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11th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 120) Siddharth kills a girl and puts Abhay’s pen at the Murder Spot

Episode 120 starts with Piya walking on the road crying. She thinks, ‘What is happening with Abhay? How rudely he behaved with me. What happened to our relationship? Even after all troubles there was love between us. But today…today we have become so distant from each other. And Siddharth…what would he be thinking of me? How badly Abhay behaved with me in front of my Boss. This much big Drama…what is Abhay’s problem with Siddharth?’ A Car passes by her and stops ahead of her. Kabir is driving the car and seeing Piya on the road walking he reverses the car and stops in front of her. Kabir gets out of the car and calls her by her name. Kabir comes near her.
Kabir: babe! What’s up? Come…I will drop you home!
Piya: No Kabir, I am fine…I will go on my own!
Kabir: Come on Piya…Don’t be silly! I would drop you…
Piya: Kabir, Please leave me alone… I am…
Kabir: No bloody ways Pia! In this jungle …I cannot leave you alone. It is not safe for you. Come! (Kabir forcefully brings Piya to the car and opens the door for her. Piya sits inside. Kabir then gets into the driver’s side and drives the car. Kabir looks at Pia and sees that she is crying)
Kabir: Piya…I know why you are this disturbed
Pia: What?
Kabir: Piya, I know that there is something between Abhay and Shenaya. I mean…I saw them together.
Pia: Kabir, What is the matter? Tell me clearly!
Kabir: No…It’s nothing Pia
Piya: Come on Kabir, be a friend…Tell me what the matter is.
Kabir: Look Piya, please don’t take me wrong but I saw Abhay and Shenaya together. Both were fighting in such a manner that it is over some personal matter. I think I also heard Shenaya telling that Abhay cheated on her. I don’t know Pia but it looked like a personal matter between them two. Pia thinks, ‘Abhay and that Gym Teacher…why were they fighting? I don’t think Abhay and Shenaya have any relationship. It is not possible. Then what about what Kabir is telling? Why was Abhay fighting with Shenaya? What has Abhay done to her?’

Scene moves to Dobriyal House in next morning. Misha is in front of the mirror applying makeup. She is dressed up in a Sari. She tells to herself, ‘I never thought that I, Misha Dobriyal, would do all this drama in the name of love’. She is uncomfortable in the Sari and wonders how people walk wearing a sari. She then tells herself, ‘Come on Misha and stop cribbing! It’s for a good cause!’ She then takes a bag and puts it on her shoulder and gets out of the room. She comes down the stairs of her house and wishes Hi and Bye to Arnab. She takes an apple from the dining table and walks from there while Arnab and Madhu watch her stunned.

Scene moves to Misha and Shankar outside the house on rent.
Misha: Ready? Ahh…I forgot Mama’s sindoor! Lipstick…lipstick would do…oh God! (Misha gets the lipstick from the bag. She then seizes Shankar’s specs from his eyes and looks into it and applies a dot in front of her hair) Okay? (She gives the lipstick to Shankar and asks him to fix it. Shankar applies it. Misha then takes back the lipstick and hands over the specs to Shankar who wears it) Mangalsutra? (Misha takes the mangal sutra from the bag and wears it) What all I have to do for you people. Here we go…ready? Let’s go!
Shankar: Misha, You are looking so different…beautiful you know…
Misha: You know what? Keep your comments with yourself…I don’t need it…It’s all a game…you get it? So shut up! And follow me… (Misha rings the door bell) Hey, what is your surname?
Shankar: Menon!
Misha: Okay, look! Don’t talk too much inside…Just leave it up to me…I have more experience. Acting is not for everyone… (The land lady opens the door. Misha says ‘hello’ to her and looks at Shankar lovingly)

Scene moves to Misha and Shankar sitting on the sofa close to each other and the land lady sitting on a chair. Shankar keeps his hand on top of Misha. First she slightly beats him with her free hand but when she sees the land lady notices she runs her hand gently over his hand in a loving manner.
Landlady: So sweet couple! How many years since you are married?
Shankar: One
Misha : Five
Shankar: One… Baby not the time since we are dating!
Misha: Oh I see
Shankar: Actually we are childhood sweethearts. Mom-Dad did our engagement while we were at school. Once we finished college…we got married!
Landlady: Wow! Tell me daughter… do you have any nanad-devar in your house?
Misha: What? Who?
Shankar: Baby, He is asking about my sister or brother. Actually she does not know Hindi well. No…I am an only child.
Landlady: And you also…?
Misha: Yeah…actually…
Shankar: No…Misha has a big sister who does job as PR professional.
Landlady: Good! So you would be in good terms with Shankar’s Mommy-Pappa?
Misha: Of course! They love me a lot!
Landlady: What did you say, where they stay?
Misha: London!
Landlady: But you were telling me that they stay in Kerala…
Shankar: Yes…yes…Dad has business in London…So he comes and goes all the time…Sometime London…sometime Kerala
Landlady: So you say Malayali daughter?
Misha: Mallu? No way!
Shankar: No…Misha does not understand. Actually her Mom Dad stays here and she did her studies here. Yeah but her Father has big Business in Kerala…he knows well. (Misha tries to fight with Shankar but controls seeing the landlady watching them. The landlady is convinced with their drama that they are a couple and hands over the keys. Misha grabs the keys)

