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19th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 153) Abhay ends his life to save Piya’s life

T plans to seduce Abhay
Episode 153 starts with Abhay carrying Pia away from Dobriyal House. Arnab trying to stop him but Abhay tells him that he does to wish that Pia stays in the house for even a minute. The Doctor tells Abhay that Piya's condition is very critical but Abhay shouts at him telling that he can take care of Piya. Before going away from there he stops near Misha.
Abhay: Misha, By now I think you know that I did not come to steal any secrets from your Father. I only wished to hide Piya's truth. I did not wish that Piya once again suffer her Dad's rejection...so I stole the CD. Thanks for everything!
Siddharth: Well that's all fine... But you are forgetting that there is a patient here who needs medical attention.
Chand: Abhay, let's go! (Chand and Haseena turns and walks off followed by Abhay carrying Piya in his arms)
Arnab: Wait Abhay, Don't take her...don't take her...
The Raichand's take Pia away from Dobriyal House
Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car with Chand seated in the front seat and Haseena at the back with Piya's head on her shoulders.
Chand: He got her out from there...but would we be able to save her? I think it is too late
Abhay: No, Nothing will happen to Pia...I will save her.
Haseena: What? What did you say? You will save her? Don't even think about it Abhay. You know how dangerous it is...you life also can go...
Abhay: My life? What life? Humans have given us Vampires a good name...Dead Human... the walking dead...And today if this dead one can save someone's life, what can be better than that? My life anyways is nothing without Pia. But Pia's life...Pia's life is very important Mom...I will give her the gift of life. I will save Pia. I have waited for ages for life...and today how can I let it go from my hand that easily? I will save Pia...and fate allows we both will survive...otherwise one of us! But don't worry Mom...On the death of a dead human no one sheds tears. At least...Piya will be able to live...

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is standing in the room sad and still not able to take in what happened. Panchi is sitting with Madhu and making her drink water. Misha is standing behind them.
Misha: Momma, why you are crying? I said why you are crying...You knew that Papa cheated on you...and you kept silence? So why are you crying now? And who are you crying for? For Papa? which Papa? whose Papa? who is this Papa? I have not seen such a bigger lair or cheater anywhere. You were playing 'happy family- happy family' with us here...perfect husband...the perfect father...my buddy Papa...And all this while she knew...Piya was with us this much time and you kept quiet...Why? Why Papa? (Arnab walks 2 feet ahead) Wait! wait a minute...I got it! When you used to stay away from us for Business Trips you used to go to your other family, right? Your other wife and daughter...ahh...(Misha comes in front of Arnab) I hate you papa...I hate you...My Papa would never do that (Misha hits on Arnabs chest) You are just my Papa...How can you be Pia's papa? (Misha catches Arnab by collar and shakes him. She gets hysterical)You are just my Papa...papa wish you were dead...wish you were dead papa...wish you were dead papa... (Madhu calls her name and gives a hard slap to her)
Madhu: Misha, Did not not feel ashamed talking of your father like this? Have I taught you this? This is the sort of upbringing I gave? Without knowing the truth how did you judge him? Who gave you the rights? What do you know about life? What do you know? Do you know what all one has to face? Your Papa is a victim...he is not a monster. He did just one mistake... You know Misha...Your Papa has always loved Suganth and I...him! Suganth's family did not approve of their relationship. They created a lot of problems. I...I Misha...took advantage of the opportunity and send a proposal to his home by telling my father. And before anyone could say anything our marriage was done...In my mind I have always loved only one man who was with someone else... Our marriage happened...but one sided...my side. Your Papa was broken...he lost his love. He was totally lost.Then years later, he met Suganth again...and the old feelings were there Misha...the old feelings were there! They again fell in love...and maybe I was also responsible for it to some extent. Your father never turned his face away from his responsibilities. For years he game 2 families everything. He gave us everything. He didn't even think once that he will leave us and go. He had made up his mind. And one day everything ended. We got news that Suganth died and Piyali also...How will you people know what is the pain in losing a child? Your father was broken. If your Father knew that Pia is alive...what do you think...would he have left her? No! When Piya came to this house and when we realized who she is, she did not wish that we say anything to anyone. And you know why Misha? Just for you...She did not wish because of her the life of her sister's change. She did this only for your sake...
Misha: She did not do any favor on me. If she was so concerned about me she should have gone from here. All these problems are because of her.
Madhu: Misha, Piya did not want to come here. She was born into it. She suffered all life for your Father's mistake...
Misha: I don't care...I just don't care...all this is her fault...I don't want to see her ever again!

Scene moves to T at the Washroom applying lip gloss and taking care of her make up. She looks at the mirror and says, 'What's up hot lips? Abhay Raichand...In the full Party he ignored me. Now he does not have Piya...then why is he ignoring me? He was showing interest during Dance Rehearsals...I think this Abhay Raichand is just a tease. he enjoys teasing girls. But don't worry! T will break all her rules this time and wishes to give you a Present. You are about to get lucky Mr Abhay Raichand!'

