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4th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 63) Abhay goes to Pander Palace to search of Piya’s Pendant

Abhayendra and Maithili at Pander Palace Fort
Episode 63 starts with Misha and Panchi getting out of the Bus and going toward Piya. Piya goes forward to meet Misha while Abhay just stands where he is.
Misha: What happened? Are you alright?
Pia: Misha… I (The other students also get down from the Bus.The students are shocked to see the goons in an unconscious condition and their jeep turned over)
Angad: (sees the jeep) My God! This jeep…(he keeps hands on Pia’s shoulders) You aren’t hurt, right? And who are these Guys?
Pia: Whoever they are they do not deserve your sympathy. You know what? We got lost in the forest and we took lift from these people…and they misbehaved with me. It was good that Abhay came and did this to them otherwise I don’t know… (The students are surprised)
Angad: You mean Abhay…He did this to 3 of them together…
Piya: Yeah!
Misha: Wow! He man! If I would have been I would have (Misha moves forward as if she want to punch the Goons. Angad stops her)
Angad: You beat the 3 together that much that they are unconscious and have no idea where they are…?
Abhay: They were drunk and sleepy…
Angad: And this jeep?
Abhay: It got out of control and skid…
Panchi: It skid on a straight road and fell on its side?
Abhay: I…I don’t know?
Panchi: How is it possible Abhay? It is strange
Angad: Yeah…that is what I am saying… He beaten 3 of them all alone so much…yeah dude come on…There is no rock here or sign of skid…so how did the jeep turn over friend?
Abhay: What’s with the quiz guys? What do you wish? That I leave Piya with the drunken Guys? You guys need help…You people interfere in everything…and search for conspiracy in it…just get over yourselves!
Angad: What is wrong with him?
Panchi: This trip I will never forget in my life…
Misha: Yeah…for all the wrong reasons…let’s go! (The students get into the Bus one by one. Piya stands there and looks at Abhay who just reassures her with his eyes)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab tells Madhu that he got a very disturbing news about Suganth and informs Madhu about Sugandh and his daughter Piyali. He tells her that Suganth did not die in a Car Accident but she died of Cancer. He tells that if the news of accident was fake then it means that his daughter Piyali is alive. Madhu gets worried thinking that now that Arnab knows the truth he would try to find Piyali. Madhu wonders what she would do if Arnab finds about Piya.

Scene moves to Misha getting into the Piya. Piya who is the last person is about to get into the Bus when Abhay calls her by name and comes near her.
Abhay: Piya, I don’t think you should stay at the Hostel. Someone is there who is trying to hurt you again and again. You are not safe!
Piya: Come on Abhay! I am fully alright!
Abhay: No Piya, He attacked you twice. And what happened at the palace can happen again. You have to be safe! You cannot stay alone…
Piya: Come on Abhay! What happened in the Palace could have happened anywhere…
Abhay: And Tracker…I am sure that the person who kidnapped Tracker is the one who attacked on you…And he will try again. You have to be safe (Misha gets down from the Bus)
Misha: Abhay is right Piya! You come home with us.
Piya: But Misha…
Misha: No butts…move your butt!
Panchi: Really Pia…You come along with us home. And it is an order!
Piya: Okay, I will go…right?
Misha: Good girl! If you would not have listened I would have tied you and taken with me… (Piya laughs and touches her neck. She finds her chain and pendant missing. She tells Misha and Panchi about it and they search for it. Piya is worried as it is of sentimental value to her as her mother’s last gift to her. She wonders if she left it at Pander Palace. Misha goes to check inside the Bus. Abhay is worried to seeing Pia worried. Piya tells the driver to go back but he refuses. Panchi also tells her that it could have fallen anywhere, even at the jungle. Piya is sad thinking that her mother's gift to her is lost. Abhay tells in mind, ‘don't cry Pia, I cannot see your tears. I cannot see you crying Pia. Please Piya…I promise. I promise that I will never make you sad’)
Abhay: You people do one thing. You go… I will come with my Dad. He will come to pick me up.
Panchi: Are you sure?
Abhay: Yeah! He called me…He is coming to pick me up.
Panchi: Ok! (To Piya)Come, let’s go… (Pia and Panchi gets into the Bus)

Abhay runs like wind through the forest. He comes to one spot and stops. He thinks, ‘Where can that locket be? I hope that the locket is in the jungle. Otherwise again to Pander…No!’ Abhay closes his eyes and tries to recall their journey in reverse. He realizes that the locket has fallen somewhere in the palace.

