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23rd April 2011 Written Update (Episode 157) Abhay and Piya become Dance Partners for Inter Collegiate Dance Competition

Ruhi tells Kabir that he is the Super Real hero of the College
Episode 157 starts with Chand and Haseena Raichand arriving to watch the Inter Collegiate dance Competition. One Guy welcomes them at the door then shows them their seats. They sit on their seats.
Chand: Along with Pia, Abhay is also taking part in the Dance Competition...Interesting!
Hasina: You only wished that Abhay stays in the city like a normal college boy. That is exactly what he is doing.
Chand: Normal? Sure...Abhay and Piya...They are like a ticking time bomb. It is a matter of time Pia would open her mouth and tell our secrets to everyone. After all she is only human...weak...and once she says the secret to everyone we will end...
Haseena:I don't think so. Piya would not do that. She is not that weak.
Chand : I like your confidence but it's only a matter of time...Let's see what will happen next.
Haseena: I will go and talk to her.

Tracker is busy supervising the arrangements for the Competition. Haseena comes to the dressing room. Piya is happy to see her.
Haseena: How are you?
Piya: I am fine...How are you doing? Please Come... (Piya leads Haseena to a corner where T's friends are sitting and chatting. Piya asks them to excuse them for a minute and the girls leave from there. Piya and Haseena sits)
Haseena: Chand is very worried about you. You know too much about us that...
Piya: You need not worry. I know that you people put a lot of trust on me. Your secrets are Abhay's secrets and this life is given to me by Abhay. I can never do that to him. Keeping his secrets is very important to me...more than my life! It is a very small price for what he is done for me.
Haseena: I trust you.
Piya: Thank you so much! (Tracker comes and tell that there is only 5 minutes and asks Pia to hurry up) You don't worry! Please excuse me! (Piya gets up from her seat and goes. Haseena nods. She thinks, 'Pia, You don't know how big the truth is. You are the biggest secret because you are having our own blood...a Vampires Blood).

Ruhi peeps trough the curtain. She then runs from there on bumps on Misha. Ruhi tells Misha that her Parents have come and that she is excited. Tracker asks Misha if the Dobriyals have not come yet. Misha tells her that they would definitely come to see their lovely daughters dance. Trackers tells Misha that she is not dancing but she is the Organizer and goes from there. Misha has a dull look on her face and says, 'You won't understand Tracker'.

Scene moves to the Arnab, Madhu and Panchi coming to the Venue. They are shown their seats. Arnab and Madhu sits on the front seat while Panchi sits behind them one row behind.
Arnab: I hope Misha's anger has become cool. I really wanted her to talk to us. (Panchi turns to the back and sees Misha talking with some girls. Panchi calls out her name but Misha initially ignores it but later goes to them)
Misha: Welcome ...welcome...the entire Dobriyal Family has come to see their @#$ child on the stage...
Panchi: Misha...What the hell are you saying? (Arnab keeps his hand on Panchi's shoulder stopping her)
Arnab: How are you Misha? When are you coming home?
Misha: I am sorry sir...I don't have any home. I stay alone and I am fine...But you don't worry. It is a very happy day for it not? Your daughter would dance and her new Mom and sister would clap for her. Happy Family!
Madhu: Misha!
Misha: Momma...don't even try. You hurt me more than Papa by hiding his truth. my papa lied to me...My Best friend lied to me...And you did not do anything...You made a mockery out of me.
Panchi: Misha...Just Shut up!
Misha: Ohh Madame Birdie...You finally got a well mannered perfect sister, is it not? So where is she staying? In my room?
Panchi: Misha...Stop it! You are talking nonsense...Enough now!
Misha: Yes, You are right...Enough is enough...Good Bye! (Misha turns and walks from there. Another girl bump on her and Arnab calls Piya's name) My name is Misha... (She walks away)
Arnab: I said it by mistake Misha... (Someone announces over the Mike that the Inter Collegiate Dance Competition is about to start and asks the Guests to sit on their seats. The Dance Competition starts and the audience cheer the students and clap for them)

Misha comes to the Dressing Room and informs that they have just 10 minutes and goes from there. Piya is dressed in a long black gown. She looks in to the mirror and do touch up of her make up. T is dressed in a short shining black dress. She thinks, 'Finally Pia Jaiswal...Today you will learn a lesson. Today in front of everyone you would be insulted ... just like you deserve...and best part is that this prank on you would be played by Misha...your BFF...I can see now...the entire college is laughing on would itch so much that you would not be able to dance. Everyone would laugh at you and again would come to T because only T would be able to save this College. T goes to Piya who is checking her make up in the Mirror.
T: Hi Pia! Are you Okay?
Piya: Hi...Just feeling tensed...Excuse me! (Piya goes from there and go and talk to some other girls in the room. T stands in front of the mirror observing Piya through the Mirror and says in mind, 'Just some more time Piya...and then let it begin! T suddenly gets an itching sensation and starts scratching her back. She then feels itching all over and starts screaming and jumping)
T: What the hell is wrong with you? You are not feeling anything?
Piya: What should I have felt? (T runs off from there followed by her friends. Ruhi tells that T is like that and asks Pia to get ready. She comes into the room where Abhay was practicing his dance steps and bumps on him)
T: I am so sorry Abhay!Oh this itching... (Her friends help in scratching the itch)
Abhay: T, I am going and telling Misha that we are not performing.
T: What?
Abhay: Look at your condition. You cannot go into the stage like this...
T: What? But I have to go into the stage. I want to dance. I will just manage it some how. I will change my costume...
Abhay: T...You are a joke! (Abhay smiles and leaves from there. T thinks, 'How can this happen? Misha is so dumb that she put powder in the wrong costume. Oh my God I am dying!')

