharth thinks, 'Well...well...well Sid! Now you have got a very good opportunity to get closer to Piya. She is all gift wrapped for you')

Scene moves to Kabir and Piya practicing their dance moves. Misha watches them and urges Kabir to dance closer with Piya. And Misha tells Pia to smile while dancing. They dance again. Siddharth and Panchi comes there clapping their hands. Siddharth offers to take them all out for dinner. Siddharth, Panchi and Misha leaves from there. Kabir asks Piya, ' Let's go Pia...' Pia excuses herself telling him, 'I will just come in a minute...' Kabir also follows the others. Pia calls Abhay and tells him that they all are going to Dinner with Siddharth. She tells Abhay that it is not possible to say an excuse and suggests him to come to the Restaurant for dinner. She leaves the room.

Scene moves to Pia getting into Siddharth's Car. Panchi is seated in the front while Kabir is on the back. Piya gets into the back seat. Siddharth tells them that they would love the place he is taking them and the food is amazing there. Piya asks where Misha is. Panchi tells that Misha is staying back to finish her homework without which Ms D might expel her. Piya also tries to give the excuse of Ms D's assignment to be completed but Panchi and Siddharth forces her. Piya agrees and Siddharth drives the Car from there. Abhay follows them in his Car.

At the Dobrial House Arnab and Madhu are talking.
Madhu: How happy Panchi is...Siddharth is so sweet! He have taken all the children out.
Arnab: Madhu...I was thinking to make some inquiries about Siddharth... family back ground,parents etc, etc...
Madhu: Panchi is s happy and Siddharth is a wonderful boy...
Arnab: I am talking because of Panchi's happiness only. One time we have done the mistake so it is very important to find out what sort of Guy she is with.I don't want to do any mistake a second time.
Madhu: But Arnab, Panchi would be angry. She won't like all know that!
Arnab: Hmm...Then we have to do something the way Panchi will not have any suspicion. She doesn't have to know. And see...our Wedding Anniversary is coming and we instead of going anywhere outside would spend it here. We will invite everyone...Siddharth's Parents also and nobody would have any awkwardness.
Madhu: That's a wonderful idea! (they hug)
Arnab: So now...
Madhu: Talking to you I forgot that I have preparations to do... (Madhu rushes from there)

Scene moves to the Restaurant. Siddharth gets up from his seat.
Siddharth: I would like to raise a toast! (Panchi lifts her glass)Piya...I hope you don't mind. But the loveliest girl around Panchi...(Piya smiles. Panchi and Sid touches their glasses and says 'Cheers')
Kabir: And to Piya (Kabir raises his glass) who has my heart...
Piya: Come on Kabir, Don't be silly!
Kabir: This is your problem Pia...You don't take anything I say seriously. (Pia gives a fake smile and keeping her mobile underneath the table types, 'Abhay, Please come fast...please!') Well Panchi, What's the plan for tomorrow?
Siddharth: Plan? Which Plan...what plan...
panchi: yeah...It is Mom and Dad's Anniversary. Actually usually they go out of town. But this time no idea...I and Mish are planning something...
Kabir: Whoa...That's going to be great! You know Siddharth, the surprise of Dobriyals' are big surprises in the city.
Siddharth: Really? Looking forward to it then.
Panchi: See Sid...You will get to know the family well.
Siddharth: Great! (Abhay enters the Restaurant. Pia is happy to see him)
Pia: Abhay! (Pia gets from her seat and goes towards Abhay who meets her half away. Siddharth and Kabir are irritated) How come you are here?
Abhay: Hope you all don't mind. I was passing this way and I thought I will hop in...
Siddharth: This Restaurant does not come on your way home
Piya: Anyway, Abhay why don't you join us? Come have a drink...(Abhay sits in between Piya and Kabir, opposite Siddharth. Abhay looks at Siddharth who gives a fake smile)
Siddharth: So Abhay, what will you eat? My treat!
Abhay: Thanks! I am not hungry!
Siddharth: What? You have come to such a nice place and won't eat? How is that possible?
Abhay: I eat food only at home (Piya smiles. Kabir is annoyed)
Siddharth: Then your diet would be really special (Kabir types a message for Misha on his mobile, 'Hey Misha! Come fast this Abhay is here man')

