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21st April 2011 Written Update (Episode 155) Piya accepts Arnab Dobriyal as Father

Siddharth asks Abhay to forgive him
Episode 155 starts with Piya telling the Raichand's that she is aware how Abhay saved her life.
Piya: And I would not allow anyone to point fingers at this truth. No Doctor would do my check up and nobody would ever know. That is my promise to you. Please be rest assured. (Chand looks at Piya giving her permission) Thank you so much! I will just go and meet Abhay. (Piya goes from the Hall and climbs the stairs to go to Abhay's Room while the Raichand's stand in the Hall still in thought)

Scene moves to Arnab and Madhu outside Raichand's Mansion. They walk from the gate towards their Car. They stand near the Car consoling each other through gestures.

Scene moves to Piya going and sitting on Abhay's bed. Abhay is lying down on the bed still looking weak. Pia holds Abhay's hands in both her hands and look at him. He then puts the hand back. Abhay does not leave her right hand and asks her, 'You are going?'Pia nods.
Piya: You trust me...Don't you Abhay? (Abhay nods) Trust me...I know what I am doing. I will not let anyone point fingers on you. I am going to handle this right. I will never forget this favor Abhay. This life is given by you.
Abhay: No Piya! I was not saving your life but saving mine. You are my life Pia. If something had happened to you I never would have been able to forgive myself. I did this for myself Pia. Piya...
Piya: Abhay...(She keeps her finger on his lips stopping him from talking) You are very weak. Take rest...okay? Bye!

Pia closes the door of Abhay's room and comes down the stairs to the Hall. Haseena and Chand meets her half way on the stairs.
Chand: Pia, It is still not late. If you wish you can stay here. We can fight your case.
Piya: No! Now no one will fight for me. Neither Papa...nor you. I promise that I will never tell anyone anything. (Pia smiles and climbs down the stairs. Chand and Haseena watches her going and go down the stairs together)
Haseena: I always use to feel that Piya is our biggest threat. I guess I was wrong.
Chand: No Haseena! We were protecting Abhay. Pia is Abhay's secret. What will Pia tell anyone about our secret? She doesn't even know that our biggest secret is she herself. She does not know that she has the blood of a Vampire running in her veins.

Piya comes out of the Raichand Mansion Gate.
Piya: Papa... (Arnab and Madhu turns from where they were standing. They are happy to see her. Piya goes to Arnab who goes forward and hugs her. Madhu too goes near them and strokes Pia's her. Madhu also hugs Piya. Madhu wipes her tears. Pia tells them, 'What family is this? How emotional everyone is?' They laugh. Arnab asks Piya to sit in the front with him in the Car. Madhu gets in to the back seat.

Arnab, Piya and Madhu in the Car.
Arnab: Oh Pia...I have to talk so much to you...of all these years. But first we have to see your health. Madhu...Phone the Doctor and call him fast. We have to do a full check up of her.
Piya: No!I am fully alright...I swear! (Piya thinks, 'Don't know what Abhay did yesterday night but he saved my life. If someone asks too many questions it would not be good for Abhay and I cannot do that to him')
Arnab: No much blood had gone and we must check if everything is okay.
Pia: No, I am really fine. Actually I was upset but now I am fine. But if you become stubborn then I will go back and stay in the Hostel.
Arnab: Now we will do what you say.
Piya: I know you are worried about me but Mr Raichand had called the Doctor. And with his treatment I am fine now. I am feeling much better.
Arnab: Okay, See...the House has come...
Madhu: Welcome home Pia... Come!

Scene moves to Siddharth at the Raichand Mansion door with a Bouquet of Red Roses. He thinks that since his plan to end the Raichand Family did not work he has to make a second plan. Haseena opens the door and sees Siddharth standing at the door with a bouquet of roses.
Siddharth: Mom, How is Abhay? I hope he is fine. I know I should not have come here but yesterday night after seeing him helpless and weak something changed in me. (Chand comes down the stairs to the hall) I forget all my hurt and anger. Mom, I am worried about him. He is my Brother. My only brother...(Siddharth moves forward and hugs Hasina and then gives the flowers. Chand comes near them)
Chand: That's enough! Thank you for asking about Abhay's health. You may leave now...
Siddharth: I understand that you can never trust me and honestly I don't blame you all. I have always given you trouble. But please believe me after seeing Abhay yesterday in that condition I realized that other than him I have no one else. In almost loosing him I found myself. Please believe me...I have changed.
Chand: Thank you! (Siddharth sees Abhay coming down the stairs to the hall and goes forward to meet him. The Brothers come face to face)
Siddharth: Abhay! How are you?
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Siddharth: Abhay, I know that you will not be able to forget my mistakes....and forgive me. But just look at it from my side. Life is never fair to me...neither is death. Everyone has always loved you...Mom...Dad...Maithili and now Pia. From a century you have been ahead of me in everything. And maybe that is the reason for my anger. Abhay yesterday night when I saw in this condition... so vulnerable... I realized that I am your Brother...but job is to protect you and not kill you. Abhay please...Please forgive me! Abhay, before becoming Vampires...we were Brothers...and will always remain Brothers. Our blood is one Abhay... Abhay, Please forgive me! Please forgive me... please tell Abhay that he forgive me...Please Mom... tell them to forgive me...Abhay please!