Scene moves to Piya in her Hostel Room trying to call Abhay. Abhay is inside the jungle walking and his mobile rings. He looks at the call and without picking it up resumes walking. Piya thinks, ‘From morning I am calling you Abhay...but there is no news of you. I am fed up of your behavior.You cannot give this silent treatment to me. I need to talk to you. You will have to talk to me’ she calls Abhay again. Abhay picks the phone this time.
Piya: Abhay, Why were you not lifting my phone?
Abhay: If I don’t want to talk to you I will obviously disconnect your phone. How difficult is that for you to understand?
Pia: What do you think Abhay? You would behave to me as you like? Abhay, how could you raise your hand on me? How dare you do that?
Abhay: I don’t want to talk to you.
Pia: Abhay, You cannot always give me that answer! I am not your personal property.
Abhay: Then leave me! (He cuts the phone)
Abhay is sitting near Mythili’s grave. He closes his eyes and remembers his time with Mythili.
Abheyendra: Mythili, you are happy?
Maithili: Yeah, very much! Every moment I spend with you is precious to me. It is as if my whole life is a dream and you are reality.
Abhayendra: Are you not scared that one day we have to face the outside world? (Siddharth listens to their conversation hiding behind a tree)
Maithili: Your love gives me the courage Abhendra! My heart tells me that we would be together forever! (Siddharth has a troubled expression on his face)
Abhay opens his eyes and thinks, ‘One time you have already burned that innocent love Siddharth. (He gets up) But this time I would not let you do it! This time I am ready. I will not let you hurt anyone’

Scene moves to a girl who is waiting near a tree in the forest. Siddharth comes and places his hands on her shoulder and turns her towards him.
Girl: Ahh Siddharth! How come you are late? You know how long I have been waiting for you here? (She puts her hands around his neck) By the way why have you called me to this forest at this time in the night? Tell me! You know…I love one thing about you. I love your eyes! Don’t know there is something in your eyes which pulls me towards you! (Suddenly Siddharth’s eye color changes and he charges on her and bites her on the neck. The girl screams and finally stops moving. Siddharth gets up and shouts ‘Ahh’ with his fangs visible. He then takes Abhay’s pen which was kept on his handkerchief and drops it near the girl.
Siddharth: The pen is truly mightier than the sword! (He smiles)

Scene moves to Shaurya who is waiting near his Car for Misha. He is happy when he sees Misha coming on the bike and stops her. He goes and hugs her thanking her for helping him get the house. Misha is angry at Shaurya for making her play the part of Shankar’s wife. Shaurya tells Misha that he owes her dinner and Misha tells him that she hopes that he knows that she eats too much. Shaurya tells her she can have whatever she wants. He adds, ‘Because you are so sweet and you are my Queen’. She is flattered by his words but tell him that she would take his leave now as she is not permitted to roam around at night by her family. Shaurya reminds her of the sindoor she is wearing. Misha tries to erase it but it spreads further. Misha tells him that first she got married because of him and now she will have to suffer her Momma’s beatings because of him. Shaurya tells her that he will solve her problem and asks her to sit inside the Car.

Scene moves to Siddharth who is walking after murdering the girl. His mobile phone rings and he picks up the phone from Panchi who informs him that she is in front of his house to get his sign on some urgent documents. Siddharth thinks that he cannot let her see him like that and tells Panchi that he is in the shower and asks her to wait for 2 minutes. He adds, ‘unless of course you want to take my signature at the shower’ Panchi blushes and tell him that she would not take that chance and would wait for him. Siddharth tells her that he would see her in 2 minutes and runs like wind from the forest and jumps into the house through the window.
Siddharth checks himself at the bathroom mirror and wipes of the blood. He then opens the door wearing a black bathrobe.
Siddharth: Hello love! (Panchi feels shy and turns her face after checking him out) If you come without warning I cannot promise you what condition I would be…unless you knew…that’s why you came uninvited!
Panchi: (gives the file to Siddharth) Sir, These documents are very important. Please sign them.
Siddharth: You know today you are looking very beautiful! You are glowing today.
Panchi: Thank you Sir…
Siddharth: Or…you are blushing! Either ways… you look lovely!
Panchi : Thank you! (While Siddharth signs the paper Panchi notices blood on Siddharth’s cheek. Siddharth feels her gaze on him)
Siddharth: Are you checking me out?
Panchi: Actually…there is blood on your cheek…
Siddharth: I was shaving and saw your name on my phone and my hand slipped. Well…I blame you…you murdered me
Panchi: I am sorry Sir…
Siddharth: (nods his head) 7 murders are forgiven for you.
Panchi: (Laughs) that was a good one! Anyways Sir, I will take your leave…all done?
Siddharth: All done! (Panchi takes the file back) I should see you tomorrow my hardworking girl.
Panchi: Thank you Sir!
Siddharth: You sure you don’t want to come in?
Panchi: Quite late! Good night Sir!
Siddharth: Good Night! (Panchi goes off and Siddharth closes the door. He thinks, ‘Oh wow! That was close! That’s good Panchi! Now everyone would know that when the girl’s murder happened I was with my PR Manager’

Precap: Kabir and Piya sees Abhay and Shenaya fighting.

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