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4th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 140) Piya senses Panchi in Danger

Siddharth getting ready to bite Panchi
Episode 140 starts with Shaurya offering tea to Shankar's Mom who is sitting in a Sofa reading a magazine at Shankar and Shaurya's Home.First she refuses but when Shaurya says that he would make Ginger Tea which is healthy she gives in. Shaurya tells her by the time he prepares tea Shankar also would return. Shaurya notices that the table lamp on the side table is a little high and removes a book from underneath and asks Shankar's Mom if it is okay now. She replies that it was okay earlier also. Shaurya then takes a pillow from the Sofa and asks Shankar's Mom to sit a little forward. Shaurya then places the pillow behind her back telling her to sit comfortably. Shankar Mom is impressed with Shaurya. She gets up and go closer to him telling, 'What a nice boy you are...Sweet Boy! ' she then kisses on his forehead. Shaurya touches her feet to seek blessings and Shankar's Mom blesses him telling, 'be happy'.
Shankar's Mom: What a nice Boy you are. Whomever marries you will be very happy. Teach something to my son also, Silly Boy...He is very confused. He saw the photo of a girl and liked her. We also talked about the alliance with the girls family. But he tells that it is not the right time. Who knows what he wants. Try to make him understand. He will listen to you. (Shaurya thinks, 'Shankar, What is this Shankar, First you say that you like Misha but your Mom is telling something else. And you even love that girl? I have to solve this love mystery')
Shaurya: Okay Auntie, You sit comfortably. (Shaurya makes her sit) I will make tea for you and bring, Okay
Shankar's Mom: Alright! (Shaurya goes inside)

Abhay and Piya are walking through the jungle holding hands.
Piya: Abhay, Walking with you like this I feel that I am still in my dream. Abhat how many times we have met and parted...
Abhay: Just believe it Pia. This is the moment...this is real...this is my life's biggest truth that you are mine and I am yours...forever!
Piya: Abhay, Your love gives me the strength but next time if we do not meet I will not be able to...
Abhay: No Pia, I am not going anywhere...Without you I don't see any way. You are my path and you are my destination, yeah! (Piya thinks, 'I want to believe you Abhay but may be in some corner there is some other truth waiting for me. Can I read it? Abhay, why can't I read what is in your mind? Why can't I read your mind? How is it possible? If I can't hear what your heart says then I have to listen to what your lips says...I just hope that you are telling the truth. Please help me...I want to believe you Abhay' Abhay thinks, 'I can hear Piya what your heart says...I know that you need confidence. I am here Piya...I am here for you...' Abhay stops walking and turn to her)
Abhay: Piya (He removes hair from her face and keeps his hands on her arms) Don't keep any doubt in mind. If you want to keep just keep and nothing else. I have always loved you Pia. But I was scared that something would happen to you... But not now I am not scared of anything. Now you are mine and I am yours and nothing else...I love you Piya, I love you! (They hug each other)

Scene moves to someone ringing the Calling Bell at Siddharth's House. Siddharth's servant opens the door. Haseena walks in. The servant trie sto stop her but she gets into the room where Siddharth is sitting.
Haseena: Siddharth!
Siddharth: Well...well...well Mother... (He signals Haseena to sit and asks the servant to close the door and go from there. Haseena sits on a chair)
Haseena: What is this you have done Siddharth?
Siddharth: What?
Haseena: I told you not to go for Prom night. I also told you that before things get out of hand leave the city and go...But you did not listen to me. You tried to make Piya your victim, what the hell were you thinking?
Siddharth: Thinking? Mom you know that I cannot think on an empty stomach.
Hasina: very funny Siddharth! You feel of this all like a joke, right? You tried to make Piya a vampire. Don't you know that there are some rules for that? And we all have to suffer the consequences. You did not change Siddharth...Ages cheated on your Brother because of a girl. And today also you are doing the same. But you know what Siddharth? I tried to save you a lot...but no more! I can't save you...I can't help you...I choose Chand and Abhay! I am tired...and I am tired! (Haseena gets up and go from there)

Scene moves to ramu Tea Stall. Abhay and Pia are sitting on a bench outside the tea stall.
Pia: Abhay you Panchi came to college and I don't know why she said sorry to me. She said she did not mean what she told me. And as a fact she told me thank you also. She said thank you for the help that I did for Siddharth and her. She told me that I helped Siddharth to set up the romantic date and you know all the planning and everything...and whatever misunderstanding...she said sorry but the thing is that I don't remember anything. It is funny that I don't remember anything. I remember that I was at the Prom and after that I don't know...don't know I am not remembering anything. You know what happened?
Abhay: No!
Piya: Okay, where did you find me Abhay?
Abhay: I was coming back from the Prom and I saw you lying under a tree near the Hostel. I felt that you fell unconscious and may have got hurt. That's it and after that immediately I brought you to Hostel.
Piya: Okay! (Pia brings the tea she has in hand near to her mouth and then thinks, 'really? Did it happen that way? (She looks at Abhay) No nothing doubts' She smiles and then drinks her tea.