Scene moves to Dobriyal Mansion. Arnab and Madhu comes to the Hall along with Pia.
Madhu: Welcome! (Piya thinks, 'Will Panchi and Misha be able to accept me in their house? They both won't hate me?' Panchi comes down the stairs telling Piya's name and comes to the hall and hugs her)
Panchi: My small sister! You were always our own. But now you have really become ours. Welcome Home!
Piya: ahh..Where is Misha?
Panchi: Piya...You know about Misha's anger, right? She is angry with Dad...Mom and maybe herself. She left the home and went off. She went to Ruhi's House. When she cools down she would come back.
Piya: What? Misha left home and ...
Panchi: Don't worry Pia...She will come back in 2 days. (Piya thinks, 'No Panchi...not this time. If Misha is this angry she would not agree so easily. It won't be so easy. She won't change her decision fast) Moreover, She loves you a lot. Well anyways, I called Doctor Gupta...Your wounds were so deep...we will show...then it will become alright.
Piya: No, I told you Mr Raichand had called a very good Doctor. He did the treatment and I am fine. Moreover, I need to go to the college now.
Arnab: Okay! I can drop you upto the college, right?
Pia: Of course! Come on...(To Madhu) I will drop her to College and come...
Panchi: Come soon (Pia hugs Panchi and Madhu and goes from there with Arnab after biding bye. Once they go Madhu hugs Panchi)

Scene moves to Misha and Tracker coming to the College in Misha's bike. Ruhi complains to Misha for driving fast and taking the anger of Parents on her. Rui then sees Arnab Dobriyal getting out of the Car and tells Misha. Misha looks at her father. Ruhi asks if there is any problem and Misha turns and walks away. Ruhi then sees Piya getting out of the car and exclaims her name loud. Misha turns to look at Piya. Pia also sees her. Misha goes from there. Tracker lifts her hand in greeting and says, 'Hi Pia' She then Arnab Dobriyal, 'Mr D...all good?' and runs from there calling Misha's name.
Piya: Don't worry! I will handle Misha...Trust me! Bye...(Pia goes from there and Arnab waves his hand)

Scene moves to the College class room. Students enter one by one and occupy there seats. When Pia goes to sit near Misha she moves forcing Piya to go and take another seat. Piya sits along with Angad. The History Teacher comes to the class and everyone greets her. The Teacher tells them that there will not be normal classes but they will have to tell moral stories as a Character building exercise. Misha remarks, 'That is good Mam, because there are some people in this class who require to build their character'. Piya understands that Misha is hitting on her while T thinks that Misha is referring to her. The Teacher asks who will say the story first and Misha volunteers. The Teacher is surprised to see Misha wanting to take part in any activity in the class. She tells her, 'Normally you always hide behind Piya or otherwise there would be something wrong with your head, hand,nails...' The class laughs.
Misha: Mam, maybe you are confusing me with T or Tracker (T and Tracker are angry). And never in my life I had to hide behind anyone. May I start the story now? (Misha goes in front of the class and starts the Story) Well... My story goes something like this. One man was going with his Camel through the Arabian dessert. At night when it was cold the man put on his tent and tied the Camel outside. At midnight the Camel told the man,'I am feeling very cold...Can I keep my head on your tent?' The man agreed. After some time Camel again told the Man, 'I am still feeling Cold...Can I keep my feet also in your Tent?' The Poor man moves to one corner and said, 'Fine, Not a Problem' Slowly slowly the Camel took the full tent and the Man was out of the Tent.
Teacher: That is great Misha...what is the moral?
Misha: Well Mam, The Moral of the Story is before doing good also we have to think.
Teacher: That is really harsh Misha! To do good there is always no need of keeping conditions. And it is not necessary that everyone aims at taking advantage.
Misha: This all things look good in Books. How many examples are there in real life. Take our class for instance. There are some people in the class who take advantage of Charity. (Angad and Tracker are shocked to see Misha hitting at Pia. T is happy and claps saying, 'Very good' followed by her girlie gang. Misha takes a bow and Piya looks at her with a sad expression) Episode ends.

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