Misha arrives at the Restaurant.
Misha: Hello! Guess who is here...(Kabir gives a sigh of relief)
Panchi: Misha, You here...
Misha: that you eat less I came here. Then I thought for studying I am leaving Party...not happening at all...does not suit my image at all...
Kabir: Come Misha...sit here (Misha sits in between Kabir and Siddharth. Kabir talks to Misha in hushed tone, 'What the hell is he doing here?' Misha responds, 'Now that I have come don't worry...I will handle it')
Misha: Piya, I want to go to the loo... You come with me...
Piya: But I don't want to go to the loo...
Misha: Hello! Chicks always go to the loo together... so please
Piya: Okay!
Panchi: Okay, I am also coming...(The girls get up and go from there)
Siddharth: Women!

Misha confronts Pia at the Wash room.
Misha: Piya...What is Abhay doing here? Do you want to break your heart every day? You know how much sad he makes you. And why you are talking so enthusiastically with him? What the hell is matter with you?
Piya: Misha, I did not call him here. If he came here what will i do?
Panchi: But Pia you have to understand...You have to forget Abhay and move ahead in life...He is not worth it!
Misha: Yeah man! He is a moron. Why don't you search a good and sweet Guy for you? Someone like Kabir...
Piya: What? Misha, You are setting me up with Kabir? What is wrong with you guys? It is so obvious? Who asked you to do this all? You know what? I should not have come here. All this is rubbish! And what happened to you? Just because I am not with Abhay does not mean that I will go with Kabir. He is my friend...I don't love him. Stop giving him false expectations. I don't love him and at the end he is just going to get hurt.
Misha: But Pia we were just looking out for you...
Piya: I understand Misha. But now I don't want to get into any relationship. Please understand that okay! (Piya goes and checks her face on Mirror. Misha thinks, 'I don't understand this girl. She now also loves Abhay. But I know what to do. I will flirt with Abhay then I will be able to know Pia's reaction. Then I will see what Madam would do')

Scene moves to the three men at the Restaurant table.
Siddharth: You know Abhay, I just realized that I have never seen you eating. Is it a family thing?
Abhay: That is a very personal question. My family's food habits is no anyone's problem.
Siddharth: No! I was just curious...
Abhay: Really! Strange thing to be curious about. How does it matter to you? If anyone eats or not eat...How is that your problem...(Kabir is angry and annoyed)
Siddharth: No, I just find it a little odd. Looks like you are on some special liquid diet. Any special preferences?
Abhay: Yeah! But not like your drinking preferences.
Siddharth: So you people are weak drinkers. (Kabir finds their conversation boring and strange)
Abhay: No! Not weak...But like you we do not keep our mouths on anything like you.
Siddharth: How very unfortunate! (Kabir thinks, 'My God! Why are these two getting serious? They are talking like two old enemies. Whatever!')
Kabir: Hey Guys! I don't understand one thing. Why these girls go to bathroom together? Is that some community activity? (Abhay and Sid keeps silence. The girls walk in. Misha rushes and takes the chair Pia was sitting and puts it on the other side of Abhay and sits close to him. Pia then pulls the chair Panchi was sitting and sits next to Abhay leaving Panchi with the option of sitting next to Kabir)
Misha: You know Guys...Abahy is an amazing dancer... You know he is just so hot in the dance floor, right Abhay?
Abhay: Thanks Misha! You know what Abhay (Misha runs her fingers from Abhay hand to his shoulders)I think you should teach me some moves...I mean dance moves. If I have a good looking partner like you no one will notice my mistakes. (Piya smiles. Kabir and Panchi looks at each other)
Abhay: Anytime Misha! (Misha laughs)
Misha: So sweet (Misha smells Abhay's scent on his shoulder) Oh my God! You smell so Good! (Abhay smiles) What cologne do you wear? (Kabir and Panchi looks at each other. Panchi covers her mouth trying to suppress her smile. Abhay does not answer) No Cologne? Natural smell? Even better (Misha smells Abhay again and looks at Piya for her reaction. Piya says in mind, 'Misha, what a childish behavior is this? What do you think I do not understand your acting...I know you too well(She looks at Abhay who also look at her). And Abhay...I know him even more well. He does not have any interest in any other girl' She looks at Abhay who looks at her and brings his hand on the table underneath. Piya puts her hand on his and Abhay holds her hand. Misha grabs Abhay's other hand and holds it on her two hands and looks at Abhay and blinks her eye lashes. Abhay is amused. Piya looks at her watch)
Piya: Oh God! it is 10:30 I have to go to Hostel...need to go! (Misha beats her hand on the table)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is sitting in a chair near the fire place and looking into a File. the door bell rings. He wonders who it could be that time of the night as Misha and Panchi have their own keys to the house. He opens the door and sees Danish at the door. Arnab tries to close the door but Danish stops him.
Danish: Mr Dobriyal...One minute! I have to speak something very important with you.
Arnab: How dare you come here? I don't want to hear anything from you, Please get out (Arnab tries to close the door again. Danish stops him)
Danish: Not even about Siddharth?