Scene moves to Kabir coming into his house. Kabir’s father is sitting on the chair.
Kabir: hey Dad what’s up? (Kabir sits on a chair next to his dad gloomy faced)
Kabir’s Dad: You are back? How was the trip? Driver reached with the car in time, is it not? So tell me…what about Pia? How are things with her? Should I say congratulations? (Kabir gets up)
Kabir: No Dad! She will not forgive me…You know what? I am a jerk (Kabir’s father gets up from the chair) I again fought with Piya today. What all did I not say to her. On top of that I taunted her with Abhay too…No ways Dad… she is not going to forgive me…
Kabir’s Dad: Kabir, Relationships are like sand in a closed fist. The tighter you hold the fist the more sand would fall from the hand. Some days just let her be…Don’t ask her anything. Trust me Kabir, just be a friend for her. Give her time to think. If she really loves you she herself would come to you. If you put pressure she would go away from you.
Kabir: But Dad, if she does not come back then?
Kabir’s Dad: Then she was never yours.
Kabir: Don’t tell like that…Please!
Kabir’s Dad: Look Kabir! Trust me…Give some time and I am sure that no girl can resist my son for long. (Kabir smiles) Be positive! Everything would work out fine…
Kabir’s Dad: You wait here…I will get you a drink (Kabir’s Dad goes off)
Kabir: Thanks Dad! (Kabir thinks, ‘I hope you are right Dad’)

Scene moves to the Bus. Pia is sitting on a seat alone whereas Panchi and Misha are sharing a seat directly on the opposite side of Piya’s seat. Piya looks at the moon and recalls Abhay carrying her through the jungle and touching her face fondly while they are by the pond. Pia closes her eyes and sleeps off.
Misha: This much does not even happen in a College session(Panchi smiles) By the way, Did you notice that love is in the air.
Panchi: Love?
Misha: Yeah, Did you not see? Something is boiling in between Abhay and Piya
Panchi: yeah…Actually I noticed it. I think he likes her.
Misha: I know. It is evident for even someone like me. I don’t know even the R of Romance. But it is so obvious. It is written on Abhay’s sulky face, ‘I love Piya’ (Both the girls smile)
Panchi: True Misha…it is difficult to find what is on the face and actually what is in the heart. Look at me! Danish would turn to be like that…nobody thought. Looking at him nobody would have thought that he would turn out to be a cheater. What is going inside someone’s mind is difficult to understand.
Misha: I know man! Hiding inside is super fine…If you love someone tell them…If you don’t love someone also tell them
Panchi: Everyone is not like you.
Misha: Hey, Everyone cannot be cool like me (Misha and Panchi laugh) It is so obvious that there is something between Pia and Abhay…everyone can see that except them. And that Abhay he comes towards Piya like a magnet. Remember when Piya joined the college she fell from the mountain? Abhay saved her. Today he saved her from the Goons. And in the jungle…In the jungle also he saved her. It looks like Abhay has an alarm with him…whenever Pia is in trouble that alarm rings.
Panchi: Maybe it is called love…
Misha: I suppose so… You think will they ever be able to tell each other?
Panchi: That time only will be able to tell. (Misha and Panchi looks at a smiling Piya and smiles)

Scene moves to Pander Palace fort. Abhay opens the door and enters the Palace. He looks around and then upwards. He remembers the past. He sees Mythili running through the upper corridor and smiles. Mythili runs and comes to Abhayendra, the human form of Abhay centuries ago, and they look at each other. Abhay’s eyes gleams and he is happy. Suddenly the scene vanishes in front of Abhay and he looks around. He thinks, ‘That day I had seen you for the first time. Today also I remember your smile. Yeah Mythili…This many years passed…you went away…and I…I am still here…waiting for you!’ Abhay moves towards Maithili’s portrait. Abhay looks at the portrait. He visualizes Maithili in human form in the place of the portrait and fondly touches her face. Piya who is in the bus suddenly wakes up. Abhay closes his eyes and recalls his past with Mythili. Mythili and Abhayendra are in the bed with Abhayendra holding her closer.
Maithali: When will all this end Abhay? When will we be able to tell about our love to everyone? I don’t want to get separated from you. (Abhayendra touches Maithili’s face)
Abhayendra: Nobody can separate us Maithili…nobody! I am only yours…only yours…forever!
Maithili: And after that?
Abhayendra: yeah! Forever… (Abhay opens his eyes. He thinks, ‘Piya…You are just like her. You both are becoming one in my heart. How is this possible?’) Episode ends.

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