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27th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 160) Horror Theme Party at Siddharth Mehra’s House

Panchi excitedly hugs Siddharth after seeing the Horror Theme party arrangements
Episode 160 starts with Siddharth Mehra stopping his Car in front of his House. Panchi gets out of the Car without waiting for Siddharth to open the Car door. Siddharth also gets out of the Car and asks Panchi what happened to her. She replies that she does not want to talk to Siddharth. Sid tells her, ‘I did not say you anything’. Panchi replies, ‘Exactly! I was watching you all way and you were busy with you phone calls as if I don’t even exist. You didn’t even talk to me!’
Siddharth: You are amazing! First, without asking me you invited your entire gang to my House for the Party…the arrangements of which I only have to do, right?
Panchi: really? How much arrangements are there? Why are you getting so tensed? You know what? We will Order the food from outside and I am sure there would be a lot of drinks in your fridge. And don’t be so formal…they just are our friends…
Siddharth: Listen! The Party is supposed to be at Siddharth Mehra’s House, Okay? It’s going to be stylish…
Panchi: Oh! So what are you going to do? What have you planned?
Siddharth: Ahh…You just wait and watch! (Siddharth smiles at Panchi. He lifts his eyes and sees Piya walking. Panchi also sees Pia)
Panchi: Hey Pia… (Pia goes to them and greets them) You came here so early?
Pia: I thought I would not give a very starry act. Also I did not need to change…so came in this dress itself…
Panchi: But it’s such a beautiful dress!
Pia: Thank You! (Panchi looks around with a sad face)
Panchi: Where is Misha?
Piya: Don’t know (The sisters look sad while Sid looks uninterested in the conversation) Mr Dobriyal…I mean where is Papa?
Panchi: Papa went home…Misha was very rude to him. I think he is very upset.
Pia : Okay! (Pia thinks,’So what was Danish saying? I am sure he was telling lie. I feel he was trying to say something’)
Siddharth: Piya, Where you talking to someone there?
Pia: Ahh…No one was there…
Siddharth: I thought I saw that you were with somebody…
Pia: No…nobody…
Siddharth: Must have been my imagination… Anyways, ladies… let’s go inside? (The girls walk towards the door. Siddharth thinks, ‘Twist in the tale’ He follows the girls)

Scene moves to Dobriyal house. Madhu is looking worried and pacing in the Hall continuously trying to call Arnab on the phone. She says, Arnab…Arnab what happened? Please lift the Phone…why are you not lifting the phone? Oh God!’ Madhu goes and sits on the Sofa. She thinks, ‘Sid had told me that I need to give some time to Arnab…and he wants to stay alone for some time. But it does not take much to call on phone or leave a message. Arnab is not like that. He would not leave me alone in the midst of a function and go(She looks into the mobile). And now it is 11:30 and there is no news of him’.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s House. A servant with makeup like a Ghost comes and opens the door for Siddharth and the Ladies. Siddharth enters the house first and welcomes the ladies in his unique style. The girls are amazed to see the arrangement and looks around at the Ghost Theme arrangements in the Hall with skeletons and masks etc.
Panchi: Wow Sid! What is this?
Siddharth: Surprise…Horror Theme Party…
Panchi: My God! In such a short time this good arrangements…(Siddharth gives a proud ‘that’s me’ look) I must say that your staff are well trained.
Siddharth: Just wait and watch…There is much more to come!
Piya: This is superb!
Panchi: Arrangements are so awesome! You are the best-est (She blows a flying kiss to Sid and runs to him and gives him a hug) I just loved everything…amazing! (Siddharth then calls a Guy from his staff, Mr Gautham, and introduces Panchi to him. Sid tells the Guy that whatever and however she says to follow her Orders. Piya looks at the couple with admiration)
Siddharth: Panchi, all yours…If you want to change anything or add anything…go ahead. (He holds her both hands) Consider it your home because one day this is going to be your home (Panchi bows her head shyly and Pia watches them with a smile. Siddharth then speaks in an accent) Now Ladies…I need to retire to my Chambers to change… (Siddharth climbs the stairs and goes. Piya comes near Panchi and they chat on)

