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17th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 125) Pia Jaiswal gets caught for cheating in Exam

Episode 125 starts with students sitting at the College Class Room giving exams. T takes the chit out and keeps it under Pia’s skirt half visible. Misha scolds Shankar and asks him to write the exam. She tells him that if he does not make her pass for the exams she would make idli’s out of him. Ruhi asks her writer to write but does not dictate anything to her. Ms Protima dasgupa sees the girl filing her nails and asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is doing manicure as she does not want to waste any time. Pooja adds that Ruhi does not know anything and she has already written the role number and name on the exam paper and if Ruhi says something only she would be able to write. When Ms Dasgupta comes near T, she points out the chit under Pia’s skirt to her. Ms Dasgupta takes the chit and looks at it. She then asks Piya to stop writing. She shows the chit and asks Pia about it. Pia tells her that she was only writing the paper and did not do any cheating. Protima asks her, ‘ When the chits is in your own handwriting, how can you not be cheating? Do you take me as a fool?’ She is angry that a Scholarship student like Pia cheated on exam. Piya tries to reason with her but Ms Protima tells her that she is going to the Trustees with the chit and inform them about everything. She tells Pia that she does not think Piya would be able to continue in the college. As Ms Dasgupta is about to go out of the class Abhay stops her by calling her.
Abhay: Mam, Piya cannot be cheating! It is impossible. (T and her gang talks against Piya and Misha fights with them. Ms DasGupta asks Misha to keep quiet and asks Abhay to continue talking) you know…you have been teaching us for this many months. Piya cannot be cheating in History at all. She has always topped in History. Mam, you are our Lecturer and you need to know your students well. The entire class is here. We all can vouch that Piya is not such a girl. (Angad...Tracker and many other students nod their heads) She is being framed! Piya can never do such a thing.
Ms Protima: Look Abhay! I know Piya cannot do such a thing. But it has happened in front of my eyes. I need to at least report this matter. It is not in my hands anymore Abhay. And the rules of our College are very clear…Now what decision has to be taken would be taken by the trustees.
Abhay: Alright! Then I will also not write my paper till Piya would be permitted to write the paper. (Abhay tears his exam papers. Misha also gets up and tears her papers followed by many other students. When Ruhi is about to tear her paper Ms Dasgupta tells her, ‘Ruhi…let it be…whether you tear your paper or not is the same thing’.
Ms Protima: I am happy that you are fighting for someone. But I need to do my duty. Pia Jaiswal…come with me! (Pia goes with Ms Dasgupta)

Ms Dasgupta and Pia are standing at the Principal’s Room where the Principal Mr Mehra and the Trustees Mr Pravin Jaiswal, Siddharth Mehra and Chand Raichand are present.
Ms Dasgupta: Sir, I know this girl. She is a sincere student. She has won the prestigious Harrison’s Scholarship.
Chand: It’s very nice! But how do you know that if she won the scholarship also by cheating. You are talking about how sincere she is… but the fact is that she was caught for cheating…Rules are the same for everyone in this college, isn’t it?
Pravin Jaiswal: One minute…Let’s allow Piya to tell what she wants to tell…Piya?
Pia: Sir, I have not done cheating. I definitely wrote notes in Ms Dasgupta’s class but I did not make any chits out of it. I am in the habit of taking notes actually…
Chand: So you are making your habit a profitable venture…
Piya: No Sir, not at all Sir…Sir, I was not doing cheating and that’s all I can say!
Pravin Jaiswal: Mr Raichand! I feel we need to give her a chance. We have seen her records. She is honest. We should give her the benefit of doubt.
Principal: I cannot take this decision. I think the Trustees should vote and decide.
Chand: I vote against her!
Pravin Jaiswal: I vote for her! She should get a chance…
Siddharth: Well, I think Piya is being framed. Piya is an intern in my Company. I think I am a decent judge of character. Piya is a decent, hardworking and sincere girl…And I don’t think she has any necessity to cheat in a midterm exam. And that is also a fact. So…I vote for her!
Chand goes from there. Siddharth also excuses himself from the room. Piya stops him and thanks him. He tells her that is not necessary as both of them know that she did not cheat. As Sid goes away Pia thinks that he is got a good heart and that she doubted on him without reason. She feels happy that he is a perfect match for Panchi.

It is night and Abhay is walking. Suddenly a car comes and stops blocking his way. Abhay goes closer.
Siddharth : Oh I am sorry! Am I on your way?
Abhay: Yeah!
Siddharth: Then I am where I should be! Between you and Piya! Bone in the Kabab!
Abhay: I am warning you Siddharth…
Siddharth: Really? (Gets out of the Car) I thought you would say thanks to me. Now only I saved your girlfriend from getting expelled from College. I tell you… being an elder Brother is such a thankless job! But I can do anything for her. In fact I could have done anything to save Maithili also. That day I came to save her from fire, but I was too late! But not this time! This time I am right here…right now…and I am not going anywhere…
Abhay: Stay away from Pia! She is not Maithili! I know why you are doing all this. To seek revenge from me, right?
Siddharth: Bingo! Congratulations! What is the matter Abhay… in this many years you have become intelligent? Fantastic! So…here is the deal! Piya is a toy for me the key of which I would rotate and you would dance! (Siddharth shakes his shoulders singing ‘Oh Belle balle oh belle belle...’ Yeah…I love this game…and you know what I love best about this game? You cannot tell the rules of this game to your Pia…because if she comes to know about the truth of me then it is game over for her. My game little brother…my rules… (Siddharth hums a tune and gets into the car and drive away)

Siddharth is driving the car and he remembers Maithili in the burning room. He remembers Maithili calling out to Abhayendra for help. Siddharth enters the fire in an attempt to save Maithili but a burning pillar falls on him. Abhay sees it and calls out to him while Siddharth would call out for Mythili. Siddharth loses his life in the fire. Siddharth thinks, ‘That fire ended the lives of all the three of us. This I never wanted to happen. My plan was only getting you Maithili…Destiny played a strange game… I could not save you! I was too late… I am sorry Mythili, I lost you…Now that I am back in town… I will see that the Raichand’s account…

Scene moves Piya walking along the road and remembering her getting caught for cheating. She wonders who her enemy is. Suddenly the car lights flash on her. A Car stops in front of her and Siddharth gets down from the Car.
Siddharth: Sorry to have flashed you! Can I offer you a lift? (Piya refuses telling that the hostel is just few feet away. Siddharth goes near her.)
Piya: Now you will tell me not to say thank you. But I really want to thank you. Today you saved me otherwise…I don’t know…
Siddharth asks her to go with him for dinner if she wishes to thank him. She tries to refuse at first.
Siddharth: Actually the fact is from childhood I cannot eat alone. Because of that I always look out for company for eating. Maybe that’s why I have been given the image of Casanova. But honestly all I want women for is a bite… (Piya laughs) So do a favor on me and go with me for dinner. Otherwise I need to pick a random girl for having dinner
Piya: And that would be a big tragedy…
Siddharth: A very bloody tragedy…yeah! So come…I promise Fast Food. We will have food and we will have it fast.
Piya:Okay! (Siddharth opens the Car door for Piya and Piya sits inside. Episode ends)

Precap: Chand tells Abhay that ages ago their rulers gave them a huge responsibility. He tells Abhay that the ring is very powerful and if it gets into the hands of a wrong person, it can destroy the World.

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