Abhay sees Misha and stops her.
Abhay: Misha...I and T cannot perform. You have to remove us from the competition.
Misha: What? Okay...whatever! (Misha is about to walk)
Abhay: SO you could not do bad with Pia...Misha, I know everything! T wanted to do bad to Piya...but you double crossed her...and could not do bad with your sister...
Misha: There is no need for anyone to interfere with my Sister and my problems...Okay? (Misha walks off, Abhay smiles)

Scene moves to Kabir who comes running to the Mirror saying,'All is well...all is well...all is well...'
Kabir: Kabir, You are going to win the Trophy for the College...Is that clear? (Angad comes near him)
Angad: All is well? All is not well...
Kabir: Why are you taking tension dude...Everything is fit Boss...
Angad: I came for the same thing...there is a big tension (Kabir walks from there and Angad follows. They both sit)Kabir you don't know... Do you know that someone put itching powder in T's clothes. Now if she does not dance...what would happen to our College? What I am saying is that Brother that now the entire competition depends on you and Piya. Look Kabir...Now I just saw our Competitors well they dance...Kabir, I think you should do some magic...some magic to win the Trophy for our College?
Kabir: What are you trying to tell? To to magic...there should be a magical couple on stage (Ruhi listens)
Angad: Ahh...You understood?
Kabir: And according to you more than me...Abhay and Piya stand a chance to win, right? You know Angad, just @#$% ! I am not going to sacrifice again and again to make their love story move ahead...Understand? (Kabir gets up and walks from there. He sits on top of the dressing table)
Ruhi: Oh Come on Kabir...You and Piya were never together! I mean to say that Abhay and Piya...they are made for each other. I mean the whole College knows that. Please...Keep your personal matters aside. I am talking about the College...Let the College win...So let's try to make it together...Come on Kabir, Please understand!
Kabir: No Tracker...I don't want to understand.(Ruhi and Angad look at each other) I am fed up of becoming Mr Nice Guy. And today I am not Mr Nice Guy, okay? Again and again why should I sacrifice myself for both of them? This time I would not give my sacrifice...No way! And that Abhay Raichand...he can just go to hell. Piya is my partner and this time I would dance with that understood? Is that understood Angad? (Kabir gets up and goes. Angad tells Ruhi that let the hope for the best)
Abhay and Piya dance
Abhay and Piya dancing
Abhay and Piya at the Inter Collegiate Dance Competition
A Guy comes to the stage and announces, 'And now our next participants ...Please welcome Mount College...Give them a big hand. the Audience claps. Piya comes to the stage and stands in the dim light where the faces are not visible. Her partner comes and stands behind her. The stage spot light comes up to reveal Abhay and Piya on stage. The Dobriyal's and Raichand's look on. The Couple starts dancing and Misha looks at them with a smile. Kabir has a hurt and sad expression plastered on his face.Misha comes and places a hand on Kabir's shoulder. The audience claps when Abhay performs lifts and nice dance moments. The audience clap and cheer when the performance is over. Even Misha and Kabir claps for them. Abhay and Piya take a bow hand in hand then leave the stage. Arnab is proud and happy seeing Pia dancing.

Scene moves to Kabir sitting on a Chair and several students gathered around him.
Ruhi: Kabir, actually you told the Truth. You are a nice Guy and more than that I think you are this College's Super True Hero. Ask why?
Kabir: Why?
Ruhi: Because you think of not yourself but of the Team. The Entire College knows that because of the sacrifice you did today our College could win. You are a Hero! Come on give me a hug! (Kabir hugs Ruhi and the others including Angad clap)
Angad: Okay, okay...stop...stop! You tell me one did you do this all at the last moment?
Kabir: Look! I knew that this time we had to win at any cost. And secondly, You know Pia... She sees me as her friend and nothing else...and it is just me who love her like a fool. And unfortunately I could not create love in her heart for me...I just couldn't Angad! Maybe Abhay and Piya are not together but if Pia is not with him it doesn't mean that she is interested in me. You know...I have seen her...Pia cares for Abhay. Though I hate him but he also loves her as much and care for her... from the heart! And Guys if something happens between the two of them I do not wish that it spoils because of me. After all I am Kabir...Guys, I don't want to be the Bad Guy!
Angad: Yes! Kabir, That is what I wanted to say...My Ruhi also says the same thing...You are not a Hero...You are a Super Real Hero (Kabir has a lost and sad expression on his face. Angad playfully pulls Kabir's cheek and Ruhi hugs him and ask him to smile. Kabir asks them to shut up) Episode ends.

Precap: Siddharth is talking to one Mr Malhotra. Sid says, 'You have to do this for me Mr Malhotra...We have to lose' Danish is spying on them out side the Office. The other Guy says, 'My Vote is always for you Mr Mehra...But I don't understand...' Siddharth cuts him telling, 'There is no need for you to understand. I have my' They shake hands and the Guy goes from there.

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