Scene moves to Shankar getting to the room and sitting on the Cot. Shaurya comes to the room with a drink and says, 'So this is for you friend'
Shankar: Don't spoil me friend...You are becoming a perfect room mate...if this continues I will not be able to stay with any one else. (Shaurya sits on a chair near the cot. Shankar sips the drink. Shaurya informs Shankar that his mother had come. Shaurya tells that since Shankar was not there his mother was talking to him. Shaurya tells Shankar that his Mom is nice and he is missing her already. Shaurya suggests Shankar to call him Mom for the weekend and that way she can talk regarding Shankar's alliance)
Shankar: relationship?
Shaurya: Yeah! Mom was telling that your marriage was fixed...You did not tell your friend. You are hiding from friend?
Shankar: There is nothing like that...Mom tells things... Is it not hot? (Shankar gets up from the cot and walks off) I will go take bath and come.
Shaurya: Okay (Shaurya thinks, 'You are telling lies to me Shankar? Your Mom told that you love the girl and your marriage was fixed...Mom is telling yes and son is telling no...don't know what is happening...I need to find out what the matter is. After all the girl has to go off for my turn would come')

Shankar opens the cupboard and takes a towel out. Shankar is happy that he escaped Shaurya's Question. Shankar is annoyed with his mother thinking that if Shaurya finds the truth he may tell Misha that Shankar is Pintoo. Shankar thinks that he would tell Misha that he is Pintoo if things go on well with them but now things are getting complicated.

Scene moves to Panchi driving the Car. She thinks, 'How stupid I am to doubt on Pia and Siddharth? I had only this much belief on my love and friendship? I was hating him and Siddharth was putting so much of efforts for me. Whatever he did ...he did it for me...Since Danish had cheated me it may take me some time to believe others. No...I will not let one bad experience to ruin the rest of my life...Poor Pia...I need to apologize to both of them. (She takes a Bouquet from the seat) This flowers maynot tell everything but would convey my feelings. This time I will not do any mistake. Fate has given me a second opportunity for love. Siddharth Mehra is my second chance. And I would not leave this opportunity. Panchi stops the car in front of Sid's house. She takes the Bouquet from the Seat and is about to get out when she notices Haseena coming out of Siddharth's House. Panchi wonders what Abhay's Mom is doing at Siddharth's House at this time. Panchi recalls seeing Hasina at Sid's Office. Panchi wonders what the connection could be between Siddharth and Abhay's Mom. Haseena gets into the Car and drives off. Panchi gets out of the Car and walks towards Siddharth's House.

Scene moves to Siddharth at his house. He says, 'Haseena Raichand, Mom? I don't have a family. My relationships and friendships are dead. I am a vampire...No body is mine...nor do i belong to anyone else...I just need a prey who (Sid turns and smells...Panchi presses the door bell and tries looking through the glass door. The servant goes to open the door. Siddharth signals him to go back. Siddharth goes and opens the door)
Siddharth: Ahh...Panchi...what a pleasant surprise!
Panchi:Actually Siddharth...I wanted to apologize to you. Whatever happened in the morning I just feel very silly. I thought wrong of you...i am sorry!(She gives the red roses bouquet to Sid) These are for you...
Siddharth: Oh...Thank you. But you know what red suits you better (Sid gives back the bouquet to Panchi)
Panchi: Thank You!
Siddharth: Please...Come in... (Panchi walks in. Siddharth closes the door and thinks, 'Panchi you are so perfect that you have come here to quench my thirst. I did not have to do any hard work. My little home delivery!' Siddharth tells Panchi to sit and get comfortable. He stands behind panchi who is sitting on a chair.
Siddharth: You know Panchi...You are very sweet. You don't have to apologize to me. You have come here...i am very happy. You have come just for me. (Siddharth bends towards Panchi. He is in Vampire avatar with fangs and blue eyes)

At the tea stall Pia suddenly shakes and puts the glass down. She gets breathless and utters, 'Panchi...Panchi..' Abhay calls her and she tells that she feels that Panchi needs them. Piya keeps her hand on head and tells Abhay that Panchi is in trouble and needs her.She blurts out Siddharth's name. Pia tries to call Siddharth but Abhay takes the phone from her and hugs her telling her to relax. He assures her that nothing would happen to Panchi and they would go to her. Abhay closes his eyes and sees Panchi and Siddharth. Abhay thinks, 'Pia, I can save you from the whole world but how will I save you from myself? How will I stop you? This changes which are happening to you...Siddharth...Pia is thinking right! What are you doing? Be away from that girl...when will this story end? I feel that now there is more to happen'

Scene moves to Abhay and Pia in the Car.
Pia: Abhay where are you taking me? Panchi's house is that side...
Abhay: Pia you only told me that you are seeing Siddharth too... So first let's go there and see... (Pia thinks, 'What belief Abhay has on my words. Instead of making fun of me he trusts me completely. He believes me! Thank you Abhay for taking me seriously')

At Siddharth's house, Siddharth is in his Vampire form behind an unsuspecting Panchi. Panchi turns and look at Siddharth. She smiles at him. Siddharth who is in his human form smiles at her too.
Siddharth: Panchi you don't know how happy I am. Can we set the mood right? (Panchi winds her hair in her fingers and Sid switches off the light.He comes behind Panchi again in his Vampire form. He thinks, 'What a correct time you have come Panchi...I needed a prey...a beautiful little special home delivery' Siddharth comes closer to Panchi and removes her hair from the neck.
(Episode ends)

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