T comes to the Dobriyal House party Hall and asks a waiter where everyone is. He informs her that the Party is over and everyone has gone home. T wonders how long she was in the Bathroom. She says in mind, 'never mind today T has decided that it is Abhay time. And for this Plan there is only one thing remaining. Location!'

T comes out of Dobriyal House calling on the Driver and ask him to go fast from there. She tells the Driver to take her to the Raichand Mansion and then go from there as she would be spending the night there as a Guest. T smiles and thinks, 'Sorry Pia, You are out and T is in!'
Chand and Haseena looks at Abhay one last time before leaving him and Pia in the Forest
Scene moves to Piya lying down on the ground in the Forest with burned candles around her. Haseena, Chand and Abhay are standing near her.
Haseena: Abhay, don't do this! Piya's condition is very critical. If she survives or not because of your sacrifice...your survival could be in danger...Don't!
Abhay: Survival? (He is wearing a hooded black gown) There is no survival for a Vampire...Piya is my life...without her I am nothing...I only know this much...that I have to save Pia...and this work I will do alone...Please go! (Chand and Haseena looks at each other while Abhay looks at a bleeding Piya on the ground. Chand and Haseena walks away. Abhay kneels to the ground. Chand and Haseena stops and turn to look at Abhay and then vanishes from there).
Abhay: Piya, get up! Piya, If you survive tonight this Vampire Blood would go from your body forever and you will be able to live the life of a normal human. Piya, I will save you even if that means I have to end my life. (Abhay closes his eyes and gets connected with Pia who tells him, 'I love you Abhay, I love you...This is the truth...rest everything is false. I love you!')Piya...Piya get up! Piya fight for you life. Piya you have to fight along with me for your life. Piya get up! (Abhay gets up)

Scene moves to T at the Raichand mansion. She has removed the blue short dress she was wearing and is now wearing a black and blue lingerie. She admires herself in the Mirror. She says, 'Look at me? Who can resist me? Abhay Raichand...On this side of the door Heaven is waiting for you' T goes and lies down on the Cot. She then hears the sound of the Car arriving and does a touch up of lip gloss looking at the mirror saying, 'Showtime!' Haseena and Chand enters the room. T sees them and gathers her bag and dress and runs from there unnoticed. Haseena and Chand turns and looks after she gets out of the room. T gets out of the Raichand house main door. She thinks, 'Oh my God! This is so not happening. I hope they did not see my face. But anyone would recognize this body. Oh no no no no! Oh this stupid Driver also has gone. I thought Abhay would drop me. Now what? I need to get lift in this jungle...'
Abhay asks Piya to get up
Scene moves to Abhay and Piya. Abhay is having fangs now. He does a ritual of sacrificing his blood in the moon light by biting on his veins on the wrist. He then kneels down and shouts, 'yahhh...'. Piya regains consciousness. her wound marks have miraculously vanished. Piya touches her neck and finds that she is healed. She gets up and looks for Abhay calling his name. She then finds him collapsed outside the candled circle and runs to him. She kneels by him and shakes him.
Piya: Abhay! Abhay...Abhay...what happened to you? Can you hear me? Abhay...Abhay...Abhay...Listen to me...Abhay, can you hear me? Abhay what happened to you? Abhay... (Abhay opens his eyes) Abhay...what have you done? You saved my life Abhay...what have you done Abhay?
Abhay: Piya, Promise me! Promise me Pia...that after I go you...you will stay happy...
Piya: Abhay... No!
Abhay: You will be happy Piya...
Piya: Abhay!
Abhay: You will forget me...
Piya: Abhay! (Piya nods 'No' with tearful eyes)
Abhay: You will move ahead in life...Piya...Promise me Pia...Promise me!
Piya: Abhay...Don't tell all these... just tell me what can I do...what can I do? How can I help you Abhay?
Abhay: Piya, I don't have much time...As I go...I want to keep your face in my eyes and go...
Piya: Abhay!
Abhay: Pia, I love you Piya...
Piya: Abhay!
Abhay: Piya, I love you Pia...
Pia: Abhay!
Abhay: Always stay happy...
Pia: No!
Abhay: Always... (Abhay's body becomes still. Pia shakes him)
Piya: Abhay...no...Abhay...Abhay...Abhay...Is anyone here? Abhay! Is there somebody? Abhay...Abhay... (Episode ends)

Precap: Siddharth is in his normal jovial mood. He looks at Abhay's body and acts imitating some Saas Bahu Drama, 'Nahi...nahi...Abhay...what have you done? You cannot leave me and go...I cannot live without you...I am not alive...funny isn't it that only a Vampire can save you...And Guess what? I am a Vampire...But there is a small problem...I don't wish to save you...'

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