Siddharth enters his room removing his coat. Arnab is tied and seated in a chair looking unconscious. Siddharth says, ‘Ahh…Mr Dobriyal…I hope you are comfortable (Sid removes his earlier tie and ties another one) Today all your 3 daughters would be here in my house. Wow! Such fun…And you are…Well, You are all tied up (Sid wears the coat)…So helpless… (Sid goes and stands in front of Arnab) So if you would excuse me… I have a very rocking Party to attend to…Bye Sir!’ Sid leaves from there and Arnab lifts his face.
Piya defends Abhay against Siddharth
One by one people enter the room. Ruhi and Angad come together. Kabir and Misha also come. Misha sees Panchi and Kabir looking at the Skeleton. Panchi sees her too and is happy. Panchi moves towards Misha and Misha is also about to move when Pia comes and holds Panchi’s hands turning her to show something. Misha’s smile fades and she stops. Piya also turn and looks at Misha. Misha walks away. Pia and Panchi stands there looking sad. Angad and Ruhi are walking in the Hall and Ruhi tells that it is so scary. Kabir scares them with a Skeleton. Siddharth comes down the stairs.
Siddharth: Attention everyone! Welcome to my Horror Theme Party! Today we will play a game…’Spin the Bottle’ but with another spin to it. (Misha looks uninterested) The name of the Game is ‘Truth or Horror Stories’…The person in front of whom the bottle stops should either tell a truth about them or tell us a Horror Story… So…the game begins! (Everyone sits in a circle on the floor while Misha goes to the Bar counter obviously not interested in the game. Siddharth is in the middle and spins the bottle. The Bottle points to Piya. A girl urges Pia to tell the truth and asks her if she is in love with Abhay. Piya tells them that she would tell a Story instead and narrates a Ghost Story. Siddharth spins the bottle and it points to him (Misha is drinking at the Bar Counter). Panchi asks Siddharth what him truth is. Siddharth says, ‘My truth is very uninteresting. But I will tell you all a Horror Story…a true story…a Vampire Story…’ Siddharth gets up and says, ’effects!’ Smoke fills the place where the group is sitting.
Siddharth: One time I met a Vampire…truly! He was not a comic book Vampire. No…He did not have Dracula like fangs. His eyes were not blue. He did not have blood in his mouth. He was an ordinary looking Guy. And that was the scariest thing (Pia feels uneasy) that he was an ordinary looking guy. He actually was a Vampire. Think about it…How ordinary we all look. Look around you…one of us is a Vampire…blood sucking creature… Maybe you… (Sid points at Angad. Angad tells that it is not possible as he vomits at the sight of blood. Ruhi gives him clean chit) It can be anyone…You… (Sid points at Panchi. Panchi tells, ‘Yeah Babe…I am the Vampire. I will suck your blood’ Abhay enters the Party) or you… (Sid says signaling at Abhay) Abhay, you really look like a Vampire, right? (A girl says, ‘No way!’) Really? How do you know? Vampires do not put nameplate on their chest and roam around (Abhay stares at Sid) and Abhay won’t take his fangs out and drink blood in front of all of us. Oh no…no…no…He would stop…will wait…earn everyone’s trust…and when we least expect it he will (Sid opens his mouth and shows a ‘will eat’ sign. Angad and Ruhi are scared) so let’s just say that Abhay is our friendly neighborhood Vampire for the day. Look! Already he got into the skin of the Character. See how he is staring at me…like he will eat me now!
Ruhi: God…He looks like a dangerous type to me…Look…he always is in black…I feel he could be the Vampire… (Another girl says, ‘yeah exactly! Whenever I pass his way I feel like he would pounce on me now’ Siddharth hears the comments with a smile. Pia thinks, ‘What are these people saying? These stupid comments…Abhay will feel very bad. This has to stop!’ Piya gets up and goes and stands next to Abhay)
Piya: Abhay…Hi! Ahh…Siddharth…I heard that Vampires does not have a heart.
Siddharth: Yeah…It is true! They are heartless creatures.
Piya: If they are heartless then (Piya looks at Abhay. He looks at her too.)How can they love someone? (Ruhi claps and says, ‘you said right…Abhay has a heart and it beats for someone’ Abhay and Pia look at each other. Misha who is seated at the Bar counter exclaims,’ Boring… boring… boring…How intolerable you all are… Come on Sid…Enough of your Horror Stories…Music please…So that the stupid people’s voices won’t be heard…’)

Siddharth: DJ… Rock the beat! (The Music starts. Pia tells Abhay, ‘I will just come’ and walks towards the Bar Counter where Misha is seated and drinking)
Misha: Why are you following me?
Pia: Why are you drinking so much Misha? You will get sick…you are already very high!
Misha: That is not your problem. You are my problem, okay?
Piya: It is my problem Misha… I love you and I cannot see you sick… (Misha laughs)
Misha: You know Pia…Talk this all somewhere else…not before me!
Pia: You know what Misha…Just stop it Okay? This anger…this arrogance…just stop it! If you want to take it out…take it once for all. What do you want to do? Shout…throw abuses…hit… Just do it and get over with it. Don’t keep your feelings inside like this. You wish that nobody knows here that there are problems in your family… Fine…Let us go to a lonely place and you say whatever you want to say to me and get over it. But Please Misha, I can’t hear these snide comments and indirect beatings. You want to hit me, right? Hit me now…hit on my face…but please…Please get over this! (Misha lifts her head and looks at Pia) Episode ends.

Precap: Piya is helping a fully drunk Misha go to the Washroom upstairs. They reach Siddharth's Bedroom where Arnab is kept and tries to open the door. Arnab hears his daughters voice and tries to catch their attention.

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