Scene moves to Dobriyal House hall. Danish and Madhu are sitting on the chairs near the fire place and Arnab is standing behind Madhu.
Danish: I have done mistake. but I still love your daughter. And I am not telling all this because I want to get Panchi back to my life...but I am telling because I cannot see her with any wrong person.
Madhu: Wrong Person?
Danish: yes, Siddharth! I have been noticing him for several days. He does not look like a right person to me. There is something wrong about him. Whenever I look at him I get the feeling that something is wrong. I don't know what but...
Arnab: Something is wrong? Hmm...Danish, you have any Proof? You know...need to salute your courage...You have come up to here to create doubts in our mind against Siddharth. And you don't see what you have done with us. You want us to believe in you...And you feel that we don't believe in you because we hate you. And you are right! We do hate you (Danish gets up from the chair. Madhu also gets up) We hate you...Please get out of here)
Danish: Uncle...Please listen to me...
Arnab: Oh...shut up! I don't want to hear anything you say. Danish, after today if I see you around the house I don't know what I will do. Get out! Now! (Danish turns and walks from there)

Arnab is angry.
Madhu: Arnav, I feel that we should have listened to what he had to say once.
Arnab: What nonsense! Of course not...
Madhu: Whatever it is...Danish used to love Panchi. He was concerned for Panchi. And I don't think that he will ever wish bad for Panchi.
Arnab: What are you talking Madhu? Danish is the same Guy who cheated on her behind her back and had an affair with someone else. You tell me if a person loves someone with whole heart...would he be able to hurt her?
Madhu: Love and Hurt are two different things.You know very well that it is human to make mistakes. Arnab, You can love someone and still hurt them. Look Arnab...I am not telling that whatever Danish did we should forget it. I am also not telling that danish was right for our girl. No! Whatever he did was not worthy of forgiveness. But today he came with a genuine concern. And I think...we should have listened to him. Anyways, Tomorrow is Party and Siddharth is suppose to be coming with his Parents. We will meet his Parents and get acquainted with them. I just hope it works! Arnab, I only wish that our daughter does not get into any wrong relationship again. (Arnab nods his head)
Arnab: You are right! (Episode ends)

Precap: Pia is sleeping in the Hostel room. She opens her eyes and notices something on her back. She is feeling so hot. She inspects her back shoulder and sees sun rash on her back.

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